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Chu Changge seemed to see her puzzlement, so he explained, "King Liang, Jr.

only told me where he had hidden the antidote.

He did not actually give it to me." 


Murong Yunshu frowned slightly.

King Liang, Jr.

was far away in Shuzhou.

How could he hide the antidote in the scriptures depository of the Shaolin Temple What was more, why didn't the scriptures depository catch fire sooner and only when Chu Changge went in to get the antidote Eighteen Arhats lived deep in the arhat pavilion, which was far away from the scriptures depository.

How could they appear there just at the time of the fire 


From the moment Murong Yunshu arrived in Shaping Town, she had been smelling a strong sense of conspiracy.

Especially after today's events, where she felt more and more that the martial arts assembly was actually the devil removal assembly, which was dedicated in dealing with Chu Changge.

"Will you attend the martial arts assembly tomorrow" asked Murong Yunshu. 


Chu Changge smiled leisurely, "Of course I have to go, as Mojiao Sect Leader, if I don't go, the martial arts assembly won't be lively."


"You've promised Great Master Xuankong that you won't use force inside the Shaolin Temple." 

"Just because I can't use force, doesn't mean someone else can't." Chu Changge looked meaningfully towards the Four Guardians of the East, West, South and North.


The Four Guardians nodded their heads heavily, "We will protect the Sect Leader and Madam well."  


Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows.

"I didn't say I was going." 


The North Guardian said, "When the husband sings, the wife will follow suit¹Chinese fig.

marital harmony, right So, since the Leader is going, of course Madam is going too." 


Madam must go.

For people like Leader who can attract bees and butterflies²fig.

the ability to attract the opposite sex in any action must be watched carefully.

Maybe that Lin Shui'er will really come to hook him up," said West Guardian.


"If he really hooked up and left, it would only simplify matters for me.

It's a miracle to have such a fiancé who has the wrath of Heaven and the anger of men³Chinese idiom : widespread indignation and discontent to survive till this day." Murong Yunshu went upstairs as she spoke.

She just got a scare today and in need of a good night's sleep.

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"Madam seems keen to draw a clear line with her husband." Chu Changge said with a laugh. 


Murong Yunshu looked back and asked lightly, "Is Leader willing to aid somebody in doing a good deed" 


"Of course not." 


Really a straightforward person.

Murong Yunshu turned her head, smiled inexplicably and went upstairs to take a nap. 


Actually, she really didn't understand why Chu Changge treated her so well.

From the initial courtship to the present day's solitary visit to the Shaolin Temple to get the antidote, there was no denying his desire to protect her.

But other than the 'are you alright' he asked at the Shaolin Temple during the day, he never spoke to her seriously again.

His joking words made her unable to understand the true meaning of his words, to see the truth under his cynical mask.

His inexplicable care left her momentarily touched and confused. 


There were so many women in the world, why must it be her 



That night, Murong Yunshu tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

It seemed that there were two people quarreling in her mind, with one saying that she should not let go of her thoughts, while the other said that she should seize the hard won fate and the quarrel was heating up overtime.

A man should get married on coming of age, and so should a girl.

She had to get married after all anyway.

Since she had decided to marry him, she should accept his everything, moisten each other with spittle⁴fig.

(of a loving couple) to accompany each other through times of prosperity and hardships till the end of timeand remain a devoted couple till the hair turns grey⁵Chinese idiom : to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss.

However, he had an unforgettable past.

Even if he could let go of the past and accept her openly, she could not persuade herself to lay down her principles and accept him. 

Once she married him, and they kept their heart to themselves.

Could she handle it to this degree 


How could she not be moved by a man who hadn't hesitated to be the enemy of the whole world, but still willing to get the antidote for her and protected her 


However, this kind of touching feeling was too unreal, as if the person who was being protected by him was not herself. 


This constant separation, with thousands of strands and loose ends⁶Chinese idiom : a multitude of things in disorder made her feel all the more ill at ease. 


Anyway, since Murong Yunshu couldn't sleep, she simply put on her clothes and a heavy cloak, as she went for a walk in the yard.

