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Chapter 209 : The Leader Is Here (Part 4)

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"If you want to sleep, you should wait until after you finish dealing with those palace maids upstairs." Li Wunai said.

Speaking of the Lihen Palace maids, Murong Yunshu raised her eyes.

Sure enough, she could see them sitting calmly on the second floor.

"What's going on" She asked.

"They don't seem unwilling to make enemies with us anymore." After telling her that, Li Wunai told the story of how the Lihen Palace maids did not tear off his stage.

Murong Yunshu nodded in understanding at his words, then said to the innkeeper.

"Please provide good food and accommodation for the girls upstairs, and all the expenses will be borne by me."

The innkeeper nodded his head like pounding garlic and immediately ordered the waiter to arrange the main rooms for the maids of the Lihen Palace.

"Why are you paying for us" The leader of the Lihen Palace maid asked.

Murong Yunshu smiled unfathomably and answered, "Proper behaviour is based on reciprocity."


The night wind blew gently, and the full moon was hanging high.

Murong Yunshu sat alone in front of the window, with her thoughts in a whirl.

Although it was clear from the beginning that this road would not be flat land where they could gallop straight across, now looking at the thistles and thorns on a bumping path in front of her, she still couldn't help but ask Lue Yao why her love life was full of trouble and misfortune.

Since her red thread was tied to Chu Changge, why was he repeatedly taken away from her

This red thread was probably too long.

The next time they met again, she would definitely wrap it around each other's wrists a few times.

Then, they would never separate again in this life unless the red thread was broken.

Murong Yunshu held the soul-locking jade hanging around her neck and swore this in her heart.

"Miss, it's time to sleep." After Lu-er had set up the bed properly, she brought the oil lamp to Murong Yunshu's side.

Murong Yunshu: "You go to sleep first.

I will sleep later."

Lu-er: "I won't sleep if Miss doesn't sleep."

Murong Yunshu sighed and asked, "Why are you doing this"

"Miss can't sleep because something is occupying Miss' heart.

I have Miss in my heart, so I'm not going to sleep either." Lu-er's face was full of stubbornness.

"You, this girl." Murong Yunshu sighed again and said, "Fine.

I'll sleep."

Lu-er grinned happily.

She put the oil lamp on the table and changed her clothes.

"Lu-er, you're not so young anymore." Murong Yunshu suddenly stated.

Lu-er's face flushed as she smiled and said, "I'll be eighteen next year."

Murong Yunshu nodded slightly, thinking it was time to find a husband for Lu-er.

When she retired with Chu Changge, she would be more at ease after settling Lu-er's matter.

Jianghu was too dangerous.

Even if she was remarkably clever and Chu Changge had outstanding martial arts skills, they still could not resist the enemy's scheming.

Although it might not be a bad idea to enjoy the carefree and unrestrained life of a wanderer over walking on thin ice, she already had enough mixing with the jianghu. But, Chu Changge, where the hell are you

At the same time, another person was looking for Chu Changge, that is⸺Old Man Shenji.

"Xiao Qing, where do you think Chu Changge has gone to" Old Man Shenji asked as he moved around the tattered banana tree.

His young granddaughter's big beautiful eyes stared at him as she smilingly said, "Can't figure it out Why don't Grandpa predict it by using Grandpa's fingers."

"Xiao Qing, don't play hide and seek with Grandpa.

Grandpa is already old and can't count anymore, so just tell Grandpa where he is." Old Man Shenji pleaded.

"If Grandpa admits that Grandpa can't actually predict, and Grandpa was only making wild guesses before, I'll tell Grandpa where he is." The young granddaughter said slyly.

When Old Man Shenji heard her words, he immediately got angry and glared at her.

"No way, nope.

It's not worth it to ruin my reputation for a great demon."

"Grandpa can use it to collect rewards from Murong Yunshu! Grandpa should collect lots and lots of silver until Grandpa can't finish spending it in Grandpa's whole life."

"My life is almost over.

Why do I need lots and lots of silver"

"For Grandpa to set them aside for me." The young granddaughter smiled and said, "Grandpa, you are one of the best in jianghu.

If you have robbed the rich to help the poor, you would have wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation by now.

But you insist on being poorer than the old beggar and won't keep even a penny.

