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BBW Chapter 214 : Grand Finale (End Of The Book) Part 1

After dressing themselves up, Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge wanted to go downstairs for breakfast, only to see Lihen Palace maids as soon as they opened the door.

Looking at their appearance, they should have been waiting for a long time.

Murong Yunshu glanced at them and asked, "Is there something wrong"

"We are here to say goodbye." The head of the Lihen Palace maid said while handing Murong Yunshu a letter.

"This is what the Lihen Palace Master left for you."

Murong Yunshu took the letter and unfolded it, only to see a few lines of elegant small letters written on the white paper——

"Previously, I was trapped by the demons of my heart, plus there were traitors inside the palace, and I had resulted in kidnapping both of you, for which I am deeply sorry.

With the sky as the limit, we will surely meet again in the future."

Murong Yunshu handed the letter to Chu Changge by hand and then asked the head of the Lihen Palace maid, "When did you know that the previous Palace Master was a fake"

The head of the Lihen Palace maid replied, "When we arrived at Tianlong Mountain.

After we brought your people to the inn and imprisoned them, the real Palace Master got in touch with us."

Hearing their explanations, Murong Yunshu nodded with understanding.

It was no wonder they didn't tear down Li Wunai's stage when South, East, North, and West were besieged yesterday.

Seeing that Murong Yunshu didn't say anything, the head of the Lihen Palace maid cupped her hand and said, "Miss Murong, farewell."

Murong Yunshu: "Take care.

We won't send you off."

Only after the palace maids left did Chu Changge say, "No wonder Bai Yefeng hasn't appeared.

It turns out he went to meet a beautiful woman."

"How so" Murong Yunshu asked.

Chu Changge: "The original name of the Master of the Lihen Palace is Qing Yan, Bai Yefeng's fiancee."

Murong Yunshu: "It seems to be another legendary story."

Chu Changge: "That's right, it was indeed very legendary.

But you certainly can't guess why Qing Yan left the Wuhua Valley and created Lihen Palace outside."

"Tell me."

"You should guess first."

Murong Yunshu pondered for a few seconds before giving out her guess.

"If I have to say, for an engaged couple to break their relationship before their marriage, if not for family reasons, then one of them must have cheated.

With the degree of hate the Lihen Palace people have for men, it should have been Bai Yefeng who betrayed her."

Chu Changge: "Try to guess again."

"Let's go downstairs for breakfast." Murong Yunshu directly changed the topic with a look that said, 'if you're not going to tell me, then I'm too lazy to guess'.

Chu Changge let out a long sigh of frustration and persuaded, "It's rare for your husband to keep Madam in suspense when telling a story.

Can't you cooperate a little with me here, Madam"

"I've already cooperated a little with you.

No more cooperation."

"......" Forget it.

He might as well tell her the truth.

Chu Changge said, "The story goes like this.

One day on a certain month in a certain year, I went to the Wuhua Valley to find Bai Yefeng for a drink.

However, we fell into someone's prank, where that person had added aphrodisiacs into our wine.

Bai Yefeng and I didn't expect it, so we thought we had gotten wildly drunk because of the liquor.

When the drug kicked in, we followed our feelings without resistance and stripped each other's clothes.

As a result, this scene was seen by Qing Yan.

Then she disappeared."

Murong Yunshu was thunderstruck by this legendary story, and the corners of her mouth twitched wildly.

"No wonder she poisoned you at the Lihen Palace.

I've been wondering about it at that time.

It would have been normal to kidnap us to uncover the traitor, but there is no need to poison us.

So there is actually such a past between you two."

"When I learned that she created the Lihen Palace, I made a point to explain it, but she wouldn't listen." Chu Changge said with a frustrated face. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Murong Yunshu threw him a disdainful look.

"She certainly wouldn't believe it after catching you two in bed."

Chu Changge: "There was no bed.

We were carrying on in the tree branches."

"Carried on" A few eerie warning signs surfaced on Murong Yunshu's face.

Chu Changge: "I mean drinking, don't get the wrong idea.

I'm not interested in men." Women really had a rich imagination.

He didn't know how Qing Yan could think that there was an adulterous affair between him and Bai Yefeng. [T/C]

"It's impossible to say.

Maybe you just haven't met a man that can tempt you."

"......will Madam mind dressing up as a man to let your husband experience the feeling of being tempted  by a man"

Murong Yunshu listened to his words with rapt attention for a few seconds, making a show of her being in earnest before saying, "For such a serious matter, we'll discuss it in detail after you become the Great Leader of Martial Arts Alliance."

"......" She really thought he had the potential to be bent.


After having breakfast, Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge's group rushed to the Martial Arts Assembly venue.

