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After a long time, Chu Changge finally asked, "Hua Tiansheng has the antidote, right"

Li Shaoqing answered, "I'm not sure if it can be called an antidote.

But since the girl could crawl out of the coffin, this drowsiness must not be absolute.

Even if Hua Tiansheng doesn't have the remedy in his hands, he at least has a way to wake her up."

When Chu Changge heard this and said, "Immediately set out for Puhua Island."

Even though Puhua Island was not far away, they still could not reach it even after rowing from the moment the sun set until the moon showed its head.

The fog on the sea was getting thicker over time, but Puhua Island was getting even clearer.

This anomaly puzzled South, East, North, and West.

They wanted to warn Chu Changge that this might be a fraud.

But they saw Chu Changge holding the sleeping Murong Yunshu, sitting at the stern of the boat, not moving a muscle as he looked at her face, obsessed.

East Guardian sighed, grabbed the oars and continued to row hard while his mouth whispered, "Hua Tiansheng better obediently hand over the antidote, and do not make any more mischief.

Otherwise, the Leader will really go crazy."

South Guardian said, "The Leader has been crazy all the time.

It's good for him to be crazy.

If not, it will be a big problem."

The West Guardian nodded approvingly, swaying back and forth with the double oar, and said, "It's fine if he loses his mind and goes crazy.

As long as he still knows how to kill, it will not be a big problem, and after a long time, he will naturally get better."

These words were heard by Li Shaoqing, standing at the prow of the boat, exploring the way.

He asked, "Does your Leader often rely on killing for self-healing"

North Guardian replied, "He did so often before, but not so much now.

Since he has Madam, he relies on her for self-healing and rarely kills anymore." So it was very reasonable for the Martial Arts Assembly to ask Madam to be an observer.

When Madam took the Leader into her chamber, the jianghu became much calmer.

Li Shaoqing did not understand.

"He relies on Murong Yunshu to heal himself"

North Guardian said, "Doesn't he look like he is healed just by looking at him Our Leader's self-recovery ability is powerful."

Li Shaoqing originally wanted to scold him for his nonsense.

Where did Chu Changge look like he was healed as long as he looked at him When he suddenly glanced at Chu Changge from the corner of his eyes and saw his dazed expression like he had lost his soul, he understood in a flash.

Murong Yunshu was Chu Changge's medicine.

If she were good, he would be good.

If she were not good, he would not be good also.

Li Shaoqing retracted his eyes.

Thinking of his biaomei who had been implicated and sent to prison, his heart ached, and he suddenly looked away. Glory, splendour, wealth and rank were as transient as a fleeting cloud.

When prosperity ended, the only thing that could give people happiness and satisfaction was having a never-ending love with a person with whom one would live together until the white of old age. [T/C]

Li Shaoqing was thinking when he suddenly heard North Guardian shout, "That island is moving back!" He hastily raised his eyes to look and indeed found that Puhua Island was moving backwards, not fast, but it still seemed obvious.

East, South, West and North did everything they could to paddle hard, trying to catch up with the Puhua Island, which was gradually fading away.

Yet they couldn't catch up as the speed of the island movement became faster.

East Guardian was anxious that he asked Li Shaoqing, "How can this happen"

Li Shaoqing also had an anxious look on his face and was confused.

He tried his best to recall, trying to find some clues from Hua Tiansheng's previous words. [ ]

"Have you ever reached the island before" East Guardian asked.

Li Shaoqing said, "I have been there once.

But at that time, Hua Tiansheng's people blindfolded me while I had to stay put in his big boat.

I couldn't see nor hear anything while in the cabin, and even my perception became dull......" After saying until here, Li Shaoqing slapped the back of his head and said, "I remembered.

When I went to Puhua Island then,  I was obviously fine before boarding, but not long after the ship was in the sea, I began to feel drowsy.

If I hadn't kept an eye out for fear that Hua Tiansheng would harm me and refused to succumb to my sleepiness, I'm afraid I would never have found out this secret."

The impatient North Guardian hurriedly asked, "Discovered what secret"

"The direction of the ship's journey." Li Shaoqing added, "While I was sitting on the cabin's bed, I felt that the ship was travelling towards the front for a while, and then towards the back.

As it moved forward and backwards, it was always in a straight line.

It had never deviated to the left and right.

Don't you think it was strange If it was on the same line, why did it have to move forward and backwards for a while"

"Could it be that was the way to the island!" South Guardian was the first to understand.

Li Shaoqing replied, "I'm not sure, but we can try.

Anyway, there is nothing we can do now.

Let's give medical treatment to a dead horse as if treating a live one."

South Guardian responded, "Okay.

You direct the way, and we will paddle."

Li Shaoqing nodded, then closed his eyes as he directed, "Paddle forward." South, East, North, and West rowed forward.

Less than a minute later, Li Shaoqing said, "Backward." The quartet hurriedly changed direction to backward rowing, and again less than a minute apart, Li Shaoqing uttered, "Forward."

