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Chapter 237 : This Time You Took The Initiative To Molest Me

きつねDecember 07, 2022

Rong Yi hurriedly caught up with him and asked, "Do you know who the person who took Miss Yun"


Without answering, Fu Chengfeng changed the subject and asked, "Was your mother, an old acquaintance of Yun Si Niang"


Rong Yi was unhappy that Fu Chengfeng was hiding something from her, but when she thought of how much she had also hidden from him, she was not angry anymore.

She laughed.

"That's right.

I just remembered that my Mom had mentioned Yun Si Niang to me."


Fu Chengfeng looked at Rong Yi with a smile.

"I've become even more curious about your mother."


"......my Dad will kill you."


"I'm sure you won't let him kill me."



Normally I could help you beg, but it's useless for me to do so when it comes to my Mom.

You'd better put away those thoughts you shouldn't have." Rong Yi looked at Fu Chengfeng with disdain and added, "Speaking of which, you seem to like seducing virtuous women."


"You've finally found out that I'm seducing you." Fu Chengfeng said with great relief.


Rong Yi looked at him disdainfully.

"Put away your peach blossom eyes.

I'm not going to fall for your trick." After saying this, she stomped her foot and walked quickly ahead.

She lightly bit her lips as she giggled.


Looking at Rong Yi's shy and annoyed but pretending to be serious posture, Fu Chengfeng smiled.


"Did you just call me Big Brother Fu" Fu Chengfeng asked as he wordlessly walked over to Rong Yi.


Rong Yi, who was sniggering, was startled by him.

She sighed in relief, then blushed as she explained, "It's respect for seniority.

I certainly can't address you by your first name in front of outsiders.

Not to mention that everyone now thinks we are adopted brother and sister......"


"I'm not blaming you." Fu Chengfeng interrupted her and said, "I just don't like you calling me that."


When Rong Yi heard his words, she hung her head, muttering sullenly, "If you don't want me to call you that, then I'll stop.

What's the big deal"


Fu Chengfeng knew she had misunderstood and smiled as he stroked her head, saying, "Call me Chengfeng from now on."


Rong Yi froze slightly.

The thought of the word 'Chengfeng' made her blushful, causing her to look down, not daring to look at him directly.


"Not willing" Fu Chengfeng asked with a smile.


"No, no.

It's just......

just a little......

a little......" Rong Yi bit her pink lips and stopped talking.


"It's okay.

You'll slowly get used to it.

Eventually, you have to get used to it; the sooner, the better."


What did he mean by she would eventually get used to it Rong Yi was speechless.

Why did she feel this sounded like 'early death would lead to early reincarnation'


Fu Chengfeng, infinitely in a good mood, raised his eyes to the sky and said, "It's getting late.

Let's walk faster.

Otherwise, we'll have to pay with our own pockets if we miss the dinner serving time at Riyue Manor."


"That's okay.

I have plenty of money.

It's not even a big deal.

I'll treat you."


"......" He wasn't short of money either.






Rong Yi had been a little nervous because of the name 'Chengfeng' and didn't speak much on the way.

Fu Chengfeng was also silent because he was thinking about Qinglong.

The two did not exchange a single word until they arrived at Riyue Manor.


As soon as they entered their yard, Fu Chengfeng said, "Yi-er, I'll go to my room first and have my dinner served there.

You can rest early after you have yours."






Rong Yi was shocked by how natural 'Yi-er' sounded coming from Fu Chengfeng.

How, how, how could he call her name that way so naturally, as if he had done it hundreds and thousands of times......




"Ah!" Rong Yi returned to her senses and looked at Fu Chengfeng in confusion.

She was about to ask him what he was calling her for when she suddenly remembered that he seemed to have said he wanted to dine in his own room earlier.

Did Fu Chengfeng mean that he would not eat together in the evening since he wanted to be alone and she could do whatever she wanted Was it like that


"Oh, oh, okay.

I'll dine in my room too." After dropping these words, Rong Yi ran like hell into her bedroom.


What the hell did Fu Chengfeng mean Why did he call her 'Yi-er' for no good reason She even asked her to call him 'Chengfeng'...... Ah! I can't.

It's so embarrassing!


When Rong Yi thought of calling him 'Chengfeng', she felt like the sky was going to fall.






It was a long, dark night.

Rong Yi was tossing and turning, unable to sleep.


After counting 100 sheep for the forty-ninth time, Rong Yi sat up, put on her clothes and decided to climb up to the roof to enjoy the moon.


Whenever she wanted to climb to the top of the roof, she regretted that she hadn't learnt qinggong[1] well.

Otherwise, she would have been able to jump up to the roof with ease and beauty, unlike now, when she had to carry a ladder and climb up and down, which took a lot of effort and was too troublesome.

She was also afraid of falling down if she wasn't being careful.


After climbing to the roof, Rong Yi took a deep breath and lay down with her hands behind her head, looking up at the black sky.

Rong Yi's expectation was to have a good time, enjoying the beautiful scenery of a lovely bright moon, but the reality was that it was a moonless night and was too windy that it could kill people.


How cruel!


With a frustrated sigh, Rong Yi decided to return to her bed and toss and turn rather than stay here with the freezing wind.

Rong Yi moved slowly to the eaves, and as soon as she stretched out her foot, she accidentally kicked the ladder away.

It crashed down with a loud 'bang'.


Rong Yi was in tears.

It wasn't enough that she was not allowed to enjoy the moon; now, she couldn't even go down. Don't be so cruel!


Rong Yi wanted to shout out and call Fu Chengfeng to rescue her.

But as soon as she opened her mouth, the word 'Chengfeng' swirled around her mouth and was swallowed back by her instead.