When they arrived, the major factions had already been seated and were only waiting for them to appear.

"Where are the other two witnesses" Sect Leader Mo asked.

Chu Changge smiled faintly and side-stepped to make way for the people behind him, striking an inviting pose, "Witnesses, please take your seats."

The two 'witnesses' who followed behind him immediately turned pale with fear.

"Lea, Leader Chu is being too polite." As they wiped their sweat, they took their seats.

Sect Leader Mo frowned, "Which sect are they from"

Chu Changge replied, "The shopkeeper and the shop assistant of the Inn For The Uninvited."

Sect Leader Mo suffered an internal injury.

"How can a shopkeeper and a shop assistant be witnesses"

Chu Changge asked, "Is there a rule stipulating that a shopkeeper and a shop assistant cannot be a witness"

Sect Leader Mo: "There is no rule.


Chu Changge: "Since there is no such rule, no one can argue that they are currently the witness for this Martial Arts Assembly."

Sect Leader Mo wiped his sweat.

"I'm afraid it's difficult to convince the masses to let them be the witnesses."

Chu Changge questioned, "Who is not convinced Stand out and show your face.

I will personally convince him."

When Chu Changge put it out like this, Sect Leader Mo could not oppose him, so he had to admit the identity of the two witnesses.

All the sects were afraid of Chu Changge.

They didn't dare to say anything and tacitly allowed the shopkeeper and the shop assistant to act as temporary witnesses.

Chu Changge was happy that no one objected.

He smiled and said, "Very good.

Now, the competition can begin.

You guys fight first, and whoever wins at the end will fight with me."

Sect Leader Mo once again wiped his sweat.

If Chu Changge said such words, who would dare to fight and win

The major factions in the audience also shared the same idea as the Sect Leader Mo, and no one dared to come to the ring to fight.

Yesterday Huo Zhantang ruined the major sects' constitution.

Today, there was Chu Changge, who was a hundred times more powerful than Huo Zhantang.

No matter how many people were in their sects, they could not withstand such destruction.

Silence fell over the scene.

Chu Changge impatiently yawned, then said to Sect Leader Mo.

"I told you not to fight and just let me be the Great Leader, yet you want to choose again.

Since you want to do that, you should at least prepare a few candidates.

Otherwise, your delaying tactic yesterday would not have been in vain."

Catfish Moustache, a.k.a Fu Manchu Moustache

Image Credit | The rightful owner via Pinterest

Hearing his words, Sect Leader Mo's catfish moustache twitched a few times irregularly before sullenly saying, "I didn't expect that you could find witnesses so easily and that everyone would have no objection to it."

Chu Changge: "This kind of thing was not something unexpected.

It's no wonder you were always unable to organise the major factions to stand up against the Black Wind Mountain."

Sect Leader Mo was shocked.

"How did you know......"

Chu Changge interrupted him and continued, "When did you people never privately discuss going to Black Wind Mountain to annihilate the Mojiao Sect during Martial Arts Assembly I'm already used to it.

It would be strange if you didn't discuss it this time."

"So you knew all along."

Chu Changge: "Otherwise, why would I go back to Black Wind Mountain for two months after every Martial Arts Assembly It's just that you guys let me down too much.

I've waited many times, and you guys never come, not even once."

"......" This guy is really, really arrogant.

Chu Changge: "After this, I don't need to wait anymore.

Suppose you instigate the people's will to crusade against me again after I assume the position of the Great Leader of Martial Arts Alliance.

In that case, I will consider it a disgraceful act.

I'll lead a group of outstanding heroes to kill you."

It will be more like a group of demons.

The major sects will never listen to your command even if you become the Great Leader of the Martial Arts Alliance. Sect Leader Mo said secretly in his heart.

Chu Changge seemed to see through his thoughts and said, "I know you guys won't obey me.

That's fine.

I just need to hang on to the title for the time being.

When I meet a suitable candidate in the future, I will give up the position."

Sect Leader Mo was immediately overjoyed.

"Are you serious"

Chu Changge: "I will not go back on my word."

Sect Leader Mo: "Good.

Since you say so, you will be the Great Leader of Martial Arts Alliance for the time being."

Chu Changge: "You should have realised this long ago."

"......" You didn't say you would give up the position earlier either! Sect Leader Mo shook his head helplessly and got up to announce.

"Mojiao Sect Leader Chu Changge will now hold the position of the current Great Leader of Martial Arts Alliance."

Even before the announcement ended, the whole audience was already boiling.

Unlike the previous high spirits, the people off the stage let out sighing voices and wailing breaths with a look of disappointment.

Chu Changge wrinkled his eyebrows and asked Murong Yunshu.