"This won't work." South Guardian broke Li Shaoqing's thinking by saying, "Last time, you were in a large boat that could reach a long distance in a short time.

However, we are now on a bamboo raft, rowing by human power.

The pace can't be consistent as a large boat.

If the speed is inconsistent, the path cannot be replicated."

Li Shaoqing nodded with understanding.

"Then, in your opinion, what should we do now"

East Guardian shook his head.

"I don't know.

The only person who might know is currently sleeping.

If Madam is awake, this issue won't be a problem anymore.

Maybe she can see through the mystery with just one glance."

Li Shaoqing commented, "This is why Hua Tiancheng dealt with her first.

Murong Yunshu is naturally seriously calm.

No matter what danger she faces, she can still be calm and composed.

Even if it was related to Chu Changge's life, she could still reason until the last moment.

But not Chu Changge.

Once Murong Yunshu collapsed, he would lose his head and bent on revenge.

After he settled his vengeance, he would retaliate against society.

He is a person of destructive attributes."

East Guardian remarked, "You're right.

It seems that you have made a lot of preparations to go against our side."

Li Shaoqing said, "All these were told to me by Hua Tiansheng.

He knows Murong Yunshu, Chu Changge, and all four of you very well.

He must have expected that after Murong Yunshu's collapsed, Chu Changge would not be able to calm down, and the four of you were not that smart to fight against him, so he took this move."

South Guardian said, "Although the words 'not so smart' sounded unpleasant, I have to say that your analysis is awfully reasonable."

At this time, Chu Changge, who was sitting at the stern of the boat in silence, suddenly spoke up.

"If he thinks he knows me, then he is wrong."

East, South, North and West were thrilled when they heard what Leader said.

He was finally willing to speak up.

This was the first thing he opened his mouth ever since Madam fell asleep.

Chu Changge raised his eyes to the front and instructed, "Row towards the back."

South, East, North, and West hurriedly picked up the double oars and rowed backwards with great effort.

Soon, a miracle appeared.

Puhua Island actually began to move towards them.

South, East, North, and West immediately cheered and paddled harder.

About a quarter of an hour, Puhua Island was still moving towards them, but its view was getting blurred.

At this point, Chu Changge immediately ordered a change of direction, "Move towards the front." Although the quartet had doubts in their hearts, they did not dare to object and immediately changed their rowing direction.

In the next second, a miracle appeared again—Puhua Island moved away from them, but the sight of the island became even more apparent.

It suddenly dawned on South, East, North, and West.

It turned out that what they had seen was just an illusion.

The island's movement was only their hallucinations.

Only the sight of the island was real.

As long as you rowed in the direction of the island until you could see the view more clearly, you would be able to go ashore.

Sure enough, within half a shichen, everyone went ashore.

Once on shore, they felt physically exhausted and could not resist the surging drowsiness.

That night the group slept on the beach for a night.

The following day, Murong Yunshu was the first to wake up.

Immediately after opening her eyes, she saw soldiers with spears standing in front of her as their group was surrounded by a dozen soldiers.

Murong Yunshu hurriedly pushed Chu Changge underneath her to wake him up.

Chu Changge snapped open his eyes, turned over and shielded Murong Yunshu behind him, muttering, "What's going on"

Murong Yunshu responded, "I also want to know what's going on."

Chu Changge said, "I remember, last night after going ashore, I was inexplicably sleepy.

Before I could figure out what was going on, I fell asleep.

I guess they are the same as me." After saying that, he got up and kicked South, East, North, West and Li Shaoqing awake, one kick each.

Once South, East, North, West and Li Shaoqing woke up, they also looked confused.

How did they fall asleep last night And it was a very good night's sleep.

"Fortunately, I did not meet Hua Tiansheng's people, or I'm afraid that at this moment, I'm already in line to be reincarnated." Li Shaoqing heartily lamented.

"It should be that you didn't meet Hua Tiansheng himself." Murong Yunshu corrected his statement and motioned him to look up.

When Li Shaoqing raised his head, he was so frightened that he withdrew a few steps backwards and asked, "Who are they"

Murong Yunshu said, "If this island is Hua Tiancheng's city, then they are Hua Tiancheng's soldiers.

But judging from their demeanour, it doesn't look much like that."

Li Shaoqing wondered, "Why not"

"Don't you think they look silly" Murong Yunshu asked.

Li Shaoqing glanced at the soldiers again and nodded.

"It's true that they are a bit silly.

They don't even know how to get angry when called one."

Murong Yunshu responded, "That's because they don't understand our words at all." After saying that, she looked askance at the soldiers and still didn't receive any reaction from them.

Li Shaoqing felt slightly awkward.

"Since they can't understand our words, then that's a big problem."

Murong Yunshu asked, "What kind of problem"

Li Shaoqing replied, "Puhua Island is full of spells.

