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Chapter 218 : Grand Finale (End Of The Book) Part 5

"Leader, speak more gently." South Guardian said.

Chu Changge gave him a stern look.

"I can kill you more gently.

Do you want to try"

South Guardian shook his head in haste.

"No need.

I know you can kill people very gently, very, very gently." Leader would do it so gently that there was not enough time for the targets to realise how they would die.

"You only have this one chance.

You can't bring it up later if you don't say it now." Chu Changge pressed her listlessly.

To be honest, this woman was indeed a rare and stunning beauty, but unfortunately, he didn't find her up to his taste.

The beautiful woman was silent for a while before saying, "I saved you in the woods two years ago when you were badly injured and couldn't remember who you were.

I took care of you for a month before you slowly got better.

Later, later you......you......" Interestingly enough, the absolute beauty cheeks turned deep red.

She bit her lips tightly and no longer spoke.

Chu Changge was slightly alarmed.

If he had not seen her in the coffin store and concluded that she had ulterior motives, he would believe he had done something to her when he lost his memory.

Her expression and tone of voice at that moment were so genuine for him to doubt.

After a moment of silence, Chu Changge asked, "What exactly did I do to you"

East, South, North and West secretly sighed.

Sure enough, Leader only loved the fragrance and treasured the jade with Madam.

In his eyes, the rest of the women were merely white bones. The girl had already mentioned it, so frankly, and you still want to ask Are you trying to make her die of shame

The most beautiful woman felt ashamed and embarrassed.

Still, she could not stand Chu Changge's questioning, so she bit her teeth before saying, "You saw my body."

South, East, North, and West collapsed hopelessly. Although it's good that you try to clear things up, aren't you being too innocent, Miss He just saw your body, nothing more.

Is it necessary to come all the way to force him to marry you

At this point, Murong Yunshu, who had been quietly watching the show, spoke up.

"Is it true that you will marry whoever has seen your body"

The absolute beauty flinched momentarily, unable to refute.

This could be considered a tacit approval.

"And what if more than one person has seen your body" As Murong Yunshu asked this, her eyes glanced at Chu Changge.

Chu Changge understood her meaning on the spot and smilingly questioned, "That's right.

Suppose more than one person has seen your body.

Do you plan to divide yourself into several parts and marry them separately"

The most beautiful woman froze again, then bit her lip and said, "The only person who has seen my body is you."

Chu Changge smiled wickedly as he said, "It's not that hard to let one more person see your body.

My Mojiao Sect members are all over the country.

There are four at the door alone.

Are you still worried about no one coming to see it"

Once these words came out, the beautiful woman's face turned pale, and she crossed her arms in front of her chest, afraid of being stripped of her clothes. Please read this chapter at xin-shou dot site.

At the same time, the faces of the four other people–South, East, North, and West–changed colours.

"Leader, we brothers are all very blessed people.

We are so blessed that we can't afford to enjoy such a voluptuous blessing anymore." East Guardian's smiling face looked more unsightly than his crying expression.

However, Chu Changge responded, "I won't let my own fertile water flow into others' fields.

I know how blessed you are, so you should go find some more people to share it together.

This blessing won't be voluptuous if there are more people."

The four men looked gloomy.

This girl's innocence was going to be ruined over a small matter.

While the four brothers were in big trouble as their integrity would be destroyed in their later years! They had worked so hard for so many years to make sure they would stay as upright gentlemen......

The most beautiful woman was scared to death.

"Chu Lang, you, you can not do this."

Chu Changge laughed.

"Why can't I Seeing your body is already a mistake.

I will not make another one by marrying you.

However, since you insist on marrying someone who has seen your body, I have to resort to this."

Feeling both angry and frightened, the beautiful woman stood there trembling faintly.

She suddenly pulled the golden hairpin off her hair.

She pressed it against her throat, saying with determination, "Since Chu Lang doesn't want me, I have to die to show my sincerity."

Chu Changge was astounded at first but then raised his eyebrows.

"I won't stop you if you really want to die."

In an instant, two clear lines of tears fell from the peerless beauty's eyes.

She stared intensely at Chu Changge for a long time and slowly pushed the gold hairpin into her throat.

Chu Changge did not expect her to really kill herself and was in great shock.

South, East, North, and West were also surprised by this scene.

They hurriedly stopped her from hurting herself further and sent her to Feng Cheng's room.

After South, East, North, and West carried the stunning beauty away, Chu Changge was out of his mind for a while longer before he sat down in dismay and asked Murong Yunshu, "Madam, it's not possible that I really looked at her body when I lost my memory, right"

After the suicide incident, Murong Yunshu also began to doubt her initial preconceived judgment.

As a woman, she could see that the girl's feelings were genuine, not an act.

After pondering for a moment, Murong Yunshu said, "This whole thing is full of doubts.

First, the girl's life experience⸺the coffin store owner's daughter who died young.

