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Rong Yi was slightly shocked.

How did the old female brothel keeper know she had three other uncles, South, East and West Was it possible that she was an old acquaintance of dad or mom in the jianghu[1] If she were one of her mom's old friends, it would be good, but if she were one of her dad's, it would be a big problem if they found out about her background.


"No, I only have one uncle." Rong Yi answered smilingly.


The old female brothel keeper took another close look at Rong Yi's face and said with slight confusion, "I guess I'm mistaken."


"I don't blame you; I only blame her for having a common face." Fu Chengfeng joked.


Rong Yi rolled her eyes at him and hung her head, secretly sticking out her tongue.


Led by the female brothel keeper, Rong Yi and Fu Chengfeng arrived at the rear yard of the brothel.

It was connected to the brothel's store, yet it had a scenery of exceptional charm.

Between the high and low rockeries, a long wooden walkway covered the surface and connected to a wooden arch bridge, with a very grand decorated building standing at its very end.

Even for someone like Rong Yi, who had grown up in a richly decorated jade palace[2], she was stunned by the majestic splendour of the decorated building.


"What kind of people live in the decorated building" Rong Yi asked.


Fu Chengfeng also looked at the decorated building and smiled before answering Rong Yi's question, "The owner of the Jiugua House, Yun Si Niang."


"Is this Yun Si Niang that powerful"


"From big sect disputes to small family matters, she is omnipresent in the jianghu[1].

Don't you think she is powerful" Fu Chengfeng asked.


Rong Yi nodded her head continuously.

"Impressive." Her mom was also the type of person who knew everything, even when Rong Yi stole a pastry and broke a bowl.

This kind of person could not actually be called impressive but rather terrifying.[T/C]


"Madam is inside.

You two can walk in." The female brothel keeper left after saying these words.


Rong Yi looked at Fu Chengfeng in confusion.

Shouldn't they be led straight before her master All the palace maids and eunuchs did it this way.


"Not just anyone can enter Yun Si Niang's decorated building." Fu Chengfeng explained.


"Since you know my rules, you shouldn't have run here repeatedly." A mellow, lush voice sounded from the middle of the decorated building.


Rong Yi raised her eyes at the sound and saw a woman in a bright red dress leaning against the railing, full of charms.

A fit of nameless jealousy spontaneously arose.

Rong Yi sullenly looked at Fu Chengfeng, only to see the corners of his mouth slightly hooked, with a deliberate flirtatious expression on his face.

She suspected he was trying to use this act to seduce another innocent woman.


"Pervert." Rong Yi scolded in a low voice.


Fu Chengfeng smiled at her words, and before he could answer, Yun Si Niang laughed from the upper level of the decorated building.


This little girl is so spunky.

Young Master Fu, the girl you brought this time is much more interesting than the previous ones."


When had he ever brought a girl here Fu Chengfeng secretly laughed bitterly, knowing that Yun Si Niang was deliberately fanning the flames[4], but he couldn't take any offence.

He had no choice but to lower his head when he stood under other people's eaves[5].


Rong Yi's jealousy increased when she heard Yun Si Niang's words, but she soon realised that Yun Si Niang had purposely said that to her.

Fu Chengfeng didn't even care about the world's most beautiful woman, so how could he bring any girl here He could not even defend himself because he had come to ask for help and could not offend Yun Si Niang in the process.


Once Rong Yi figured out what was happening, she stopped being angry and said secretly to Fu Chengfeng, "Don't worry, I won't fall for her ploy to drive a wedge between us."


Fu Chengfeng was relieved at her words.

He should have known that this girl was simple-minded but not stupid.

She could react faster than he could in many things and would not be easily tricked.


Although Rong Yi's voice was small, it did not escape the ears of Yun Si Niang, who had deep inner strength.

Yun Si Niang narrowed her eyes and smilingly said, "The girl this time is not only interesting but also smarter than all the other girls.

Young Master Fu, your taste has improved."


Rong Yi rolled her eyes.

"Don't waste your breath.

I won't fall for it.

This guy, Fu Chengfeng, is a stubborn, narcissistic person.

He has a flirtatious appearance, but he's actually very reserved inside.

He wouldn't bring any random girl here."


Rong Yi's words shocked Fu Chengfeng, and his heart was inexplicably moved.


"Oh You do know him well.

Don't you know that he is the most flirtatious man in the world" Yun Si Niang asked with interest.


Rong Yi immediately looked disdainful and said, "You claim to know everything, but you are so shallow.

He is said to be the most flirtatious man in the world, but has anyone ever seen him take the initiative to seduce any girl Does he not say no to any girl who throws herself in his arms It's not his fault that he's flirtatious.

The only thing we can blame him for is he is still out and about with his look that can attract bees and butterflies[6], causing a lot of trouble for the girls."


"Ha ha! What a thoughtful and beautiful girl.

No wonder, after passing through a bevvy of flowers, yet not a single leaf clings to his body[7], Young Warrior Fu has taken you with him.

What is your name" Yun Si Niang asked.


"Rong Yi." Rong Yi said her name without being overbearing or humble, mentally prepared to be ridiculed by Yun Si Niang.

Not only did Yun Si Niang never laugh at her, but she looked like she had been slapped instead.

Her face stiffened, and there was a highly complex look in her eyes, one of shock, one of fear, and one of delight.


Rong Yi suddenly remembered the female brothel keeper's question just now, and a thought sprang up in her heart: can it be that this Yun Si Niang knows Mom and Dad


But she had never heard her dad and mom mention anything about Yun Si Niang before!


Rong Yi tried to remember, and suddenly, a fragment appeared from her memory.


