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Chapter 229 : A Bloodbath Caused By Three Taels Of Silver

Translated byきつねonNovember 02, 2022

All the gongzi present were secretly amazed, thinking: I don't know from which family this young lady is from.

Her aura is so dignified that she is not even inferior to the world's most beautiful woman.


Yun Ni was also amazed, not expecting that the young girl, standing in the middle of the crowd, who was timid just now, had become so confident in the blink of an eye.


"I've heard that Miss Yun's qin skills are superb, and it just happens that my adopted sister is also an expert, so why don't you two have a go at it so we can gain some insight" Fu Chengfeng said as he desired to see the world plunged into chaos.


Rong Yi really wanted to tear up the man surnamed Fu's mouth.

For as long as she had been staying in Riyue Manor, not to mention playing the qin, she didn't even touch any strings on it.

So how did he know she was 'an expert' He must have wanted to see her make a fool of herself; he must be.


It was true that competing with Yun Ni would increase her presence, but having an infamous one was not worth fighting for by any stretch of the imagination!


She was not going to let him have his way.


Rong Yi swallowed her belly full of grievances and laughed angrily, "Don't make fun of me, adopted brother.

When it comes to qin skills, my adopted brother is the real expert.

How would I dare to fool around in front of my adopted brother."


Fu Chengfeng praised Rong Yi's quick wit in his heart, but he didn't bat an eyelid when he said, "As a big man, I don't get involved in the things you girls play with."


Rong Yi: "Aren't you already getting yourself involved with it You're looking pretty enthusiastic to me."


Fu Chengfeng was embarrassed.

This girl didn't want to give him any face; she seemed angry with him.

Fu Chengfeng was thinking about how to calm Rong Yi's anger so that today's competition to help her 'make a name for herself' would go smoothly when he suddenly heard Yun Ni ask, "I don't know the name of this female warrior yet."


When it came to her name, Rong Yi was like a frosted, wilted eggplant.


Why didn't the Master give her an elegant name like 'Yun Ni', or at least 'Fu Chengfeng', which didn't sound so bad......


"Rong Yi." Rong Yi said with some indignation.


"Róngyì" Yun Ni was slightly startled.


All gongzi at the scene laughed.


Such an expected result.

After such a mess today, Rong Yi felt that her wish to find the world's number-one husband was utterly ruined. This is all Fu Chengfeng's fault! She still thought of him as a friend, but she didn't expect him to stab her in the back.

Other people would let knives pierce them on both sides for their friends, while he did it even better by stabbing his friend twice!


Book of Liang

Image Credit | Harvard Library

"It's the róng from 'huāróng-yuèmào and the yì was taken from guòmù jiē yì.

Overall, her name means beautiful in appearance and unparalleled wisdom." Fu Chengfeng explained.


Rong Yi stared at Fu Chengfeng wide-eyed.

Did she hear it right He was speaking for her, and his words were lovely.

'It's the róng from 'huāróng-yuèmào and the yì was taken from guòmù jiē yì.

Overall, her name means beautiful in appearance and unparalleled wisdom.' Why hadn't she thought of analysing her name in this way before


After hearing Fu Chengfeng's explanation, everyone suddenly became enlightened and started praising her name as 'a good one'.


For the first time, someone complimented Rong Yi on her name.

She couldn't help but blush and shyly cast a grateful look at Fu Chengfeng.


This glance almost hooked Fu Chengfeng's soul.

Her skin was fair, and she had rosy lips, pretty white teeth and eyes shining brightly......

At this moment, in Fu Chengfeng's eyes, Rong Yi was no longer a yellow-haired girl but a great beauty.


Darn it! What was he thinking


Fu Chengfeng forced himself to put away the distracting thoughts in his head and the burning heat in his eyes as he indifferently returned a 'don't mention it' glance to Rong Yi.


"Rong Yi is indeed a good name." Yun Ni slightly raised her hand to signal the maid behind her to set up the guzheng, then walked to the qin stand and slowly sat down, saying, "Yun Ni will make a fool of herself first." After speaking, her fingers moved slightly, and a piece of heavenly music passed through the air.


Even at the song's end, everyone had not yet regained their senses.


Rong Yi, who also listened with rapt attention, clapped her hands and shouted 'good' three times in a row.

"Miss Yun's qin skill can't be considered the best in the world, but it still can be ranked in the top five."


Yun Ni's expression changed slightly when she heard that, but her mouth asked modestly, "Who are the first four"


"My dad, mom, brother, and master." Rong Yi said with immense pride. [T/C]


After Ring Yi answered, a burst of laughter rang out around her, and even Fu Chengfeng followed suit.

It was okay if other people laughed at her, but Fu Chengfeng still wouldn't believe her.

A red-faced Rong Yi immediately argued, "Don't you guys laugh.

When you get the chance to meet them, you will know that I wasn't merely boasting."


