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Chapter 198 : You're The One Who Forced Me

byきつね-January 21, 2022

きつね: I hope there's no kid reading this novel.

Personally, I feel like certain parts are a bit inappropriate for kids to read.

So, kids, shooh! Come back when you're older. 



Continued from the previous chapter-->


After the woman in purple exited the room, she instructed the two palace maids to guard the door while she went ahead to report to the Palace Master.

After walking for about half a quarter of an hour, she suddenly saw a young man walking hurriedly in front of her.

Upon seeing her, he immediately knelt on one knee and bowed, "Greetings, Miss Purple."


The woman in purple's face plummeted to a freezing point and asked in a deep voice, "It's already so late.

What are you doing here instead of staying at the Colour Palace"


The young man froze and said, "Wasn't it Miss who told me to come for the torture"


"When did I tell you to......" Suddenly, the woman in purple twisted him into view as if she thought of something.

After seeing the teenager's face, she let out a low curse of 'darn' and hurried back the way she had come.

The teenager fell to the ground, staring at her departing back, at a loss for words.


Meanwhile, inside the room, Murong Yunshu lay motionless on the bed like a dead man, allowing the man on top of her to do whatever he wanted.

Her eyes fixed on him with a deadly stare.

As she resigned herself to her fate, the man on top of her stopped moving.

"Why are you not resisting" He asked.


Murong Yunshu said, "I'm waiting for you to move away of your own accord."


The man lost interest to proceed as he stood up from her and tore the human skin mask off his face, revealing a disastrously evil, beautiful face.

"When did you find out it was me" Chu Changge asked.


"When you jumped on me like a beast." Murong Yunshu said.


"A beast Did I act that fierce" Chu Changge touched his face.

It must have been that human skin mask that was looking too fierce.


"You did not act fierce.

You were just needy." Murong Yunshu corrected him with remarkable aplomb.



Chu Changge thought of his crotch, which was still stiff at the moment, and couldn't help but be annoyed.

He had only wanted to scare her, but he hadn't expected to get too deep into the drama and get himself involved.

"I'm sorry.

I was rude just now." Chu Changge said with an overwhelming sense of guilt.


"It's alright.

I've gotten used to it." Murong Yunshu returned in a very taciturn manner.


You're already used to it Chu Changge's eyebrows knitted imperceptibly for a moment and muttered, "You make it as if I often molested you."


"Is it not"


"Don't press charges on me indiscriminately just because I've lost my memory.

I know myself.

I'm not like that." Although he would occasionally subconsciously look twice when he saw a stunning beauty or two, he would never put his hands on her.

He didn't want to get his hands dirty yet.


A smile flashed in Murong Yunshu's eyes as she said, "It seems that you don't know yourself well enough."


Chu Changge felt somewhat guilty from the certainty in her tone, and after a moment of contemplation, he could not help but ask, "Was I really that beastly before"


"If you say that, the beast will be under a lot of pressure."


"......" Did he use to be more of a beast than a beast


"Not only did you molest me, you still clamoured for me to be responsible for you after the indecent assault."


You made it up, didn't you She must have made it up.

At this moment, Chu Changge wanted to find a hole in the ground and burrow down.

He despised his old self, despised him very much.

As he deeply spat on himself, Chu Changge suddenly heard her say again, "Don't worry, I will be responsible for you." Without waiting for him to understand the meaning of her words, she had already pounced on him.

She undid his clothes like she was driving a lightweight chariot on a familiar road.


Chu Changge was astounded for a long time, then his sword brows spread out.

The corners of his mouth slightly curled up, and his long arms moved a little to draw her into his arms and hug the person's waist tightly as he bent his head forward to exhale slowly next to her ear, "Actually, it is you who often molest me, isn't it" The tone of his voice was seven parts teasing and three parts lust.


Murong Yunshu's mind was so confused by the hot breath in her ear, coupled with the aphrodisiac in her body, her brain could not think at all, and she did not know what he was even talking about.

With a low 'mmm', she continued to rub up against him.

The lean waist, the firm chest, the searing body heat, the familiar scent, all of them were mesmerising to her.