It won't mean anything to Grandpa because Grandpa is already an ancient man anyway.

Still, it will be pitiful to me, delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade young lady, to not have any dowry.

Someday, I can only become someone's concubine.

Ai—" As she spoke, she sighed and raised her sleeves, pretending to shed some tears.

"Bah, bah, bah.

What concubine Can this old man's granddaughter be a concubine Xiao Qing, don't worry.

Although Grandpa doesn't have even a penny on me, Grandpa knows countless young talents.

Grandpa will take the opportunity to pick a good husband for you in the Martial Arts Assembly tomorrow."

"Grandpa, are there any young talents among the people you know How come I haven't seen any" The look on his young granddaughter was inconceivable.

Old Man Shenji's grizzled beard trembled, and he said, "Of course! More than that, that guy surnamed Mo from the Wudang Sect is one of the most beautiful men in the jianghu."

"Surnamed Mo You don't mean the Sect Leader Mo, do you But that man is almost like you, with half his feet in the coffin.

He is an old Taoist priest!" His young granddaughter rolled her eyes.

"Don't talk nonsense.

He is a man of Taoism who is cultivating himself for immortality.

Compared with his current life span, he should be considered in his youth right now."

"What youth According to what Grandpa said, he should just be born now.

Grandpa, how can you let me marry a young talent who was just born That is just too sinister!"


That's true." Old Man Shenji laughed dryly and scratched the back of his head, saying, "Then, otherwise, why don't you just marry Chu Changge You like listening to his stories so much.

You must like him a lot too, right" [T/C]

His young granddaughter suddenly blushed at his words and stomped her foot in anger.

"He is a married man.

How can I marry him"

Old Man Shenji nodded approvingly and said, "What you say makes sense.

If you really share a husband with Murong Yunshu, you might die violently on the street while on your way to getting married."

"Grandpa!" His young granddaughter pretended to be furious and turned her head coyly.

Looking at his granddaughter's reaction, Old Man Shenji could not help but sigh in his heart.

This girl's mind, in fact, he had long seen it through.

Otherwise, he would not have aided Chu Changge out of trouble time and time again.

It was only that the falling flowers were yearning for love, but the heartless brook rippled on.

If it was someone else, one might be able to give birth to affection after spending time together for a long time.

But in Chu Changge's heart, there was absolutely no room for a second woman to enter. [ ]

With another sigh, Old Man Shenji asked, "Xiao Qing, if Grandpa has a way to let you stay by Chu Changge's side, are you willing"

The young granddaughter blushed and said, "Grandpa, don't joke with me.

His love for Murong Yunshu is heavenly.

Even if......I like him, I must not destroy their relationship.

If he lost Murong Yunshu, he would not be Chu Changge." At least, he wouldn't be the Chu Changge with the indomitable spirit she was fond of.

What she admired most about him was that he wouldn't hesitate to destroy the heavens and the earth for his beloved love.

"I'm not asking you to interfere with their relationship.

It's for him to take care of you for the rest of your life."

"If I'm not his wife, how will he be willing to take care of me for the rest of my life"

"For a man to willingly take care of a woman for the rest of his life, apart from love, there is also responsibility.

You don't understand this now.

You only need to answer Grandpa.

Are you willing to be taken care of by him"

His young granddaughter seemed to understand.

She hesitated for a moment and slowly nodded her head.

Seeing this, Old Man Shenji laughed and said, "Good.

Go, take Grandpa to see him right away."

"Grandpa, you're laughing so strangely." His young granddaughter frowned.

Old Man Shenji laughed some more and said, "If you don't take me there, Chu Changge may have to be a living dead person for the rest of his life."

His young granddaughter was shocked and hurriedly led the way, asking as she walked, "Grandpa, can you really save him"

"Of course.

Why would I let you secretly take him out from the inn if I couldn't save him"

"When did I take him out secretly It was clear that I took him out openly and fairly.

Grandpa, the way you talk is so unpleasant to hear."


True words are usually unpleasant to hear."


The following day.

Martial Arts Assembly.

Unlike the last time Murong Yunshu attended the Martial Arts Assembly, this time, her status was no longer as Chu Changge's family member but a specially invited observer for the Martial Arts Assembly—even though the invitation was only received last night.