"The story goes that back then, when the Leader was trapped in King Liang's residence in Shuzhong, Madam went to rescue him with a single spear and a horse[8].

This courage and boldness made us not dare to look straight at her."


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"The only downside to this rescue was that Madam had been extorted for 10,000 taels of silver by Yun Si Niang."


Yun Si Niang!


As expected, this Yun Si Niang really knew her mom!


When Rong Yi took a good look at Yun Si Niang again, she immediately had an idea in her mind: Although Uncle North did not have time to explain what happened to Yun Si Niang, who had extorted 100,000 taels of silver from Mom, with Mom's character and methods, Yun Si Niang must have paid a tremendous price than 100,000 taels of silver.

The fear in her eyes is the best proof of it.


But why was there joy amid her fear


Could it be that Yun Si Niang had a tendency to be abused


While Rong Yi's mind was going round and round, Yun Si Niang's mind was filled with a thousand thoughts.

Rong Yi, Murong Yi.

She should have noticed that this girl's eyes resembled Murong Yunshu's, the air of calmness in the face of danger, the wisdom to judge the situation, the unfazed confidence……and that mouth! It's already lovely that you can earn profit from doing business, but why do you have to tease a little girl It was okay if it was just a regular little girl, but how could you not recognise that this girl was Murong Yunshu's daughter


If this matter was brought to Murong Yunshu's attention, she didn't know how Murong Yunshu would retaliate.


Hey, hey, hey, it was clear that Lil North had sent a message to her using the flying pigeon, telling her that Murong Yi was travelling in the jianghu[1] under the alias Rong Yi, and he even requested her to secretly protect her.

How could she be so careless Not only did Yun Si Niang fail to protect Rong Yi, she even teased her a bit.

It was good that Rong Yi was worthy of being Murong Yunshu's daughter and did not believe her babbling nonsense.

Otherwise, if the little girl got her heart broken and ran back to the palace to beg for comfort, Yun Si Niang had to immediately find a piece of land with good feng shui to bury herself in.


"Little girl, oh no, Miss Rong, oh no, Big Sister Rong, no, no, no, it should still be Miss Rong.

Big Sister Rong is too scandalous." Yun Si Niang said incoherently as she flew down the stairs to stand in front of Rong Yi.


Rong Yi took two steps backwards to put some distance between them as she said, "It is us who are begging for information from you, not you in need of something from me.

You don't have to be so flattering to me.



What a hurtful thing to say! Yun Si Niang wiped the tears in her heart but continued to smile flatteringly on the surface.

"I didn't know it was Miss Rong who had come here, so I hope you will forgive me if I have offended you with my words."


"How on earth did my Mom abuse you back then to make you so fearful" Rong Yi asked in disbelief.


Yun Si Niang: "Didn't she tell you about her glorious history"


"No, my Mom was a very low-key person."



compared to her man, she can still be considered low-key." Yun Si Niang said disgustingly.


Rong Yi nodded her head repeatedly.

"I agree with that."


Seeing that Rong Yi seemed to share the same opinion with herself, Yun Si Niang was instantly delighted and urged, "Let's go, let's go.

Let's talk inside.

Your mom and I are very, very good friends.

So let me tell you a good story about what we went through together back then."


"Let's change it.

Big Brother Fu and I have some important business to attend to, and we are here today to ask you something." Rong Yi said.


After Rong Yi brought it up, Yun Si Niang suddenly remembered that she had ignored Fu Chengfeng.

When Yun Si Niang thought of how she had forgotten her manner after learning of Rong Yi's background, she suddenly felt like she had lost her face.

Yun Si Niang wanted to put up a front and not give Fu Chengfeng a chance to mock her, but seeing that Rong Yi addressed him as 'Big Brother Fu', she thought that the two must be on excellent terms, and it would be better not to offend him rashly.


"What does Young Warrior Fu want to ask this time" Yun Si Niang asked with a smile.


Fu Chengfeng said, "I'm wondering who has his hand on Qinglong right now."


Yun Si Niang was startled.

When she glanced at Rong Yi, she saw that Rong Yi looked nervous and understood that Rong Yi had not been forthcoming with Fu Chengfeng.

"Are you investigating Miss Yun's kidnapping" Yun Si Niang asked knowingly.


Fu Chengfeng nodded.

"The weapon used by Miss Yun's kidnapper was none other than Qinglong."


"I advise you not to get involved in this delicate matter." Yun Si Niang answered meaningfully.


"Unfortunately, I have already gotten involved.

My mind is made up, and I hope Si Niang will help me." Fu Chengfeng imploring.


Rong Yi: "Big Brother Fu has promised Manor Master Yun that he will find Miss Yun within three days."


When Rong Yi opened his mouth, Yun Si Niang naturally could not refuse.

But when she thought of the person currently using Qinglong, she felt awkward.

With a sigh, Yun Si Niang said, "I can only tell you that the one who can master Qinglong is either Chu Changge himself or one of his fellow disciples."


Rong Yi was shocked.

"Chu Changge has a master" So dad had a master too.

She had always thought he was self-taught.


"Of course there is.

Who else did he learn his skill from"


Rong Yi nodded with understanding.

"Who is his master"


"That's a question I don't know the answer for.

But I'm sure someone knows." Yun Si Niang looked towards Fu Chengfeng intentionally.


Rong Yi also looked sideways towards Fu Chengfeng, only to see his solemn facial features and grave expression, with a complex look in his eyes.


Sensing Rong Yi's gaze, Fu Chengfeng put away his current attitude and immediately put on a smile expression familiar to outsiders.

He generously threw Yun Si Niang a bag of silver before saying, "Thank you for your help." After saying this, he turned and left.



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