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Chapter 208 : The Leader Is Here (Part 3)

Translated byきつねonJune 10, 2022

At this time, the fake Lihen Palace master crawled to the box, tilted her head and begged, "Save......save......save......me......"


Murong Yunshu was patting dust off her body when she glanced down and then turned to leave.

However, before she left, she threw down this sentence.

"Close the mechanism."


This sentence sent a shock to Yun Si Niang's delicate body.

She powerlessly asked Mister Shi Er.

"Do you also have to turn three hundred thirty-three times to close the mechanism"


Mister Shi Er nodded sorrowfully.



Yun Si Niang's face suddenly showed despair as she cursed in a low voice, "Who is so wicked to design this kind of mechanism!"


"......me." Mister Shi Er answered weakly.


Yun Si Niang's willow eyebrows raised up.

"Can't you pretend that it isn't you and let me curse you to my heart's content"


"......since it's me, you can feel free to scold me.

So just curse me to your heart's content."


"Forget it."


"I don't mind."


"But I mind."


Mister Shi Er was touched.

"Si Niang......"


"Feeling touched If you are, help me close off the mechanism."



Si Niang, I lack the strength to even truss a chicken."


"I'm asking you to turn the turntable, not catch a chicken."




"What's more, this is where you can display your talents.

You should just stay here and design the mechanism so it can only be opened by turning three thousand three hundred and thirty-three times."


"......" Mister Shi Er turned to Murong Yunshu.

"I am the bricklayer of the Murong Mansion." He implied that you should cover for me because I am your people.


Under Mister Shi's eager expectation, Murong Yunshu said, "Then, you can stay and mend the hole in the stone walls.

The quality of this silver warehouse is too poor that it has so many holes."


"......" Those are the mechanisms, okay


When Yun Si Niang heard Murong Yunshu's words, she immediately leapt and frisked.

She smiled, "Let's go, Murong Meizi.

Let's go save Great Master Li."


Murong Yunshu nodded slightly and walked outside.

Yun Si Niang followed closely behind.

After taking only a few steps away, she heard Mister Shi Er call out to her.

"Si Niang, why do you only have Li Wunai in your heart"


Yun Si Niang replied, "Shitou, why are you even jealous of the monk"


Mister Shi Er: "Monks are also men!"


Yun Si Niang could only chuckle and stopped paying attention to him.


Walking out of the silver warehouse, Murong Yunshu raised her eyes to look at the blue sky and white clouds outside and softly gave some advice.

"You should cherish your time together and be kind to him."


Yun Si Niang was stunned, and then she also sighed.

"Indeed, we should cherish the time we have at this moment.

The world is too unpredictable.

It is possible that one day a couple can be separated." Speaking of separation, Yun Si Niang couldn't help but look sideways at Murong Yunshu.

"Do you know where to look for Chu Changge"


Murong Yunshu was still looking into the distance when she answered lightly.

"I don't know."


Yun Si Niang: "Then, what will we do next"


Murong Yunshu: "Go to the inn to rescue Feng Cheng and the others."


Hearing Murong Yunshu's words, Yun Si Niang suddenly remembered the purpose of her trip and hastily summoned her ten thousand-mile horse.

"But I only have one horse.

It can't carry three people......" Before Yun Si Niang could finish her sentence, she exclaimed in surprise and said to herself, "Where did the masked girl go" [T/C]


Murong Yunshu was not surprised.

"She was not with us.

It's normal for her to go by herself."


"Who is she"


"I'm not too sure."


"Not too sure That means you can guess her identity by seventy to eighty per cent"


"Ninety per cent." [T/C]


"......" Can you at least be a little more modest once in a while


Murong Yunshu ignored the action of Yun Si Niang rolling her eyes, and urged, "Let's go.

If we don't set off right away, we'll have to deal with their dead bodies then."


"Yes, yes, let's hurry up and leave.

This is a bit far from the inn, and we will be too late if we are a little bit slow." After saying that, Yun Si Niang leapt onto the horse, pulled Murong Yunshu onto its back and said, "Sit tight." She then raised the whip and spurred the horse as the horse galloped away. [ ]






When Murong Yunshu and Yun Si Niang arrived at the inn, Feng Cheng and the others had lost their energetic looks and were losing the battle.