There were also four main seats inside the ring, with Sect Leader Mo on the far right, followed by Li Wunai, Murong Yunshu in the middle, and the empty seat on the far left, which was for Old Man Shenji.

Off the stage, all the major sects were divided into three sides, and they were seated tightly around the ring.

The blazing sun was high up in the sky, but it was good that each sect had a separate small grass hut to hide from being exposed to the sun.

But the rare high temperature still made the present jianghu people sweat like rain.

By noon, many people could not help but start to fan the wind with their sleeves.

The atmosphere at the scene seemed very restless.

And the Martial Arts Assembly had not begun because Old Man Shenji had not yet arrived.

There was a rule in the martial arts world.

If an observer was not present for a while, the assembly would be postponed for that period; if he was not present for a day, it would be delayed for a day.

A new observer would be elected if the observer didn't show up for more than three days.

Then the Martial Arts Assembly would be held one more time.

Overlooking the restless crowd off the stage and then at the empty seats beside her, Murong Yunshu suddenly had a bad feeling.

Could it be that something happened to Old Man Shenji

Thinking of this possibility, Murong Yunshu suddenly felt like there was a big stone in her heart, making her out of breath.

As she looked around, with her line of sight swept through the crowd, two flashes of fiery red suddenly came into her view, and between the reds was a man in white with a golden crown.

When her eyes met his eyes, Murong Yunshu seemed to see him smiling wistfully at her.

The bad feeling she got in her heart became even stronger at that moment. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Noticing Murong Yunshu's strange appearance, Li Wunai asked in a low voice, "What's wrong"

"I saw an acquaintance." Murong Yunshu said.

Li Wunai followed her gaze, and after seeing the person's face, he immediately frowned and said, "It's him again."

Murong Yunshu: "You still remember him too"

"Huo Zhantang.

When we were besieged at the inn yesterday, he was the one who turned the situation into the worst-case scenario." Li Wunai explained.

"How is this person's martial arts skill"


At these words, Murong Yunshu's heart sank again.

This Martial Arts Assembly had become even more like Hongmen Banquet.


After another incense stick of time, the late Old Man Shenji finally arrived with an exhausted face.

When he walked into the ring, he looked a bit strained.

The most strange thing was that his young granddaughter, who had always depended on him, did not follow.

Because the Martial Arts Assembly was postponed for a long time due to the late arrival of Old Man Shenji, the major sects began to get impatient.

Therefore, when he eventually appeared, the sound of drums rang through the sky as if to welcome his arrival, and almost no one noticed the change in him.

But, Murong Yunshu did.

"Something is wrong." She whispered to Li Wunai.

Li Wunai nodded slowly.

He also saw the oddity in Old Man Shenji but did not know what the anomaly was.

Once the Old Man Shenji was seated, Sect Leader Mo announced the official start of the Martial Arts Assembly.

Each sect took the stage one by one, and the ones competing on the main stage changed one after another.

In the end, a master from Kunlun Sect overpowered the others, and no one came up to challenge him after a long time.

"It seems that the position of Great Leader of Martial Arts will be given to this master from Kunlun Sect." Sect Leader Mo commented with great satisfaction.

As for the remaining three witnesses, Li Wunai did not answer, and Murong Yunshu was also silent.

Only Old Man Shenji stroked his beard and laughed as he said, "Old Man Mo, even though you strive to become an immortal in the future, you still don't have much vision."

Sect Leader Mo joined in the laugh and asked, "Then, in your opinion, who should be given the title Great Leader of Martial Arts"

"Of course, it should go to......" Halfway through his sentence, Old Man Shenji abruptly changed his tone, "Of course, it goes to the last winner."

Sect Leader Mo: "Now, he is the only one left in the ring, and there is a delay in the appearance of the next challenger.

After three rounds of gongs and drums, he will be the Great Leader of Martial Arts."

Old Man Shenji: "Even you said it will only happen after three rounds of gongs and drums.

During that time, someone may come up to challenge him."

"Brother Shenji has a point." Great Leader Mo chuckled and gave him a peculiar look.

This glance happened to be noticed by Murong Yunshu and Li Wunai, sitting in the middle with their eyes and ears on all sides.

The two of them exchanged a look. This Old Man Shenji is hiding something.


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