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Chu Changge twisted the young chief and flew up effortlessly to the top of the city wall.

When he landed, he startled two soldiers there.

He knocked them unconscious with both hands and whispered, "Let's go to the forbidden palace."


Go down the city tower and enter a blue-grey road on the left." The young chief said.

Chu Changge twisted the young chief up again and fluttered down the stairs.

There were nine roads in front of him.

Right in the middle was a wide road, and the other eight roads extended to the left and the right, respectively, on both sides.

Chu Changge stated, "It's too dark.

I can't see the colour of the road clearly.

Just tell me which one on the left we should enter."

The young chief thought about it and answered, "The third one."

Chu Changge led the young chief forward on the third road and soon encountered five huge incense burners with gold, wood, water, fire and earth engraved on them.

The five incense burners were arranged in a circle, with every two burners separated by about one meter.

The young chief instructed, "Moved from the gold symbol to fire, then from fire to the wood, wood to earth, and finally from earth to water.

Remember to go straight according to the line on the ground.

Don't go astray even for a bit.

Otherwise, it will trigger the mechanism."

Chu Changge stepped forward according to the young chief's instruction, from the gold symbol to fire.

As soon as he stepped out, he only heard a swoosh, where a hidden arrow from the opposite incense burner flew out.

He hurriedly dodged sideways, but unexpectedly, another one came from behind him.

The young chief urgently shouted, "Return to the original place." Chu Changge immediately flew up to return to the original place, and as soon as he could stand still, he asked, "Are you sure you can break this mechanism"

The young chief did not answer, only to say, "Put me down." Chu Changge complied by putting him down.

The young chief looked at the incense burners in front of him and said thoughtfully, "They have moved the position of the incense burners.

These five incense burners were originally placed in the direction of gold, wood, water, fire and earth and were connected to the ground internally.

Now they have moved the incense burners, and the correct route has changed, so that's why the mechanism was easily triggered."

Chu Changge frowned.

"So, can we still crack it now"


But it will take some time." The youthful leader replied.

Chu Changge asked, "How long will it take"

The young chief looked at the incense burner, thought for a while, and said, "Half a shichen."

Chu Changge commented, "That's too long."

The young chief added, "If everything goes well, I might be able to crack it in three-quarters of an hour."

Chu Changge shook his head.

"That's still too long."

The young chief pointed out, "This is the fastest speed I can go.

If we don't crack the mechanism, there is no other way to get past it."

"Who said there is no way" Chu Changge hooked his lips and smiled.

"Do you know the direction we will eventually reach after going through these five incense burners"

The young chief nodded.


There should be a path behind the water incense burner.

Although the incense burner has been moved right now, that road will not change.

Because it is connected to the mechanism behind it.

Only that road is safe.

The roads behind the remaining four incense burners are equipped with mechanisms." After saying that, he looked at the road in front of him and said, "The road behind the wood incense burner is the one we should be going to."

Chu Changge asked, "Are you sure you're not mistaken" The roads in this city were all over the place, just like spider webs that would lead someone to take the wrong step over the wrong step.

Once you took a wrong one, then you would be done. Please read this chapter at xin-shou dot site.

The young chief nodded affirmatively.

"I'm sure."

Chu Changge asked again, "If you don't step on the ground, you won't trigger the mechanism"


"Alright." Chu Changge twisted him up and flew up with a tap of his foot, crossing the incense burner and landing on the safe road.

"Which way to go now" Chu Changge asked.

The young chief instructed, "Keep going forward.

The forbidden palace is at the end of the road."

The surrounding area suddenly lit up as soon as the words left his mouth.

The dark night was lit up in an instant.

A voice came from the city tower behind him.

"Chu Changge, you're finally here."

Chu Changge did not need to turn around to see who this person was because he could not be more familiar with the owner of this voice.

Putting down the young chief, Chu Changge slowly turned around, raised his eyes to look at the city tower and said, "I trust you have been well since we last met. Big brother."

The young chief asked in shock, "You two are brothers"

Chu Changge hooked his lips into a smile that seemed to be filled with sadness in the eyes of the young chief.

Chu Changge responded, "I'm also surprised I have such a big brother."

The young chief knew that the grudge between the two must be complicated, so he ceased talking.

Hua Tiansheng stated, "That was something I ought to say instead.

I am astonished even to have a brother like you.

You dominate the jianghu and sweep over the Imperial Court.

It's a pity that a mountain can't have two tigers.

