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Chapter 231 : All The Calamities Are Caused By A Dark Mind

Liu Yidao's face was full of black lines.

He stared at Rong Yi steadily for a moment, and when he saw that she wasn't joking, the corner of his mouth twitched fiercely, and he turned to leave.


"Hey, don't go! If you think eight to ten days is not enough to let off steam, a month is also fine!" In her haste to chase after him, Rong Yi forgot that he had warned her not to step out of the small hut, and by the time she came back to her senses, one foot had already stepped out of the door but had not yet hit the ground.

"Ah—" Rong Yi shrieked as her body swayed before falling flat on her face.


Shouldn't a devilish man with outstanding martial arts skills come out of nowhere to catch her at a time like this Why did she still fall so hard This was illogical!


"You're lucky." Liu Yidao's cold voice came from overhead.


Rong Yi climbed up angrily.

She wiped the dirt off her face with her sleeve, patted the dust on her clothes, and walked back into the wooden hut.

"If I were that lucky, someone heroic would have rescued this damsel in distress."


"If that were to happen, you would have died with your hero." Liu Yidao followed her through the door and pulled an arrow from the wall inside the wooden hut.


Rong Yi was startled.

"When did an arrow get there"


"You touched the mechanism when you fell outside the door."


Rong Yi winced at his words, thinking that it was fortunate that she ended up lying down just now.

Otherwise, she would have been shot by that thick arrow......

Rong Yi shook her head repeatedly as she got goosebumps from thinking about it.


"How come you didn't activate the mechanism when you went out" Rong Yi asked Liu Yidao.


Liu Yidao replied, "I know how to avoid it."


"Oh." Rong Yi lowered her head wanly, but her eyes shone sharply.


Seeing that Rong Yi was well-behaved by staying inside, Liu Yidao was about to leave again.

When he reached the doorway, he stopped to look at her for a moment.

He hesitated before reminding her, "Don't leave the wooden hut."


Rong Yi did not nod but looked at him seriously and asked, "If you lose me, how will your master punish you Would he kill you"


Liu Yidao was stunned before answering, "I don't have a master.

And I won't ever lose you either."


Rong Yi automatically ignored the latter sentence and pointed out, "But you clearly kidnapped me for someone's sake."


"That was my own decision."


Rong Yi wrinkled her brow in confusion, thought for a moment, and asked, "You're doing this for a friend"


"Sort of." After dropping this answer, Liu Yidao immediately walked away.


After Liu Yidao left, Rong Yi struggled for a long time until she finally decided to spend the night in the wooden hut and make her following plans early the next day.

It wasn't that she was such a well-behaved person, but it was already late in the day, and even if she managed to escape, she wouldn't be able to walk through the maze of trees before it got darker.

Instead of sleeping out in the wilderness, it was better to sleep well inside the wooden hut since her life wasn't in danger for a while anyway.


As Rong Yi lay on the simple hard wooden bed, she suddenly missed the palace's soft couch, and while thinking about it, she drifted off to sleep.






"Dad, Mom, I have found the best husband in the world."


"If you mean the shabbiest one in the world, I reserve my opinion."


"Yi-er, don't be discouraged.

Even I, your Dad, look like a shabby country bumpkin in your Mom's eyes.

However, this one is indeed too shabby.

Dad will send you back to the jianghu to find a new one."


"Dad, Mom, it is not his fault that he looks shabby.

You should not disdain him for that."


"Who are you calling shabby I am the most beautiful, magnificent man in the world who is also suave, elegant, like a jade tree in the wind and has a striking appearance......"


The face in front of Ring Yi's eyes grew bigger and bigger until she could only see one of the man's eyes staring tenaciously at her like a malicious ghost.


Peach blossom eye characteristics: The tear duct curves downward a little, with its inner part a bit concave.

The tail of the eye is slightly upturned, like the shape of a peach blossom petal.

Zhu Yilong's left eye is a perfect example of a peach blossom eye.

Image Credit | The rightful owner via QQ (來!9位 "桃花眼" 男演員,讓你見識下什麼叫真正的眉目含情, June 29th, 2021)

"Ah!" Rong Yi jerked awake and opened her eyes, only to see a pair of dreamy peach blossom eyes come into her view.

"Ahhhhhhhh—" Rong Yi screamed as she sat up and retreated.

She was so scared that she broke into a cold sweat.


"Did you just see a ghost" Fu Chengfeng asked curiously but then felt it was not the right question to ask, as if he was calling himself a ghost when it was him whom she saw immediately after opening her eyes.

"Did you have a bad dream" Fu Chengfeng changed his question.


Rong Yi nodded vehemently. You play the leading role in it.