The most obvious sign was when South, East, North, West and Li Wunai's martial arts started to appear ineffective a few times.

"Feng Cheng, what kind of elixir did you give us How come it works for one moment and then fails the next" Li Wunai shouted.


Feng Cheng answered calmly while responding to the enemy's attack.

"Maybe I put a little less or a little more of medicine into some of the elixirs.

I'll try another prescription later."


Li helpless: "Try another prescription You have not tested this elixir yet You dare to give us the elixir that has not been tested"


"Isn't it being tested right now" Feng Cheng was still incomparably calm, with a confident look that 'no one died anyway' on his face. [T/C]


Li Wunai tilted his head and sighed.

Even the Divine Physician was unreliable these days.


Compared to Li Wunai's helplessness, South, East, North and West were much calmer.

Since they had followed an unreliable Leader for many years, they had long used to it.

As they were about to sigh, they suddenly saw a beautiful figure at the door.

The quartet was overjoyed and shouted in unison, "Madam has arrived!"


When Feng Cheng and Li Wunai heard their shout, they also turned to look at the door together.

They immediately breathed a sigh of relief when their eyes set on the figure that always had a breezy attitude.

They were finally saved.


Murong Yunshu's sudden appearance brought the battle to a halt.

South, East, North and West quickly clustered in front of her and surrounded her, saying, "Madam, you finally came.

We were badly cheated by that swindler."


Murong Yunshu smiled faintly as she said, "Don't worry, Feng Cheng is a very measured person.

Even if he can't cure you, he won't kill you.

You will be half-dead at most, so it's not really a problem."


Being half-dead not a problem South, East, North and West's faces were full of black lines.


The corners of Feng Cheng's mouth gently twitched a few times as he said, "Since you still have the mood to ridicule me, it seems like there is no need for me to check your pulse."


Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows and did not deny his statement.

She then turned her head to sweep her sight at the people of the major sects one by one.

Seeing everyone so silent, she slightly opened her lips and asked faintly, "I heard that you all want to kill my guards"


There was a moment of silence among all the major sects.

After a long time, someone finally replied, "We want to kill the guardians of the Mojiao Sect to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven."


At these words, Murong Yunshu raised her delicately pretty eyebrows and leisurely questioned, "Enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven Then you should kill yourself with your sword.

What's the point of making things difficult for the guards of my Murong Mansion"


The whole room was in an uproar at these words.


After a long time, an old man with white hair came out from the crowd and asked, "Miss Murong, don't tell me that you think our upright and prestigious sect should be eradicated"


Murong Yunshu turned to look at the voice's owner and recognised that this person was the Wudang Sect Leader, Master Mo.

So she slightly bent down and gave him a salute.

Then she said, "Wudang Sect is a distinguished figure in the martial arts circles.

Naturally, it should not be eradicated.

Sect Leader Mo shouldn't take your seat according to the ticket number.

Heroes and gentlemen present should also not do the same thing.

I am referring to those who take advantage when others are in their precarious position are the nastiest.

If you did not attack my guards while they were wounded under the guise of enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven, then you are the men of honour."


She spoke politely but with thorns in every word; thus, all the major sects present suffered a real stifling loss.

There was no need to talk about jianghu morality with the people of the Mojiao Sect.

However, when dealing with the Murong Mansion, they still had to follow the rules.

Since she had the protection of the Murong Mansion, she deliberately sided with the Four Great Guardians of the Mojiao Sect by classifying them as the people of Murong Mansion.

It was plainly inexcusable if you insisted on taking unfair advantage of them after that. 


In response, Sect Leader Mo smiled as he spoke, "Since Miss Murong has made it clear that those four are now Murong Mansion's guards and have nothing to do with the Mojiao Sect, then we will leave it at that."


There was a hint of a sneer in Murong Yunshu's eyes when she heard the phrase 'nothing to do with the Mojiao Sect'.

If she didn't admit it, they would continue to pester.

If she accepted it, it was the same as denying her relationship with Chu Changge.

She thought for a moment before she smiled.

"They are now the guards of my Murong Mansion and do not participate in the disputes in the jianghu.

If you are targeting them, you are targeting me, Murong Yunshu.

The relationship between the Mojiao Sect and me is clear to all of you.

If you think that I have helped the evil-doers to do evil deeds, you can come and crush me.

