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"Tell the truth; what exactly are you doing under normal circumstances" Rong Yi never totally believed in Fu Chengfeng's so-called brothel story.


"Generally speaking, I am hiding from my enemies."


"......" Rong Yi held her forehead and asked, "You never kill people, do you So how come you still have enemies"


Fu Chengfeng: "It's because I never kill anyone that I have many enemies.

If I could kill, no one would have come to seek revenge."


Rong Yi: "Why"


Fu Chengfeng: "Because they all would have been dead."


"......" Rong Yi found that Fu Chengfeng was surprisingly similar to Fu Huang Daren[1]'s methods in dealing with some issues.


Seeing Rong Yi's speechless face, Fu Chengfeng added, "So, your father truthfully didn't have that many enemies.

The ones who had wanted to take revenge were all dead.

Those who survived were the ones who didn't want to take revenge.

I suggest you think deeply about the real reason why he didn't allow you to use the surname 'Chu' to roam in the jianghu[2]."


"Are you trying to say that the real reason why my Dad did not allow me to use the surname 'Chu' surname to roam in the jianghu[2] was that he was afraid I would lose his face" Rong Yi said with a hurt look on her face.


Fu Chengfeng hurriedly skimmed off the blame by saying, "I didn't say anything."


"Alas—" Rong Yi sighed deeply and said, "I actually suspected as much, but then I overturned it."


Fu Chengfeng: "What was your reason for overturning it"


Rong Yi: "I was trying to be optimistic."


"......" What an impeccably good reason.


"I'm so bored." Rong Yi took a sip of water and suggested, "Let's go to the brothel."


"......" Fu Chengfeng regretted mentioning the brothel.

"Women can't visit brothels." He pointed out.


Rong Yi blinked her eyes and asked in confusion, "Why"


Fu Chengfeng: "It's a waste of money.

It's not like you can do anything there."


"Who says I can't do anything I can request many top girls, one to massage my shoulders, one to rub my back rub and one to fan me."


"......there's only one top girl."


"In that case, I will also ask for second and third-place girls."[T/C]




In the end, Rong Yi really went into the brothel, dragging Fu Chengfeng with her.


Fu Chengfeng did not lie.

He did spend five and a half months out of the year in the brothel—hiding from his enemies.

It wasn't that he was afraid of death.

It was that he couldn't kill and couldn't be killed.

Since that kind of fighting was so pointless, he might as well hide in a brothel, drinking tea and listening to music.


"How come I never see any conflict happen between different people inside the brothel" Rong Yi asked as she 'strolled' towards the brothel.


Fu Chengfeng followed Rong Yi's footsteps, like a young eunuch serving beside an Old Emperor.

When the Old Emperor raised a question, the young eunuch immediately replied, "Because men have a lot of things to do after coming to the brothel that they don't have time to care about fighting."


"......" Rong Yi gave him a scornful look and said, "Tell me the truth."


"Because Yun Si Niang forbade any fight inside her brothel." Fu Chengfeng answered honestly.


These days, Fu Chengfeng had discovered a very serious problem.

Rong Yi could effortlessly expose all his lies.

No matter how genuine he made them look, she could see through them at a glance.

Was she too clever, or was he too easy to be seen through


Rong Yi seemed to see through the doubts in Fu Chengfeng's mind and said cajolingly, "I know you too well."


Fu Chengfeng's heart warmed at her words.

This was what he had been looking for all along! A woman who understood him.


"Are you sure you know me well enough" Fu Chengfeng smiled and asked leisurely, but his eyes locked on Rong Yi's clear eyes as if he wanted to prove something.


Rong Yi raised her eyebrows in thought for a moment and shook her head.

"To be honest, I'm not sure."


A sense of loss came over him.

Fu Chengfeng turned his head sideways to gaze at a crowd of beautiful women acting coquettishly at the side, but none of them caught his eye.


"I don't understand why you have nothing to do these days." Rong Yi stated.


Fu Chengfeng frowned.

