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Black Belly Wife – Chapter 31 – Family Scandals Go Viral


Murong Yun Shu knew that someone was acting crazy again.

She decided not to argue with someone underaged.

She chose to ignore him completely.


“If my lady decides not to respond, I will take it as a yes.” Chu Changge looked at her.

It seemed that he was smiling, but he was not.


Murong Yun Shu sighed.

Anyone who came across Chu Changge would go silent.

“Master Chu is so charismatic.

There is no need to worry about not getting married.”

“Pu…” Someone made a sound.


Murong Yun Shu noticed that there was not only one onlooker, but about twenty of them.

They all looked and dressed differently, but they all seemed superior.

One could easily guess that they’re martial arts masters.

Then, when she looked at Chu again, he was wearing luxury clothes, and no one could copy his elegant gestures.

He looked exactly someone from a wealthy family.

No wonder people from both the triad and normal societies were jealous of him.

If it were for her, when facing someone with such great looks, she would probably feel the same.


When she concentrated in her thoughts, she heard him ask, “have you looked enough” Murong Yun Shu immediately stopped daydreaming, and she stopped staring at him.

She tried to make it up by responding, “it’s never enough to look at someone like Master Chu.”


“Oh” Chu Changge was a bit surprised to hear that.

His black, bright eyes were flashing, and he smiled, “then keep on.

My lady, look at me as long as you wish.

Don’t miss any details.”


What did he think she was, a fortune teller Murong Yun Shu avoided looking at him further.

She turned her head to the young guy, “please guide us.”


The young guy did not respond.

He turned and walked inside.

Murong Yun Shu followed him and walked inside.

After only making a few steps, Lin Shui’er began to make a fuss again.


“Murong Yun Shu is not someone from gang hood.

And today, Jianghu Inn is going to break its rule because of her.

Aren’t you afraid of the harsh opinion from the others” Lin Shui’er said “with righteousness”.


Li Wunai nodded heavily.

He thought seriously for a moment, then said, “but…” he stretched his hand and pointed at someone beside him, “I’m more scared of his opinion.”


Lin Shui’er looked at the direction he pointed, and when she spot Chu Changge, she immediately lowered her eyes and stuttered, “even…Master Chu…should not be breaking this rule.”


Without waiting for Chu Changge to react, Li Wunai laughed loudly, “you’re kidding! Are there any rules of gang hood in the eyes of Chu Changge Let alone breaking them!”


Lin Shui’er bit her lips and frowned.

After a while, she said unwillingly, “but, Murong Yun Shu…she…”


“If you really don’t want Ms.

Murong to stay in my inn.

I do have an idea.” Li Wunai smiled.

Afterward, he looked at Chu Changge.


“What kind of idea” Lin Shui’er was desperate.


Fang Hongfei grabbed her and tried to control his anger, “let it go, Shui’er.

We’ll go somewhere else.”


“Drop it!” Lin Shui’er let go of his head and asked Li Wunai, “Mr.

Li, what can we do to stop Murong Yun Shu to stay in Jianghu Inn”


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Murong Yunshu gently shook her head and laughed.

She had always felt that it’s immoral to comment “beautiful women are brainless”.

However, right at this moment, she realized that this saying is right.

Whether or not this saying is immoral, you have to judge whom it’s applied on.

She agreed that this saying described Lin Shui’er perfectly.

She was brainless.

Chu Changge was leaning against the door with his hands across his chest.

He seemed to be smiling, but it looked more like he’s having fun out of the scene.


Li Wunai also smiled.

Then, he looked at Chu Changge and said, “I am going to make an exception to Ms.

Murong, and it’s all because she’s the fiancé of Chu Changge.

If she’s not, there’s no way she can step in.”


“But she is!” Lin Shui’er kept on arguing.


“You can make her not.” Li Wunai said mysterically.


“But how…”


“Seduce Chu Changge.” Li Fenai interrupted her very calmly and gave her the answer directly.


“What!” Lin Shui’er’s facial expression changed dramatically.

“You advised me to…to…seduce Chu Changge”


Fang Hongfei looked even angrier.

He was holding his sword tightly, and he sounded extremely cold, “Li Wunai, you’re giving my spouse such kind of advice in broad daylight.

What’s your intention”


Li Wunai shrugged and looked at Fang Hongfei as if he was overreacting.

He said without care, “it’s not considered as seduction or cheating.

It’s just a family scandal.”


Fang Hongfei took his sword and quickly rushed forward, wanting to stab him.

In a blink of an eye, he already placed the sword on Li Wunai’s neck, “if you dare to say it once more!”


Li Wunai smiled even more.

He touched the tip of the sword lightly, “it’s a good sword, but the one who’s using it is not capable of using it well.

When you were trying to stab me, there was enough time for me to kill you ten times.” Then, he grabbed the sword, and it was broken into four pieces.


Fang Hongfei found it hard to believe.

He took a few steps back and trembled while holding the one-fourth of the sword that was left.


“You’re useless!” Lin Shui’er was furious.

She didn’t get it – why is everyone in favor of Murong Yun Shu She’s the most beautiful women in the city.

It should have been her who’s the most welcomed…


Li Wunai had no choice but to pat away the dust on his hands.

He greeted everyone with enthusiasm, “brother Feng, finally you’re in my inn.

East, South, West, and North.

Come and get me the coins.

Come, please come in.”


Murong Yun Shu raised her eyebrows.

It’s of no surprise to her that Fengcheng could get it.

But the other four…they looked like they deserved it.

Could they be important people as well She remembered that the Big Tiger once called the South Guardian as Bloody handprint Guo Shaoqi…so, it turned out that some people didn’t even start with a name.

Although she did not know how powerful the “Bloody Handprint Guo Shaoqi” was, if they could be allowed entry, it surely meant they were masters as well.

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How is it possible for such a master to have no proper name in the Mojiao Sect Murong Yun Shu started to get interested in things of gang hood.

At least, she now understood why twenty masters would look at Chu Changge furiously, but no one dared to try to offend him.


Even though Chu Changge was powerful, he could not fight four people at the same time.


Murong Yun Shu looked at everyone again.

Then, she walked upstairs.

She knew clearly that something big would happen in Jianghu Inn soon.


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