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Chapter 217 : Grand Finale (End Of The Book) Part 4

Translated byきつねonJuly 23, 2022

Li Zhongtian: "Tie up the three of them and put them in the Heavenly Prison!"


"Yes!" Two soldiers wanted to go forward to catch Chu Murong, but as soon as they got close, a gust of wind came up.

They were blown three feet away and fell down.


Chu Murong instantly lit up.

He guessed that the reinforcement must have arrived.

As expected, in the blink of an eye, several thousand strong men in dark clothes dropped from the sky, kneeling on one knee and calling out, "Greeting, Little Leader."


As soon as Li Zhongtian saw this circumstance, he was so frightened that his legs went limp and fell to the ground.


"Lord Li." The Chief of the Imperial Guards helped him up.


"Go, go quickly." Li Zhongtian rolled and crawled.

Unfortunately, he only took a few steps before his neck was wrapped by a chain, and with a creak, he fell to the ground and died.


To shoot a man, first shoot his horse.

Once Li Zhongtian died, the rebel army collapsed by itself.


Chu Murong did not even look at Li Zhongtian.

He just instructed indifferently, "Pass this decree.

Li Zhongtian deceived the Emperor and committed treason.

Therefore, his whole family will be beheaded.

The people involved, the civil officials, are all dismissed and investigated.

The military generals are all sent to the frontier."


"Your Majesty, be merciful!" All the rebels knelt down in unison.


Nie Qing also advised in a low voice.

"Your Majesty, this palace rebellion involved many officials.

Suppose Your Majesty dismisses and investigates all the officials and sends the rebel generals to the frontier.

In that case, I'm afraid it is not the most appropriate take of action."


Chu Murong: "What's wrong with that The most important thing for the Daye Dynasty is the people.

Tomorrow, the public announcement will be issued.

In ten days, a special Imperial Examination will be held nationwide to re-elect officials."


"Your Majesty, think twice." Nie Qing was still undeterred.


Chu Murong: "I have already thought about it four to five times.

Even if they are geniuses yet not loyal to me, what is the use of having them around"


Nie Qing: "A wise monarch should be able to tolerate the faults of others."


Chu Murong: "Then you should consider me an incapable ruler." After saying that, he left with a flick of his sleeve.


Nie Qing let out a long sigh.

Chu Murong was stubborn and domineering, following only his heart, exactly the same as her.


Hua Yeli patted his shoulder and said, "Lord Nie, you'd better prepare for the selection of new officials."






The following day.

The whole country was shocked.

Li Zhongtian had deceived the Emperor and committed treason, causing his entire family to be beheaded.

Most of the officials in the court were dismissed and investigated.

Because of this incident, the Imperial Court was going to re-elect new officials.

These three events spread through the streets of the Daye Dynasty.

It also reached the Murong Mansion compound in Tianlong Mountain. Please read this chapter at xin-shou dot site.


"No wonder the Leader and Madam were so calm.

They had prepared for it." East Guardian sighed.


"No wonder all our acquaintances in the sect have vanished after the Leader's disappearance.

So they all ran to the capital to eat from government coffers." If I had known earlier, I would have also gone there to have a slice of the pie. It was already too late for South Guardian to feel any regrets.


"No wonder the Leader and Madam could be at ease leaving the Little Leader alone in the Imperial Palace.

As it turns out, the members are all there to protect him." West Guardian suddenly realised.


"No wonder......no wonder......no wonder the Leader hasn't gotten up yet.

It turns out that he must have been so tired last night." North Guardian racked his brain to come up with a sentence that sounded logical and formally followed the previous formation from the others, only to receive eyes rolling from the three in return.

North Guardian resentfully lowered his head.

Hey, it wasn't that he was deliberately going off-topic.

Really! All he wanted to say had been spoken by them.

Being the youngest was indeed a shortcoming, wasn't it How good it would have been to be in the Old East's position.

Whenever they spoke, he would always be the first one to start.


At this time, the gatekeeper suddenly hurried in and asked, "Master South, East, North, and West, do you know where the Young Mistress is"


"I don't know.

What do you want with her" East Guardian asked.


The gatekeeper replied, "There is a girl outside the gate, claiming to be Guye's fiancée."


East, South, North and West immediately exchanged glances after hearing his words.

That person was such a good person.

She really deserved praise for her courage to come to the gate.

"Madam is in the study.

Let us take you there."


Through several winding carved corridors, the gatekeeper was brought to the door of Murong Yunshu's study by South, East, North, and West, but they did not bring him in.

It was because there were words of warning written on Murong Yunshu's study door——This study is an important place.

