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Inside the parlour, Manor Master Yun's face was expressionless, unable to see any joy.

Yun Ni stood next to him, constantly raising her eyes to peek at Fu Chengfeng.


Without looking away, Fu Chengfeng looked coldly at Manor Master Yun and said, "Manor Master can start explaining."


The word 'explain' revealed Fu Chengfeng's anger to no end.

Rong Yi clapped her hands in her heart.

He was worthy of being a fellow disciple of Fu Huang Daren[1] for speaking in such a bullish manner.


"Explain" Lord Yun Zhuang 'snapped' and said in a deep voice, "From the tone of your voice, are you not going to be responsible for Ni-er"


Without changing his expression, Fu Chengfeng responded, "This Fu did not feel he had to be responsible to Miss Yun."


Yun Ni's face lost all its colour at this answer, and she almost fainted when she started to sway but was helped by a maid.


"You, you..." Master Yun pointed at Fu Chengfeng with trembling fingers and retorted, "I trusted you so much, and you did something like that to Ni-er! Ni-er said that you two were in love, so I wouldn't blame you for it, but I didn't expect you to seduce and abandon Ni-er!"


Fu Chengfeng's face eased slightly at his words, and he looked at Yun Ni lightly, saying, "Miss Yun, I don't care if you have ruined your reputation, but please don't ruin mine.

You don't want to get married, but I still want to.

It's better not to make such irresponsible remarks."


Fu Chengfeng's words caused Yun Ni's bloodless face to turn even paler, and her beautiful eyes were filled with despair.

She stared at Fu Chengfeng for a long time, then pushed away the maid and covered her face.


"Ni-er!" Manor Master Yun shouted worriedly, but when he saw that Yun Ni not only did not stay but ran even faster, he stopped calling her.

"I'll give you one more chance.

Are you willing to take responsibility for Ni-er or not" Manor Master Yun asked Fu Chengfeng with a murderous aura already gradually welling up in his eyes.


"My words are very clear.

I have no need to be responsible for your daughter.

I, Fu Chengfeng, have always been straightforward and upright.

If I really loved Miss Yun, I would officially wed her with a palanquin with eight carriers[2] and would never have done such a nasty thing." Fu Chengfeng said with neither haughtiness nor humbleness.


Master Yun: "But Ni-er clearly said that after you saved her from the kidnapper, you made your feelings known to her and promised to marry her before she committed herself to you."


Without waiting for Fu Chengfeng to answer, Rong Yi jumped in and said, "That's impossible! I was with Fu Chengfeng when we found Miss Yun.

After we found Miss Yun, we immediately sent her back to Riyue Manor together.

During that time, Fu Chengfeng didn't say a word to Miss Yun, let alone share their inner feelings."


"You are in cahoots with Fu Chengfeng.

Why should we believe your words" The one who questioned Rong Yi was no other than the bearded man who Fu Chengfeng had shaved off in public.

As he entered, other martial artists waiting outside also entered.


Rong Yi glared at the bearded man and warned coldly, "There is no room for you to interrupt here.

If you don't want to die, get out of my way!"


The bearded man was stunned.

"Manor Master Yun is the Master of our martial arts alliance, and the affair of Manor Master Yun is the affair of the whole martial arts world.

We can't just sit back and watch Fu Chengfeng do such a nasty and dirty thing!"


"Don't you dare to scold him!" Rong Yi raised her eyebrows and immediately slapped the bearded man across the face, leaving a bright red palm mark on his face.


The bearded man covered his face in pain and glared tenaciously at Rong Yi.

His mouth was moving, but he could not utter a single word.


"It's the bloody handprint!" Someone recognised that the slap Rong Yi had just delivered was not typical, but the once-famous martial arts masterpiece Bloody Handprint.


"It's Guo Shaoqi's Bloody Handprint! Are you the descendant of the Great Warrior Guo"


"Bah! There is no such thing as the Great Warrior Guo! Guo Shaoqi has long since joined the Mojiao Sect and become the great demon Chu Changge's hawk and......" Before the word 'hound' could be uttered, everyone could hear the sound 'pa'.

The speaker had received a solid slap from Rong Yi, and a bright red palm mark appeared on his face, just like the bearded man.[Note]


"If you dare to say one more word, I will beat you so much that even your parents won't know you!" Rong Yi put out a stern warning.


The crow and peacock on the scene immediately make no sound[4].

Everyone was intimidated by Rong Yi's imposing manner and the martial arts skill she used.


