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Rong Yi froze for a few seconds, then screamed, "Fu Chengfeng, you're disgusting!" Then she ran back to her room.


She was too ashamed to face anyone.


Rong Yi covered her hot face and wished she could find a hole to drill herself into.


Although she had just scolded Fu Chengfeng for being 'disgusting', she knew in her heart that Fu Chengfeng was innocent of what had happened this morning and that she was the senseless one to lift his blanket.


When Rong Yi thought of the thing she had seen, she felt embarrassed and irritated.

She would feel restless if she didn't jump up and down inside the room.


In the twinkling of an eye, it was midday, and Rong Yi was still hiding inside her room, not daring to go out to see anyone and mumbling things that were difficult for other humans to understand.


"Miss Rong, it's time for lunch." The maid outside suddenly knocked on the door.


Rong Yi immediately jumped up, opened the door and let the maid in.

After the maid placed the food on the table, Rong Yi asked quietly, "Did Fu Gongzi[1] next door behave strangely"


"In reply to Miss Rong, Fu Gongzi[1] went out after breakfast this morning and has not returned yet."


The maid's words were like a blow to Rong Yi's head.

She was stunned for a long time to regain her senses before she stormed into Fu Chengfeng's room.

Sure enough, there was not even a soul in sight.


Staring blankly at the empty room for a moment, Rong Yi turned back to her room and asked the maid who had not yet left, "Did he say when he would be back"


"Back to Miss Rong, no.

But before Fu Gongzi[1] left, he instructed that there was no need to prepare his dinner tonight."


In other words, he would be back after dark.

Rong Yi lifted her mouth in displeasure, rewarded the maid with a broken silver and sat down to eat, thinking angrily in her heart: the three days agreement with Manor Master Yun will expire tomorrow, so Fu Chengfeng must have gone out today to look for Yun Ni's whereabouts.


Suddenly, Rong Yi figured out the question that had puzzled her all day—why did Fu Chengfeng suddenly act indecently for no reason


He had acted indecently with her just to make her feel too ashamed to show her face to others so that he could take this opportunity to leave her alone and go on with his work alone!


She had been asking herself why that man acted like a beast like night when he usually conducted himself properly


So it was to get rid of her!


This is so, so insulting!


Was she that clingy If he didn't want to take her out with him, just said so, and she promised not to be one—fine, she would still shamelessly follow him out.


But there was no need to lower himself to do that kind of obscene trick!


That was just so, so outrageous!


Rong Yi finished her bowl of rice in three to five rounds before rushing directly to Jiugua House from Riyue Manor to find Yun Si Niang.

"Where did Fu Chengfeng go" Rong Yi asked straight to the point.


Yun Si Niang was slightly stunned and then smiled ambiguously before pointing out, "Aren't you the closest to him How can you expect me to know if even you don't know where he has gone to"


Rong Yi sighed frustratedly at Yu Si Niang's response and tugged at Yu Si Niang's sleeve.

"Aunt Yun, can you tell me where he has gone to"


The sound of 'Aunt Yun' made Yun Siniang's bones soft, and she immediately answered, "He went to the Ten Mile Slope."


"Ten Mile slope is a mass grave.

What is he doing over there"


"The person he is looking for is at a stone tomb at the base of Ten Mile Slope."


Rong Yi was overjoyed at these words and responded sweetly, "Thank you, Aunt Yun." She turned and then left.


Yun Si Niang looked at Rong Yi's departing figure and let out a long sigh as she said to the maid beside her, "Furong, prepare the four treasures of the study."


"Does Madam want to send a message to the one in the palace" Furong asked.


Yun Si Niang nodded.

"Rong Girl's knowledge and skills aren't that good.

It would be wonderful if Fu Chengfeng could protect her.

If it were any other time, I wouldn't care.

But now that Fu Chengfeng is deep in a quagmire[2], I am afraid that it will be difficult for him even to protect himself.

Suppose Miss Rong is also implicated in his problem.

In that case, I don't know how to explain to the two living ancestors[3] in the palace."


"But what if Leader Chu is worried about his daughter's life that he decides to reappear in the jianghu[4], and that Fu Chengfeng has always wanted to find Leader Chu......"


"You don't have to worry about that.

The feud between Fu Chengfeng and Chu Changge is not that complicated."






When Rong Yi arrived at the Ten Mile Slope, the sun had already set, and an eerie aura permeated the surroundings, making her hair stand on end[5] with a slight chill run across her back.

Subconsciously, Rong Yi folded her arms around her, trying to restrain her inner fear as she searched for the stone tomb that Yun Si Niang had spoken of.

Suddenly, there was a creak as something broke beneath her feet.

Rong Yi looked down, and when the white bones broken in two came into her view, she could not restrain herself from wanting to scream but was suddenly gagged by a large hand.


"Shhh, it's me." A familiar voice sounded in her ears.


The fear in Rong Yi's heart was instantly swept away as she broke away from Fu Chengfeng's hand and asked in a whisper, "Have you found the stone tomb"



That man used the tombstones to set up a mechanism, and we are trapped in it."


Fu Chengfeng used the word 'we' instead of 'I', implying that Rong Yi had also been trapped in the mechanism without knowing it.


Rong Yi looked around and found that the tombstones around her were seemingly static but moving at times, which was very strange.


"How dare someone use tombstones to set up a mechanism.

How unethical." Rong Yi muttered in a low voice.


"To someone who lives in a tomb, these tombstones are like the big trees at the yard's entrance."


"Don't you dare make that analogy!" Rong Yi looked at him with a fearful expression.