How did a dead person suddenly come to life Secondly, the time she appeared in the inn.

She is a girl with a face that almost all the men in the world can not help but want to commit crimes for.

She managed to stay safe and sound, travelling from Shu Province to Tianlong Mountain.

If someone wasn't supporting her from behind, she must be deeply hiding.

Lastly, with your character, if you looked at her body, you wouldn't have stopped just from looking."

The last sentence almost caused Chu Changge to die from excess anger.

"Madam, in your eyes, is this husband of yours a lustful man who wants to trifle with every beautiful girl whenever he sees one"

Murong Yunshu: "It's hard to tell right now.

When you lose your memory, you definitely were."

"......How can you be so sure"


Chu Changge made his conclusion.

"I trifled with you when I lost my memory"

"I think the word 'trifle' is not enough to describe your shameless behaviour at that time."


you have already said it was shameless behaviour, and you still need to use 'trifle' to describe it At any rate, I am a beast in your eyes." Chu Changge looked aggrieved.

"It's a beast in human clothing.

You wear a few more clothes than a beast."

"......" That was to say, he was covered with a strong beastly aura inside and out, except for these clothes That was too much of a shock.

"Madam, let's talk about something else."

Murong Yunshu: "Sure.

Let's just talk about the excuse of losing your memory, or you had entered the wrong door to crawl into my bed every night."

Chu Changge: "Madam, don't wronged me.

Although  I don't remember clearly what happened in the past three years, I know myself.

I definitely won't use the same excuse every night."

"The problem was when you forgot what happened the day before when you woke up and pressed on, not knowing that the excuse of entering the wrong door had been used a long time ago."

"......If I say that person is actually my brain-damaged twin brother, will you believe me" Chu Changge asked weakly.

"I will." Murong Yunshu continued, "Given your level of intelligence, it's not surprising that you have a brain-damaged brother."

"......" Is that even the point

The following day.

The absolute beauty miraculously lost her memory.

This caused Chu Changge and Murong Yunshu to be astounded.

"What's going on" Chu Changge asked Feng Cheng.

Feng Cheng answered very calmly, "I stuck two needles in her head."

Chu Changge burst into tears, hugged Feng Cheng and said, "My brother! Originally, I was still struggling with what to do with this woman, but now it's simple.

She doesn't remember the past, and neither do I.

The matter will be treated as if it never happened.

Feng Cheng, this is a great move.

I'm ashamed of myself."

Several black lines floated on Feng Cheng's forehead.

"Actually, I accidentally stuck the needles at the wrong points."

"......" Such a good mistake.

Murong Yunshu: "Some things are just like that.

You won't get to fulfil your wish but get the wrong Yin and Yang instead.

Since the timber has already been turned into a boat, so be it.

I don't even remember what happened yesterday."

Feng Cheng was overwhelmed. This is simply too immoral! What a pitiful, sweet and stunning beauty.

She has turned into a fool with memory loss just like that. "I just made a wrong prick with my needles.

I can fix her up with another few pricks."

"If you dare treat her until she is cured, I will treat you in the most harmful way." Chu Changge breezily warned him.

Feng Cheng looked up to heaven.

His medical virtue had turned corrupted in the hands of this unscrupulous couple.

Finally, by the unanimous decision of Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge, under the unanimous opposition of the crowd, the peerless beauty was packed and sent back to the coffin store.

"I really want to see how the owner of the coffin store will react when his dead daughter simply appears in front of him looking alive." Murong Yunshu said with infinite regret.

Chu Changge smiled.

"If Madam wants to see it, we can personally send her back."

Murong Yunshu: "No.

Since a tumour has not yet been removed, I have no desire to amuse myself."

The tumour Murong Yunshu mentioned was Hua Tiansheng.

As soon as Hua Tiansheng was brought up, Chu Changge's face immediately showed a bit of gloom.

"Let's set off to Puhua Island early tomorrow morning." The city that Hua Tiansheng had spent three years building was on Puhua Island.

The next day, Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge, together with South, East, North, and West, escorted Li Shaoqing to Puhua Island.

Feng Cheng and Ye Xiao Qing accompanied the peerless beauty back to Shu Province.

Mister Shi Er and Yun Si Niang stayed in Tianlong Mountain to repair the mechanism of the silver warehouse.

Li Wunai returned to Shaolin Temple to formally submit his request to return to the secular world.

The four direction groups bid their farewells at the foot of Tianlong Mountain.

Yun Si Niang: "Murong Meizi, Chu Changge, take care of yourselves.

I will guard the silver for you, so you don't have to worry."

Murong Yunshu: "I become more worried about them because of you."

Yun Si Niang: "Murong Meizi, as the saying goes, joy puts heart into a man.

You and Chu Changge reunited after a long time.

This is a great joy, so you should be happy.

When people are happy, they should say more good things and not have such a poisonous mouth.

Otherwise, they will have bad luck."