And I have no complaints."


These words left the major sects speechless again.

Indeed, although Murong Yunshu was married to the Mojiao Sect, she had not participated in any of the Mojiao Sect's actions.

Even in these years, the Mojiao Sect did not tyrannise the jianghu like they did before.


When the crowd did not speak, Murong Yunshu pursed her lips into a smile before asking them to leave.

"If you have nothing else to do, then go away.

Blocking the doorway will affect the store's business, which will cause the owner to lose money." After that, she said to the innkeeper hiding under the table, "Boss, calculate the loss, and put it all in the Murong Mansion account."


The innkeeper hastily crawled out from under the table and responded submissively.

"Miss Murong doesn't have to be so serious.

It is an honour for me to be able to entertain you.

No need to mention anything about compensation."


"Business is business.

You should still be compensated for the loss when you suffer a financial loss." After saying that, Murong Yunshu instructed Lu-er to count the losses together with the shopkeeper.


The stunned Lu-er was flabbergasted for a long time before she understood what Murong Yunshu meant and hurriedly followed the innkeeper to the counter to settle the account.


Seeing this scene, all the major sects waited and watched for a moment before retreating one after another.


After the major sects left, the East Guardian asked seriously.

"Madam, you said that we won't be participating in the disputes within the jianghu, so what should we do in the Martial Arts Assembly tomorrow"


East Guardian's words made Murong Yunshu suddenly realise that she seemed to have walked into the trap laid by the enemy for her.

Perhaps, the enemy's purpose was not to take the lives of the South, East, North and West but to prevent them from appearing on the ring of the Martial Arts Assembly tomorrow.

Her heart got even heavier when she thought of Chu Changge's disappearance.


Hua Tian Sheng, don't tell me you want both the jianghu and the Imperial Court


There is no such thing as getting the best of both worlds in this world.


Murong Yunshu was staring down and lost in thought for a while before she said, "For now, we can only take one step at a time."


"What about the Leader Where are we going to find our Sect Master" North Guardian asked.


Thinking of Chu Changge, Murong Yunshu became even more worried.

She wished she could turn him into a tiny man to hold him in her hands and become inseparable.

"We won't go anywhere.

Just wait for him to come back by himself." Murong Yunshu instructed.


North Guardian was embarrassed.

Madam could be calm whenever she was.

The fact that it was her husband who had gone missing, yet her expression still didn't change.

Her being in this state really made him feel ashamed of himself.


"In your opinion, why would Chu Changge suddenly disappear" Feng Cheng asked Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu raised her head slightly, looked at him after a pause, and said, "You guys enjoyed the fight so much that you even ignored him."


"......I'm serious."


"I'm not joking either."


Feng Cheng was speechless.

It was true.

They were indeed responsible for Chu Changge's disappearance, but now was not the time to find someone to blame.

The most urgent task was to find Chu Changge's whereabouts.

After pondering for a few seconds, Feng Cheng wondered, "Could Hua Tiansheng's people have taken him away"


Murong Yunshu raised an eyebrow and nodded.

"It's possible."


In response to this assumption, South, East, North and West immediately shout out.

"Since we've found out this is the work of the ungrateful one, let's go to Hua Tiansheng right now and ask him."


Yun Si Niang stated disapprovingly, "There is no proof.

Who are you to call on him What's more, he is surrounded by experts, and in your current state, you may not be able to get even close to him."


Being poked at their sore spot, South, East, North and West were disheartened.

They could not help but look at Feng Cheng resentfully.


Receiving the four people's attention, Feng Cheng asked incomparably calmly, "I still have a temporary recovery elixir here.

Do you guys want it"


"No!" East, South, North and West spoke in unison, politely declining.


Feng Cheng was devastated. Isn't it just not working at times Do you have to go as far as disdaining it like this


We would go as far as that! The South, East, North and West gave him an affirmative look.


Feng Cheng was speechless.

He no longer cared about them and turned to ask Murong Yunshu, "What are your plans next How to deal with tomorrow's Martial Arts Assembly"


Murong Yunshu rubbed the exhausted space between her eyebrows and said indifferently, "Tomorrow's matter will be discussed tomorrow." After saying that, she lifted her leg and walked inside.


"What are you going to do" Li Wunai asked.


Murong Yunshu: "Sleep."


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