"You think I have nothing to do these days"


Rong Yi wanted to nod, but when she saw that his face showed displeasure, she stared at him intensely without nodding or shaking her head.


Fu Chengfeng also gazed deeply at her with a complicated look.

After a while, he curled his lips into a smile and said, "You really don't know me well enough." After saying that, he strode upstairs and threw a silver ingot to the brothel keeper, saying he wanted two girls to accompany him drinking.


Rong Yi watched him go upstairs in a daze.

Her mind was full of the smile he had just given her.

The smile between his eyebrows was as spontaneous as ever, but Rong Yi could notice a few strands of loneliness in it.


Did she say something wrong


It seemed like it was something serious.


She thought he wasn't that petty, but she didn't expect him to be angry.


She really did not know him well enough.


This awareness made Rong Yi feel lost as she casually flung a silver ticket to the brothel keeper, saying, "I need two top girls to accompany me drinking." After giving that instruction, she went upstairs to look for Fu Chengfeng.


The brothel keeper held the silver ticket with a face value of 1,000 taels for half a minute before coming back to her senses and immediately finding the head girl to serve the customer.






It was no fun to visit a brothel; really not fun.


This top girl didn't even know how to message the shoulder.


Rong Yi grumpily told the two top girls to back off, then dismissed the two girls serving Fu Chengfeng, closed the door, and sat opposite Fu Chengfeng.


"Umm......" Rong Yi clasped her hands under the table and bowed her head as if she was admitting her mistake.

After struggling for a long moment, she finally said, "I'm sorry."


Fu Chengfeng raised his eyebrows and asked, "Sorry for what"


"I shouldn't have made you angry."


"Do you know what you did to piss me off"


"I have no idea."




"But I know you're angry, and I know you're angry because of me.

Anyway, as long as you don't get mad at me again, whatever is fine."


Fu Chengfeng smiled flirtatiously at her words and asked, "Whatever is fine"


Rong Yi could immediately sniff out that a particular person was planning something.

She leaned back a few degrees and reminded warily, "You can't......go too far.

It is better for both of us if you just make me pay for the damages."


"......" Fu Chengfeng automatically ignored the following sentence from a certain woman that had overly destroyed the excellent atmosphere and spoke ambiguously, "You finally understand."


Rong Yi shook her head.

"I don't understand.

I really don't.

You should explain it to me straight to the point." This guy's smile is getting creepier.


"What do men usually do when they come to a brothel" Fu Chengfeng began to guide Rong Yi to face reality.


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"Drink Listen to the music"


"What about after drinking and listening to the music"


"After drinking and listening to the music......" When it finally dawned on Rong Yi, she hurriedly stood up and exclaimed, "I'll go and call those two girls back!"




Rong Yi: "Not satisfied with them Then I'll go get the top girl! The money has already been paid anyway, and we can't let the brothel keeper get away with it without getting anything in return."




Fu Chengfeng dragged a certain girl back into his arms with a scowl and said somewhat harshly, "I disdain those who put on second-rate rogue and vulgar powder."


"Don't tell me you want a drop-dead gorgeous woman That's a bit difficult to find!"


"......" What the hell is in this girl's head Fu Chengfeng sighed.

"Isn't there one right in front of me"


Rong Yi blinked.

She pointed at herself and asked, "Me"




"Fu Chengfeng, are you blind How can I be considered drop-dead gorgeous looking like this" Rong Yi said with a face expressing she wasn't impressed with his compliment.


Fu Chengfeng placed a hand on his forehead.

He knew what she had in her head.

It was full of water[4].


Seeing that Fu Chengfeng looked like he had difficulty communicating and suddenly became so powerless, Rong Yi realised that she had just made a fool of herself.

She bit her lip and let out an embarrassed laugh as she said, "Thanks for the compliment."


"......" Her head is definitely full of water!






The process was rough, but the result was satisfactory.


By the time they came out of the brothel, Rong Yi and Fu Chengfeng had cleared the air between them and made up.