Unimportant people are not allowed to enter. According to their rich experience in the past, the four of them must have been categorised as unimportant people.

Therefore, they wisely chose to wait outside the door.


East Guardian: "Madam is inside.

Please go in and report the matter to her."


The gatekeeper shook his head.

"I can't."


East Guardian: "Why Don't you have something important to report to Madam"


Gatekeeper: "It is written there that no one can enter."


East Guardian: "You have business with her, so you are not an unimportant person."


Gatekeeper: "You don't know, Master East.

When our Young Mistress wrote, 'This study is an important place.

Unimportant people are not allowed to enter'; that is just to make it sound good.

In fact, what she really means is 'This study is an important place, and no one is allowed to enter'.

She just merely adds up the word 'unimportant'.

When the Young Mistress hung up that sign, no one except for Miss Lu-er could go in.

But now, since Guye can also be inside the study, perhaps Guye is also a special case."


East Guardian: "Then this......

isn't going to be easy."


As they found their current situation challenging to manage, they suddenly heard a clear voice ring out behind them.

"What the hell are you four up again" Immediately following this voice was Lu-er, who was carrying refreshments.


The four of them were overjoyed. Here comes their messenger! "Miss Lu-er, there is something we need you to go in and report to Madam." East Guardian said humbly and politely.


Lu-er: "What is it"


"Go ahead." East Guardian pushed the gatekeeper forward.


The gatekeeper said, "There is a girl outside the gate, claiming to be Guye's fiancee."


"Clang——" The refreshments fell to the ground.

Lu-er rushed into the study and exclaimed, "Miss, something bad has happened!"


"What's all the fuss about" Murong Yunshu asked as she looked up unhurriedly.


"That......that woman has come to our gate." Lu-er's expression looked like the sky had just fallen down.


Murong Yunshu: "Which woman"


Lu-er: "It's the woman in the Inn for The Uninvited who claims to be Guye's fiancée.

She's looking for Guye to take responsibility for her."


"Oh." Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows for a moment, then lowered her head again to focus on the account book.

Her mouth said carelessly, "He went out early this morning to buy soy sauce and hasn't come back yet.

You tell that woman to wait first." [E]


"Ah" Lu-er's eyes widened.

That person was Miss' love rival! Somehow, Miss did not give any reaction at all!


Murong Yunshu saw that Lu-er hadn't left yet, so she added, "Tell her to wait outside.

No one is allowed to enter."


Lu-er first froze, then she burst into laughter with understanding.

Just as she thought, how could Miss not care about this!






It was noon.

Chu Changge leisurely returned to the residence.

The South, East, North, and West quartet, who had been waiting at the gate to enjoy the show, almost cried with joy when they saw him finally appear.

"Leader, you've been buying this bottle of soy sauce for a long time." North Guardian said while feeling half relieved and half complaining.


Chu Changge did not understand.

"What soy sauce"


North Guardian: "Madam said you went out early in the morning to buy soy sauce.

Huh Where's the soy sauce"


Chu Changge gave him a blank look.

He directly ignored the soy sauce matter as he asked, "What are you guys doing acting as Door Gods at the gate rather than protecting your Madam in the backyard" As soon as he was done asking this question, he heard a delicate 'Chu Lang' come from up ahead.

Chu Changge looked up and immediately understood why South, East, North, and West were guarding the gate.

"Does your Madam know about this" Chu Changge asked.



East Guardian: "So what will the Leader do if she already knew about this Or what if she hasn't known about this yet"


"If your Madam already knew about this, then take the woman in and make it clear to your Madam until she understands.

If your Madam doesn't know about her yet, just drive her away." In the end, Chu Changge changed his words.

"Just directly drive her away.

I'll explain to Madam."


"Chu Lang." The stunning beauty ran forward and tried to hold Chu Changge.


Chu Changge spun around, avoiding her touch, and warned with his brows wrinkled in disgust, "If you don't want to die, then don't touch me."


"Chu Lang, you......how can you do this to me" The absolute beauty looked as if she had been wronged, expressing how pitiful she was.


Chu Changge, who had always hated such a baffling attached woman, did not spare a glance at her and walked swiftly inside.

The stunning beauty, however, did not give up and followed him to Murong Yunshu's study.


"Chu Lang, Sister." The absolute beauty bent down and saluted, then walked inside the study.

Her front foot just lifted up to cross the threshold, and before it landed, she heard a flat-out 'go out', scaring her so much till she shivered fiercely and subconsciously withdrew her foot.


The one who said the word 'go out' was not Chu Changge but the expressionless Murong Yunshu.

In fact, her voice was not loud and did not carry too much emotion.