Yun Ni's face still had a smile on it, the kind of smile one would give when hearing bragging words from a child.

"Since Miss Rong's family are all music experts, I'm sure Miss is also superbly skilled."


Yun Ni said this bluntly.

Simply put: we don't know how good your family is, but you can show us what you can do.


Although Rong Yi was not well-versed in worldly affairs, she was not stupid.

Plus, she was still angry with them for laughing at her for bragging, so she immediately accepted Yun Ni's apparent words of challenge.

She put away her childishness, showed the nobility she honed in her 14 years living in the Imperial Palace, and lightly said, "Although my qin skill is not as good as my mother's, it is still barely good enough.

Since Miss Yun wants to hear it, I'll have to make a fool of myself."


Rong Yi's sudden change shocked everyone, and they began to believe that perhaps she was not simply bragging, and when the qin sounded, this belief turned into certainty.


Sometimes it gave the feeling of seeing vast clear skies and the arrival of lightning and thunder the next.

Every now and then, one could feel oneself on a small bridge with flowing water underneath, while at other times, it gave the feeling of one was among thousands of men and horses, pressing on the enemy's border.


Amid the majestic tune, there was a natural dignity.

The kind of situation where one could still be as calm and motionless as a mountain even if the enemy's soldiers at the city walls, or when one's heart generosity that was still concerned about the world even when one was placed in the jianghu.

This shock was far beyond the gentle sound of Yun Ni's lively play.

In front of Rong Yi, Yun Ni, the world's most beautiful woman, suddenly turned into just a pretty daughter of a humble family background.

Despite her gentleness, her elegance was still lacking. A noob translator, きつね translated this noob translation.

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Everyone felt so ashamed that they had laughed at her before.

Fu Chengfeng's eyes were full of amazement.

Today, she had given him too many surprises.


"Pap, pap, pap." Three applause sounded, followed by a pleasant baritone voice, "If we're going to compare the skills, Miss' qin skills are not as good as Miss Yun's, but the audio-visual effects it brings to the listeners are much better.

The sound of Miss' play is humane, and Miss' heart must have also been as broad as it sounded.

I, Qin Muzhi, would like to make friends with Miss."


Rong Yi looked sideways at the source of the sound, only to see a man in white standing with his hand clapping in the middle of the crowd.

Her mind immediately flashed with some words—a modest gentleman that was as gentle as jade.


Before Rong Yi could answer, Fu Chengfeng spoke first, "I didn't expect Brother Qin would be here."


Rong Yi wrinkled her eyebrows.

Why did she hear the sound of gnashing teeth in Fu Chengfeng's voice


Qin Muzhi laughed.

"Has Brother Fu been living well after leaving behind Jinling"


Rong Yi again wrinkled her eyebrows.

Why did Qin Muzhi's sentence 'Brother Fu been living well' sound like, 'How come you're still alive, Brother Fu What a pity!'.


Fu Chengfeng: "Thanks to your lucky influence, everything in my life has been well."


That peculiar tone of voice again.

The suspicion in Rong Yi's heart was getting even deeper.

These two had a very delicate relationship, didn't they


After exchanging pleasantries, Fu Chengfeng introduced Rong Yi to Qin Muzhi like he was taking an oath of his sovereign right over her by saying, "This is my adopted little sister, surnamed Rong with the single name of Yi."


Qin Muzhi greeted Rong Yi, "Miss Rong, I, surnamed Qin, pay my respect to you."


Rong Yi hurriedly returned the greeting, "It's good meeting you, Qin Gongzi."


A competition was put on hold due to Qin Muzhi's sudden arrival, and Yun Ni left after exchanging pleasantries with him, holding the qin.

As soon as Yun Ni left, Fu Chengfeng ordered everyone out, including Qin Muzhi.


Once the outsiders were gone, Rong Yi immediately turned from a noble princess into a chattering little sparrow.

She grumbled about Fu Chengfeng being dishonest by starting rumours outside without consulting her first, which provoked Yun Ni for a while.

Then she thanked Fu Chengfeng for helping her out of embarrassment.

Rong Yi praised him for his brilliance and ability to explain such an odd name as hers in a poetic way.


Fu Chengfeng was no longer as helpless as he used to be about Rong Yi's armful of fragmentary chattering.

On the contrary, he was happy to see her frowning at that moment.


"Illusion, all of them are just an illusion." Fu Chengfeng turned to Rong Yi, nodding heavily as he spoke.


Rong Yi stops her mouth and asks in confusion, "What illusion"


Fu Chengfeng smiled but did not say anything, but there was a hint of doting in his eyes.

Just now, the feeling she gave him, the dignified, atmospheric and elegant manners......

were all illusions.

She was still the yellow-haired little girl who had not yet grown up.

Just a little girl.


"Do you remember what we agreed to before You're going to follow me into the jianghu." Fu Chengfeng reminded.


Rong Yi nodded.

"I remember."


"Just follow me."


