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"I support you." Murong Yunshu softly stated.

When South, East, North, and West heard what was said, they immediately demonstrated their sincere convictions by speaking in unison, "We also support the Leader!"

Chu Changge said, "Good.

Let's communicate with the leader of these ingenious people first, and then we'll discuss what to do in the long run."

Li Shaoqing pointed out, "We don't even understand the indigenous people's language, and they don't understand us.

How can we communicate"

"There is always a way." Chu Changge replied indifferently.

Then he smiled at Murong Yunshu and said, "Madam is so smart.

She must be able to figure out a way."

Hearing this conviction, Murong Yunshu smiled slightly.

After a while, she started to frown.

At this time, the leader of the indigenous soldiers who captured them came out from the tree hollow with a teenager.

The young man's clothes were also in tatters, but his eyes were emitting a sharp light, but his eyes radiated a sharp light, the light of a wolf king that was alert, brave and would defend its pack.

With just one glance, everyone decided that he was the great leader of this group of indigenous soldiers.

Although he looked only in his fifteen or sixteen years old, he exuded an old head on those young shoulders.

It was another young sovereign.

The young chief walked up to their group and looked at them disdainfully for quite a while before asking harshly in Central Plains language, "Do you know Gazar"

Their group was greatly shocked.

The most impatient North Guardian was the first to ask, "You can speak in the Central Plains language"

The young chief nodded.


You have not answered my question.

Do you know Gazar" When he spoke of Gazar, his eyes sank for a moment.

Murong Yunshu instantly understood.

No wonder those indigenous soldiers suddenly changed their expression.

It turned out that they had heard the word 'Gazar'.

Although they did not understand the Central Plains language, they did understand the indigenous name.

Murong Yunshu stepped forward and said, "We don't know Gazar, but we know he betrayed his own people and colluded with the invaders."

At these words, the expression on the teenage leader's face eased a little, and he asked, "Who are you people anyway"

Murong Yunshu answered, "We are the enemies of your enemies."

The teenage leader did not believe it.

"You are wearing the same clothes and saying the same things as them."

Murong Yunshu smiled slightly.

"Gazar also wears the same clothes and speaks the same words as you.

Isn't he also your enemy"

"Are you really the invaders' enemies" The teenage leader asked suspiciously.

Murong Yunshu nodded her head.

"Absolutely true."

Chu Changge said, "We came to Puhua Island this time just to capture him."

The young chief looked at Chu Changge for a long time and asked, "You are his enemies in the Central Plains"

Chu Changge nodded his head.


The young chief said, "I heard that he used to be a prince, and after he failed to fight for the throne, he was expelled, so he came here to occupy our land and prepare to make a comeback."

Chu Changge said, "That's right.

I am the one who banished him."

The young chief was shocked.

"You are the Emperor of the Central Plains" After saying that, he looked Chu Changge up and down and stated, "I have seen the portrait of the Emperor of the Central Plains.

Your clothes don't look alike."

Chu Changge laughed.

"The Emperor of the Central Plains only wears the Dragon Robe in the Imperial Palace, not outside.

We call this going out for inspection in plain clothes.

But you are right to suspect that.

I am indeed not the Emperor of the Central Plains.

I am the Emperor's father or Taishang Huang for short."

The teenage leader was surprised again.

"You are so young......"

Chu Changge said with a proud face, "My son is so capable that he became the Emperor at eight.

As a result, I became the father who relies on his precious son and assumes the title of Taishang Huang."

The expression, 'I don't believe a word of what you're saying' immediately appeared on the teenage chief's face.

Murong Yunshu glared at Chu Changge, grumpily signalling him not to joke around since these indigenous people were very sensitive. Please read this chapter at xin-shou dot site.

Chu Changge then spoke seriously, "This matter is very complicated, and it can't be explained clearly for a moment.

But I am indeed the Emperor's father.

I came this time to capture Hua Tiansheng, the one who invaded you.

But now, I have changed my mind.

Not only do I want to capture Hua Tiansheng, but I also want to help you regain your lost territories."

The young chief was overjoyed at his words, and then he stared at Chu Changge for a moment and wondered, "Why do you want to help us"

"Because you are all my people." Chu Changge said, "All land under heaven is the territory of the sovereign.

Puhua Island is the territory of the Daye Dynasty, and you are my people.

When my people are in trouble, I, as Taishang Huang, should help them."

Hearing the words 'Taishang Huang', the corners of South, East, North, and West's mouths twitched fiercely. Leader, can you stop uttering the phrase, Taishang Huang Although this identity is indeed very resounding, quite eye-catching and worthy of showing off, your new status and your reputation as the Mojiao Sect Leader are unusually incompatible!

Murong Yunshu was also amused by Chu Changge's admittance of being 'Taishang Huang'.

