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BBW (Side Story) Chapter 242 : Keeping A Lover


Rong Yi immediately shouted, "Qinglong, unsheath!"


In an instant, a gigantic dragon flew out from its sheath.

The blade of the sword shone brightly, illuminating the pitch-black room.


Rong Yi raised her hand to hold the Qinglong and coldly said, "I'm not stupid, but you are.

Instead of rushing to escape after stealing my Qinglong, you came here to die."


"You can handle Qinglong" The other party did not expect that Rong Yi's martial arts training could make her master Qinglong.

He was so startled that he jumped down from the beam.


"Are you surprised You stole the Qinglong from me.

If I can't harness it, do you think I'm carrying it around just because I don't have enough luggage"


"I really thought so."


"......" Rong Yi tightened her grip on the Qinglong and asked, "Who are you Why do you know where I hid Qinglong What are you doing here"


"How do you expect me to answer these many questions in one breath"


"Lie down and answer!" Rong Yi bellowed.

She released Qinglong from its sword form to make the 'Phoenix from the Nine Heavens' move.

Qinglong immediately turned into a fire phoenix and wrapped itself around the other man's body.


"Ah—" The man cried out in pain and clenched his fists, trying vainly to lose himself from Qinglong.


Rong Yi smiled triumphantly and said, "Now you can slowly answer my questions, one by one."


Before the whole sentence left her mouth, she saw Fu Chengfeng burst in through the door, and he quickly shouted, "Yi-er, stop."


"If you had come any later, I would have been killed by this man." Rong Yi smilingly ran towards Fu Chengfeng.


Fu Chengfeng did not know whether to laugh or cry[1].

"The scene right now doesn't seem like you're about to be killed.

On the contrary, someone is about to get killed by you."


Rong Yi stuck out her tongue and said, "He deserved it for stealing Qinglong!"


"For my sake, please take Qinglong back first." Fu Chengfeng requested.


"Why are you helping him"


Fu Chengfeng looked at the man with extreme reluctance and said, "He is my senior brother, Yu Tianli."


"I know he is your senior brother.

It's obvious since he had Qinglong in his hands.

What I am asking is, why do you still need to help him after he has acted so badly by disguising himself as you to ruin Yun Ni's innocence, causing your fellow martial artists to misunderstand you"


Fu Chengfeng was slightly surprised.

"You've guessed it"


Rong Yi nodded.

"I just figured it out."


Fu Chengfeng: "He indeed committed a terrible crime, but we are prohibited from killing fellow disciples, and I couldn't just turn my back on him without trying to save him first.

Your father won't allow you to do that either."


Rong Yi: "Why"


Fu Chengfeng gave Rong Yi a deep look and answered, "Fellow disciples are not allowed to kill each other."


Rong Yi hurriedly retrieved the Qinglong and asked, "You know my identity"


"At this moment, it's not difficult to guess your background since Qinglong is in your hand.

Apart from your father, I am afraid you are the only one who can master the Qinglong." Fu Chengfeng explained.


"Can't he do the same" Rong Yi said, pointing at her 'New Senior Uncle' Yu Tianli.


Fu Chengfeng: "He can't.

In his hands, Qinglong is just an ordinary sword, no different from scrap metal.

Only you can use the power of the divine beast."


Rong Yi nodded with understanding.

"No wonder I could wrestle Qinglong from him that easily just now."


"Even his poorly-educated daughter was able to subdue us easily, let alone him.

Let's return to Spirit Mountain and lie down while figuring out what to do next." Yu Tianli said self-loathingly.


Fu Chengfeng gave him a chilly look and stated, "You are the only one she had subdued, not us.

You have violated your vow of 'no killing' by killing the Master of Martial Arts Alliance's daughter, so you should return to Spirit Mountain to ask for Master's forgiveness."


Yu Tianli: "I was just playing a prank on her by being you.

I didn't think that woman would be so upset about it."


Fu Chengfeng: "You have ruined her innocence."


Yu Tianli: "It was an accident.