But not all grudges could be settled with a smile.

For example, the feud over a daughter's disgrace.


When Rong Yi and Fu returned to the inn, they were told to pack their bags and leave for unknown reasons.


Later, Rong Yi and Fu Chengfeng looked for several more inns, but they were all rejected.

The reason was the same as the one that had driven them out, unknown.


Rong Yi and Fu Chengfeng were not stupid.

Not only were they not stupid, but they were also incredibly clever.

They soon understood whose handiwork this was.

Half of the properties in this town belonged to the Riyue Manor, and apart from Yun Hendong, they really couldn't think of a second person who had the reason and ability to seal them off.


"My family has a private money bank here.

Let's just go and stay there." Rong Yi said in anger.


"Forget it.

For Yun Hendong to restrain himself for three days before making his move can already be considered a good measure.

Although I didn't directly cause Yun Ni's death, it still happened because of me.

All because Yu Tianli followed me to Riyue Manor."


"Don't blame yourself.

Yu Tianli might have been following me here.

He must have followed me for a long time since he knew where I hid Qinglong." Rong Yi responded.


Fu Chengfeng looked at Rong Yi and said, "There is something I have not told you.

The one who stole Qinglong from under the tree was not Yu Tianli.

Qinglong was picked up by him on his way to Riyue Manor."


"Ha" Rong Yi was dumbfounded.

Why did it sound as easy as he was picking up a coin


"He wouldn't lie to me.

And he didn't need to steal Qinglong.

Master has ordered us both to snatch Qinglong from your father, and it had to be taken from his hands; any other route would have been pointless and unnecessary." Fu Chengfeng explained.


It finally dawned on Rong Yi.

No wonder Fu Chengfeng hadn't asked for Qinglong from her these past few days.

His main aim was not to take Qinglong directly but to snatch it away from Fu Huang Daren[1].

In other words, he wanted to compete with Fu Huang Daren[1].


Rong Yi was horrified by this realisation that she had broken into a cold sweat.

She looked at Fu Chengfeng with immense seriousness and stated, "You can't beat my Dad."


"I have to fight him even if I can't win." Fu Chengfeng's face showed his persistence.


Rong Yi frowned.

"What if he kills you"


Once Fu Chengfeng heard her question, he pondered momentarily before answering, "Then please burn more paper money for me on new year's day or other festivals."


"You!" Rong Yi was so irritated by Fu Chengfeng's indifferent attitude that her eyes turned watery.


Seeing this, Fu Chengfeng dotingly stroked her head and said soothingly, "Don't worry, I won't let myself die before you."


"Did you just curse me to die before you" Rong Yi laughed while tearing up.


"Is it bad to die before me I can burn paper money for you, lots and lots of paper money so that you can be 'the richest person in the underworld'."


"I'll let you have that chance.

I'm younger than you and will definitely live longer than you."


"......" Okay.

That was an obvious shortcoming.

He was indeed born before her.


As the two exchanged words, they unconsciously walked towards the outside of the city.

At that time, the sun had already set.

It was good that there was moonlight, making it easy for them to walk at night.


"You are secretly inquiring about the person who stole Qinglong from under the tree these few days, aren't you" Rong Yi asked, looking at the full moon in the sky.



And yet you accused me of having nothing to do."


"Who told you not to bring me along Serve you right!" Rong Yi tilted her head and glared at him.


Fu Chengfeng laughed.

"Well, I deserved it."


"Hmph!" Rong Yi snorted loudly before asking another question, "Did you find out anything"


"I suspect there's something fishy about Yun Ni's death." Fu Chengfeng said.


Rong Yi was surprised.

"What's fishy about it Do you suspect that Yun Ni did not commit suicide but was murdered"


Fu Chengfeng shook his head.

"I suspect that she is not dead."


Before the words left his mouth, Fu Chengfeng saw ten masked men in black suddenly emerge from the woods in front of him.

The group's leader laughed eerily as he said, "Unfortunately, you won't know the truth forever."



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