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Chapter 207 : The Leader Is Here (Part 2)

byきつね-June 07, 2022

While Mister Shi Er was still immersed in the thought of seeking legal protection, Murong Yunshu's mind had long jumped back to another matter.

"I remember that Chu Changge is only ranked third on the weapons list."


When Mister Shi Er heard Murong Yunshu's words, he responded at once, "Not bad.

Chu Changge only ranks third.

The first place belonged to the Old Man Shenji, and the second was the late Shaolin Abbot.

And this ranking does not refer to their internal strengths.

Chu Changge's Qinglong is unparalleled in the world.

Once Qinglong comes out, there will surely be blood, so it can only be ranked third.

If we talk about internal strength alone, I think fourth-ranked Master Mo from the Wudang Sect is better than him.

So, nowadays, the only people in the jianghu [lit.

rivers and lakes—people wandering from place to place and living by their wits, e.g.

fortune-tellers, quack doctors, itinerant entertainers, etc., considered as a social group) that can save Chu Changge are only Old Man Shenji and Wudang Master." He added at the end, "Wudang Master knows precisely whom to love or hate.

He refuses to live under the same sky with the Mojiao Sect, and he will definitely not be going to save Chu Changge." In other words, the only hope for Chu Changge was Old Man Shenji, whose whereabouts were erratic and whose attitude toward the Mojiao Sect was ambiguous.


Murong Yunshu frowned for a bit when she heard his words.

"Will he still be unwilling even when we kill his whole family"


"......as a lady from a respectable family, can you be more subtle when you talk about something as serious as murder"


"Don't you think it's preferable to give someone direct pain rather than a subtle killing"


"......I'm not referring to the way of killing.

Just forget about it.

It's my fault for paying attention to such irrelevant things.

Let's just get to the point." Mister Shi Er sighed weakly and said, "That Wudang Sect Leader leads a life that is cut off from others.

He doesn't have any elders or younger generations than him.

His whole family is just him."


Murong Yunshu was slightly embarrassed.

"What about the extermination of his entire sect"


"......" Mister Shi Er would really like to say, as a lady from a respectable family, can you not be so bloody But on second thought, if these words went out, maybe she would deliver another one of her brilliant idea that could cause him to have another internal injury.

It was better that he didn't speak about it all.

Hence, Mister Shi Er put away his inner dissatisfaction with Murong Yunshu's expression and answered, "He is an old-fashioned and stubborn person.

If you exterminate his whole sect, he will still be proud of it, thinking that he will make such great self-sacrifice by eradicating the Mojiao Sect himself.

It will be considered an act of greatness.

It will be so touching that even heaven and earth are moved.

And his name will be remembered for ages."


Murong Yunshu was stunned.

"Are all the famous upright sects this ignorant Or is it the person of good moral standing and reputation from these famous upright sects particularly ignorant"


"That's naturally called noble.

You don't understand." Mister Shi Er said with a profound expression.


Murong Yunshu was slightly embarrassed.

She really did not understand that kind of nobility.

She was a person who cared for other people, and it was impossible for her to not have any longing.


After pondering for a long time, Murong Yunshu finally decided.

"Then, we can only turn to Old Man Shenji."


Mister Shi did not respond to her spoken words because he knew very well that Old Man Shenji was a person who did not act according to reason.

It was entirely according to his mood.

To save or not to save, one could only rely on one's luck.


What Mister Shi thought in his mind was exactly what Murong Yunshu was worried about.

If Old Man Shenji was unwilling to help, she......would not be choosy on the means she would use to reach her goal.

When the bright-eyed, flexible and well-behaved little girl beside Old Man Shenji came to her mind, Murong Yunshu's heart felt painful.

Life was the most agonising when one could only watch others forcing their bottom line to recede from time and time, and one had no other choice but to take this kind of way out. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.


When Mister Shi Er's eyes fell on Murong Yunshu's expression, he knew what she was thinking.

In fact, he also thought of using Old Man Shenji's granddaughter to threaten him.

However, this pair of grandfather and grandchild had always stood aloof from worldly affairs.

It was mean of them to resort to this method.


Seeing Murong Yunshu's face in pain, the fake Lihen Palace Master smiled smugly.

"Feeling heartache It's good that you feel that way.

All those who are my enemies will not be allowed to die well!"


Murong Yunshu suddenly looked down and coldly said without a trace of emotion.

"That's right.

It's good that I feel heartache.

This feeling means I am still alive.