Still, this plaintive voice nearly scared the absolute beauty out of her wits, causing her to not have the courage to take another half step forward.


"Didn't you see the words outside the door" Murong Yunshu asked coldly.


The stunning beauty took a few steps back and indeed found a sign outside the door that read, 'This study is an important place.

Unimportant people are not allowed to enter'.


"But I......" The exceptional beauty looked pitifully at Chu Changge, wanting to say something but hesitated.


Chu Changge, however, completely ignored her amorous feelings, diligently poured a cup of tea and handed it over.

"Madam, have a cup of tea."


Murong Yunshu took the tea and drank it leisurely as if nothing had happened.


The stunning beauty once again uttered, "Chu Lang——"


Chu Changge impatiently gave her a cold, murderous look.


The exceptional beauty shrank in fear and whispered with her head lower, "Chu Lang, I have......have given myself to you.

Whether you want me or not, my life is yours, and if I die, I'll be your ghost."


Once Chu Changge heard this, he was afraid Murong Yunshu would misunderstand and was about to explain to her, only to see her face looked so relaxed.

She put down the cup and changed her position to read a book.

She obviously did not take this baffling 'love rival' seriously or did not take him seriously as her husband.


This time, Chu Changge also mourned.

"Madam, don't you have anything to say about this"


Murong Yunshu raised her eyes, looked at him for a few seconds, and then lowered her head again.

With her gaze still focused on the book, her mouth indifferently stated, "Don't step into the study for even half a step.

If you take one step in, I'll chop one of your feet off.

If you take another step in, I'll chop both of your feet." These words were said for the exceptional beauty to hear.

They were spoken with the same unperturbed, matter-of-fact tone of voice. [ ]


"She said she is my people." Chu Changge emphasised the main point, meaning to remind someone to have a bit of a sense of crisis.


Murong Yunshu responded indifferently, "That's her business."


Chu Changge first froze, then laughed.

"Right, that's her business."


The Four Great Guardians, who initially came with the attitude of watching the fun, all had a look of admiration on their faces. Madam is genuinely worthy of being our Mojiao Sect's Leader's wife.

She doesn't need to be cynical or aggressive.

She has easily kicked the other party out with just this phrase, 'that's her business'.


That's her business——it has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with you, only she with herself.

What a simple but deadly phrase!


This is the limit!


The Four Great Guardians felt that if they didn't do something at this moment, it would really be an insult to their monstrous admiration for Madam.

Therefore——"Leader, it's not the Mojiao Sect's style of handling things to seduce and then abandon a woman.

You should at least give her an explanation." East Guardian said wistfully.


"Do you want an explanation" Chu Changge smiled eerily and said to the outstanding beauty, "You insist on being born to be mine and my ghost when you die.

Unfortunately, I don't want your life or your death.

So you'd better not be alive or die." After saying that, he also said to South, East, North, and West, "Do you understand what I mean"


Of course, they understood.

It was to let her have a fate worse than death.

The Four Great Guardians shook their heads together and spoke in unison, "No."


"Oh" Chu Changge raised his dashing eyebrows.

"Then it will be a waste of time explaining it to you.

Who wants to be the first one for me to show it"


The quartet shook their heads in unison.

Those with the brain knew the Leader's 'explanation' did not involve his mouth to explain.

Everyone understood that the Leader of the Mojiao Sect always acted without using his mouth......


"The Mojiao Sect's Great Guardians do not know what it's like to have a fate worse than death.

If this gets out, how can this Leader still have the face to walk in the jianghu in the future" Chu Changge lamented with a smile.


As Chu Changge smiled softly and elegantly, the Four Great Guardians felt chilled to their bones when they heard his words.


"There's no need to trouble the Leader with this thing.

We should just torment each other for it." East Guardian spoke with a forced smile.

The remaining three also nodded while secretly thinking about the phrase 'torment each other, torment each other'......


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth hooked up in satisfaction as he said, "Good.

But before you torment each other, you should dispose of this person first."


Dispose of......dispose of......why did it sound like they were asked to destroy the corpse to hide the evidence South, East, North, and West were tempted to agree.

However, when their gaze touched the pure and lovely eyes of the exceptional beauty, their heart could not bear to do it.

"Leader, you'd better make things clear with this girl." East Guardian suggested.


Chu Changge thought about it for a while.

It was good to settle the matter clearly now so as not to cause any more trouble later.

"Tell me, how did you become my woman"


When the stunning beauty heard his question, she lowered her head shyly.

Her cheeks flushed, and her pink lips were glistening, immediately arousing the protective desire in the men present.


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