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The bearded man was so angry at being shaved by Fu Chengfeng that he wanted to fight him but was stopped by Manor Master Yun.


"Please, for the sake of this Yun's face, let this matter end here." Manor Master Yun was well aware of Fu Chengfeng's strength, and the bearded man's martial arts skills were not even close to his.

Forcing a duel between them was tantamount to suicide for the bearded man.


The bearded man did not know that Fu Chengfeng had the reputation of being the best swordsman in the jianghu[1].

If the other party had not been merciful, it would not have been his beard but a human head that fell to the ground.

However, it was still too humiliating to be shaved in public.

Now that Manor Master Yun came out to smooth things over, the bearded man immediately went along and said with great reluctance, "For the sake of the Manor Master Yun, I won't dispute with you right now."


Although Fu Chengfeng had always been a man of action and would never allow himself to be wronged, he wasn't striving to be a courageous, aggressive person.

If the bearded man hadn't bullied Rong Yi just now, he wouldn't have attacked him in public.

It was beneath him to fight with an ignorant person.

"Some people think that this Fu is Chu Changge's accomplice.

Presumably, Manor Master Yun also has some doubts in his heart.

Why would I speak for Chu Changge I'm not going to lie to the Manor Master; I have something to do with Chu Changge.

I swear by my personality that he didn't do this.

I promise the Manor Master that I will find out the real kidnapper and Miss Yun within three days and prove what I said is true."


Fu Chengfeng has two well-established reputations in jianghu[1]: one was for his sword, and the other was his ability to find people.

If he wanted to find someone, he could locate them even if they hid at the ends of the earth.

The words 'Breaking Sword That Reaches The End Of The World' come from these abilities. [T/C]


"Thank you for your trouble, Young Warrior Fu." Manor Master Yun chose to trust Fu Fengfeng and his own vision.


"Thank you for your trust."


When Fu Chengfeng reached an agreement with the Manor Master Yun, everyone stopped talking and put on their spectators' attitude.


Qin Muzhi frowned slightly.

He disapproved of Fu Chengfeng's careless decision.


Rong Yi also disagreed with Fu Chengfeng's style of work.

While grimacing by his side, she winked at him but was ignored.






Returning to the yard where Fu Chengfeng was temporarily staying, Rong Yi shouted immediately after closing the door, "Fu Chengfeng, have you gone mad You haven't even seen the back of the man who took Yun Ni; how could you possibly find the real culprit within three days"


Taishi (Grand Preceptor/Grand Master) Armchair

The earliest record of Taishi Armchairs can be seen in Zhang Ruiyi's book.

It says that one day, Taishi Qin Hui rested on a chair, and his head cloth fell onto the ground when he erected his head.

His subordinates saw that and asked craftsmen to make a lotus leaf-shaped wooden screen and set it on the chair to support his head.

Thus, this kind of armchair came into being.

Its function of supporting heads is like the function of headrests in cars and planes.

- Chinadaily

Image Credit | Chinadaily (Taishi armchair, Sept 18th, 2010)

"I can't just let them throw dirty water[3] on Chu Changge." Fu Chengfeng replied nonchalantly as he flung himself into the taishi armchair with carelessness.


Rong Yi was touched by these words and stated, "You are such a righteous and good person."


Fu Chengfeng held his forehead speechlessly.

"You, girl, are blindly moved again.

I'm not a good person.

It's too tiring to be one."


"But you are good to me.

You also won't just throw dirty water[3] on innocent people like those outsides." Rong Yi had decided that Fu Chengfeng was a good person.


"I don't just throw dirty water[3] on innocent people because I have a brain, and I use my brain to think, unlike those pigheaded people who only see the surface.

And I am good to you......" Fu Chengfeng paused.

He smirked as he gazed at Rong Yi before continuing, "Not because I am a good person.

Good people are good to everyone, but I'm only being good to you."


Rong Yi blushed at Fu Chengfeng's words, 'I'm only being good to you', causing her to not dare to look at him.

Her small hands tangled together as she muttered, "In my heart if you treat me good, you are a good person.

I don't care about the rest."


Fu Chengfeng's thin lips were slightly hooked at her statement.

He suddenly took off and landed in front of her.

Using his folding fan, he raised her chin, narrowed his peach-blossom eyes and softly asked, "How are you going to repay me for being so kind to you How about we get engaged"


Rong Yi's little heart was jumping wildly at Fu Chengfeng's action.

She looked nervously at him and spoke incoherently, "My......

My Dad forbade me to make a private settlement.

Can I repay you with silver A lot of silver."


Fu Chengfeng rolled his eyes.

"I'm not short of silver."


"But you don't lack......

women either.

There are so many of them chasing after you." Rong Yi countered with a blushed face.


Fu Chengfeng drew back his folding fan and gave her a knock on the head, saying, "You really are a little girl who hasn't grown up yet.

That's it.

Let's talk about it when you grow up."


Rong Yi did not like being told that she had not grown up yet, so she immediately exclaimed, "I have already grown up!"


"Where did you look like you've grown up"




"Is that so" Fu Chengfeng scanned her back and forth with suspicious eyes and finally rested his eyes on her front, smiling impishly.

"It still hasn't grown big enough."


"You!" Even if Rong Yi was inexperienced in human affairs, she could still grasp the meaning behind his sentence.

She was so ashamed and annoyed that she glared at him fiercely before running away from the room.


Fu Chengfeng looked at Rong Yi's shy back and laughed cheerfully.





Rong Yi's anger came and went very quickly.

When Fu Chengfeng appeared at her door early the following day and fawningly invited her out to see the world, she had forgotten the previous unpleasantness entirely.

She was so happy that she scampered around and followed him without any objection.


