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Chapter 203 : Where Did The Leader Go (Part 1)

byきつね-May 24, 2022

Continued from the previous chapter→


The words uttered by East, South, West and North not only baffled Yun Si Niang but also managed to put the aggressive Lihen Palace maids at a loss.


What did they mean by becoming 'rogues'


Li Wunai immediately made his position clear.

"If you four want to behave like rogues, you can play by yourself.

Don't count me in.

I will not participate, not even when you threaten to kill me."


East Guardian was slightly embarrassed.

"You don't have to be nervous.

We have no intention of letting you participate."


"Besides, you've been a monk for so long.

I'm not even certain that you can still do it." North Guardian laughingly added.


Li Wunai was instantly petrified.

He just shaved his head and did not turn himself into a eunuch.

Why did they always think that shaving one's head and castration were the same


West Guardian said, "Lil North, don't talk nonsense.

The Great Master is still very good at it.

If you give him a woman, he can even fill the whole Shaolin Temple with just his descendants."


Li Wunai's face was full of black lines.

"Do you think women are pigs, and their only job is filling their nest with offspring It requires at least a few thousand people to fill the Shaolin Temple.

Even if a child is born per day, you still need several years to reach the maximum number." That was not the right way to tease people.


"Great Master, you're overestimating pigs.

Even a pig can't give birth to a piglet a day." North Guardian argued weakly.


"......" Li Wunai gazed up at the sky.

"Your Excellency's godlike comprehension ability has made this lowly self's faith so far behind that I can only see the dust from the rider ahead.

We'd better not discuss the matter of having children for now.

Killing people is much more important."


North Guardian: "Great Master, are you going to go against your prohibition on taking a life"


"If you continue to act this way again, I will ignore the prohibition just to kill you." Li Wunai gritted his teeth.


"Great Master, calm down.

Lil North didn't really mean it.

He was genuinely asking a question.

You also know that his comprehension ability in our circle has always been a godlike existence.

It seems like he has a brain when actually, he has none.

You can take his words just as harmless as a child's words in the future.

You don't have to lower yourself to his level." West Guardian spoke for North Guardian with 'great loyalty'.


"Old East, Old West scolded me for not having comprehension ability."


"He's right to scold you."


"......" North Guardian's little heart felt like it had been smashed to pieces on the ground.


"Shut up, all of you!" Yun Si Niang couldn't stand it anymore and roar.

She put her hands on her hips and bawled them out.

"Are you guys done You're facing your powerful enemies, and you still have the heart to bicker If you continue to fight, the silver warehouse of your Leader's wife's mansion will be emptied by others!"


"......" Silver is not the most important thing at this present moment, right The corners of East, South, West and North's mouths twitched fiercely simultaneously.

"Before turning ourselves into rogues, we must display our skills in glib talk first.

Otherwise, we will suffer a psychological burden." East Guardian explained.


Yun Si Niang fiercely gave him a disdainful look.

She threatened, "Do you believe I won't give you a physiological burden if you keep on dawdling This old woman has been a loose widow for so many years and knows countless secret drugs of the boudoir.

I can ensure that you become impotence for half a year with just a single dose.

If you don't believe me, you can come at me and try it yourself."


East, South, West and North immediately shook their heads fearfully.

It was better to believe this kind of thing rather than not.


After being frightened by Yun Si Niang, the quartet made a swift decision.

They took off their outer garments, rolled up their sleeves, and walked lustfully toward the opposing Lihen Palace maids, scaring them out of their wits.


"What, what do you want" Although the Lihen Palace maids had swords in their hands, they couldn't calm their fear of men, so they started to back away. [ ]


East, South, West and North smirked without saying a word.

This act gave them the appearance of beasts in human clothes.


On the side, Li Wunai said with disdain, "Brother South, East, North and West, can you guys please be a little more romantic.

It's very nasty for you guys to look lustful like that."


East Guardian smiled handsomely as he responded, "But I was born with this nasty look.

I really can't be any more romantic.

How about we change places with the romantic Great Master"


Hearing this suggestion, Li Wunai immediately politely declined.

"No, no, no, you guys are fine.

The difference between romantic and nasty is just a word.

In fact, the essence is still the same."


East Guardian hooked his lips proudly and stopped paying attention to Li Wunai.

At this moment, the Lihen Palace maids could no longer retreat, and their backs were pressed against the door.


"Don't come over! If you come at us again......we won't be polite anymore!"


"So, your attitude toward us can be counted as polite all this time Then, I'd like to see what it looks like when you treat us impolitely.