Murong Yunshu's moan sent an instant shock through Chu Changge.

His crotch hardened again, and his mad desire almost consumed his sanity.

"No." Chu Changge desperately restrained the urge to crush her beneath him and make love to her as he pushed her away.


At this moment, however, Murong Yunshu had completely lost her senses.

The aphrodisiac was egging on her desire like a magic spell.

With the strength that came from nowhere, Murong Yunshu grabbed Chu Changge's belt and threw him onto the bed.

Then she conveniently fell on him, stripping his clothes with one hand and the other directly attacking Huanglong by grabbing his private part.


Chu Changge instantly drew a cold breath, and his crotch swelled even more.

"Don't do that.

You'll regret it......" Just as these words came out, a wave of heat rushed straight to his head.

Chu Changge could no longer control the desire in his body as he rolled over and pinned her underneath him, asking with what was left of his sanity, "Do you know who I am"


"Yes." This slurred word almost came out as a moan.


"Say my name."


"Chu Changge."


The moment he heard the answer, the world sank before his eyes, consigning himself to eternal damnation.


When the woman in purple dashed inside, spring colours already filled the garden, as she could hear gasps coming out from the room.

Stamping her foot with hatred, the woman in purple ordered, "Set up the stone formation."


"As ordered."


The following day.

When Murong Yunshu opened her eyes in a daze, the first thing she saw was a magnified handsome face, and she stretched her hand out to pat that face.

She then turned over and went back to sleep.

Half a minute later, Murong Yunshu suddenly sat up and exclaimed, "How did you climb into my bed!"


"It was you who dragged me up here." Chu Changge said with a smile.

That smile of his made him look like a vile character that had flourished.


Murong Yunshu held her forehead and began to recall last night's event.

The more she thought about it, the uglier her face became.

The corners of her mouth twitched vaguely, and the veins on her forehead kept on pulsing.

She looked at Chu Changge with a hopeful face. Please tell me it didn't happen like that......


As if Chu Changge didn't think she had received enough of a blow, he smiled in a particularly infuriating way, "Yes, it was you who forced yourself upon me."


"......" Illusion, this must be an illusion.


"You're responsible for me."


"......" She regretted it, okay It was annoying when he kept reminding her! Groaning, Murong Yunshu helplessly tumbled back down and tried to play dead.


Chu Changge yanked her up and asked coldly, "You want to pretend that nothing happened"


Murong Yunshu opened her eyes, "It's naturally best if that kind of thing didn't happen."


Chu Changge's face turned even colder.

"No matter what you have experienced before, from this moment on, you are my woman."


Have experienced before Murong Yunshu was flabbergasted and quickly realised that he thought she had been with 'other' men before him.

A smile flashed in her eyes as Murong Yunshu looked up and asked earnestly, "What if my husband refuses"


"Husband" Chu Changge lost his voice and stared at her fiercely for a long time before saying, "I'll kill him."


"......it's against the law to kill."


"I will still kill him even if it's against the law."


"......" Murong Yunshu, seeing his murderous expression, decided not to tease him anymore and softly asked, "Do you think I would give myself to someone other than my husband"


Wouldn't give yourself to someone other than your husband But last night, they were......don't tell him……could it be that.......


A realisation flashed in his mind, and Chu Changge asked ecstatically, "Do you mean that I am your husband"


Murong Yunshu pursed her lips and questioned, "Otherwise, when you first captured me, how could I have followed you without any resistance"


Chu Changge: "I thought you were afraid of death at that time."




"But since we are husband and wife, why did you say that I have a crush on you"


"Just telling the truth."


Chu Changge rolled his eyes and said, "Just make up some more before I get my old memories back."


You don't believe me Murong Yunshu's expression remained unchanged as she said, "Keep on denying it.

Deny it for a few more times while you still can."


"......" Chu Changge suddenly wanted to know how cheeky his old self was.

But it was better to leave the problem of finding the truth behind this accusation to be discovered slowly by himself later on.