The huge and small spells are so intricate.

Without the ingenious people to guide us, we can not penetrate the deep interior of the island and will not be able to find Hua Tiansheng."

"Since it's already this difficult, how did Hua Tiansheng get in And even occupied this one island" Murong Yunshu asked in disbelief.

Li Shaoqing answered, "Hua Tiansheng bribed an ingenious person, named Gazar, who could speak the language of the Central Plains.

It was Gazar who brought him in."

As soon as Li Shaoqing finished speaking, he saw that the expressions of those ingenious soldiers suddenly became ferocious, full of hatred.

One of the soldiers began to talk to them in local words while dancing with his spear.

"What is he saying" Li Shaoqing asked.

Murong Yunshu replied, "He told us to go with them."

North Guardian assured her, "Madam, don't be alarmed.

I'll take care of them right away." After saying that, he grabbed a spear that fell not far away.

Murong Yunshu gave him an indifferent look.

"I am not alarmed.

I'm happy to go with them."

Ugh. North Guardian's face stiffened, feeling embarrassed.

"Why does Madam have to go with them"

"Idiot!" West Guardian whacked his head.

"Did you grow such a big head just to show that you are tall Wouldn't it be good to use its inner functions once in a while"

North Guardian rubbed his head innocently.

"I have used it, but it just doesn't work very well."

West Guardian's forehead was full of black lines.

"What we're worried about right now is that there's no one to take us inside the island.

Since someone has offered to help, why not just go ahead with it Compared to Hua Tiansheng buying the ingenious people, we can also save a few taels of silver."

It finally dawned on North Guardian.

"I see.

I find you so smart, Old West."

West Guardian rolled his eyes.

"A little smarter than you."

"......" Must you use personal attacks to show your superiority

Under the guidance of the natives, the group passed through the colourful forest of fallen leaves until they came to the tall bushes.

They had to turn left and right in the bushes for a while before arriving at the native's base—a tree hollow.

Many ingenious people gathered inside a tree hollow.

These people lived in a group of ten, inside a ten meters tree hollow. Please read this chapter at xin-shou dot site.

"What a big tree hollow!" North Guardian exclaimed, "I've never seen such a big one in the Central Plains.

It can even accommodate dozens of people! Although the tree cave is big, it is not a house after all.

There are so many trees here.

Why don't they just build a house"

Murong Yunshu said, "It's not that they don't, but even if they do, they can't live in them."

North Guardian wanted to ask why, but when he thought of the West Guardian's advice to use his brain, he was too embarrassed to speak.

Nothing more.

Plus, curiosity could make one betray other people.

He was better off pretending to be profound like the Old South.

Chu Changge explained, "With Hua Tiansheng's character since he has occupied the whole island, he will not allow any indigenous soldiers to exist, and will certainly kill them all.

There are many huge tree hollows here.

They can live in this tree hole today and that tree hole tomorrow.

They will not be easily found if they have no fixed place to live.

When they are not that easy to be found, they can escape Hua Tiansheng's pursuit."

After a while, when North Guardian realised the situation of these ingenious people, he became indignant again and cursed, "Hua Tiansheng is really inhuman! After occupying someone else's territory, he still wants to kill them all.

Such a narrow-minded and cruel person still wants to be the Emperor Pooh!"

East Guardian wondered, "Why didn't Hua Tiansheng just recruit them"

Murong Yunshu said, "If it were you, would you be willing to work for an enemy who invaded your homeland"

East Guardian shook his head in understanding.

When he looked at the ingenious people in front of him, dressed in poor and unpleasant clothes but exuded wolf-like nature in their eyes, he had mixed feelings.

Not only East Guardian, everyone's mood was quite complicated.

Especially when they saw several children of seven or eight years old holding weapons taller than their own height with wary faces.

Everyone's hearts seemed to be pierced by needles.

Looking at the children in front of her, Murong Yunshu thought of Little Murong, who was far away in the Imperial Palace.

He had just experienced a palace rebellion.

Was he at this moment walking on thin ice like these destitute and homeless children Although Mojiao Secret members secretly protected him, there were also Nie Qing and Hua Yeli as his political assistants, but these......

How could these compare to the peace of mind brought by a loving father and mother Murong Yunshu silently made a decision in her heart.

At the same time, Chu Changge also came to a decision.

"I want to help them take back Puhua Island."

This statement surprised South, East, North, and West.

When did the Leader, who had always adopted a nonchalant attitude towards things of no personal interest, start to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of humankind

Murong Yunshu, however, was not surprised at all.

She had long known that his heart possessed the softest heart of compassion.

Only the hypocrisy of the world made him disdain it.

However, in the face of the simple and innocent indigenous people that had been invaded, how could he not feel heartache for his people In his body, the blood of the royal family of the Daye Dynasty was flowing.

No Emperor could tolerate his own people being bullied and humiliated, never.


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