She was the disciple of the Bloody Handprint.

Guo Shaoqi had joined the Mojiao Sect as one of the four guardians under Majiao's Master, South Guardian.

Even if she was not a member of the Mojiao, she was still related to that sect.

It was better not to offend her before finding out who she was.

This was the unanimous sentiment of the crowd.

At the same time, this was also the consideration which Manor Master Yun had in his mind.[T/C]


"Dare I ask from which school of thought is Miss from" Manor Master Yun asked politely.


When others were polite to her, of course, she had to do the same to the other person too.

Rong Yi smiled faintly and replied, "No school, no sect; I am self-taught."


"The martial art that Miss used just now is the mastery of the Mojiao Sect's Guardian." Manor Master Yun pointed out the mystery.

His implication was that you should stop pretending; I know you have something to do with the Mojiao Sect.


Rong Yi's eyes widened in surprise as she asked Fu Chengfeng, "The Guardian of the Mojiao Sect Is there a Mojiao Sect in the jianghu[6] How come I've never heard of it"


Although Fu Chengfeng also wanted to know where Rong Yi came from, it was not advisable to have internal strife while they were facing a powerful enemy[7] at this time, so he cooperated by answering, "The Mojiao Sect disappeared from the jianghu[6] twenty years ago.

The Master of the Mojiao Sect has also retired from the jianghu[6].

It's normal that you haven't heard of it."[T/C]


"Twenty years ago......." Rong Yi deliberately trailed off and counted on her ten fingers, saying, "That was six years before I was born.

I'm sorry, Manor Master Yun.

I really don't know any Mojiao Sect's Guardian, much less master his skill.

I just slapped him harder than usual.

If you don't believe me, I can slap you and let you experience it yourself to see whether it is the same."


Hearing these words, Manor Master Yun turned ghastly pale and said, "It doesn't matter if you don't admit it.

I will never let you off easily for your being in cahoots with Fu Chengfeng ruining my Riyue Manor's reputation!"


Rong Yi exclaimed in disbelief, "Manor Master Yun, if you're angry, then you can be angry, but don't just take your anger out on others, okay I didn't ruin the reputation of your Riyue Manor.

If you hadn't urged us to stay yesterday, I would never have stayed here for another second.

As for Fu Chengfeng, he is even more innocent.

Ever since Miss Yun was taken away, he had always been with me, and there was no way or opportunity for him to do anything out of line to Miss Yun.

If you want to talk about ruining the reputation of Riyue Manor, then you should also be blamed.

You couldn't even wait to let the whole world know that Miss Yun's innocence has been ruined."


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Manor Master Yun: "You......

you think I want to I know family shame must not be spread outside.

If Fu Chengfeng hadn't spread the news first, why would I have called everyone here to seek justice for my Riyue Manor"


Fu Chengfeng had spread the news That's a bit ridiculous! Only a fool would smear his own face.

Rong Yi sighed helplessly and looked at Fu Chengfeng, saying seriously, "I think the more we touch this thing up, the darker it gets[9], and it is getting even harder for us to explain."


Fu Chengfeng: "I feel the same way."


Rong Yi: "It's better to call Miss Yun for clarification.

She's the one involved.

No one knows better than her what's really going on here."


Before Rong Yi's words ultimately left her mouth, she saw a little maid rushing out from the inner room, crying and shouting, "It's not good, Master.

Miss, Miss, she......"


"What's wrong with Ni-er"


"Miss can't think straight and has taken her own life."


In an instant, like a huge mountain collapsing, Master Yun Zhuang fell back into his tai shi chair and looked like he had aged ten years in a flash.


Everyone in the hall stopped talking and stared at Manor Master Yun.

Rong Yi and Fu Chengfeng were also deeply regretful, not expecting that Yun Ni would seek death.


At that moment, the maid suddenly pounced on Fu Chengfeng and punched him, saying, "It was you! You are the one who killed Miss! You told her this morning that you would confess your affair with her to the Master, but now you have abandoned her! I want to avenge her!"


Hearing this statement, Manor Master Yun looked up abruptly and asked, "Xiao[10] Huan, are you sure that Fu Chengfeng said those words to Ni-er this morning"


The maid stopped and knelt in front of Manor Master Yun.

"Xiao[10] Huan does not dare to lie.

When Fu Chengfeng spoke to Miss in the morning, Xiao[10] Huan was waiting on the side."