"Is it so bad for me to be the Great Leader of the Martial Arts Alliance"

Murong Yunshu answered, "They are probably afraid of your revenge."

"......do I look like the kind of person who would use my position for personal vendettas" Chu Changge had put on a disdainful look.

Murong Yunshu looked up at him and spat out these words nonchalantly.

"You do."

"......" That's really direct.

After the announcement of Chu Changge as the Great Leader of the Martial Arts Alliance leader, the Martial Arts Assembly came to an end.

The crowd got up and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound, and the ground where the Kunlun Sect's phalanx formation was located had been blown apart.

In a moment, smoke filled the air with flesh, and blood flew everywhere.

Followed by explosion sounds from Huashan, Emei, and Wudang's seat location......moving step by step towards the ring.

"It's explosives!" Chu Changge shouted.

He immediately picked up Murong Yunshu, and with just a little push using his foot, he flew a few zhang away.

The rest also escaped one after another.

As they flew to the front, explosives seemed to chase them from behind.

They were pressed all the way during their escape.

The mastermind behind the scene obviously wanted to kill them all.

Even their return journey towards the inn was also buried with explosives.

"Divert to the silver warehouse." Murong Yunshu said.

"Okay!" Chu Changge did an airborne cartwheel and headed for the silver warehouse.

Feng Cheng and the others followed closely behind.

About a quarter of an hour later, the group arrived at the silver warehouse. [ ]

Murong Yunshu hurriedly opened the mechanism to let everyone in.

"Let's see if anyone was left behind." She said while counting the number of people.

After confirming that everyone was there, the stone door was closed.

The moment the stone door closed, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"That was close.

If we had been slower, our lives would have been over," Yun Si Niang said, rubbing her chest that still had lingering fears.

Feng Cheng nodded approvingly.

Fortunately, his qinggong was pretty good, despite not being that proficient in martial arts.

Otherwise, how should he explain to the Old Man Shenji He suddenly realised that Ye Xiao Qing was still being held in his arms and hurriedly put her down.

"Are you hurt anywhere" He asked.

Ye Xiao Qing, who was bouncing and vivaciously bickered with him yesterday, had become unusually quiet and well-behaved at this moment.

"No." She said with her head bowed.

Her hands were clasped together, a little nervous.

Feng Cheng stared at her strangely, thinking: Why has this girl suddenly become so quiet

Meanwhile, Murong Yunshu watched this scene from the side and was overjoyed.

This was a heroic rescue of a damsel in distress.

It seemed that Ye Xiao Qing only worshipped Chu Changge.

She was really in love with him.

Since it was this way, Murong Yunshu felt really relieved.

Suddenly, a movement at the corner caught Murong Yunshu's attention.

She frowned as she asked, "Who's there" At the same time, South, East, North, and West jumped over and pulled out a person from behind the stone platform.

Murong Yunshu was surprised after clearly seeing the person's face.

"Li Gongzi, how come you are here"

Li Shaoqing laughed.

"Just now, when the bomb exploded, I saw you run this way, so I followed."

That is obvious nonsense.

"This place is full of martial arts masters.

How could you, a scholar, keep up with us" Murong Yunshu asked rhetorically.

"I can do martial arts." Li Shaoqing added, "I just don't show it that easily."

Murong Yunshu smiled and suddenly remembered that he never once said he did not know martial arts.

"Why did you keep on approaching me"

Li Shaoqing: "In the past, King Sheng asked me to approach you to divert your attention, while he and his people repaired the plank road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River to Chenchang.

He sent a group of people to steal silver from the silver warehouse, but unfortunately, it did not succeed.

That group of people ended up buried along with the silver.

This time, I was running for my life."

Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows.

"You are very frank."

"King Sheng has treated me unjustly, and I don't have to be loyal to him anymore." Li Shaoqing continued in anger.

"According to our plan, it should be Huo Zhantang who won the position of the Great Leader of Martial Arts Alliance Alliance.

Using this position, he would collect various sects' martial arts secrets for King Sheng.

I never thought that after Huo Zhantang failed to win the title, King Sheng would plant explosives at the venue and did not even inform me."

Murong Yunshu: "Perhaps he had expected you to be deeply hidden and wanted to take this opportunity to test you."

Li Shaoqing: "He wanted to abandon the chariot to protect the commander.

He thought I would die at the venue, thus planting the entire plot on me and my father's head and charging us with the intent to plot rebellion."

"In that case, you people are now turned against each other" Murong Yunshu asked with a smile.

Li Shaoqing snorted coldly and did not retort.

きつね's Musing

Uh...I think I need to do some editing to the previous chapters.

I'm going to add the word alliance to the position of the Great Leader of the Martial Arts.


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