What kind of divine logic was this From now on, she was only allowed to say things she didn't mean with outward devotion but inner opposition Who forced Yun Si Niang to come out with something as terrible as that in a rush Murong Yunshu looked at Yun Si Niang indifferently and said, "You can go back now."

Yun Si Niang: "Didn't I just ask you to be more polite" This child is addicted to having a poisonous tongue, isn't she

Murong Yunshu answered indifferently, "I don't remember that I ever promised you." She implied you can ask for whatever you want, but I'll ignore it anyway.

Yun Si Niang furiously muttered incomparably sorrowfully, "I don't know when I'll see her again after today's farewell, yet she actually refused to even say a nice word.

Hey, it's her luck that I'm dead set on following her for this long."

Murong Yunshu: "Don't worry, I'll be back.

I don't feel comfortable leaving the silver warehouse in your care all the time."

"......" Will you die if you don't add the latter sentence Yun Si Niang stomped her foot and dragged Mister Shi Er away while mumbling, "Gauging the heart of a gentleman with her own mean measure.

We must stay away from this kind of nasty person, lest our noble character is assimilated by her."

Everyone's face was full of black lines. When did you have a noble character in you

After Yun Si Niang and Mister Shi Er left, Feng Cheng and Ye Xiao Qing also bid farewells.

They took the silly but stunning beauty with them to Shu Province.

"Everyone has left, and it's time for me to go too." Li Wunai said somewhat sentimentally.

Chu Changge patted his shoulder and said, "Brother Li, be a good monk.

If one day I can't get along in the mortal world anymore, I will join you at Shaolin Temple."

The melancholy Li Wunai had in his heart was immediately swept away.

He spoke with his face looking sternly gloomy.

"I am going to return to the secular world!"

Chu Changge, as if he had just learned about it, said regretfully, "Then I'll have nowhere to go."

Li Wunai snorted.

"You have an intimate relationship with such a wealthy woman, still afraid of having nowhere to go Just honestly ask her to build a separate temple for you."

"Building a Golden Temple just to hide one bald donkey.

That's a good idea.

After a hundred years, it may be able to pass on as a good story." Murong Yunshu said with great approval. [ ]

Chu Changge suffered an internal injury. Our external problems have not yet been removed, so can you unite with your husband a little, Madam

Li Wunai: "Brother Chu, Murong, as long as the green mountain never changes and the crystal-clear water flows forever, there will be a time when we will meet again."

Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge spoke in unison, "See you later."

A few moments after Li Wunai left, Murong Yunshu suddenly said, "If you don't decide now.

It will be too late."

Chu Changge did not understand.

"Decide what"

"I'm not talking to you." After saying that, Murong Yunshu turned her head to insipidly look at Lu-er.

Lu-er clasped her two hands and pursed her lips as she looked at Li Wunai's departing back.

Her heart was feeling torn.

Murong Yunshu: "Go ahead.

All good things must come to an end.

There will always be such a day."

"But......" Lu-er dropped her head.

She did not want to leave Miss, but at the same time, she wished to follow the Great Master.

What should she do Making choices like this was something she had never done and couldn't do.

For as long as she could remember, she had regarded Miss's words as the primary rule of action.

If Miss told her to go east, she would go east.

When Miss said to go west, she would go west.

She was never asked whether to go east or west and never personally asked why she didn't go south or north.

She always believed that as long as she had Miss around, she wouldn't be afraid even if the sky was about to fall.

It was because Miss would tell her how to avoid catastrophe or die a beautiful death.

Now, her original simple world suddenly became complex, so she did not know which course to follow ().

Seeing that Lu-er was hesitant to say anything, Murong Yunshu gave Li Wunai's departing direction another glance, then turned towards the carriage.


Hearing this 'depart' word, Lu-er immediately felt that the sky was collapsing, and she could not grasp any fulcrum.

It turned out that when the sky collapsed, Miss did not know and could not hold onto it.

In the end, she could only rely on herself.

"Miss." Lu-er suddenly summoned the courage to call Murong Yunshu, kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to her three times.

"Lu-er will repay Miss's kindness in the next life."

Murong Yunshu: "Get up.

This life is not over yet.

What's this talk about in the next life Quickly go after him.

If you don't go now, you won't be able to catch up."

Lu-er's eyes immediately warmed up, and tears started to well up.

"Thank you, Miss." After saying that, she got up and chased after Li Wunai.

She kept running all the time and did not dare to look back for fear that she would lose the courage to leave once she turned around.

Murong Yunshu, facing away from the direction of Lu-er's departure, stopped in place for ages.

After a long time, until the world became silent, she slowly turned around and saw two blurred figures disappear at the end of the road.

Lu-er, the world is dangerous.

You must, must take care of yourself.

"Madam, let's go on our way." Chu Changge sighed.

Murong Yunshu nodded slightly and followed him to the carriage.


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