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Chapter 234 : I'm Counting On You For The Time Being

きつねNovember 22, 2022

When Rong Yi and Fu Chengfeng returned to the manor with the Riyue Manor guard, the lobby was full of people, including Qin Muzhi, who had suffered a fracture.

Of course, he was lying down.

According to the physician, he had injured his back and would have difficulty sitting or standing for a month.

Knowing the severity of Qin Muzhi's injury, Rong Yi felt guilty and did not dare to look at him.

Although it was his fault for not saving her beforehand, he hadn't actively hurt her, but she had gone too far with that throw.


"That, I'll pay for your consultation fee and medicine." Rong Yi whispered as she stood next to Qin Muzhi, staring at her toes.


Qin Muzhi smiled gently.

"I'm not short of money.

It's good that you can finally cool down your temper."


Qin Muzhi's generosity made Rong Yi wish to look for a hole to crawl into as she spurned herself over and over again in her mind: Such a nasty person! Murong Yi, you are such an evil person!


"Using your life to win a smile from a beauty, Brother Qin is so flirtatious." Fu Chengfeng joked.


The fact that Fu Chengfeng and Qin Muzhi did not see eye to eye was well known in the jianghu.

No one knew what kind of grudge they had against each other, only that they would use all harmless means to make each other uncomfortable.

However, they would somehow work together when facing a powerful enemy.


What a subtle and perplexing relationship! When Rong Yi asked Fu Chengfeng for confirmation when she heard this gossip from the Riyue Manor's subordinates, the answer he gave her was, "I have never worked as one with him; he's the one who always cooperates with me."


Rong Yi thought that if she asked Qin Muzhi, she would get the same answer style, so she assumed by default that Fu Chengfeng's answer was purely due to his inner pride.


"He's a patient now, don't provoke him." Rong Yi warned Fu Chengfeng in a whisper.


Fu Chengfeng laughed.

"What he hurt is his back, not his heart.

So what's wrong with me provoking him Maybe if we did it a few more times, it would activate energy flow in channels and collaterals on the waist.

But more provocation won't do the trick on a heartless person like him."


"......" This guy doesn't even know how to constrain his words, even for a little bit.


"If that is the case, why should Brother Fu be so quick to speak" Qin Muzhi's face was expressionless, and one could not tell whether he was happy or angry.


"I'm just plain spoken.

After so many days of unhappiness, I need to have some fun." Fu Chengfeng said meaningfully.


Rong Yi's heart was shocked.

Could it be that Fu Chengfeng made the snide comment because he knew she had hurt Qin Muzhi with the throw for the help he didn't give her


When Rong Yi thought of this, she looked at Fu Chengfeng again.

She saw that his face was cold, and his dark eyes were filled with anger.

Why was he angry Was it because he was outraged by the injustice she suffered Rong Yi recalled his words at the back of the mountain, 'I'm worried about your safety', and couldn't help but secretly blush.


"Liu Yidao didn't mistreat me, so you shouldn't be angry with Qin Gongzi anymore." Rong Yi gently bumped Fu Chengfeng with her elbow, then whispered, "It's not like he's our friend, so there's no need to get angry with him."


Fu Chengfeng smiled faintly and gave her a 'don't worry' look.

"I'm not angry."


"But you seem to want to strip off his skin."


"I'm not angry; I'm enraged."




"It's a complicated matter.

I'll explain it to you slowly later."


Rong Yi trusted Fu Chengfeng.

Since he had said so, she no longer spoke about it.


When Rong Yi whispered with Fu Chengfeng, Qin Muzhi's face was always expressionless.

Only when his eyes swept over Rong Yi would his eyes continue to show guilt......

and how wounded he felt.


Although Fu Chengfeng and Qin Muzhi's verbal exchange was only for a few seconds, the atmosphere in the lobby had become tense.

When both of them did not say anything at this point, Manor Master Yun stood out and advised, "Young warrior Fu, Qin Gongzi, how about the two of you take a step back in your bickering for the sake of this old man's face"


"I will naturally do so for the Manor Master's face." Fu Chengfeng smiled.


Qin Muzhi also said politely, "This Qin was rude just now."


The two men's attitudes satisfied Manor Master Yun.

After saying 'many thanks', he led the main topic to the person who had captured Yun Ni.

"After Young Warrior Fu abruptly left the ring, I wanted to announce that the tournament was over and that we would discuss the marriage later." At this point, Master Yun Zhuang paused and gave Fu Chengfeng a deep look before continuing, "Who would have thought a masked man would suddenly appear and swing the Qinglong sword in his hand between my eyebrows I hastily avoided it, but he took advantage of this short time to capture Ni-er."


After hearing Master Yun's description, Fu Chengfeng immediately said, "The person who took Miss Yun is definitely not Chu Changge."


Fu Chengfeng's specific tone made the crowd puzzled.

Rong Yi was also the same.

Although she had also concluded that it wasn't her old father's work after listening to the Manor Master Yun's account because she knew her dad.

In her mom's own words: This man is one of those oddballs who immediately announces his evil deeds to the world.


Dad would never travel with a mask on.

He would never do such a stupid thing as using Qinglong while using a mask.

Who in jianghu didn't know Qinglong was his unique weapon


How could Fu Chengfeng be sure from so little information that the person who had taken Yun Ni was not Dad Rong Yi was very puzzled.

His following sentence puzzled her to the extreme.


Fu Chengfeng explained, "Chu Changge is an extremely conceited person.

He hates it when people don't know he has done something bad.

So he would never cover his face."