She hung her head and pursed her lips before speaking to the young chief, "Puhua Island is located at the southernmost tip of the Daye Dynasty.

The Emperor of the Central Plains did not know that people were living on this island, so he never had jurisdiction over it before.

But now that we know about it, we can't just stand by and watch.

But you have to promise us that after you take back the dominion of the island, you must submit to the Daye Dynasty and pay tribute year after year."

The young chief said, "I once heard my grandfather mention that there is a world beyond Puhua Island that is more complicated than here, so no one is allowed to leave the island.

I thought this would be foolproof.

But since the invaders came, I have learned that stubbornness only brings ruin to the nation.

Even if you do not come today, I will request to return to the Central Plains." After a pause, he added, "But I have one condition."

Murong Yunshu asked, "What condition"

The young chief said, "Puhua Island will not be completely under the control of the Central Plains Emperor.

Except for the annual tribute, all matters on the island are negotiated within us, including the chief change."

Murong Yunshu did not even think twice.


I promise you."


Your promise won't work." The teenage chief looked at Chu Changge and said, "It must be agreed by the Emperor's father."

Everyone in their group laughed out loud at that.

South, East, North, and West were especially exaggerated as they laughed until they were staggering.

The young chief looked puzzled.

But then he heard Chu Changge say, "It is enough that she agrees.

In the Emperor's family, the Emperor's mother has more prestige than the Emperor's father."

The youthful chief was stunned, and then he also smiled along.

His boyish handsome face was brilliantly sunny.

After the alliance was formed.

The teenage chief invited Murong Yunshu and the others to his solitary tree hollow, equivalent to the Imperial Palace in the Central Plains.

The innermost floor of the cave was his bedroom, while the outside was a hall for conducting business.

In the middle was a 'Dragon Chair' made of a small thick tree trunk with a piece of fox skin on top, with ingenious people's officials of different sizes standing on either side.

After introducing Murong Yunshu, Chu Changge and the others to the officials present in the indigenous language, the young chief asked, "Where is your army stationed"

Chu Changge froze.

"I didn't bring my army."

The young chief could not help but frown.

"Are you fooling me"

Chu Changge laughed.

"I don't have that kind of leisure."

The young chief questioned, "You don't have an army, so what makes you think I will cooperate with you Although we have a common enemy, I don't cooperate with the weak."

"As it happens, so do I." Chu Changge said, "The people I brought, each one of them can fight against one hundred enemies, which are much more powerful than an army."

The young chief didn't believe it and looked them up and down, especially at Murong Yunshu.

He looked back and forth at her several times but couldn't figure out how this weak woman fought against one hundred enemies.

Murong Yunshu said, "You don't have to look at me.

The ones who can go against a hundred people each are them.

I can't be counted as being among them.

I am a person with an inner quality.

I always use my mouth rather than my hands to attack someone."

Chu Changge's face was full of black lines.

His heart silently lamented: Madam, are you saying that your husband doesn't have inner quality

South, East, North, and West's minds became messy. Since you don't have any martial arts skills, you said you have an inner quality.

Madam, you are really very shameless, ah, very shameless!

The young chief was also confused by Murong Yunshu's words, thinking: Could it be that I didn't learn the language of the Central Plains well, and that's why I didn't understand her meaning She shouldn't have scolded her companions for their lack of inner quality in a roundabout way, right I don't think so.

After all, she has such gentle eyes and seems to be a kind-hearted lady at a glance. "You said they can beat a hundred each.

What proof do you have" The teenage leader asked Chu Changge. [T/C]

"Evidence......" Chu Changge stretched the last syllable as he pondered before saying, "In the Central Plains, usually no one will doubt their strength because those who do are either dead or maimed.

Let them kill a few people to show you if you want proof."

The young chief's face suddenly changed when he heard Chu Changge want to kill people, saying, "I just want to see their strength.

Why do you need to be annoyed because of shame and start to shout about killing"

Chu Changge was stunned.

Did he become annoyed He was neither annoyed, ashamed, nor angry.

East Guardian tried to reason out, "You misunderstood.

Our Leader......

Oh, no, our Taishang Huang is neither annoyed nor angry."

South Guardian added, "That's how our Taishang Huang is.

If you ask him to prove something, he will show you by killing someone.

This kind of character is inborn.

He has nothing against you."

West Guardian continued, "For our Taishang Huang, killing is the best solution.

If you want him to prove it, he will kill a few people to show you.

If you don't believe him, he'll kill you."

When it was North Guardian's turn, he thought for a while before stammering, "I advise you not to doubt our Taishang Huang, or he will not only kill you but also your whole family."

The young chief was dumbfounded by his words.

The officials who understood the Central Plains language were also in a cold sweat.

From which magical land did these ferocious people come from

On the contrary, Chu Changge enjoyed being 'flattered'. [T/C]

Murong Yunshu sighed deeply and reminded Chu Changge, "You are now representing your son, so be gentle."

