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Chapter 205 : Where Did The Leader Go (Part 3)

きつね12-15 minutes 31.05.2022

Feng Cheng coldly snorted and flung a bottle of elixir to Li Wunai, saying, "One for each person.

Within a quarter of an hour, your power will be restored to seven or eight per cent.

But it can only last for two shichen at most.

We need to fight quickly."

Li Wunai was overjoyed and hurriedly distributed the elixir to everyone on his team.

"Not to mention two shichen, even half a shichen is enough to kill them all!" After East, South, West and North consumed the elixir, they immediately joined the battle before it could take effect.

The two opposing sides fought at close quarters, and the scene was chaotic as everyone's eyes turned red with killing intent.

It was unknown how long it took when Lu-er suddenly shouted, "Guye has disappeared!"

Yun Si Niang, who had been with Lu-er from the beginning, was the first to react.

After looking around and really seeing no traces of Chu Changge, she immediately shouted, "Chu Changge is missing.

What are you people still fighting for Quickly stop."

As soon as the words were let out, all the major sects stopped fighting.

They tried to look for Chu Changge left and right with a face of confusion.

East, South, North and West were also confused.

Where was the Leader

"Old East, Old South, weren't you two supposed to protect the Leader" West Guardian asked.

East and South looked at each other and shook their heads.

"After recovering my martial arts skills just now, I was too excited and focused on killing that I forgot about the Leader." East Guardian answered sheepishly.

West Guardian's face was full of black lines.

"How come you can't get a grip of yourself"

"......actually, I really forgot to do it that time." East Guardian replied weakly.

"......" West Guardian was choked speechless.

What kind of person is this! It's indeed been a long time since you've killed someone, but you can't just forget about the Leader for this very reason!

"Maybe the Leader has been slashed down by Old East.

Quickly see if Leader is among those lying down." North Guardian said while looking down.

West Guardian wanted to slap him to death.

The corner of East Guardian's mouth also twitched violently.

Please don't impose your level of intelligence on me, okay

A bloody battle over Chu Changge was temporarily put on hold because of his unexplained disappearance.

Feng Cheng and the others thought they could take a bit of a breather.

Unexpectedly, someone started to fan the flames when the vicious battle was just halted.

"Kill the Four Great Guardians of the Mojiao Sect first, then destroy the Mojiao Sect!"

"Kill the Four Great Guardians of the Mojiao Sect first, then destroy the Mojiao Sect!"

"Kill the Four Great Guardians of the Mojiao Sect first, then destroy the Mojiao Sect!"

The shouts sprung out everywhere with the glinting of daggers and flashes of swords.

A more intense battle raised its curtain once again.

Feng Cheng secretly sighed.

With just two fists fought against four hands, he was afraid this battle wouldn't end fast enough.

After thinking for a moment, he said, "Yun Si Niang, my horse is outside.

You should leave with Lu-er first."

Li Wunai agreed.

"That's right.

I'll cover for you as you two escape.

Go to the silver warehouse and find Murong Yunshu.

Let her figure out what to do next."

Yun Si Niang hesitated for only half a second before saying, "Okay!"

With Li Wunai covering for them, Yun Si Niang managed to escape from the inn and galloped towards the silver warehouse.

On the other hand, Murong Yunshu's situation was not very optimistic either.

At this moment, a knife had been put on her neck.

"Hand over the key to the stone door, and I will spare your life." The fake Lihen Palace Master threatened.

Murong Yunshu's expression did not change.

"Even if you kill me with the knife, you will only receive one answer from me—there is no key."

"You won't stop until you reach the Yellow River, will you Fine.

I will fulfil your wish and give you a slash of my knife." After saying that, the fake Lihen Palace Master made a forceful cut on Murong Yunshu's neck, which was not deep but shallow.

A few moments later, blood slowly seeped out.

"If you don't hand over the key again, the next slash will be on your face." She said viciously. [ ]

Murong Yunshu: "I'm not even afraid of death, and you think I will be afraid of disfigurement You can slash me.

You can slash me a thousand times or even ten thousand times, and the answer will always be the same.

When I said I don't have it, it truly means that I don't have it."

"You!" The fake Lihen Palace Master was furious.

What a stubborn person.

She really didn't care about anyone else except Chu Changge! Just when the fake Lihen Palace Master was at her wit's end, the man in black suddenly said, "The key is on her."

The fake Lihen Palace Master was overjoyed.

"Is that true"

"Absolutely true." After saying that, the man in black slowly approached Murong Yunshu.

He looked at her for a few seconds and then took off the hairpin on her head.

"This is the key." The man in black handed the hairpin to the fake Lihen Palace Master.

The fake Lihen Palace Master withdrew the knife from Murong Yunshu's neck, looked down at the hairpin, and frowned.

"This is just an ordinary hairpin.

How could it be the key to the stone door"

"It looks like just an ordinary hairpin, but it's not." The man in black took the hairpin back and then inserted it into the eye of the stone lock, only to hear a click and the stone lock was opened.

The fake Lihen Palace Master was instantly delighted.

"How did you know that the key was on her"

"Her behaviour told me.

She kept touching the hairpin on her head along the way, so I guessed there must be something in this hairpin." The man in black answered naturally.

"How come I never see her touching the hairpin" The fake Lihen Palace Master muttered but did not delve deeper into it.

Right now, she only cared about the silver in the silver warehouse, and the rest was irrelevant.

Murong Yunshu, on the other hand, gave the man in black a deep look and walked ahead to lead the way afterwards.

The fake Lihen Palace master was again shocked.