The Daye Dynasty can't have two Emperors."

Chu Changge said, "It's been three years, and you're still dreaming of being an Emperor"

Hua Tiansheng laughed angrily.

"The throne was originally mine! If your Mu Fei had not seduced Fu Huang and compelled him to abandon the throne, I, the crown prince, would have been the rightful Emperor! This world would have been mine.

But those ministers made you the Emperor! And you let your son, who is not even ten years old, rule the world.

Hahahaha, that's funny, so funny! For the future of the Daye Dynasty, I must take the throne back!"

Chu Changge said, "It is true that Murong is not yet ten years old, but he has ruled the country very well and is not inferior to any adult Emperor.

This is clear for all to see.

It is your business to be ambitious, don't use the future of the Daye Dynasty as a cover.

If you sincerely want the Daye Dynasty to prosper and make it rich and strong, stop stirring up another war."

Hua Tiansheng laughed heartily.

"For the sake of the long-term future, temporary bloodshed is necessary.

Moreover, you still don't understand why I have to be this Emperor until now, and that's why you will lose to me today.

Archers, release your arrows!"

In an instant, arrows rained down on Chu Changge and the young chief from all directions.

Chu Changge immediately called out Qinglong to block them.

The young chief also took out his spear to do the same, but there were too many archers on the city wall that he could not deter all of the arrows, and soon, one managed to hit his shoulder.

His spear fell to the ground as he let out a painful cry.

Seeing this situation, Chu Changge immediately shielded him while wielding his sword to defend himself as he asked, "Is there any place to hide temporarily"

The young chief thought for a moment and responded, "Yes! The Moon Palace! The Moon Palace is my mother's tomb.

They must not have gone inside."

Hearing his answer, Chu Changge picked him up and said, "Tell me how to get there."

"The seventh red road from the left......

no, no, no.

This is too slow.

It's too late." The young chief suddenly remembered that Chu Changge could fly and quickly said, "Head to the highest palace in the southeast."

When Chu Changge heard what the young chief said, he flew with the wind towards the southeast.

At the same time, he waved Qinglong once, and a white light flashed out, causing the city tower wall to split open, leaving cracks along the way, and several archers fell from the top of the wall.

Hua Tiansheng crouched down to use the city wall as a shield to avoid Chu Changge's attack, and when he got up again, Chu Changge and the young chief disappeared.

Hua Tiansheng was immediately annoyed and slapped the city wall, ordering, "They must not have left the city yet.

Search them for me!"

"Yes!" The soldiers immediately set off and searched the city for Chu Changge and the young chief.

On the other hand, Chu Changge twisted the young chief to the Moon Palace.

The young chief immediately opened the tomb door, went in with Chu Changge, and then closed it, turning on the mechanism from inside.

"This tomb was built by my father for my mother.

No one knows the way in and out mechanism except for him and me." The young chief explained.

Chu Changge nodded that he heard and then asked, "Can you bandage the injury on your shoulder yourself"

The young chief was stunned and replied, "Yes."

Chu Changge: "Then you can wrap it yourself."

A few black lines sprang up on the youthful leader's forehead.

One typically should take the initiative to help him dress his wounds, right How to say, they were now also grasshoppers in the same boat, and he also provided him with a hiding place.

The young chief thought so while tearing off the corner of his shirt, and as he pulled out the arrow painfully, black blood gushed out.

He was alarmed.

"The arrow is poisoned!"

Chu Changge picked up the arrow and found green powder on the arrowhead.

He hastily sealed the acupuncture points on the young chief's shoulder and instructed, "Quickly suck out the poisoned blood."

The young chief asked, "How to suck it out"

Chu Changge gave him a blank look.

"By using your mouth."

The young chief said, "I know how to use my mouth.

But the wound is on the shoulder, so it's hard to suck it." The implication was, you should suck it for me.

But Chu Changge just pretended not to hear his words.

"Even if it is difficult to suck, you still have to suck it out, or you can just wait to die from the poison."

The young chief frowned.

"When facing a powerful enemy, we should unite and help each other." His point was mutual assistance.

Chu Changge raised his dashing sword eyebrows.

"When you die, I will help collect your corpse."

"......" The young chief had no choice but to suck out the poisoned blood one mouthful at a time and then bandage the wound by himself.

Suddenly, after seeing something from the corner of his eye, the young chief exclaimed, "There are blood stains on the back of your right hand!"

Chu Changge lifted his right hand and saw that there were indeed a few drops of blood stains on the back of his hand, which were black and had already solidified.

