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Rong Yi's words stunned Fu Chengfeng for a long time, and after understanding the meaning behind her words, he burst out laughing.


Rong Yi thought Fu Chengfeng was laughing at her for telling lies again, so she blushed.

"Don't you dare not believe it! When have I ever lied to you If you dare to win, I will wipe out nine generations of your family!" At the end of her sentence, she said with great seriousness, "I am serious."


This time, Fu Chengfeng did not laugh any longer, but his eyes narrowed as he gazed at Rong Yi.

This made Rong Yi feel uncomfortable, and her heart was in turmoil.

"Wha, what, what are you looking at me for Someone is challenging you, hurry up and fight him." Rong Yi blushed even more profoundly.


"I also want to meet him head-on.

But......" Fu Chengfeng trailed off and walked calmly to Qin Muzhi, lying on the ground, saying, "Someone has already lost without even a fight."


Rong Yi frowned.

"Is Qin Gongzi not afraid of being laughed at for lying down like this and not getting up"


Qin Muzhi looked at Rong Yi with a complicated expression.

His face vaguely pained, and he said warmly, "It's not that this Qin doesn't want to get up."


Rong Yi's eyes went wide.

It wasn't because he didn't want to get up Could it be that......


The next moment, Fu Chengfeng's words confirmed the suspicions in Rong Yi's heart.

"You fell too hard." Fu Chengfeng's tone was like he was rejoicing in other people's misfortune.


"Uh." Rong Yi was incredibly embarrassed.

It couldn't really be that coincidental, could it


"You've suffered a fracture." Fu Chengfeng continued.


Rong Yi's face was full of black lines.

This Qin Muzhi was a bit too weak.

She had only thrown him casually, and he actually broke his bone! Okay, she admitted that the throw she made just now was a bit personal, and she was rather harsh.

But it wouldn't go as far as giving him a fracture! Was this guy brought up just by drinking water


At this time, Yun Hendong also noticed Qin Muzhi's abnormality.

He immediately sent someone to carry him out of the ring and ordered someone to get a physician to treat him.


After Qin Muzhi was carried away, only Fu Chengfeng was left alone inside the ring.

Rong Yi bit her lip, wanting to throw someone else into the ring, but when she saw Fu Chengfeng's unconcerned face, she was furious.


He didn't mind winning the title at all!


If his heart was willing to be a hero, it was useless for her to do more.


Thinking of this, Rong Yi silently let go of her tightly clenched fist.


"Is there anyone else" Fu Chengfeng asked the crowd on the stage with a smile as he held his sword.


Rong Yi was tempted to punch his happy face.


Suddenly, there was a commotion on the stage, and a man in purple flew into the ring.

Rong Yi was overjoyed.

It was good to have someone to challenge Fu Chengfeng.

If Fu Chengfeng could lose to his opponent this time, she would forgive him.


But once again, things went beyond Rong Yi's expectations.

Fu Chengfeng responded to his opponent's challenge with great determination, without the slightest hint of retreat.


He really did want to be a hero!


Rong Yi glared at Fu Chengfeng in displeasure.

She turned around angrily and left the martial arts training ground, leaving Riyue Manor behind.


Rong Yi secretly cursed Fu Chengfeng for posing as a person of high morals along the way and soon arrived at the foot of a large tree at the back of Riyue Manor.

After looking around and seeing no one, Rong Yi pulled out a dagger from her boots, rolled up her sleeves and started digging.


Rong Yi dug, dug and dug until her face streamed with sweat, yet she could only see the crisscrossing roots of large trees, not the thing she was searching for.


Rong Yi remembered that she didn't bury it deep enough.

Her heart suddenly sank to the bottom.


"Looking for something" A smiling voice came from over her head.


Rong Yi fiercely turned around in surprise at these words and asked, "Why are you here"


"You suddenly left the venue.

I feared you would get caught again and drag me into saving you, so I followed you here." Fu Chengfeng answered with a smile.


"I'm not that easy to get caught! Even if I am taken away, I don't want you......" Rong Yi originally wanted to say, 'even if I am taken away, I don't want you, unfaithful lover, to save me', but then she remembered that Fu Chengfeng was not her lover.