Seeing a dumbfounded Rong Yi, Fu Chengfeng amusingly raised his hand and waved it in front of her eyes, asking, "Scared silly"


Rong Yi returned to her senses, slapped his hand away, looked around and found that the room furnishings had changed, and this place was clearly Riyue Manor.

"Did you just save me" Rong Yi asked in a shocked voice.


"No." Fu Chengfeng shook his head.


"Then how did I come back here" Rong Yi asked.


Fu Chengfeng looked at her quietly and suddenly smiled wryly.

"You sleepwalked back."


Rong Yi was instantly petrified.

"Young Warrior Fu, this joke isn't funny at all."


"For the sake of you calling me Young Warrior Fu, I'll tell you one more secret." Fu Chengfeng's face still had a bizarre smile on it.


Rong Yi: "What secret"


"You are still dreaming, and this is your dream." Fu Chengfeng replied.


Rong Yi rolled her eyes.

"Thank you for telling me this big secret.

I will definitely help you keep it a secret."


"I am serious.

If you don't believe me, look."


Before the words left his mouth, Rong Yi saw Fu Chengfeng lift and take off his own head.

His torn head still had a mischievous smile on it.


"Ah..." Rong Yi cried out in horror, and her eyes snapped open.


It was a dream.

Fortunately, it was only a dream.


Wiping the cold sweat off her forehead, Rong Yi slowly got up.

After making sure again that she was still in the wooden hut, she breathed out a huge sigh of relief.


Why did she have such a bizarre dream


Could it be that Fu Chengfeng was the number one husband she was looking for


No, no, no. Rong Yi shook her head repeatedly.

She didn't want to bring home a sly, dreamy guy.

She would be mocked terribly by her Emperor Brother.


But Rong Yi did hope that Fu Chengfeng would come to her rescue.

She was new to the jianghu, after all.

Rong Yi didn't know many people, and Fu Chengfeng was her only friend.

Apart from pinning her hopes on him, she couldn't think of a second person who might come to save her.


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But why was Fu Chengfeng so happy to take off his head in her dream


Could it be that deep inside her, she was harbouring a preference for dark and heavy personality men


That would be terrible.


Rong Yi threw away all those messy thoughts from her head, ambled to the door, looked at the sunrise in the sky and took a deep breath.

She wanted to be a good and cheerful girl! First, Rong Yi should escape from here and then find herself a good husband.

Afterwards, she would take him back to the palace to eat from government coffers.


Liu Yidao shouldn't be back so early.

As Rong Yi thought of this, she took out a black medicine bottle and crouched down to open it before blowing gently at the mouth of the bottle.

A burst of powder scattered from it and landed on the ground, where two large footprints instantly appeared.


Rong Yi walked forward as she stepped on the footprints.

Using the powder to find all the footprints, she soon found her way out of the woods.


"Haha! Uncle North really has foresight.

To an ignorant and incompetent person like me, I must rely on equipment to walk in the jianghu." Rong Yi mumbled proudly before tossing her empty medicine bottle behind her and striding forward.

After taking a few steps, Rong Yi suddenly noticed something was wrong.

The bottle she had just thrown did not seem to have landed.


Rong Yi turned around curiously, and when she did, she was dumbfounded.

The bottle she had just thrown was lying firmly in Liu Yidao's palm.

"You, you, how did you get here"


"I followed you." Liu Yidao answered coldly.


Rong Yi felt greatly embarrassed.

"So you've been secretly following me until I came out of the woods"


Liu Yidao nodded.

"I wanted to see if you could get out of these woods or not."



you're so hateful!"


"I gave you a chance to 'walk in the jianghu'."


"No! You've just wasted my good bottle of medicine!" Rong Yi's little face turned red with anger as she continued, "I went out with a light load this time by bringing only ten bottles of this tracking powder with me.

I used up nine bottles on the road before, and this is the last one!" It hurt to think she had wasted a bottle of life-saving tracking powder for nothing.


"You brought ten bottles of this powder alone and called that a light load"


"What else could be called light load"


"By bringing only a sword." Liu Yidao answered coolly.


"Not even clothes"




"That means if you go out for a year, you won't change your clothes for a year" Regarding clothes, Rong Yi noticed that Liu Yidao was not wearing his night-coloured clothes today but was dressed in navy blue, making him look even colder.


The corners of Liu Yidao's mouth twitched slightly as he responded, "I just buy it on my way."


"But you only brought your sword without any silver ticket!"


"I earned it on the road."


"Earn how By becoming a performer in the jianghu Oh, right, you only brought your sword.

You can just show off your broadsword skill."


"That's too low-level." With a disdainful look, Liu Yidao added, "I just seize other people's fruits of labour."


"......" Rong Yi didn't feel that seizing other people's fruits of labour was something to be proud of.

"I still think showing off your skill in jianghu is more high-level." Rong Yi stated.