Maybe, I will like it more." West Guardian clasped his hands to his chest with a debauched look.

The other trio of East, North and South also followed suit and lined up with their hands on their chests with West Guardian as their centre.


At that moment, a lovely but not very friendly voice sounded, "Humph, such a stinky man! It won't be that easy to scare us! Don't be fooled by them.

They have lost their martial arts skills because of the Thousand Desires poison, so they can't do anything to us!"


The Lihen Palace maids became so excited when they heard these words that they instantly attacked the quartet with their swords.


When South, East, North and West saw their plan failed, they quickly dodged the other party's attack.

Unexpectedly, the assault was too sudden that the maids' swords managed to slash them.

South and East got wounded on their right shoulders, while North and West on their left.

Luckily, their wounds were not that deep, only cut on their flesh.


After letting out a cry of pain, North Guardian growled, "I have been in this business for so many years, and this is the first time I have suffered this kind of injury.

This makes me really depressed! Old East, when it comes to the battle of wits, only Madam can do it so smoothly.

We don't have Madam's wisdom, so let's just fight them head-on!" After saying that, he showed his shiny red tasselled spear and thrust it three centimetres from the leading maid's eyebrow.


Seeing this scene, West Guardian also threw out his own Jiu Qu Linglong Chain, with his back leaning on North Guardian.

He said, "Old East and Old South's martial arts depend on their internal power.

Once they lose them, they are just like scholars who lack even the strength to truss a chicken, but we are not."


"That's right.

Even without internal strength, it will be enough to kill a few of you shrimp soldiers and crab generals with just my red tasselled spear!" Madam once said, being a loser didn't mean you would lose the battle.

No matter how anxious your mind was, you should still display your confidence on your face.

With this momentum, you should try to overwhelm the enemy.

The more the North Guardian thought, the more confident he became, and his face glowed brightly.


West Guardian was also infected by North Guardian's self-confidence.

The hand holding the Jiu Qu Linglong Chain became even more energetic as he coldly spat out these words, "Those in the way should die."


The Lihen Palace maids were so scared by the imposing manner of the two men that they were afraid to make any more moves.

Not to mention how much the duo's power had been restored, even with the weapons in their hands alone, was enough to deter attacks from all directions.


The two sides were in a deadlock.

North and West smiled at each other before combining their efforts to attack the enemies straight ahead.

Although there was no internal strength supporting each of their moves, their movements had become much faster and more accurate.

In addition, they had enough power in their arms as they quickly attacked the enemy with a force to smash bamboo.

Their action drove the Lihen Palace maids to retreat outside the door. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.


As the head of the Four Great Guardians, East Guardian was fully aware that trying to score a win by just physical moves was not a long-term solution.

Once the enemies adapted to the duo's fast movements, they would soon turn their defence into attack.

It wouldn't even be a surprise that North and West, without their internal strength, would lose the battle by then.

The only way now was to take advantage of this chance to escape first.


Thinking of this, East Guardian immediately winked at South Guardian.

They then lifted the unconscious Chu Changge and jumped out of the window.

Seeing this scene, Yun Si Niang instantly grabbed Lu-er and jumped down after them.

Li Wunai was about to jump out of the window when he suddenly noticed that a maid had raised her sword and aimed to stab North Guardian's back from the corner of his eyes.

In an instant, Li Wunai kicked a leg of a table, blocking his way, and it knocked away the sword in the maid's hand.

He then spun around to catch it back and join in the fight.


"Thank you." North Guardian retreated to Li Wunai's while still feeling thrilled as he asked, "Great Master, what are you doing here"


Li Wunai treated the leg as a staff.

He waved it forward imposingly while resoundingly uttering these words.

"Delivering you guys out from your torment."


A few black lines appeared on both North and West's foreheads.

"Great Master, you are great." North Guardian spoke as he didn't know whether to laugh or cry in that situation.


"Delivering all beings from their torments is the ultimate goal of us monks.

You are just two grains of dust among the multitude of beings that I will enlighten.

Please don't shed any tears of gratitude.

It will only make you look too filthy." Li Wunai said ruthlessly while defending himself from the enemy.


"......" Great Master, you are actually here to be funny, right


As the saying went, there was unity in strength.

With Li Wunai's participation, the combined power of the zero internal force trio soared.

Especially the accuracy of the makeshift 'Shaolin staff' that could simply catch up with the beggars' group's dogfighting stick style.

Nonetheless, not having internal force was not enough since they could not give the enemy a fatal blow.

This made the battle turn into an evenly matched, stalemate situation.