His heart sank, and he hurriedly used his energy to force the poison out, but who could have imagined that his internal breath was lax and unable to condense [ ]

The young chief saw Chu Changge's deadpan face, so he asked, "What's wrong"

"I've been poisoned." Chu Changge said.

The young chief said, "Suck out the poison yourself."

"It's too late." Chu Changge shook his head.

"I didn't notice that I was injured, and when I tried to use my inner strength, the poison had spread throughout my body.

So I can't just suck it out."

The young chief hung his head at his words.

After a long silence, he suddenly raised his head and said, "I have a way to help you cure the poison."

Chu Changge asked, "What method"

The young chief answered, "Use the poisonous scorpion to suck it out from your body."

When Chu Changge thought of the poisonous scorpion crawling on his body, his face changed colour, and he decisively refused.

The young chief said, "This poisonous scorpion is a treasure of our clan and stored in this tomb.

The whole clan only has this one, which has undergone a few hundred years of life.

If you hadn't saved my life, I wouldn't have easily used it to detoxify you.

Because after detoxification, it will die."

Chu Changge said, "I've heard that things that can live for more than a few hundred years have more or less spiritual qi, immortal qi or demonic qi, which mortal things don't have.

This poisonous scorpion of your clan must also carry some spiritual energy, isn't it"

The young chief nodded.

"That's right.

This poisonous scorpion can not only detoxify the poison but also collect the qi of refined gu."

Chu Changge asked, "What kind of refined gu"

The young chief replied, "I don't know exactly what kind of refined gu.

Since this kind of thing is too heavy with negative energy, the clan prohibits the refining of any gu.

But when my mother was seriously ill, my father listened to the slanderous words of the sorcerer Gazar to refine a gu once, and my mother also miraculously recovered.

However, she only recovered for half a year before she suddenly fell to the ground and did not wake up."

Hearing the words 'did not awake', Chu Changge's nerves jumped, and he asked nervously, "Did your mother go to bed earlier and earlier every day before she died"

The young chief thought back for a moment.


Mother used to say that she was getting sleepy even more easily.

My father and I just thought she was tired from her first illness, so we didn't pay much attention to it.

When she fell asleep and never woke up, my father and I realised something was wrong with the refined gu.

It was a pity that Gazar had already escaped at that time.

Otherwise, I would have definitely cut him into pieces!"

Chu Changge's shoulders collapsed at these words, and he leaned helplessly against the stone wall.

His eyes were listless, and he spoke under his breath, "Sure enough."

The young chief did not understand why Chu Changge suddenly looked downcast; he asked, "What 'sure enough'"

Chu Changge didn't answer him, and his eyes stared blankly above.

After a while, he suddenly turned his black pupils down and asked, "You just said that the poison scorpion can cure all kinds of poison.

Is that true or not"

The young chief answered, "Of course it is.

If mother had not suddenly fallen, father would have used the poisonous scorpion to save her."

Chu Changge asked another question.

"What if the poison was made from the poisonous scorpion's qi"

The young chief wrinkled his eyebrows.

"You mean the kind of poison that my mother was hit by Of course, that also can be cured.

Only the poisonous scorpion can do it.

But why do you ask this Could it be that......" The young chief suddenly remembered that Murong Yunshu abruptly fell asleep in Chu Changge's arms before they left and immediately realised, "So your wife was also infected by that kind of poison!"

Chu Changge nodded, "It was Hua Tiansheng's gu.

He first put the gu on a woman who had some kind of connection with Yunshu and then sent that woman to Yunshu's side.

That was when Yunshu was struck by the gu.

Somehow, I still can't figure out exactly how he did it."

The young chief said, "This is actually very easy to understand.

As long as the woman with the gu was born on the same day and year as your wife, it could easily be transferred by talking within two meters of each other."

Chu Changge suddenly understood.

It turned out that the woman's uniqueness was not her face but her origin.

The appearance was only used to divert their attention.

After all, when a stunning beauty appeared, no one would care where she originated from, only why she appeared there.

So that's what's happened!

He had gone to great lengths to protect Yun Shu, but Hua Tiansheng still managed to take advantage of the loophole.

When a person wanted to deal with you, there were so many ways for them to do it that even you couldn't imagine.

For the first time, Chu Changge regretted that he was so merciful to Hua Tiansheng.

At this moment, he secretly swore in his heart that he would not be a man unless he got rid of Hua Tiansheng!


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