How could I refuse when a beautiful woman offered herself to me"


"You, you are a nasty man! You disguised yourself as Fu Chengfeng, making Yun Ni think you were him.

Of course......she would throw herself at you!" Rong Yi was so angry that she wanted to stab him with her sword again.

How dare he make light of destroying a woman's most precious thing and call it an accident


Yu Tianli shook his head with a disapproving expression.

"Little girl, I'm your senior uncle.

You can't talk to me like that."


"My Dad won't recognise a junior disciple like you!"


Yu Tianli raised his eyebrows indifferently and said, "You can say whatever you like."


"I suggest you go back to Spirit Mountain." Fu Chengfeng warned coldly, "Otherwise, I will have your ashes shipped back."


"You can't kill me." Yu Tianli responded without any fear.


"Indeed, I can't kill you, but she can.

As long as I say 'I don't care if you live or die', she will end your life right now."


Yu Tianli looked at the Qinglong in Rong Yi's hand, and his expression slightly changed as he reminded, "There is an instruction from the Master that fellow disciples should not kill each other."


Rong Yi snorted coldly.

"My Dad is not one to follow the rules, and he loves me very much.

Whoever I want to die will die immediately.

If you don't believe me, you can try."


Yu Tianli believed Rong Yi's words.

Chu Changge would never follow the rules and show mercy to those he did not see eye to eye.

Apparently, Chu Changge had enough reasons to look at him unfavourably.


After thinking about this, Yu Tianli stretched his body and expressed, "I am indeed tired of mixing in in this jianghu[2]." Once he said these words, he jumped out of the window and left.


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Rong Yi snorted coldly at his departing back and questioned, "How could your Master take in a disciple like that"


"It's your Master too." Fu Chengfeng corrected.


"Ugh." Rong Yi smiled awkwardly and said, "Well then, I'm going to bed."


"You should call me 'Senior Uncle' first." Fu Chengfeng smiled devilishly.


"Go to bed!" Rong Yi forcibly pushed Fu Chengfeng out of the room and slammed the door shut, muttering, "I'm not going to call you Senior Uncle!"


Fu Chengfeng looked at the closed door and smiled lazily, saying, "If you don't want me to hear you, you can think of it with your mind.

I have an excellent hearing."


Rong Yi blushed and scolded, "You have the ears of a dog!"


"A dog actually has an excellent nose."








Since Fu Chengfeng knew her background, Rong Yi found that he had looked at her strangely.

He often looked like he wanted to say something but never spoke.

Then, he would silently sit on his seat and stare at her, making her very cranky.


This time, the same look appeared on Fu Chengfeng's face again.

Rong Yi put down her tableware speechlessly and said, "I forgive all of your sins.

Now, let it out."


The corners of Fu Chengfeng's mouth twitched slightly as he responded, "Thank you, my Lord, for your great kindness.

This humble commoner has nothing to say."


"Pfft—" Rong Yi snorted with laughter and said, "If you have anything to say, just say it.

I'm not going to get angry."


Fu Chengfeng's expression looked calm as he responded, "I truly don't have anything to say."


"If you're not going to let it out, I won't eat."


"In fact, your father was expelled from the school of thought long ago.

Strictly speaking, he and I are not fellow disciples."




"So we are still peers and can do whatever we want."


Rong Yi blushed.

"What nonsense are you talking about!"


"It was you who told me to let it out." Fu Chengfeng's eyes showed how innocent he was.


The issue caused Rong Yi to be dumbfounded.

Had he been looking at her with that odd look for three days just to express that there was no barrier between them "I don't care if we're peers or you're my senior.

My parents wouldn't care either way."


"Your parents still care about who you're making friends with"


"Of course not.

I mean for my hus......" Suddenly, Rong Yi noticed Fu Chengfeng looking smugly at her, the kind of smugness that comes from watching a fish slowly take the bait.


This guy was making fun of her again!


"Fu Chengfeng, don't you have anything better to do!" Rong Yi bellowed.