"You told Manor Master Yun yesterday that you had some connection with Chu Changge.

Is that true" Rong Yi asked.


"Uh-huh, it's true."


Rong Yi blinked.

"What kind of connection do you have with him" How come she didn't remember Fu Huang Daren[4] mentioning such a person as Fu Chengfeng


"I can't say."


"......" Rong Yi pouted in frustration and tugged on Fu Chengfeng's sleeve.

"Please tell me.

I won't tell anyone.

I promise."


Rong Yi had to let go of Fu Chengfeng since she had no other idea to get his answer, while Fu Chengfeng went speechless seeing her pampered act.

"The first thing you can do is tell me why you care so much about Chu Changge, and I'll tell you about the connection between him and me."


"I don't care about him at all.

I'm just curious." Rong Yi answered sheepishly.


"Don't try to fool me.

Whenever someone mentions 'Chu Changge', your demeanour will become extra flattering."


Uh, was she that obvious Rong Yi tugged at her face, rubbing off the improper expression off her face before letting out a hollow laugh.

"No, it's not.

I'm really just curious."


Fu Chengfeng's eyes dimmed at her words, and he complained half-jokingly, "You're hiding everything from me, and you expect me to be honest with you"


"I ......" Rong Yi was speechless.

It wasn't that she didn't trust him, it was just that......

she couldn't tell him that she became fawning when he mentioned the words 'Chu Changge' because she had been trained that way since childhood, could she That would be too revealing.


Alas. Rong Yi sighed silently in her heart and said, "I didn't mean to hide it from you."


Fu Chengfeng didn't say anything and walked a little further before he responded, "Do you know why I'm good at finding people"


Rong Yi shook her head.

"I don't know."


"I have been searching for someone for a long time without success, and over time, I have acquired many skills in finding people.

But despite that, I still haven't found the person I'm seeking."


"Who are you looking for"


"Chu Changge."


Rong Yi was so shocked that she felt her heart miss a beat.

"Why do you want to look for Chu Changge" Rong Yi asked as calmly as she could.


"I'm looking for him to take something from him."


"What is it"




Once again, Rong Yi was shocked, a shock that was simultaneously tinged with a particular indefinable fear.

"You want Qinglong that badly It is said that only Chu Changge can master Qinglong, and it is useless for you to take it from him." Rong Yi said while trembling with fear.


"I'm not going to seize Qinglong in order to take it for myself."


Rong Yi blinked in confusion.

"If you don't want to take it for yourself, how come you have the nerve to become an enemy of Chu Changge"


"Who said I wanted to become an enemy with him I just want to take his sword." Fu Chengfeng stopped talking at this point, curled his lips into a smile, and turned his head sideways to Rong Yi, saying, "You'd better worry about yourself.

You've lost the sword your father gave you, be careful of being scolded when you get back."


"Don't worry about it.

I'll find it soon."


"So confident"


"I'm very confident." Rong Yi nodded repeatedly and snickered inwardly.

The weapon used by the one who took Yun Ni was Qinglong, and when she caught the culprit, wouldn't Qinglong return to her hand She was such a genius.


Rong Yi was secretly smug, but after a few steps, she realised something was wrong.

Fu Chengfeng was bent on taking Qinglong; when he found it, he definitely wouldn't give it back to her.

She couldn't even ask him for it because that would only expose her background.


Hey, hey, hey, what a hassle!


Fu Chengfeng wanted nothing but Qinglong.

Rong Yi could give him anything, but not Qinglong.

Qinglong belonged to her dad.

He just loaned it to her this time for her protection.

Once she found the world's most powerful husband and returned to the palace, she would have to return it to its rightful owner.


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"Speaking of which, what exactly did you want to do when you suddenly left the ring yesterday to look for the sword" Fu Chengfeng suddenly asked.


Rong Yi returned to her senses.

When she remembered her reason for looking for Qinglong yesterday, she was so flustered that she stammered, "No, I wasn't going to do anything."


"You didn't look like you were 'not going to do anything' with your imposing back yesterday."


"Did I"



If I didn't know you were so innocent, I'd think you wanted to set fire to Riyue Manor."


So innocent.


Rong Yi felt ashamed.


She wondered how he would feel if she told him that her purpose in searching for Qinglong yesterday was to castrate him with it and take him back to the palace to be her little eunuch


"Why don't you say anything" Fu Chengfeng was surprised that the little sparrow could be quiet at times.


Rong Yi replied thoughtfully, "I'm trying to remember."


"Remember what"


"Trying to remember my purpose to find my sword yesterday."




"This one is already old and has a poor memory, so forgive me, Noble Warrior Fu."


"......" Shouldn't he be in a coffin if she already considered herself this old






At noon, Rong Yi followed Fu Chengfeng into a brothel.


Rong Yi was calm, and Fu Chengfeng was confused.


"You don't have anything to say" Fu Chengfeng asked.


Rong Yi: "No."


"You're not going to ask me why I went into a brothel"


"Is there anything I need to ask Of course, it's to find out some information! That's why we go out to find some people." Rong Yi looked righteous.


Fu Chengfeng smiled.

"You do have trust in me."


"Actually, I also thought you came to the brothel for another reason, but I quickly rejected that idea."




"It's daytime! The girls in the brothel are tired of receiving clients at night and have to rest during the day."


Tired of picking up clients at night......

should this be the words of a yellow-haired[5] girl Fu Chengfeng's face was full of black lines.

"Who told you all this"


"My Uncle North."


"That uncle of yours, I'll beat him up next time I see him."


Rong Yi shook her head and said slyly, "You can't beat him."




At this point, the female brothel keeper leading the way suddenly stared at Rong Yi and asked slyly, "Little girl, apart from Uncle North, do you want the other three uncles"



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