Chu Changge responded, "I'm already being very gentle.

If it weren't for my identity as Taishang Huang, I would have split this tree hollow with my palm to prove it to them."

At that moment, the cold sweat between the indigenous officials' foreheads increased by a few more drops.

The teenage leader clenched his fists and roared, "How dare you!"

In response, Chu Changge lowered his cold face and challenged, "You can see if I dare!"

Murong Yunshu powerlessly rolled her eyes at Chu Changge and spoke with the teenage leader afterwards.

"When he said he would split the tree hollow, he was simply going to split the tree hollow without any intention of making enemies with you.

When he said he would kill, he was simply going to kill someone, but not you guys.

However, since killing is not feasible, why not kill the birds I saw a lot of flying birds in the woods along the way.

Let your warriors compete with the four of them to see who catches more birds."

The young chief agreed without even taking time to think.


Let's compete in catching birds." After saying that, he said a few words in the indigenous language to the guard beside him.

In a short time, the guard came in with four warriors, carrying bows and arrows on their backs.

The young chief introduced, "These four are the most valiant archers in our tribe.

I will cooperate with you if the four behind you can win over them."

Murong Yunshu answered, "Alright.

Then it's a deal."

The people came outside the tree hollow.

When the indigenous people learned that their tribe warriors would compete with the guests from the Central Plains, all men, women, and children gathered around to watch the fun.

The four indigenous warriors lined up and immediately fired arrows at the birds at the command of 'start', hitting ten out of ten.

There was a lot of applause and cheering.

The young chief's face showed joy and said to Murong Yunshu, "It's your turn."

Murong Yunshu nodded slightly and said to South, East, North, and West, "Go ahead."

South, East, North, and West were led to step forward and lined up similarly.

The indigenous soldiers immediately sent up bows and arrows to them.

"No need.

We have our own weapons." North Guardian waved his hand.

The soldiers looked at their young chief at a loss.

He told them to 'withdraw' in the indigenous language instead.

The soldiers retrieved their bows and arrows and retreated to one side.

When the indigenous people surrounding them as the audience saw that South, East, North, and West rejected the bow and arrows, they started to talk in their language with their faces full of curiosity.

East Guardian smiled warmly and said, "Lil North, you first."

North Guardian replied, "Okay!" As soon as he uttered this response, he revealed his red tassel spear and threw it toward the sky.

Then he flipped over in the air to catch it back.

Everyone could only hear the sound of scuffles when they noticed North Guardian had already landed on the ground, with ten or more birds on the spearhead, strung together.

The crowd was horrified.

When their young chief clapped his hands, only then did the applause from the audience ring out.

After that, West Guardian pushed up his foot and flew into the air, with his Jiu Qu Linglong chains wandered through the forest like a dragon out of the water.

After making this one move, West Guardian turned around and landed.

One end of the Jiu Qu Linglong chain was in his hand, and the other was wrapped around a tree.

Ten birds were lying on the chain in sequence, and their bodies were intact without any scars as if they had fallen asleep.

The young chief clicked his tongue in wonder, clapped his hands and praised, "What a brave man! I wonder what weapons the two remaining warriors will be using"

South Guardian replied, "A true expert does not use weapons." After saying that, he put forth both of his palms together.

They looked seemingly soft and rigid, only for everyone to see a gust of wind coming out from it, and a dozen small birds were swept by it.

South Guardian immediately clasped his hands, only to hear creaking sounds.

The small birds flying inside the wind abruptly fell to the ground. [ ]

If the North and West duo's skills surprised the crowd, then the scene performed by South Guardian just then shocked them.

An indigenous soldier came forward to check over the birds and then mumbled gibberish words to the young chief with a shocked look on his face for a while.

The young chief's face immediately changed from shock to horror and said to Murong Yunshu, "The little bird's bones are shattered!"

Murong Yunshu laughed and asked, "There's another one.

Do you want to see"

The teenage leader shook his head and said, "No need.

I believe you guys now."

Murong Yunshu let out a remark, "That's the best."

The young chief made an inviting gesture to Chu Changge and Murong Yunshu.

"Please come inside and talk.

We can then discuss the plan to deal with the invaders."

"Alright." Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge followed him towards the tree hollow.

After taking a few steps forward, they heard a boom, and the tree behind them fell down, followed by a succession of booms.

A row of trees fell one by one, and the ground shook from the successive falls of the trees.

After a long time, the tremor stopped.

All the indigenous people were terrified.

They all took out their weapons and prepared to fight.

The young chief looked at Chu Changge.

Chu Changge raised his sword eyebrows and said, "I did say I would split the tree to prove it to you."

The young chief's heart was shocked.

The martial arts of those three people just now still required them to make a move, and this man actually broke the trees in an invisible way.

How on earth did he do that


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