And you, who are my enemy, indeed not going to die well." After saying that, she took out a short dagger from her boots, walked up to the fake Lihen Palace Master, and gently slashed the blood vessel on her wrist.

Bright red blood immediately gushed out.


The fake Lihen Palace Master held down her painful wrist and gave Murong Yunshu a hideous smile while saying, "Do you think I'm afraid of death"


Murong Yunshu replied indifferently, "I'm not thinking; I'm quite sure.

For a person like you who fears death, there is nothing more difficult than waiting for one's own death."


All of a sudden, the fake Lihen Palace Master showed her fear and was about to open her mouth to ask for help when she was blocked by Murong Yunshu's unkind words.

"Drinking your own blood will allow you to live a few more days."


After dropping these words, Murong Yunshu put away the dagger, got up and said to Mister Shi Er, "Now, you can start looking for a way to leave this place."


"Uh." Mister Shi Er was flustered as he said, "I really don't have any strategy to bring us out of here."


"In that case, you should start shouting at the top of your lungs."


"Shout what"


"Shout for someone to save us." Murong Yunshu said, "You said that the mechanism is situated outside.

If you shout loudly, maybe someone passing by can hear you."


"......we're underground." Mister Shi Er reminded someone to recall how they got there in the first place.


Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows.

"Then make sure your voice penetrates the ground."


"Above us is a mountain.

Even if my voice penetrates the ground or even reaches the top of the mountain, there won't be anyone at the summit."


"Then you mean that we have no other choice but to wait for death."



I didn't mean that."


"Then yell at the top of your lungs."


"......we're underground."


"Then make sure your voice penetrates the ground."


"There's a mountain above us.

Wait, why are we talking about this again"


"I don't mind talking about this a few more times."


"......but I do mind."


"Then yell at the top of your lungs."


"We're underground......forget it.

I may as well just shout." Since Mister Shi Er was a mere bricklayer, with him following the wrong master, he could only change his profession to a bitter man.

His heart was in such agony that he wanted to shed bitter tears.

He then rolled up his sleeves, set his lower body into a horse stance, and yanked his voice out as he shouted, 'help!'.

It was supposed to sound in unparalleled firmness, but in reality, it was so piercing, like a pig was being slaughtered.


As calm as Murong Yunshu was, she still couldn't help but plug her ears with her hands, and then she encouraged him with a look of horror on her face.

"Very good.

Go on."


"I'm glad that the young mistress of Murong Mansion, who had always been known as someone who speaks 'truthfully', could have said something so 'insincere'." Mister Shi Er laughed at himself while fighting against the urge to take his own life by hitting his head on the wall.


Murong Yunshu: "If you can call for help, you will be even more glad."


The corners of Mister Sh Eri's mouth trembled slightly.

Why did the word 'glad' come out of her mouth, sounding more like 'death'


At this moment, a very soft-sounding question suddenly came from over their head.

"How can there be eunuchs in this mountain valley" At the same time, this question was accompanied by the sound of not too heavy and not too light footsteps.


Mister Shi Er was overjoyed that he shouted, "Down there, down there!"


The footsteps overhead stopped abruptly and were replaced by an exclamation of surprise, "Shitou!"


Mister Shi Er froze, then jumped while screaming, "Si Niang, it is me.

It's me, Si Niang!"


Yun Si Niang was startled as she asked, "Shitou, I haven't seen you for many days, but why were you castrated"


"......" Mister Shi Er cleared his throat and said, "I'm not castrated.

It's just that my throat is a little uncomfortable."


"I know.

I was just merely asking.

You shouldn't take it too seriously."


"......" Had she been infected by someone Mister Shi Er looked at Murong Yunshu with some hatred, then tilted his head and said to Yun Si Niang, who was on top of them.

"Si Niang, there is a piece of Eight Trigrams in the southeast corner.

Try to rotate it three hundred and thirty-three times to the right."


"Three hundred and thirty-three!" Yun Si Niang asked in an incredibly sharp voice.



Don't get excited.

It's only three hundred and thirty-three times.

With your talent, you'll be able to finish it soon."


What does this have to do with talent Yun Shining rolled her eyes and grumpily said, "With your talent, you can jump up from below after three hundred and thirty jumps.

Why don't you jump"


Mister Shi Er showed some embarrassment.

"Si Niang, this is not the time for jokes."


Yun Si Niang said, "I'm not joking.

You jump, and I will rotate it a little.

Depending on how fast you jump, I will rotate it as fast as possible.