"You will create a psychological shadow on me if you say that.

There are a lot of big trees in front of the yard I live in now."


"Does this psychological shadow thing work for you" Fu Chengfeng was sceptical about this.

After all, someone had just lifted his blanket this morning, and now she was standing in front of him, alive and unashamed, without any sense of self-awareness that she had molested a virtuous young man.


Rong Yi didn't need to think to know what Fu Chengfeng was referring to as her mind involuntarily flashed back to the scene happening this morning, and a stream of liquid instantly rushed to her mouth.

Rong Yi tried to breathe under the pressure while secretly muttering: It's a good thing the stream of liquid didn't go to the nostrils.

Otherwise, it would have been humiliating.


"Don't indulge yourself in flights of fancy[6] when facing a powerful enemy[7]." Rong Yi instructed half-pleadingly.


The corners of Fu Chengfeng's mouth were slightly hooked.

He skilfully reached out, wrapped his arm around her waist, blew a breath in her ear, and spoke softly, "What if I simply want to"


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In an instant, Rong Yi felt as if her body was under a magic spell, unable to move or speak, and her mind went blank, leaving her at his mercy.


After an unknown amount of time, Fu Chengfeng suddenly let go of his hand and said, "It's safe now."


Rong Yi had yet to return to her senses.

She stood still for a long time before responding with a question, "What do you mean"


"Someone came just now, but that person has gone far away."


"When was that"


"When you were dazed.

In other words, when I was holding you in my arms." Fu Chengfeng replied breezily.


Rong Yi immediately understood and rebuked him angrily, "You can just tell me that, and I'll shut up immediately.

Why do you have to use that… that indecent trick!"


"That's not indecent; that's romantic." Fu Chengfeng corrected Rong Yi's words in a good mood and then confidently said, "If I told you to keep quiet, you would surely ask me why and when I told you why you'd definitely ask me how I found out.

We have long been discovered by the time I satisfy your curiosity."


This statement rendered Rong Yi speechless.

She wanted to argue, but Fu Chengfeng hit the nail on her head every time, leaving her at a loss for words.


That was to say, the cost of chattering was one's tofu being eaten[8] all the time


Rong Yi felt very depressed, very depressed.

Why did Fu Chengfeng intentionally act improperly towards her every time Was there any purpose to his acts Couldn't they just...


Scary! Rong Yi was frightened by her own thoughts.[T/C]


Slapping away those confusing thoughts in her head, Rong Yi glared at Fu Chengfeng in annoyance, asking, "Do you have any way to break the mechanism"


Fu Chengfeng shook his head.

"If I knew, I wouldn't be stuck here all day."


Serves you right! Let's see if you dare to act alone without me in the future. Rong Yi raised her eyebrows and asked, "You have no skill at this despite being the most good-looking man in the world"[T/C]


"Being good-looking is not necessarily related to the skill of breaking mechanisms." Fu Chengfeng, who was momentarily speechless, replied.


"You jianghu[4] people are so unrefined!"


"..." Does this have anything to do with whether jianghu[4] people are unrefined Fu Chengfeng became confused.

Rong Yi's following sentence changed him from being confused to shuddering.


"Call me aunt, and I'll help you escape from this tombstones mechanism." Rong Yi offered loudly while holding her head high.


Fu Chengfeng was silent for a moment before shouting in a very calm and sincere voice, "Aunt."




This guy doesn't have any moral integrity!


Rong Yi originally wanted to embarrass him, but she didn't expect him to treat his moral integrity like dirt and call her 'aunt' without hesitation.


Although Rong Yi's heart was extremely sullen and full of unwillingness, she had to keep her promise of breaking the tombstones mechanism for the sake of that 'aunt'.


After successfully escaping from the tombstones mechanism, Fu Chengfeng said in amazement, "I didn't know you could break the mechanism."


Rong Yi snorted proudly.

"There are so many things you don't know about me."


Fu Chengfeng remained silent for a few seconds before pointing out, "You seem to know everything, but you only know a little about everything."


"That's enough to roam the jianghu[4].

Didn't I help you escape the tombstones mechanism successfully despite knowing so little about mechanisms"


Rong Yi learned about mechanisms from Mister Shi Er, the current number one Qimen Dunjia[11] and five elements[12] art user in the martial art circles.

This was what people called a great teacher produced a brilliant student.

Although she has only learned them superficially, she was already quite impressive when dealing with mechanisms deployed by ordinary people.

Because of that, she was very relaxed when she broke the tombstone mechanism just now.


In a blink of an eye, Rong Yi and Fu Chengfeng found the stone tomb that had been said by Yun Si Niang.

When they opened the tomb door, no one was inside, and they found a golden hairpin on the stone coffin.


"That's Yun Ni's golden hairpin." Rong Yi exclaimed.


Wealthy young ladies always marked everything they wore.

Fu Chengfeng picked up the golden hairpin and sifted through it.

Sure enough, at the tail of the hairpin was engraved the word '霓[13]'.


"Since Miss Yun's golden hairpin is here, this shows that she has been here, but why is there no one inside Does the person who took her have known we were coming and decided to run away first" Rong Yi analysed.


"No, that man is not the type that will irresponsibly flee in the face of danger." Fu Chengfeng said as he looked at the golden hairpin, lost in his thought.


Rong was shocked.

"Do you know the person who kidnapped Miss Yun"


Realising that he had let his mouth slip, Fu Chengfeng stopped hiding it from her.

"If my guess is correct, that person should be my senior."



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