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Chapter 226 : Grand Finale (End Of The Book) Part 13

Translated byきつねonSeptember 28, 2022

Meanwhile, on the other side, Chu Changge finally forced the poison out of his body.

After getting up and patting his creased clothes, he asked, "How is he" He pointed to the young chief, who fell in a pool of blood.


Soul Chaser answered, "Not dead yet."


"Very well." Chu Changge walked over, sat the young chief upright, and gave him true qi.


A few moments later, the young chief woke up.

Chu Changge immediately withdrew the power from his palm and said, "You should rest here.

I will go find Hua Tiansheng."


The young chief climbed up while bearing the pain and firmly stated, "I want to go with you.

I must kill Hua Tiansheng with my own hands to console the souls of my deceased clansmen!"


When Chu Changge saw his determination, he agreed to let the young chief go with him.


The young chief opened the mechanism of the tomb, and when the stone door opened, he noticed a huge stone was blocking the way.

"What a cruel heart! How dare he try to bury us alive!" The young chief cried out in outrage.


Chu Changge hooked his lips into a smile without much concern.

"You misunderstood him.

He just wants to seek psychological comfort." After saying that, his hand rose and when it fell, a white light suddenly appeared, and the boulder was instantly split in half.


The young chief's jaw dropped.

He had long guessed that Chu Changge's martial arts must be extraordinarily high but did not expect it to be this great!


Chu Changge asked, "Do you two know where the secret passage is"


Soul Chaser replied, "Yes."


Chu Changge said, "After losing the battle, Hua Tiancheng will escape through the secret passage.

Lead the way immediately."




The entrance to the city's secret passage is in a rockery in the inner courtyard of the forbidden palace.

Soul Chaser and Suo Ming had been watching Hua Tiansheng and knew the location and mechanisms of the secret passage like the back of their hands.

Soon, their group arrived at the rockery.

Soul Chaser activated the mechanism, and an empty stone cage slowly rose from the ground and landed in front of them.

The cage's door facing everyone opened as Soul Chaser turned on the mechanism again.


Chu Changge was about to enter when he suddenly saw a handprint on top of the stone pillar at the innermost part of the cage, and his black eyes sank as he stopped moving.


"What's wrong" As soon as the young chief asked this question, he saw Chu Changge suddenly disappear in front of him.

The young chief's jaw dropped again. Is he, is he, is he a ghost When the young chief finally fixed his eyes on Chu Changge's location, he saw him standing transfixed in front of a large boulder on the other side.

Chu Changge was holding Qinglong and pointing it to something behind the boulder.


The young chief rushed over and saw Hua Tian Sheng had taken Murong Yun Shu hostage hiding behind the boulder with his sword, while Chu Changge's weapon was pressed against his throat. 


Hua Tiansheng cautioned, "Put down the sword, or I will kill her!"


Chu Changge sneered.

"Do you want to try whether my sword is faster or your sword"


Hua Tiansheng challenged, "If you are not afraid that she will die under my knife, then go ahead and try."


Chu Changge warned, "I'll give you one last chance.

Let go of Yunshu.

I'll leave your body intact and give you a beautiful burial.

Not a word about all your crimes.

You will still be the highly meritorious prince of the Daye Dynasty."


Hua Tiansheng laughed out loud.

"Thank you for your kindness.

It's a pity that what I want is not a big burial but to be honoured as the Emperor.

If you don't want her to die, you should immediately put down your weapon and break your own veins at once."


Chu Changge was silent for a while and said indifferently, "You have eyes but still can't see."


Hua Tiansheng opened his mouth to speak but could only make a cackling sound.

He loosened the hand, holding the sword to cover his throat as he glared at Chu Changge until his eyes turned white and thumped down without uttering a single word.


Chu Changge hurriedly caught Murong Yunshu but saw her eyes tightly closed and unresponsive.

His legs immediately went limp, and he knelt on the ground.

He hugged Murong Yunshu tightly and laughed at the sky.


The laugh gave the young chief heartache.

He had never known that one could laugh so heartbreakingly and heartlessly as if the whole world had crumbled in front of him......

No, that was not it.

He had experienced his world collapse once, but it wasn't like this.

Chu Changge was laughing so desperately and heartily as if he suddenly found that his life was just a joke.


Chu Changge's laughter woke up the knocked out South, East, North and West, but their legs and feet were still weak.

They untied the ropes around their bodies and crept to Chu Changge's side.


"What happened to the Leader"


"What's wrong with Madam"


"What's going on"


"How did the Leader suddenly break down"


South, East, North and West asked a series of questions in their minds, expecting to get the answers from Soul Chaser and Sou Ming.


Soul Chaser replied, "The Leader became like this after rescuing Mada from Hua Tiansheng.

I don't know what actually has happened." If the Leader didn't laugh so mournfully, he must have thought it was due to happiness.


Wasn't it a great joy to save Madam Why did the Leader look like he was in mourning South, East, North and West looked at each other.


Suddenly, a faint voice rang out, "Chu Changge, I'm not dead yet.

You don't have to be in a hurry to laugh at my funeral."


Laughing at her funeral.…..

South, East, North and West's faces were full of black lines.


The smile stopped abruptly as Chu Changge became overjoyed.

"Yunshu, you're not dead You're alive Great! This is great!"