"You're talking nonsense! Fu Chengfeng had been with me this whole morning, and there was no way he could go to Miss Yun's yard." Rong Yi immediately refuted the maid's words.


As if he had not heard Rong Yi's rebuttal, Manor Master Yun pulled out the long sword on the table and pointed it straight at Fu Chengfeng.

"Fu Chengfeng, what have I, Yun Hendong, done to wrong you that you hate us so much until you would strike a vicious blow to Ni-er"


Fu Chengfeng: "I am deeply sorry for what happened to Miss Yun.

But asking me to be the scapegoat is something I would never let myself do.

Manor Master, don't worry.

I will find the real culprit and clear Miss Yun's name."


"Fu Chengfeng, you should stop with your clever talk and an ingratiating manner.

I will kill you now to pay tribute to Ni-er's spirit in heaven!" With these words, Manor Master Yun stabbed his sword forward, causing Fu Chengfeng to draw his sword in defence and exit the door.


Rong Yi immediately chased him out of the door, feeling extremely worried.

Then she thought that Fu Chengfeng was a fellow disciple of Fu Huang Daren[1]; his martial arts skills should never be weak.

Thus, she was slightly relieved.


Rong Yi saw that Fu Chengfeng's long sword was like a dragon swimming in the sky.

With every stroke he made, he sent his opponent towards the end, not giving him the slightest chance to catch his breath.

At this moment, Rong Yi was convinced that Fu Chengfeng's words, 'I won't let anyone hurt her', were not only big talk.

He could deal with the Master of Martial Arts Alliance efficiently, not to mention others.

He did have the capital to say those words.


This person was her......Senior Uncle! Rong Yi snickered in her heart.


Fu Chengfeng's performance not only surprised Rong Yi but shocked everyone present, including Qin Muzhi.


Qin Muzhi considered himself well-informed, but he didn't realise that Fu Chengfeng's martial arts skills were unfathomable.

It was so well hidden! If it weren't for this battle with Manor Master Yun, he was afraid no one would have known his true strength.


If Fu Chengfeng defeated Manor Master Yun, he feared that no one would dare to fight him in the future. Jianghu[6] has always been a place where the strong ate the weak.


Qin Muzhi knew this truth, and so did Yun Hetong.

This battle had turned from a vent to a duel, with only victory allowed.


It was a fight to the death.


In desperation, Yun Hendong's strength began to burst out, and he gradually turned his defeat into victory.


Seeing that Fu Chengfeng's upper-hand position was in danger of being taken over by the other party's power, Rong Yi was anxious to get into the fighting field to boost his morale.


Like how one met one's match in a chess game[11], it was hard to tell the winner from the loser.


The atmosphere was tense to the extreme.


Suddenly, a black shadow flew in from afar, holding a large sword in its hand, and joined the battle.


"Liu Yidao!" Rong Yi exclaimed.

She tore her throat as she continued to shout, "Two against one.

You guys are bullying the less with more people on your side.

That's unfair!"


"Fu Chengfeng is guilty of terrible crimes, and everyone who commits them must be punished! It's not necessary to be fair to such a person!"


"That's right! There is no need for any fairness! Let's all fight together and seek justice for Miss Yun!"


Soon, all the martial artists watching the battle joined the fight.


Two against one turned into twenty against one.


Rong Yi was so anxious that she wanted to go forward to help, but considering that her own three-legged cat[12] martial arts would only add to Fu Chengfeng's burden, she didn't dare to make a rash move.


"Darn it! If only Qinglong were still around!" Rong Yi cursed.

Suddenly, she could feel a sword aura, a very familiar aura.


It's Qinglong!


Qinglong is here!


Footnotes Full List

fu=father, huang=emperor, daren=title of respect toward superiorsChinese idiom: a lavish treatment鷹犬 yīngquǎn: lit.

鷹 yīng=hawk,  犬 quǎn=hound.

Hawk and hound : (fig.) running dogs/hired thugsChinese idiom: become absolutely silentOh, it's South! I know West and North use weapons.

Only South and East don't use any weapons.

I was confused between these two at the beginning.

So, South's real name is Guo Shaoqi.rivers and lakes—people wandering from place to place and living by their wits, e.g.

fortune-tellers, quack doctors, itinerant entertainers, etc., considered as a social groupChinese idiom: confronting grave difficultiesThat's your Dad's old sect, Rong Yi.fig.

to only make matters worselittleChinese idiom: be well-matched in a contest(fig.) unskilled



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