The Jianghu Inn had a strange structure.

From the outside, it looked like a worn-out and poor little inn.

However, at the other end of the second floor, there was a corridor leading to the backyard, where there was a bejeweled jade palace⁷Chinese idiom : sumptuous dwelling on it, and a small bridge with flowing water below.

It was really a unique place. 

Walking down the outer staircase, Murong Yunshu walked to an octagonal gazebo and sat down, as the cold wind blew through and made her lose all sense of sleep.

It was said that the moon on the 16th was much fuller than the 15th, however, the moon was already full tonight.

With the moonlight slowly drifting away, and mist engulfing the night, made the view looked so beautiful, like she was in a fairyland.

The Moon Palace, high above the Nine Heavens, probably looks like this, she thought.

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While intoxicated with the beautiful scenery, suddenly a clear voice sounded behind her, "Do you know why so many people want to live in Jianghu Inn even if they have to squeeze their heads in" 


Just by hearing his voice, Murong Yunshu's heart would skip a beat.

He always appeared whenever she wanted to gather her thoughts on him.

Was this just a coincidence or fate


Murong Yunshu slowly took a deep breath to calm her heart and then lightly said, "Probably, it is much easier to find you here." As to why others were looking for him, this one had a mutual tacit understanding. 


Chu Changge laughed and sat down across from her, while saying, "Madam is so funny."

Murong Yunshu raised her eyes up at him, and they stayed for a few seconds on his face that was blindingly beautiful.

Then she asked, "Why me" 

Chu Changge stared at her blankly, "Why what" 


"There are so many women in the world, but why are you being so nice to me Don't say it was because I saved your life.

If you think about it carefully, I just left you in the bamboo house to fend for yourself.

It is your own luck that you're able to escape from the gates of hell." It was the first time that Murong Yunshu had to use her overbearing stare on him, just to ask for an answer.


"So you recognized me.

I wish that you won't have remembered that wretched look of mine," said Chu Changge smilingly. 


Murong Yunshu also saw such a smile in Feng Cheng's eyes, which was full of sadness that couldn't be washed away, and despair, as if it was all black, no daylight⁸Chinese idiom : a world without justice.

At that time, Feng Cheng showed such a smile because she mentioned a woman named 'Xiyue', who was said to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder like her. 


Was the 'Xi Yue' that came out from Fengcheng's mouth the same person as 'Sister Xi' said by Feng Ling 


Murong Yunshu vaguely guessed a bit, but she didn't want to guess recklessly.

So she repeated her question, "Why are you being too nice to me"

Chu Changge did not smile this time.

He looked up at the bright moon hanging over the endless night sky.

His long eyelashes trembled slightly, as he softly answered after a long time of silence, "Because I need to be nice to someone, and you just need someone to be nice to you." 


The moment Murong Yunshu heard the answer, she felt her heart go into a spasm, and a cool shiver spread to all seven meridians, all five viscera, making her shudder. 


After gathering her cloak around her, Murong Yunshu remarked, "There are other many women in this world who need people to be nice to." 


"But you're the only woman who happened to have seen me in my most wretched form."


"I thought you would have chosen to kill me, a witness to silence me." 


"If I kill you, won't my silver notes really become waste papers" Chu Changge smiled broadly.


Murong Yunshu stared at him for a short time, then lowered her eyes and stopped talking.

He was so unpredictable.

His eyes were obviously full of sadness, but his face was full of smiles, as if no one could help him. 


She should have known that he was just a coincidence to her.

As he had said, she needed someone to rely on, and he wanted to lend his shoulders as he got what he needed, that was all.


It was no wonder, after leaving Shaolin Temple during the day, he insisted on being indebted to her, but wouldn't let her owe him.

He needed some excuse to be nice to her, but he didn't want her to 'shower her affection on an uninterested party' by owing him any favour. 


Murong Yunshu gave out a wry smile.

It turned out that some people could be selfish to the point of selflessness.

Unfortunately, this selflessness was not because of how special she was in his heart, but because he needed to pour out those feelings that had no place for him to vent.


Fortunately, she had been sober and would continue to do so.


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