I also want to remind you that Master Li and the others are now trapped in the inn.

The medicine Feng Cheng gave them to restore their power can only last for two shichen at most.

What's even more serious is that Chu Changge is missing."


Hearing the last sentence, Murong Yunshu, who was leisurely waiting for Yun Si Niang to rescue them, asked with a sunk expression.

"What do you mean by he's missing"


Yun Shining was surprised.

"Murong Meizi, you're here too I was looking for you everywhere.

We were fighting at the inn, and as we fought, we all forgot about this sick man, and by the time we remembered about him, he had disappeared.

You help me analyse; what's actually going on here"


Without waiting for Murong Yunshu to answer, Mister Shi Er already scrambled to speak.

"You open the mechanism to let us out first, and then we will help you analyse."


Yun Si Niang scolded him.

"When women talk, men should not interfere."


Mister Shi Er touched his nose resentfully and sadly said, "Si Niang, you will only hurt other people's feelings if you keep talking like that."


"It's only when you design a mechanism that requires three hundred and thirty-three turns to open is what you call hurting other people's feelings!"



I didn't know beforehand that I would let you open it."


"No matter who will open it, it still hurts other people's feelings!"


"......then, when I get up there, I'll change it to thirty-three turns"


"Of course not.

Change it to three thousand three hundred and thirty-three.

I want to see whose life has the fate to fall down there."


Three thousand three hundred and thirty-three......did she think the main thing about designing the mechanism was the count


Yun Si Niang continued, "You also don't talk so much nonsense.

Jump up quickly.

You jump, and I will rotate it a little.

After these three hundred and thirty-three turns, we can also be considered as sharing our trials and tribulations together."


Mister Shi Er was embarrassed and looked to Murong Yunshu for help.


Murong Yunshu: "Compared to penetrating your voice to the whole mountain, jumping three hundred and thirty-three times is too easy." This implied that you should shout until you tore off your throat if you didn't want to jump.


Once Mister Shi Er received such a huge blow, he could only sigh and reluctantly jump.


When Yun Si Niang, who was on the ground, heard the sound of someone jumping, the corner of her mouth immediately hooked up.

She also began to rotate the mechanism as it made the 'ka ka' noise. [ ]


About a quarter of an hour had passed, and the mechanism was still unable to be opened.

Murong Yunshu couldn't help but frown and ask, "What is the purpose of you designing this mechanism in the first place"


Mister Shi Er was sweating like rain when he breathlessly answered, "To delay.

Even if the thief has accomplices out there to rescue him, it will take him a while, so this can buy more time for us to arrive."


"......" Although the idea was a bit odd, it did make some sense.

Murong Yunshu accepted Mister Shi Er's explanation, but not his speed.

"Jump faster." She urged.


Mister Shi: "This is already the fastest I can go."


Murong Yunshu: "You have to believe in your potential.



"......" Is that some kind of encouragement Mister Shi Er clenched his teeth and increased his speed.


After another quarter of an hour, the mechanism finally opened, revealing a big round hole on top of their head, which was enough for one person to pass through.


Mister Shi Er breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I'm really old.

Even these jumps manage to nearly kill me."


Meanwhile, Yun Si Niang cursed breathlessly at the top, "I'm tired! Hurry up and give my shoulder a massage."


When Mister Shi Er heard her words, it was as if he received the Imperial Decree.

He immediately raised his hands high in the hole's mouth while desperately jumping.

He jumped several times before managing to grab the marble floor above.

He did not know the stone was so slippery that he fell down again.

He sat on the ground, grimacing in pain.

"It's extremely annoying that I don't know qinggong."


"It's more annoying when you don't have any brain." Murong Yunshu uttered this sentence slightly coldly before dragging two empty silver boxes to the bottom of the round hole.

She then placed another box on top of the two boxes, forming a step.

Afterwards, she stepped on them and walked up effortlessly.


It can be done this way too Mister Shi Er was dumbfounded.

Only after the masked girl also went up, followed by him with his head and face filthy with grime [Chinese idiom: dejected and depressed].

His heart could not help but sigh and lament: It's tough to not have intelligence as good as another human being! For the next generation's sake, I must marry a smart girl.


After going up and seeing the tired Yun Si Niang lying on the side of the Eight Trigrams, Mister Shi Er sighed again: This arduous and glorious thinking of improving intelligence should just be handed over to the next generation. Then, he briskly walked over to massage Yun Si Niang's shoulder.


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