Liu Yidao declined to comment on it and said, "Excuse me."


Without waiting for Rong Yi to understand the meaning of his words, the man was already carrying her on his shoulders.

"Hey, what are you doing"


"Taking you back to the wooden hut."


"Hey, Liu Yidao, do you have a grudge against me Hurry up, put me down.

Let's talk. Men and women should not touch each other's hands when they give or receive things.

It's inappropriate for you to carry me.

This will affect my reputation.

Once my reputation is ruined, so does my chance to find a good husband.

If I don't find a good husband......"


"Shut up!" Liu Yidao could no longer bear it and sealed Rong Yi's mute acupoint with a jab.


Rong Yi's mouth was still moving rapidly, and it took a while before she realised she couldn't make any sound.


Alas! Rong Yi secretly sighed.

This Liu Yi Dao definitely had a grudge against her.

Not only he deprived her of her personal freedom, but also her freedom to speak.


It was still fine if she wasn't allowed to go out, but not allowing her to speak was too cruel! It was important for everyone to know that ever since she was a little girl, the only thing she could persist in doing was her fondness for talking!


When Rong Yi got out of this trap, she used the poison given by her master to make Liu Yidao mute, so he could also taste the feeling of not being able to speak.

After swearing she would do so, she shook her head.

Liu Yidao didn't like to talk, so poisoning him would only be wasting the poison.


In the corner of her eye, Rong Yi suddenly saw the sword behind Liu Yidao's back, and her eyes flickered with pleasure.

One day she would take his big sword to the iron shop and have it turned into three kitchen knives! [T/C]


At that moment, Liu Yidao suddenly stopped and murmured, "Someone's here." He quickly flashed behind a large tree and lowered Rong Yi from his shoulders.


They were only a dozen metres from the wooden hut, and Rong Yi could clearly see a man standing inside with his back to them.

The man's back view was unfamiliar to her, but she recognised the shabby clothes.

The corners of Rong Yi's mouth were slightly hooked, and her calm hand fiercely broke a twig.


The man inside the wooden hut suddenly turned around after hearing the sound.

For a moment, Rong Yi looked straight at him.


The man's angular face had lost its usual spontaneity and was tinted with a layer of coldness.

His pretty peach blossom eyes had lost their playfulness, leaving only a sense of murderous anger.


Rong Yi couldn't believe that man was Fu Chengfeng, a very different person from the flamboyant young man she remembered.


"Come out!" Fu Chengfeng shouted coldly, his gaze fixed on the big tree where Rong Yi and Liu Yidao were hiding.


Liu Yidao quickly sealed Rong Yi's movement acupoint and gave her a warning look before walking towards the wooden hut.


"It's you." The coldness on Fu Chengfeng's face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by the unrestrainedness Rong Yi knew him for.

"Brother Liu, what are you doing here" Fu Chengfeng asked with a smile.


"That should be my question to you.

This is my residence." Liu Yidao walked into the wooden hut, still with a do-not-come-any-further expression, even though Fu Chengfeng was not a stranger to him.


"So this is Brother Liu's residence.

Forgive me for being rude and barging in in a moment of haste." Fu Chengfeng's sharp black eyes examined the room once more and explained, "I am here to find someone."


Liu Yidao: "There's nobody else here unless it's me you're looking for."


"I can see that." Fu Chengfeng laughed and said, "I will take my leave.

I'll see you at the martial arts meeting the day after tomorrow then."


Liu Yidao: "I'm not seeing you off."


Hearing that Fu Chengfeng was leaving, Rong Yi was so anxious that tears came out of her eyes.

She stared hard at Fu Chengfeng, expecting him to notice her presence.

However, Fu Chengfeng didn't have eyes at the back of his head.

Rong Yi's eager gaze only yielded one result: she could only watch as Fu Qingfeng walked away.


What could be more miserable than seeing your saviour leave


Rong Yi wanted to cry, but her heart was filled with regret. You're suffering now because you didn't listen to your mom's words! Instead of planning to run away today, she should have tried smashing Liu Yidao to death with silver when she couldn't bribe him with it yesterday.

If she hadn't attempted to escape, Fu Chengfeng would have seen her when he came looking into the wooden hut.

If she hadn't chattered so much after her fleeing attempt until Liu Yidao could not stand it any longer and sealed her mute acupoint, she would have shouted for help instead of breaking a twig to attract Fu Chengfeng's attention. [T/C]


She had been out of luck, too much out of luck.

It must be because her dream in the morning was so dark that God had taken away her good fortune in a fit of anger.


After Fu Chengfeng left, Liu Yidao changed the place he was holding Rong Yi from a wooden hut in the woods to a downtown alley.


That night, Rong Yi slept on a soft couch as she wished.


At last, there was something that went well.



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