How could he know Dad so well It was reasonable to say that he would not have been born yet when Dad was roaming the jianghu.

Rong Yi's mind was clouded with suspicion.


"Fu Chengfeng, you don't have to defend the Great Demon.

Qinglong is an ancient divine weapon that no one in the martial world today can master except Chu Changge.

That Qinglong sword is enough to prove the identity of the person who has captured Miss Yun." A bearded man shouted.


Rong Yi frowned.

This person was so annoying.

If not for the fact that the Qinglong had been stolen, she would have cut off his tongue with that sword.


Fu Chengfeng smiled contemptuously.

"Those who think it thoroughly can see it clearly.

Why do I even need to defend him I believe Manor Master Yun knows whether my words are justified."


Master Yun nodded slowly.

"I also remembered after hearing Young Warrior Fu speak about this.

I was so anxious and worried about my daughter's safety that I forgot Chu Changge's action style.

To capture my daughter while in disguise is indeed not something Chu Changge would do."


"Manor Master Yun, don't be confused by this person surnamed Fu's misleading words.

Apart from Chu Changge, who else can master Qinglong" The bearded man questioned.


"This......" Manor Master Yun looked embarrassed.

"I really haven't heard of anyone mastering Qinglong except Chu Changge."


Rong Yi was so angry with the bearded man that she couldn't help but bellow, "Ignorant!"


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Rong Yi's low shout drew everyone's attention, especially the bearded man, whose face turned green then.

"Little girl, what did you say!" The bearded man asked angrily.


"I said you're ignorant." Rong Yi glared at the bearded man, then hid behind Fu Chengfeng and whispered, "Adopted Brother, until I find the world's number one husband to be my backer, I'll have to count on you for the time being."


Adopted brother She suddenly knew how to cling to her relationship with him at times like this.

Fu Chengfeng chuckled.

"How can you fight for justice when you are not capable of doing so"


"He's ignorant for only knowing how to throw dirty water around!"


Fu Chengfeng was delighted at her words and asked, "Are you doing this on my behalf"


I'm doing it for my Dad. Rong Yi replied secretly in her heart, but on her lips, she said, "That's right.

It's a disgrace that he doesn't allow others to have a brain, even if he doesn't even have one.

Even such people can survive this long.

You, jianghu people, are so kind."


Fu Chengfeng was amused by Rong Yi's tirade, and as he had never been afraid of anything, he just went along with her.

"We must leave a few people with low intelligence to live in the world.

Otherwise, how can my high intelligence be highlighted"


Rong Yi chuckled mischievously.

"That's right.

Let's let him live a few more days, then."


By the time they reached the end of their chatting, the two had turned their whispers into loud boasting talk.

Everyone in the room overheard their conversation and laughed along with them.


The bearded man had been walking in the jianghu for many years.

Still, he had never received such an insult.

Therefore, he immediately flashed his weapon and wanted to teach Rong Yi a lesson.


Rong Yi was so frightened that she shrank back behind Fu Chengfeng again, but the next second she was dragged out by him.


"O Adopted Sister, you only shame your brother by acting like this." Fu Chengfeng said as he stamped his feet.


Rong Yi blinked, thinking: I have nothing else to offer except my big mouth and luck, which you already knew.

So if I don't hide, do you want me to go out and throw away my life


"Are you so frightened because you are worried that your brother is not capable of protecting you That's too insulting."



no, no, I was just afraid that standing in your way would affect your performance." Rong Yi laughed dryly.


Fu Chengfeng gave her a suspicious look.

"Is that so"


Rong Yi nodded continuously.



"Don't worry, even if I don't perform well, no one will be able to hurt you in the slightest.

To take a step back, even if someone gets lucky and hurts you, I will still take revenge for you.

You have to trust me.

With my cultivation, making a person can neither live nor die is just a matter of lifting a finger."


Rong Yi's face was full of black lines.

Did this indicate that there was actually still a possibility of her being mistakenly injured "I'd better stand at the back." Rong Yi silently moved behind Fu Chengfeng.

It wasn't that she didn't trust him, but really, she had no idea of his strength at all! If it wasn't him who was saying this to her now, but her Fu Huang Daren, she would have never been like a turtle that pulled its head in.


Hey, if only Qinglong was still around.

Although her martial arts cultivation was not good, Qinglong's supernatural power was enough to protect her.


Rong Yi's mistrust made Fu Chengfeng feel insulted.

"You, girl, really have no insight." Fu Chengfeng once again dragged Rong Yi out from behind him.


With a reluctant face, Rong Yi was about to complain when she suddenly saw a flash of white light, and the bearded man in front of her instantly turned into a fair young face.

If she hadn't seen the beard on the ground, she wouldn't have believed that the bearded man had been shaved in front of her, in full view of everyone.

And the first person to bury funerary dolls was none other than a particular person surnamed Fu, the man next to her.

Even more frightening was that she did not see Fu Chengfeng unsheathed his sword.


How fast did this sword have to be in order to be able to hurt people invisibly


Rong Yi felt a great need to understand the power behind the words 'The Sword That Broke The Heaven Limit'.

Maybe Fu Chengfeng was better at it than Qinglong. [T/C]


"I said I wouldn't let anyone hurt you." Fu Chengfeng said indifferently.


Garlic Pounder, a.k.a Mortar And Pestle

Image Credit | Amazon

Rong Yi nodded her head like she was a garlic pounder.

This time she believed it.

The skill he had just shown was enough to make her arrogant in the jianghu for ten or eight years.


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