She couldn't call him an 'unfaithful lover', so she stopped her sentence midway.


"I what" Fu Chengfeng asked.


"Nothing." Rong Yi glared at him and asked angrily, "What are you doing here Don't you need to marry the world's most beautiful woman"


"Didn't I already tell you I'm worried about your safety."


Fu Chengfeng treated it as something that was not a big deal, but Rong Yi blushed when she heard it.

A warm current flowed through her heart, and Rong Yi's tone softened as she asked, "What will Yun Ni do now when you've walked away"


Fu Chengfeng raised his eyebrows.

"What does it matter to me what she's going to do"


"You beat her suitors in the ring!" Rong Yi couldn't help but roll her eyes. Does this guy even know what it means to fight in the ring


"I didn't get in the ring for her."


"But you did go up there after all, and you won."


"Of course, I had to win.

How could I lose when you were watching from below" Fu Chengfeng said as he fixed his eyes on Rong Yi. [T/C]


Rong Yi's little heart began to pound wildly again.

She avoided his gaze and said, half pouting, half angrily, "I already told you not to win, but you're still trying so hard."


Rong Yi's charming attitude made Fu Chengfeng's heart flutter as he explained, "That man is a flower thief, specialising in defiling women from good families."


"Even a flower thief dares to come and fight in the ring for a Martial Arts Alliance Master's precious daughter" Rong Yi's jaw dropped in shock.

What kind of chaotic times were these


"Uh, flower thief is just the name I gave him.

He just doesn't have high moral principles regarding men and women.

It wasn't like he was wicked beyond redemption."


Rong Yi nodded understanding, then asked with a wrinkled brow, "If he is not a villain, why didn't you simply lose to him Are you worried that Yun Ni will not be happy if she marries him If you were worried that Yun Ni would not marry well, why didn't you lose to Liu Yidao before Liu Yidao is so devoted to Yun Ni that he would certainly not mistreat her."


Fu Chengfeng smiled helplessly and gave Rong Yi's head a tap, saying, "I don't know what you are thinking.

What does Yun Ni's happiness have to do with me I didn't lose to Liu Yidao because he kidnapped you.

Since Liu Yidao kidnapped you, I'm already doing my best not to take revenge on him, so why would I let him get what he wants"


Rong Yi nodded approvingly.

"That makes sense.

We can't let Liu Yidao off the hook that easily."


Fu Chengfeng was glad she could understand his thinking and added, "As for that flower thief, don't you think it's a shame to lose to a flower thief in front of so many heroes"


Rong Yi was slightly flabbergasted and nodded heavily, saying, "It's too degrading! If you lost to a flower thief, how could you walk in the jianghu in the future Fortunately, you didn't lose to him."


Fu Chengfeng said, "I can only blame Qin Muzhi for breaking his bones when you dropped him gently, so useless." [T/C]



He doesn't even know martial arts.

Anyone can see that you lost on purpose if you've lost to him.

It's a pity that he fell too carelessly." Rong Yi felt guilty when he said the last sentence.

That fall could not be considered a 'gentle fall' no matter from what angle.

"So now that you've won but left the ring, will Manor Master Yun blame you"



Yun Hendong is not an unreasonable person."


"But his daughter's marriage is at stake.

If he gets angry, won't you be dead He's the Martial Arts Alliance Master." In Rong Yi's perception, a Martial Arts Alliance Master had the highest martial arts skills in the jianghu.


Fu Chengfeng said with a dismissive smirk, "If I were afraid of him just because he was the Martial Arts Alliance Master, my name wouldn't have been Fu Chengfeng."


He has backbone! Rong Yi secretly praised him.


"You've finished asking me; now it's my turn to ask you.

First question, why did you suddenly walk away just now" Fu Chengfeng asked.


Rong Yi pouted and answered, "I didn't want to see you win."


"So you planned to walk away, thinking what out of your sight, would be out of your mind" Fu Chengfeng had a displeased look on his face.


"Of course not! You underestimate me too much.

Am I that kind of person"


When Fu Chengfeng thought of the phrase 'If you dare to win, I will wipe out nine generations of your family!', a smile spilt out from the corner of his mouth as he said, "It's indeed not like your style."


"That's right.

I'm not going to slink off.