Rong Yi slightly froze.

Seeing Fu Chengfeng's determined look, she nodded with a sense of understanding.






The next day, Yun Ni sent an invitation, asking Fu Chengfeng and Rong Yi to enjoy flower viewing with her at Riyue Manor's flower garden.

Before the maid who sent the invitation left, she emphasised that Qin Muzhi was also invited.

This puzzled Rong Yi, and she asked Fu Chengfeng, "Why did she emphasise that Qin Gongzi was also invited"


"You don't know"


"Should I know"


"No, you shouldn't."


Rong Yi blinked.

Was it her illusion Why did she feel that Fu Chengfeng was relieved when he said 'shouldn't'.

What was he worried about


"You still don't know who Qin Muzhi is, do you" Fu Chengfeng suddenly asked.


Rong Yi shook her head.

"I have no clue who he is.

But judging from everyone's reaction when he appeared yesterday, his influence should not have been small."


"It's not small, but very big." Fu Chengfeng responded.


With a curious look on her face, Rong Yi asked, "Could it be that his influence is bigger than the Master of the Martial Arts Alliance"


"That's not true.

In the jianghu, Qin Muzhi's position is far less than the Master of the Martial Arts Alliance.

However, as a merchant, who does not know martial arts and never roams in the jianghu, yet manages to rise to a position in the jianghu that is on a par with me, shows that he is indeed a character to be remembered."


"Yeah, right." Rong Yi rolled her eyes and said, "I thought his background was a big deal; it turned out that he is just as famous as you.

Can you stop being so fancy The number one flirt in the world is not something to be proud of."


The corners of Fu Feng's mouth twitched slightly, knowing that she must not know the true meaning of 'The Sword That Broke The Heaven Limit'.

He was not eager to explain it to her as he only lightly said, "Indeed, I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed of it either, which at least shows that other people find me charming."


Rong Yi gave him another roll of her eyes.


Fu Chengfeng added, "Aren't you curious why a merchant would have such a position in the jianghu"


"What's so strange about that Not knowing martial arts and never roaming in the jianghu, but being able to gain the respect of the jianghu people, he must be wealthy and generous."


"Smart." Fu Chengfeng was generous in expressing his appreciation.


"How rich is he"


"The richest person in Jinling."


"Nonsense! The richest person in Jinling is clearly......" Rong Yi suddenly stopped talking in the middle of her sentence.

That was a close call.

She almost spilt the beans.


"Clearly what"



It's just different from the rumours I heard." Rong Yi put off Fu Chengfeng's follow-up question, then changed the subject by pointing out, "You and he seems to have a problem." Rong Yi wanted to ask him about this yesterday, but later she forgot about it.


The corners of Fu Chengfeng's eyes twitched, and he answered coldly, "I owe him money, and I haven't paid him back."


Uh, is that the right attitude to have when you owe someone money Rong Yi held her forehead and inquired, "How much do you owe him I'll help you pay."


"No need.

I just want to stay in debt."


"......" Sure enough, now that the world has changed, those who owe money have become masters Rong Yi secretly covered her purse.

She had made up her mind to not lend money to anyone.

Since she wouldn't lend her money, she would give it away as a way to help the poor.


"I warn you, even if all the men in the world are dead, you must never choose him as your husband." Fu Chengfeng warned her.


Rong Yi was slightly embarrassed.

She was about to ask why when a gentle voice suddenly came behind her.

"I did not expect that this Qin is extremely undesirable in Brother Fu's eyes."


What bad luck! He's caught red-handed. Rong Yi felt embarrassed for Fu Chengfeng.

She turned her head to look at Qin Muzhi.

When she saw his face looking sullenly unpleasant, she quickly said, "Qin Gongzi, please calm down.

If the worst comes to the worst, I'll pay back double, no, tenfold, the money he owes you......"


Fu Chengfeng's face was suddenly full of black lines. This girl is completely missing the point!


The corners of Qin Muzhi's mouth also twitched momentarily.

When he regained his composure, he asked, "Is Miss Rong looking for a husband"


"Uh......" Rong Yi looked at Fu Chengfeng, not knowing whether she should nod or not.

After all, she only knew about this person, Qin Muzhi, yesterday, even though she had a good impression of him.


Fu Chengfeng pulled Rong Yi behind him and said with a smile, "I have been in charge of this matter.

So there's no need for Brother Qin to worry about it."


"It's this Qin who has overstepped the mark." Qin Muzhi apologised to Rong Yi, then asked Fu Chengfeng, "I wonder when Brother Fu will return the three taels of silver that he owes to this Qin"


Rong Yi was dumbfounded.

Did she hear it right Three taels These two people detested each other because of three taels of silver She remembered that her Brother Emperor had ruled the country well, and the country was now at a time of peace and prosperity.

Since when did three taels of silver become so valuable


"I'll give you three hundred taels, and you two make up.

How about that" Rong Yi offered generously.



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