His immediate question was, "What was the scene of our first meeting Did you fall in love with me at first sight"


The first time we met Love at first sight Murong Yunshu recalled responsibly before replying, "Love at first sight for a man with dishevelled hair, dirty face, body covered in blood and only one breath left I don't have that kind of heavy taste."


Ugh. Dishevelled hair and dirty face Body covered in blood With only one breath left The corner of Chu Changge's forehead twitched as he said, "Stop it, I'm serious."


"I'm as serious as you are." The corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth slightly curled up as she waited for him to become messy because of the wind.


Just as she had expected, Chu Changge's expression instantly stiffened, his face mechanically twitching several times before he asked another question, "What about the second meeting"


"The second time......" Murong Yunshu thought for a moment and answered, "You drop from the sky with dishevelled hair." [E]


data-tooltip="Chinese idiom: with one's hair down">Dishevelled hair

......drop from the sky......


Chu Changge held his forehead.

"Have I ever been normal"




Chu Changge was overjoyed.



"When you're sleeping."


Chu Changge stumped for words, then smiled devilishly.

"You mean while I was sleeping on the bed"



Sleeping with your eyes closed.

That surprises me."




"I always thought you didn't need to sleep."


Several more black lines appeared on Chu Changge's face.

"You think too highly of me."


"If you don't want to, I can look down on you too."




"Do you want to know the third meeting scenario"


Chu Changge hesitated for a moment.

"I don't want to."


"The third time we met, you lit silver tickets and set a mountain on fire."


He burnt silver tickets to ignite the fire just to set the mountain ablaze.

How lavish he was, how arrogant!


"The fourth time......uh......" A hot kiss came and swallowed the rest of her words.


After the passionate kiss, Chu Changge had a smug look on his face.

"Say it again, and I'll kiss you once more."


"For the fourth time......oh......"


"Say it again, and I won't kiss you."


"For the fourth time......"


"Do you want me to kiss you or not"


"I just want to talk."


"......" It seemed like only him who thought he was favoured by her.


After a bit of flirting, Chu Changge had a good seven or eight per cent idea of what had happened before.

He seriously suspected that she had smeared his image, though.

They would talk more about that later on.

There was another big thing at hand.

"They have set up a stone formation outside the door." Chu Changge said.


Murong Yunshu's brows furrowed lightly.

"When did that happen" She had read about the stone formation in books.

It was a formation using boulders as a medium.

There was no way to break it at the moment.


"Last night when you forced yourself upon me."


"......" Did you have to use those words Murong Yunshu glared at him.

"If you knew they were going to set up a formation, why didn't you run away"


Chu Changge looked innocent, "I wanted to escape too.

But you also know that you had forced yourself upon me at that time."


"......" This grown man was still proud of himself after she had forced herself upon him, wasn't he


Seeing Murong Yunshu's frustrated face, Chu Changge asked, "You wouldn't know how to break the stone formation, would you"


"Congratulations, you got that right."


"......" He wasn't proud of it at all.

"You're so smart.

You must have figured out how to break the formation.

Didn't you crack the mechanism of the stone door after just one look"


To crack the mechanism after just one look.

He must have thought she had heavenly eyes.

Murong Yunshu sighed and suddenly remembered something.

"I heard the woman in purple say that you had left.

So how did you get in"


"I walked in." Chu Changge smiled.




Seeing Murong Yunshu stop asking questions after exclaiming an 'oh', Chu Changge was devastated.

"Not going to ask how I could just walk in"


"If you wish to talk about it, I don't mind listening to it, albeit reluctantly."


Reluctantly. She indeed wasn't that interested at all.

But he wanted to talk about it! Chu Changge bristled as he said resentfully, "Then I have to bother you with it." After taking his breath, Chu Changge began to narrate with great interest how he had entered the stone house from outside.


It turned out that when he was sitting on the branch that day, he heard the sound of the wind blowing the trees.

The rustling sound of the leaves was unusually sharp, obviously the sound of dead leaves colliding with each other, while the tree he was sitting on was fresh and green, where the leaves were tender and small.

Even the strongest wind could not make them have such a sharp sound.

So he plucked a leaf and rubbed it with his fingertips, concentrating on it.

Sure enough, it was dry and rough, without any semblance of the tenderness that new leaves should have.