At this time, they saw South, East and the others, who had escaped out of the window, hurriedly return to the inn.

They were closely followed by anti-Mojiao martial arts groups, aggressively shouting⸺'Eradicate the Mojiao Sect to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven'.


Li Wunai's heart sank, and he couldn't help but curse, "Misfortune does not come singly."


But North Guardian interjected, "Humph! Just in time.

I'll take care of all of them together!!"


"You can't do that right now.

Don't forget that you've lost all your internal strength.

With this red tassel spear in your hand, you can only deal with these women in front of you.

If you encounter a real expert, you will be done." Li Wunai reminded North Guardian to be calm.


North Guardian reluctantly let out a long sigh.

He retrieved his red tassel spear, turned over and leapt down the stairs.

West Guardian also followed closely behind and joined South, East and the others.

When the maids of the Lihen Palace saw the situation, they made a move to go after them, but they were stopped by Li Wunai.

"As the saying goes, when the snipe and the clam grapple, the fisherman stands to benefit.

If I were you, I would move a chair, pour myself a cup of tea, and then watch the show high up on the stage.

Just like the old fisherman, who has been waiting patiently, you will gain the most benefit when both parties downstairs defeat each other." Li Wunai smiled.


"With your current strength, can you fight the experts of the major factions downstairs in a two-way fight" One of the maids asked disdainfully.


Li Wunai was embarrassed.

Although he was dissatisfied with her arrogant and disdainful attitude, her words did draw blood at first prick.

According to the current situation, it was difficult for both sides to lose, let alone for his side to win.

Unless a miracle happened where Chu Changge suddenly woke up.

Otherwise, it was unavoidable for his side to lose.

Thinking about Chu Changge, Li Wunai could not help letting out a long sigh. After sleeping for so long, can't you just get up and stretch your muscles Otherwise, it's okay to even sleepwalk! At least it can scare these people.


So long as Chu Changge could now open his eyes, even if he was just standing there without saying a word, he could still scare the sh*t out of these righteous people.


Did they say to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven They were just merely taking advantage of others' misfortune.


Such vile behaviour!


The more Li Wunai thought about it, the more depressed he became.

He bitterly threw down the table leg and then walked downstairs step by step while holding up his head and throwing out his chest.


When everyone downstairs saw Li Wunai walking down calmly and slowly, they stopped all the commotion and stared at him.


In the face of the people's attention, the pressure that Li Wunai felt was⸺quite overwhelming.


"You've recovered your martial arts skills" Yun Si Niang couldn't help but greet him and ask quietly.


Li Wunai answered quietly, "No."


"Really" Yun Si Niang looked puzzled.

"But the way you strut makes it like you were hiding something."


"I'm not strutting.

I just want to feel the taste of being on the ground more while still alive.

After I become an immortal, there will be fewer opportunities for me to walk with my feet." Li Wunai said unusually calmly as if he was already prepared to 'pass away'.


"Become immortal Becoming a ghost is more likely!" Yun Si Niang couldn't even bear to spare him any glance as she then walked away from him with disgust towards South, East, North and West.


Li Wunai touched his nose resentfully.

He was shunned like this for just walking a few steps


When Li Wunai was lamenting in his heart about the warmth of human feelings and the coldness of the world, he suddenly heard someone say—


"Abbot Master, since Shaolin Temple is a respected authority in the martial arts world, it certainly should not get involved with the Mojiao Sect.

How can you stand up to the centuries-old reputation of Shaolin Temple if you are unable to distinguish right and wrong by wallowing in the mire with the Mojiao Sect"


Being named, Li Wunai was flabbergasted for a moment and then overjoyed.

How could he forget that he had another identity With his status as Shaolin abbot, they could not hurt him.

Maybe, he could also use this identity to help everyone out of danger.


Where the hills and streams end and there seems no road beyond, amidst the shading willows and blooming flowers, another village appears.


Seeing that things had taken a new turn, Li Wunai's vitality immediately turned a hundredfold.

He put both of his palms together, recited 'Amitabha Buddha', and then pronounced every word correctly in a mellow voice.

"The world is so muddy, where justice has difficulty distinguishing between good and evil.

There is neither absolute evil nor absolute good in this world.

Only those who have an evil or a good heart.

This poor monk has spent many days with the people of the Mojiao Sect and found that their hearts were full of goodwill.

They are not traitors, nor are they villains.

All of you should not listen to slanderous words and harm the innocent."


All the major factions present to denounce Chu Changge fell into silence.

They did not know how to refute his words.


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