Fu Chengfeng thought for a moment and replied, "To be honest, yes."




After Fu Chengfeng answered half-jokingly, Rong Yi discovered that he had been living a life of a pig these three years.

He only ate and then went to sleep.

Once he woke up, he continued to eat, not doing anything serious with his life.


"Don't you have anything to do" Rong Yi asked.




"......" Rong Yi rolled her eyes.

"Don't you think you're only wasting your time doing nothing"


"It's not like I'm doing nothing at all.

I always spend a month out of a year making money." Fu Chengfeng answered.


"What about the remaining eleven months"


"Enjoying my free time."




He could earn a whole year's worth of money in one month.

How outrageous could this guy be


Rong Yi took a bite of rice and asked again, "What do you usually do during your free time"


Fu Chengfeng gave her a sly look and said, "You surely don't want me to tell you."


"......" His answer must have been something infuriating.

Rong Yi was on the point of needing a reason to despise him.

"I forgive you for all your sins." Rong Yi said generously.


"Visiting the brothel." Fu Chengfeng replied.


As she had expected, his answer was not only infuriating but also very disgraceful! Rong Yi's face was full of black lines as she gritted her teeth and questioned, "Don't tell me that you spent the rest of the eleven months in a brothel!"


"Only for five and a half months."


"What about the other five and a half months"


"Waiting for my time to hang out in the brothel."


"......you have to wait to go to a brothel" Don't you only need to have money to get in


"You think the top girl will always get yours every time she randomly turns the tablet every day" When he said this, Fu Chengfeng disdainfully gave her a look that said 'how ignorant you are'.


Rong Yi wanted to kneel in disbelief.

Turning the tablet Could she presume that this idiot treated the top girl's act the same way concubines waited for the Emperor's favour


The scene where the Emperor turned the tablets with titles of his concubines.

"Then why didn't you visit the brothel in the past few days" Rong Yi asked as she had just given up and stopped bothering herself with this guy.


Fu Chengfeng's eyes flashed at her words, and he replied, "I'm not free these few days."


"Busy making money" Rong Yi hadn't seen him go out even once.

Could this guy's so-called money-making be robbing houses during a dark, windy night


"Busy with you."


The disdainful expression on Rong Yi's face instantly froze, then twisted into three parts embarrassment and seven parts joy, which was a marvellous sight to behold.


"Umm, how much does it cost to keep a top girl" Rong Yi asked, slightly embarrassed.


Fu Chengfeng raised his eyebrows.

"What do you want to do"


"I'll give you the top girl as a present so that you can save those five and a half months you spend waiting to hang out in a brothel." Rong Yi answered truthfully.


Fu Chengfeng felt a flock of crows flying over his head and asked patiently, "And then"


"I'll keep you for myself."


"......" This girl really did not disappoint him.

Her ability to continue speaking until she astonished you always managed to terrify him out of his wits.


"Don't overthink about it.

I'm talking about keeping you as my attendant.

Don't you know what an attendant means It means 'page boy' in a more literary sense or 'servant' in a more colloquial sense."


"......" Why does that sound so familiar[T/C]


"Name your price.

If it's cheap, I'll take care of you for the rest of your life.

If it's too expensive, I'll come back when you lower your price."


Black lines appeared across Fu Chengfeng's forehead, and he shuddered as he asked, "What does lowering my price mean"


"It means selling yourself at a low price when you are missing an arm or leg or losing your youthful look and getting wane with age."


"......can I choose not to sell myself"


Rong Yi pondered for a moment and shook her head very seriously.

"That's not possible.

Once I own you, you'll become mine, and I won't be at ease if I don't use you."


"You want to use me" Rong Yi's statement truly messed up Fu Chengfeng's mind at this time, and his words carried a trembling tone.


"That's right.

I'm not used to being away from home for such a long time and without having someone for me to order around."


"......" As it turned out, she was considering using him for this kind of thing.

It was he who was overthinking her words.


Fu Chengfeng scorned himself ten thousand times in his heart.



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