Even if I were to leave, I'd have to exterminate you first before I leave."




Seeing Fu Chengfeng's face full of black lines, Rong Yi felt somewhat embarrassed and let out mischievous laughter.

"Just kidding.

I just left the Riyue Manor because I wanted to find Qing......

to find my sword." Suddenly, Rong Yi remembered that she hadn't found it yet.

She quickly turned around to continue digging and digging while saying, "I've been searching for it for a long time but still couldn't find it.

Please help me find it.

This sword was given to me by my Dad.

My Dad said that if the sword lived, the person lived, and when the sword died, the person died.

If I lose it, my Dad will not spare me."


Seeing Rong Yi's anxious face, Fu Chengfeng said comfortingly, "There is no hurry.

I'll help you find it."


"Ah......" Rong Yi sighed.

"Forget it.

I can't find it.

It must have been stolen by someone."


"Not necessarily.

Try to look for it again."


"There's no need." Rong Yi got up and swept off the dust from her clothes, saying, "If it's still here, I should have been able to sense it." In fact, she should have realised this a long time ago, but she had ignored it because she was filled with anger before.


Qinlong was an ancient divine weapon that understood human nature.

Although she could not master it, for genetic reasons, she could sense its presence at close range.


"If my Dad knew about this, he would be furious.

This is his favourite sword.

He wouldn't have given it to me for protection if I was highly skilled in martial arts." Rong Yi sighed.


Fu Chengfeng: "Since your father had said that 'if the sword lived, the person lived, and when the sword died, the person died', why don't you carry it with you"


"Have you forgotten that I entered the Riyue Manor as a maid Would I still look like a maid if I carried a sword with me"


"Even when you don't carry the sword with you, you still don't look like a maid."


"......" Was she that incompetent


"What's so special about that sword of yours I'll ask someone to find it for you.

Maybe I can get it back."


"There are characteristics, but I can't tell you."


"You don't trust me"


"Of course not." Rong Yi shook her head sharply.

"If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't consider you a friend.

It's just that I promised my Dad that I couldn't tell anyone the name of that sword unless it was an emergency."


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Fu Chengfeng pondered a little before saying, "In that case, I won't force you.

You haven't told me why you are looking for the sword in the first place."


"Uh, we'll talk about that later." Rong Yi stammered and evaded Fu Chengfeng's question, with a few suspicious flushes appearing on her face.


"That's fine.

The first order of business is to help you find the sword."


Rong Yi nodded heavily and soon wilted again.

Where could one find Qinglong in this great jianghu


Or else, she could write a letter telling her Master that she had lost Qinglong.



Rong Yi immediately dismissed this idea in her mind.

If her Master knew she had lost Qinglong after only a few days, she would lose her face.


Tell Fu Chengfeng that the sword she had lost was Qinglong


No, neither.

Dad said he had many enemies.

Thus, it couldn't be revealed that easily.


Hey, hey, hey, she couldn't do this or even that.

Rong Yi really wanted to knock her head on a table.


Just when Rong Yi was in a dilemma, a guard from Riyue Manor brought light into her life.


"Fu Gongzi, my Manor Master has invited Gongzi to discuss an important matter."


"What is it If it is for me to marry the young lady of your house, I am sorry, I cannot comply with that." Fu Chengfeng said.


"Even if Fu Gongzi wanted to marry her, I'm afraid Gongzi wouldn't be able to do so.

The young lady has been captured by the great demon Chu Changge!"


Fu Chengfeng's body shook violently hearing his words, and a few wisps of coldness appeared in his eyes.


When Rong Yi heard the words 'the great demon Chu Changge', her heart flew beyond the highest heavens, so she did not notice the change in Fu Chengfeng.


Dad must have been driven to sleep in the study again by Mom, so he must feel lonely and have come back to the jianghu to have some fun.

This was Rong Yi's first reaction.

The second reaction was—"How did you know that it was Chu Changge who captured Miss Yun" Rong Yi asked.


"The weapon used by the man who took Miss Yun was the Qinglong." The guard replied.


Qinglong! Rong Yi felt her heart nearly jumping out of her chest with joy.

With Qinglong in her dad's hands, she no longer had to worry about the sword's whereabouts.



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