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Chapter 228 : Do You Have A Crush On Me

Translated byきつねonOctober 17, 2022

Rong Yi, who was naturally easygoing, soon became friendly with Fu Chengfeng and spent the whole day pestering him about strange and unusual stories in the jianghu.

Fu Chengfeng was not interested in telling stories, and when he was bothered by Rong Yi again, he used the excuse of being busy helping her find a husband.

"The most important thing now is to help you find your husband, and you will come across some strange stories when you follow me into the jianghu." Fu Chengfeng said.


Rong Yi gave him a blank look.

"Just because I have no experience in jianghu doesn't mean I don't have a brain.

You stay in the garden all day and don't go out of the gate.

It doesn't seem like you want to help me find a husband."


Slightly embarrassed, Fu Chengfeng argued, "It's not that I'm unwilling to help you find one.

It's just that there are no good ones among the guests coming to Riyue Manor for the time being."


"You haven't even gone out.

How will you know there are no good ones"


"Uh." This girl looked confused, so how could she suddenly become so quick on the uptake Could it be that this was the legendary one with great intelligence that may appear as a person with stupidity Fu Chengfeng stared at Rong Yi carefully for a while, then shook his head.

Didn't look like it.


Meanwhile, Rong Yi was also looking at Fu Chengfeng.

Her beautiful eyes blinked as she asked, "What are you afraid of"


"Afraid Who said I was afraid"


"If you're not afraid, why are you hiding in the garden all day and not daring to go out"


"Who said I was afraid to go out I just didn't want to."


Rong Yi shook her head in disbelief, staring into Fu Chengfeng's eyes inquiringly and stated, "You don't look like the kind of person who doesn't want to go out at all."


Fu Chengfeng avoided her probing, coughed and said, "You can't judge a person by their appearance."


"You're avoiding Miss Yun, aren't you" Rong Yi asked.


Fu Chengfeng was shocked.

"You know!"


Rong Yi spread her hands and said, "It's not hard to guess at all.

You've only been at Riyue Manor for five days, and Miss Yun's invitation post has come four times.

If you weren't avoiding her, why didn't you just attend the appointment The other gentry in the garden are begging for Miss Yun's invitation post but still fail to get it, but you are the only one who avoids it.

I say you must be sick!"


Fu Chengfeng had secretly praised Rong Yi for her meticulous thinking at first.

However, when he heard her say that he was sick, he could not help but be annoyed and amused at the same time.

He knocked her head with his knuckle and said, "You are the one who is sick."


"Miss Yun is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Since you refuse the invitation of the world's most beautiful woman, what else can it be if you are not sick"


"Who says those who refuse the world's most beautiful woman are sick I'm not that superficial!"


"Don't you like beautiful women"


"Of course, I like beautiful women, but I don't like brainless ones."


"But I've heard that Miss Yun's talents are incomparable.

She's proficient in the four arts.

She can also write and recite poetry at the drop of a hat."


"What's the use of knowing all that stuff"


"What will be useful then Don't tell me one has to be able to march like a troop from heaven to earth before one can be called having a brain"


Fu Chengfeng was dumbfounded by Rong Yi's question and pondered for a while before saying, "Anyway, she's not my type."


"Then which type do you want" Rong Yi asked.


"I want......" Speaking of which, the corner of Fu Chengfeng's mouth suddenly hooked up as he grinned wickedly.

"Little girl, do you have a crush on me"


"Ha" Rong Yi stared wide-eyed and asked innocently, "Which sentence did I say gave you the illusion that 'I have taken a fancy to you'"




"Whichever phrase it was, it must have been that you were overthinking it."


"......" She really knew how to strike at people.

Darn her for being so innocent and not at all self-conscious about having hit someone mercilessly and cruelly! Even more hateful was that he had developed a revolutionary friendship with her, as they both searched for the one they were destined to meet but could not yet meet.






"What kind of husband do you want Don't say the best in the world.

That concept is too general." Fu Chengfeng asked. A noob translator, きつね translated this noob translation.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.site.

If you read this on another site other than xin-shou.site, it has been taken without the translator's permission.

Please don't support this kind of act.


Rong Yi thought carefully for a moment and answered, "I want to find a very powerful husband."


"How powerful is very powerful"


"More powerful than my dad, my mom and my xiongzhang."


"How great are your dad, your mom and your xiongzhang"


"They are the most powerful people I have ever met."


That was the same as not saying anything.

Fu Chengfeng said, "You must have seen too few people."


Rong Yi gave him a sly look and said profoundly, "You will know that I'm not lying after you meet them."


"You can tell me their names.

I usually know people who are very powerful in jianghu."


"They haven't been walking around in the jianghu for a long time now." Rong Yi hemmed and hawed a few times and turned the conversation around.

"Since you know all the people who are very powerful in the jianghu, can you give me a list If you want to hide from Miss Yun and can't go out, I can take the list and go find them one by one myself."


Fu Chengfeng sighed.

She had really taken the word 'shameless' to the extreme when it came to finding her future husband!


"This is not the way to find a husband.

You are a girl.

You should be reserved and wait for a powerful male to find you."


"But they don't even know I exist, so how will they come to me"


"Well......" Fu Chengfeng pondered with his folding fan against his chin, then tapped his head with it before saying, "I have an idea."






Within two days, Rong Yi finally experienced Fu Chengfeng's idea, which was even worse than the suggestion of letting her walk around the jianghu under the name 'Rong Yi'!


Faced with a room full of young and pretty gongzi, Rong Yi was said to be under a lot of pressure.


She was happy that Fu Chengfeng had finally fulfilled his promise to help her find many young talents for her to pick from, but why was Miss Yun here too


Yun Ni: "I heard that Young Warrior Fu has befriended a chivalrous girl who is not only beautiful but also amazingly talented, so Yun Ni has come to pay her respects."


As expected of the world's most beautiful woman.

Even her voice was pleasant to hear, which could cause people to be drunk and stupefied.

Rong Yi hid in the corner and was ashamed of herself.


"Is Miss Yun talking about my adoptive little sister" As he spoke, Fu Chengfeng took Rong Yi out of the corner and threw her into the middle of the crowd.


Rong Yi was filled with grief and anger.

When had she ever been so beautiful and stunning Well, in the eyes of the jianghu people, it was not too far from the truth to say that she was beautiful but stunning Adoptive little sister Could he have been more ridiculous He should have informed her beforehand so she could make a consistent statement.


Rong Yi wanted to give Fu Chengfeng a stab in the eyes, but she couldn't disgrace the Murong family in front of the public, and if her mom found out about it…..it was too horrible to think about. [T/C]


Mom said the most important thing was to be calm.

The more insecure you were, the calmer you should be.

Even if you didn't have any ink in your stomach, you still had to pretend to be full of knowledge.


Thinking of her mom's teachings, Rong Yi immediately suppressed the dissatisfaction in her chest, slowly raised her head and smiled faintly at the crowd.

Taking on the posture of facing a hundred officials in the palace banquet, she lightly said, "Miss Yun is overpraising me."


Just this sentence managed to stun Fu Chengfeng.

Was, was this person really the little yellow-haired girl he knew Why did she look so graceful and elegant at this moment


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