"Combined with the fact that we had changed places overnight and I didn't notice, I suspected that we hadn't changed places at all and were still in the woods but were just hallucinating the scene in front of us.

Later I tried a few more times and confirmed my suspicion that our sense of sight, touch and smell were all hallucinated under the effect of a drug, but our sense of hearing was still normal." Chu Changge took another breath and said, "So I closed my eyes and followed the sound of the wind until I opened my eyes when I reached the place where the wind was blocked.

Then I looked back to where we had been coming and going, and it was indeed the forest."


"You mean that the place we are in right now is just an illusion" Murong Yunshu touched the table in disbelief, but the actual touch made her frown.

"No matter how I touch it, it's still just a table."


Chu Changge said, "This place is real.

After entering the stone door, everything is real, excluding that one stone door, which is fake.

This situation explains why the stone door remained intact no matter how hard I struck at it.

It was because the door was just an illusion in the first place.

I was just hacking at the air."


Murong Yunshu nodded her head in understanding, and after sorting out those details in her head, another question came to her mind.

"When did you learn that they would drug me"



She was legitimately worthy of being his wife.

She had gotten to the point right away.

Chu Changge gave an embarrassingly clear cough and another heated smile before saying, "When they decided to torture you."


"In other words, you knew full well that they had put aphrodisiacs in my food and still watched me eat it" Murong Yunshu asked casually.


"Not with my eyes open.

I was waiting to be summoned on a tree branch outside the Colour Palace."


"......" Is there any difference A few black lines appeared on Murong Yunshu's forehead.

"I've decided not to be responsible for you."


Huh Chu Changge didn't understand what she meant.


"From a certain perspective, what happened last night was premeditated by you, so you are to blame."


"......from which angle"


"A certain angle."


"......" There was no reason he should feel guilty for being accused of such a crime.

"But in another way, I'm the victim, and that's a hard fact."


"Victim" Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows gently.

"I remember you enjoyed yourself last night."


"You don't understand." Chu Changge said with a heavy face.

"I was pretending to cooperate with you."


"Then pretend once more for me.

Pretend like that again, and I'll be responsible for you."


Chu Changge argued, "Acting also depends on the atmosphere.

I can't fake it without that atmosphere now."


"If you mean the atmosphere of being forced by me, I'll create it for you right now."


"......that's very kind of you."


"As it should be." Murong Yunshu faintly looked at him, then slowly poured a cup of tea and pushed it in front of him, "Drink it.

You'll have your atmosphere after drinking it."


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth instantly twitched a few times viciously.

If he remembered correctly, there was an aphrodisiac in that pot of tea.

"I'm not thirsty." He responded with an apologetic expression. [ ]


"You'll be thirsty after drinking it."


"......" I will be needy instead! Chu Changge took two steps back and said weakly, "It doesn't seem good to fight internally when a great enemy is at hand."


"It's also not good to look helplessly while your allies eat poison."


"I did not look helplessly." Chu Changge once again emphasised that he was also busy at the time and then added, "Besides, aphrodisiacs are not poison."



This isn't exactly infighting.

It's just merely seeking confirmation."  After saying that, Murong Yunshu pushed the cup of tea towards him once more.


Chu Changge had a helpless look.

"Alright, I admit I do enjoy it." Seeing the corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth curving up, looking like she intended to eat him dry and wipe him clean, he added, "But I was forced to do so.

Since I can't resist something like you forcing yourself upon me, I have to enjoy it."


"Then you should also slowly enjoy seducing and then abandoning me too."




"I forgot to tell you that we used to be married, but not anymore."


Not anymore Could it be that she wanted to sever the husband and wife relationship with him She went to bed with him last night and then wanted to abandon this husband of her early in the morning That was a bit too childish! Chu Changge stared at her and said righteously, "I will not divorce my wife."


"So I will divorce my husband."


"I don't agree."


"I didn't ask for your opinion."




"What's more, I have long ago divorced you."


Chu Changge was shocked by this statement.

"Did I agree"




Then, that's okay. Chu Changge breathed a sigh of relief.