It was too creepy, too creepy!


Rong Yi sighed.

No matter how creepy it was, she couldn't stay up here in the middle of the night in this freezing wind.


"Cheng......" I still couldn't shout it out! Rong Yi patted her head nervously, and finally, a heartbeat later, she shouted at the top of her voice, "Young Warrior Fu, help!"


A moment later, there was a creak, and the door to the next room was opened.

Rong Yi was instantly shaken and looked around to see Fu Qingfeng walking out of the room without any clothes.


Without, any, clothes, on!


Rong Yi, who had never seen a man's body before, collapsed and covered her eyes, shouting, "Why aren't you wearing any clothes"


"I'm used to sleeping without clothes on." Fu Chengfeng answered breezily.


Rong Yi was frantic.

"But you were going to go out! Are you used to not wearing clothes even when you go out"


"You were screaming so urgently just now.

How could I care about putting on clothes You should be touched that I couldn't even bother putting on my clothes to save you."


She had clearly seen him walk out calmly, leisurely and unhurriedly, without the slightest hint of emergency!


It was deliberate.

This guy must have done it on purpose.


Maybe he had taken off his clothes before walking out slowly!


Rong Yi was so angry that she wanted to pull Fu Chengfeng's head over and twist it to see how much jin[2] of water had gone into it.


Rong Yi bared her fangs and brandished her claws[3].

But Fu Chengfeng looked at her calmly and smilingly asked, "Do you think you are powerful and want to add some sickly charm to yourself by staying awake in the middle of the night while enjoying a cool breeze on the roof"


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Sickly charm......

How dare he think of that! Rong Yi glared at him and retorted, "You're the one who's acting charming." As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly realised that someone was still naked at that moment.

She immediately covered her eyes again and requested, "Hurry up and put on your clothes before coming out."


"I'm worried you'll catch a cold up there.

Just jump down quickly, and I'll catch you." Fu Chengfeng responded.


Asking her to throw herself in the arms of a man


Just kill her.


Rong Yi clenched her fist, suppressing the urge to tear someone apart, and said, "Get inside and put on your clothes, or else......

you'll catch a cold.

If you catch a cold, I......

will be worried."


"If you're worried, you should quickly come down.

After I make sure you're safe and sound, I'll get dressed."




Let's just be done with it.

Mom had said that all beautiful men were like white bones.

Let's pretend he was a pile of white bones.

Without closing her eyes and her heart mumbling 'white bones', Rong Yi leapt down and fell into a warm embrace the next moment.


Rong Yi didn't dare to open her eyes.

She couldn't face the fact that she was being held in a gorgeous man's arms, which she couldn't look, think or touch.


Suddenly, Fu Chengfeng drew a sharp breath and whispered, "What are you doing" His voice was clearly tinged with a suppressed desire.


Rong Yi snapped back to her senses, realising that she had completely reversed the three no's of 'no looking, no thinking, no touching' into looking, thinking and touching! The most embarrassing thing was that her hand had touched the most inappropriate place!


Rong Yi silently withdrew her hand and recited in her heart: white bones, all white bones......


"You want to eat me dry and abandon me" Fu Chengfeng grunted.


Rong Yi's eyes widened.

In all honesty, she had only very, very accidentally touched his key part.

How could he call it 'eating him dry and abandoning him' when she didn't even feel its size


"You did it on purpose, didn't you When I accidentally kicked the ladder down just now, the sound was so loud that you must have known I was outside.

You deliberately came out without clothes on, seduced me, created an accident and then put the blame on me." Rong Yi pointed out very calmly.


Fu Chengfeng was dumbfounded by these words.

He was not wearing any clothes now, yet she could analyse the situation calmly.

What kind of pure heart did this girl have


"You saw me naked first and touched my body afterwards.

How can you say I'm the one who blames it on you So shameless." Fu Chengfeng said.


Who exactly is shameless! Rong Yi jumped off him, pointed to the top of him and said, "Firstly, you appeared in front of me without clothes on, forcing me to look at you naked.

I was innocent.

You were the shameless one; secondly, you took advantage of me when I was in a precarious position and strongly requested me to throw myself at you, who was naked.

My innocence was compromised.

You were so shameless; finally......" Rong Yi changed her breath, pointed at his lower part and said frantically, "I didn't touch it originally.

It was only when it got bigger that I accidentally touched it!"


Fu Chengfeng was utterly messed up.

She, she, she dismissed his false accusations so methodically, righteously and without blushing in front of an absolutely naked man.


Didn't she realise she was standing in front of a talented, gorgeous man


This girl was not an ordinary person, definitely not an ordinary person!


The defeated Fu Chengfeng turned, entered his room, closed the door and went back to sleep in one fell swoop.


The victorious Rong Yi also turned, entered the house, closed the door and went to sleep all in one go.


That night, Fu Chengfeng had a nightmare.

In his dream, he tried desperately to seduce Rong Yi, but she pointed at his nose to assess his head and discuss his feet[4] while pouring dog's blood on his head[5].


That night, Rong Yi had a sleepless night and scolded Fu Chengfeng all night long, continuously cursing him with this word: disgusting.






The next day, Rong Yi, who hadn't slept all night, was furious and entered Fu Chengfeng's room, lifted his blanket and said, "Let's see if you're used to......." Before the word 'sleeping' could be uttered, Rong Yi was completely dumbfounded.


It turned out that he was really used to sleeping that way.


Rong Yi wanted to slip away but caught sight of something.


At this time, Fu Chengfeng coincidentally woke up.

He looked at Rong Yi's blushing face and sleepily said, "This time, it was you who took the initiative to molest me."


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