Murong Yunshu pointed out, "If you hold me any tighter, it will be impossible for me to stay alive."


Chu Changge hurriedly let go of her, but not soon after, he hugged her tightly again, hating that he could not become one with her. 


Chu Changge finally released Murong Yunshu after a long time.

He looked at her and said, "Just now, I thought you were unconscious because of the poison of gu.

I was scared to death.



Murong Yunshu asked, "What is a gu"


Chu Changge replied, "It's something that makes you drowsy as soon as night comes.

That is the gu that Hua Tiansheng planted on you.

But don't worry, I've got the antidote.



Murong Yushu responded, "I don't believe it's a bad thing to be drowsy as soon as night comes.

Just leave it at that.

No need to detoxify.



Chu Changge laughed.

"While you are being so calm about it, I just can't take this risk.

Who can I find to support me if you don't wake up one day"


South, East, North and West sweated profusely. Did you marry her solely to ask for support


Murong Yunshu was speechless, too.

She gave him a scornful look.

"Let go of me now.

You may not have anything better to do, but others don't have that kind of time to spare.

After coming out for so long, it's time to return home and check on the accounts.



Everyone was rendered speechless. It turns out that the Young Mistress of Murong Mansion also has a dedicated day for her work!


Chu Changge replied, "Alright.

In order to get back as soon as possible, let's take the secret passage."


"Better not!" South, East, North, West and Murong Yunshu spoke in unison.

"Going through that hellish place once is already enough.

Let's take the main gate.

We have been sneaky when we come.

So we have to do it in style when we go out." Murong Yunshu said.


Chu Changge smirked.

He was suddenly curious about the secret passage.

"It's better to take the secret passage.

Hua Tiansheng had altered the mechanism at the front gate that even this young chief was unaware of."


When Murong Yunshu thought of the numerous mechanisms in the city, she immediately said, "Then let's take the secret passage."


With Soul Chaser and Sou Ming leading the way, the journey out of the city was pretty uneventful.

Led by the young chief, Murong Yunshu, Chu Changge, and the others arrived at the same beach where they had docked.

The raft was still on the beach, fully intact.


The young chief said, "Accompany a person a thousand miles, and yet there is bound to be a parting at last.

I can only send you guys until here.

I will pay a formal visit to you in Central Plains after I've done sprucing up the city."


Everyone cupped their hands in greeting.

"See you later." Then they jumped on the bamboo raft and rowed away.


The young chief stood on the beach and watched the bamboo raft until he could no longer see it clearly.

Then he whispered to himself, "The Central Plains is truly a good place for giving birth to such great men who will bring its glory."


At this moment, there was a sudden cry coming from behind him.

"Wait for me.

Wait for me!"


When the young chief turned around, he saw that the visitor was none other than Li Shaoqing, who had come here with Murong Yunshu and the others.


The young chief said, "They have already left."


Li Shaoqing looked at the distant sea.

"They are so cruel for destroying the bridge after crossing the river."


The young chief looked at him for a long time and suddenly asked, "Would you like to stay, sir"


Li Shaoqing was stunned.

"What is the point of me staying here"


The young chief replied, "To be my general."


Li Shaoqing retorted, "No way.

My family are all in the Central Plains, and I can't be separated from them.



The young chief said, "What is so difficult about that Just pick them all up."


Li Shaoqing's heart lit up when he heard these words and thought: It should be fine this way.

Even though the Emperor spared our lives for the sake of mutual affection he has towards Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge, there will always be a knot in his heart after what I did with my father.

It is better to stay here, where the sky is high and the Emperor is far away.

We can live here more freely.


Thinking of this, Li Shaoqing answered, "Okay, I agree."


The young chief was overjoyed.

"Please return to the city with me, General."


On the bamboo raft, Murong Yunshu, Chu Changge and the others finally realised they had Li Shaoqing behind. A noob translator, きつね translated this noob translation.

Please read this chapter at xin-shou.site.

If you read this on another site other than xin-shou.site, it has been taken without the translator's permission.

Please don't support this kind of act.


"No harm done." said Chu Changge.

"There are so many trees on the island.

He can use any of them to make a bamboo raft if he wants to return.



Murong Yunshu felt what he said made sense, so she stopped obsessing about it.


Chu Changge added, "After returning to the Central Plains, I will surrender the Great Leader of Martial Arts Alliance position and retire from the jianghu.

Is that good "


Murong Yunshu nodded.

"Very good."


Chu Changge asked, "Where does Madam want us to live in seclusion"


Murong Yunshu asked back, "Can I go anywhere"


Chu Changge: "Anywhere will do.

I'll take you wherever you want to go.



Murong Yunshu: "Alright.

Then let's live in seclusion at the Imperial Palace, and we'll be ordinary Taishang Huang and Tai Hou."


"......" Chu Changge looked up to heaven. Taishang Huang and Tai Hou aren't even ordinary people.


But what does it matter if it's ordinary or not as long as you can be together with her


Chu Song hugged Murong Yunshu tightly and asked, "Yunshu, have you ever regretted marrying* me"


Murong Yunshu smiled and responded, "It's you who married* me."


Chu Changge laughed when he heard her words.


While bluebirds flew by on the horizon, leaving a trail of happiness in their wake.




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Whew, it's finally over.

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"Black Belly Wife" ends here.

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