Why did this Murong Yunshu suddenly become so cooperative Although her heart had doubts, her desire for the silver made her instantly forget about them.

After passing through the stone door, what appeared in front of them was a long and narrow passage, which was only enough for one person to go through.

The three people entered the path in turn.

Murong Yunshu took the front, the fake Lihen Palace Master in the middle, and the man in black was obviously in the back.

After about half a pillar of incense, the view ahead gradually became open.

Not long after, they were in a large spacious stone cave.

The four walls of the stone cave were smooth and rounded since they had been artificially carved.

The hemispherical roof of the cave was decorated with auspicious symbols of dragons and phoenixes.

While the floor was paved with marble and polished to be unusually smooth.

If one was not careful while stepping on it, one could easily slip.

Although Murong Yunshu had entirely prepared her mind, when her own eyes saw the completely empty warehouse, she vaguely trembled a few times.

She felt like she was floating with every step she took.

Once her footsteps stopped, she closed her eyes to suppress the thousands of thoughts in her mind.

When she finally opened them after some time, she calmly stated, "This is the silver warehouse."

Fake Lihen Palace Master was stunned.

"Are you playing with me"

Murong Yunshu did not speak.

The Fake Lihen Palace Master was about to ask a follow-up question when she heard the man in black acknowledge Murong Yunshu's words, "This is indeed the silver warehouse." She looked back at the man in black clothes suspiciously.

"How did you know that this is the silver warehouse"

"It's because I designed this place." The man in black answered indifferently.

The fake Lihen Palace Master was slightly flabbergasted by his statement and realised that she had fallen into his trap.

"What on earth are you......" She had just pronounced the word 'you' when she felt a hollow feeling under her feet.

Her body suddenly dropped down, and the man in black looked smilingly at her.

The fake Lihen Palace Master immediately grabbed Murong Yunshu's leg in her panic.

Seeing this scene, the man in black let out a low cry and swooped in, trying to stop Murong Yunshu from falling together with the fake Lihen Palace Master.

However, he missed his aim, flew past her and fell down, landing headfirst.

"Ouch——" the man in black groaned and got up.

"Fortunately, there was straw laid below.

Otherwise, I would have blown my brain out.

Good intentions do pay off.

I want to be more of a good person in the future."

"Why has your voice changed!" The fake Lihen Palace Master asked in shock.

The man in black smiled.

"When my identity changes, my voice naturally will change."

"In that case, change your face back as well." Murong Yunshu suggested indifferently.

"As ordered." The man in black uncovered his mask, revealing an old face familiar to Murong Yunshu⸺it was none other than Mister Shi Er, who had fled to escape punishment.

Mister Shi Er threw the mask aside, touched his own face, and said, "It's still better to have your own face."

"Did......did......did you guys conspire to do this" The fake Lihen Palace Master was so angry that her face turned red. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.



Murong Yunshu and Mister Shi Er responded at the same time.

"I didn't know he was my people until he took the hairpin from my head." She added to clarify.

Mister Shi Er gave out mischievous laughter and returned the hairpin with both hands.

Murong Yunshu glanced at it lightly without taking it back.

Instead, she said, "It's yours."

"Even though this is not the real key to the silver warehouse, at least it is made from real gold and silver.

Won't you lose money by giving it to me" Mister Shi Er asked smilingly.

"I can still afford to lose this bit of gold and silver." Murong Yunshu looked behind him and said indifferently.

Mister Shi Er understood.

He followed her gaze and turned to look.

Sure enough, he saw whole boxes of silver scattered all over the floor, with several dry bones lying beside them in various postures.

"Fortunately, the silver is still here." Mister Shi Er said with infinite relief and a little smugness at the same time.

Murong Yunshu also took a long breath of relief.

A piece of anxiety that she had was finally removed.

At this time, the fake Lihen Palace Master unexpectedly laughed like crazy.

"Ha ha ha ha ha......ha ha ha ha ha......" Just as sudden, her laughter stopped abruptly.

The fake Lihen Palace Master jumped on Murong Yunshu like a madman, choked her and said chillingly, "If I kill you all, the silver will be mine.

It's mine.

It's all mine!!" The force in her hands tightened along with the rise of her tone.

Murong Yunshu's complexion turned deathly pale from being strangled by the fake Lihen Palace Master.

This made her have trouble breathing and unable to move.

Mister Shi Er was in shambles.

Without caring about the disparity in strength, he went into battle bare-breasted by desperately pounding the fake Lihen Palace Master.

"Insolent creature!" With a sneer, the fake Lihen Palace Master swung her long arm to throw Mister Shi Er ten meters away, which slammed him against the wall.

"Bu——" A mouthful of blood spat out.

Mister Shi Er wiped the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth, crawled himself up and rammed into the fake Lihen Palace Master as if his life depended on it.

Unfortunately, before he could get close, he was knocked back by the wind from her palm and spat out another mouthful of blood.

At the same time, Murong Yunshu's eyes gradually lost their lustre.

Illusions began to appear in front of her eyes as if she could see Chu Changge, with his long hair dancing in the breeze, smiling frivolously at her.

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I've scrambled up to put an update in despair.

I bet everyone is down since I haven't let Leader Daren make his brilliant appearance yet.

In fact, Mo Feng struggled for a long time with this chapter before and finally decided to split it and released another chapter after this one.

I could have written Leader Daren's comeback on Monday.

However, my period came on the weekend, and my stomach hurt so much that I couldn't write anything for two days.

So there you go.

Once again, I want to apologise to everyone.

I will make sure Leader Daren appears in the next chapter.

If not, Mo Feng herself will not show up.


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