"But you have no say in this matter."


Could she be any bossier Chu Changge let out a deep sigh and said in a particularly feeble manner, "If you want to divorce your husband, so be it.

In fact, I have a feeling that I am done with my bonds of this world, and I am destined to live a life of loneliness as a monk."


"......" Is he taking the route of sadness


"But don't worry, I won't leave you alone, free and unfettered in the mortal world.

I will kill anyone who dares to marry you.

So why don't you just follow me in taking refuge in religious life so that we can be companions for each other and become a pair of Buddhist mandarin ducks"


"......" The imagination of this brainless one is truly breathtaking.



Just think of this.

I, Chu Changge......"


"Just drink the tea." Murong Yunshu couldn't stand it anymore and poured the tea directly into his mouth.


Chu Changge didn't expect her to gag him with the tea.

He opened his mouth to accuse her of bullying him, but unexpectedly, when he opened his mouth, the entire cup of tea was poured down his throat without leaving a single drop and swallowed into his belly with a gurgle.


Her ears finally cleared.

Murong Yunshu was pleased with herself when she suddenly saw his face flushed red and his eyes burning as if he wanted to swallow her up.

"What's wrong with you"


At first, Chu Changge glared at her viciously, then the corners of his mouth curled up, and he murmured, "There's that atmosphere."


What atmosphere Murong Yunshu was stunned for a moment before she suddenly remembered that there was something wrong with this cup of tea and was petrified.

"That......I......didn't mean to." After speaking, she subconsciously took two steps back.


Chu Changge, however, did not listen to her explanation and swept her into his arms just like a vicious wolf grasping a sheep.

He bent his head to breathe sharply in her ear and slowly said, "I advise you as an experienced person that instead of resisting, you should enjoy it."


"......" She couldn't resist him either.


"Don't worry.

I will be responsible for you."


"......" It was him who was uneasy about that in the first place, wasn't it


Just as Chu Changge pounced on Murong Yunshu, going to have an explosive moment with her, the door was blown open by a gust of wind with seven women took the opportunity to come in and stand in front of the two.

Each of them had their breasts half exposed as they stood gracefully.

Their exquisite bodies were faintly visible under their tulle clothes, which were even more arousing than if they were not wearing anything.

Faced with such a temptation, no ordinary man could remain indifferent, let alone under the torment of aphrodisiacs.


But at that moment, Murong Yunshu felt Chu Changge's emotions drop to a freezing point.

He undoubtedly was not an ordinary man.

She sighed in her heart while secretly feeling delighted.


Chu Changge wrapped his arms tighter around Murong Yunshu in a protective gesture, without the slightest hint of lust.

"If you don't want to die, get out of my sight immediately!" He looked coldly at all the women in front of him and said word by word.


But as if they had not heard him, the seven women began to twist and turn, undressing as they moved, silvery laughter emanating from their mouths.


It's the bewitching trap.

Chu Changge cursed, tore off a piece of clothing and covered his eyes while saying to Murong Yunshu, "There is an aphrodisiac in my body.

I am not sure I can resist this trap.

Blindfolding my eyes will be a little better.

Do you know how to get away from it"


Murong Yunshu blushed and said, "I haven't studied this kind of trap."


"Then we have to break through it the hard way.

Hold me tight." After saying that, Chu Changge leapt forward and lucked out smoothly, but unexpectedly his true qi went the wrong way, and his chest was hit hard by it as he immediately spat out a mouthful of black blood.


"You've been poisoned!" Murong Yunshu became a big mess at that moment, and her hands and feet began to tremble.


Chu Changge was just about to speak when another mouthful of black blood came out.


The seven women were still skipping, getting softer overtime, and their soft laughter turned to pant.


Murong Yunshu clearly felt Chu Changge's body heating up.

He was so scorching, and suddenly panic set in Murong Yunshu as her hands shook faster and faster.


Suddenly, Chu Changge pushed Murong Yunshu away and stumbled towards the heart of the bewitching trap.


In an instant, Murong Yunshu could only feel the sky spinning.

Her heart thumped until it was almost out of her chest, and her brain was unable to think.


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