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Chapter 184 : Divorce

byきつね-December 10, 2021

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His eyebrows were like distant mountains, and his eyes were like stars.

What a handsome out of this world kind of face, and it was extremely life-like.


Murong Yunshu raised her brush and stared at the finished painting, not even knowing when Feng Cheng had left.


Suddenly, a cold voice sounded behind her——"Why did you paint me"


Murong Yunshu's hand shivered at these words, and the brush slipped from her hand.

She got up in surprise and turned back to meet the person behind him.


No words were coming out of her mouth.


After staring at the person before her for a very long time, Murong Yunshu suddenly turned around and slowly took the painting off the easel.

She carefully rolled it up and then raised her steps towards her study.


Yun did not expect such a reaction from her.

He went blank in situ and was at a loss as to what to do.

After a while, she came out of the study again, holding a piece of paper in her hand.

The breeze blew, and the thin paper moved, just enough for him to see a few big characters written on it——a letter of divorce.


For a moment, he felt like falling into ice and snow, and the sky was spinning over his head.


Murong Yunshu handed him the letter of divorce and said indifferently, "From now on, there will be no more ties between you and me."


After a moment of silence, Yun took the letter and asked, "You are my wife"


Murong Yunshu: "Not anymore."


Yun's body trembled and was silent for a few more seconds before he sullenly said, somewhat reluctantly, "I don't remember."


"It's good that you don't remember.

If you don't remember, you won't have heartache." Murong Yunshu's voice was very soft and faint as if a breeze would sweep it away, leaving only a trace of imperceptible sorrow that lingered lovingly in the air.


"Did we have a good relationship before" Yun asked.


Murong Yunshu lifted her lips into a faint smile, "Yes.

Even if it wasn't good, how dare you forget about me"


That smile, which was supposed to be bitter, Yun could still see the colour of happiness in it.

Was she happy to be forgotten by him Inexplicably, Yun's insides felt overwhelmingly irritated.


After a long interval, Yun asked, "Don't you want to be remembered by me" His tone was awkward, as if he was a rebellious big boy.

He was clearly unhappy but forced himself to keep his emotions to himself, trying to hide them deep inside him.

However, the more he wanted to hide it, the more he exposed it.


"Can you remember me" Murong Yunshu asked rhetorically.


Yun was slightly stunned.

"I will remember you."


Murong Yunshu raised an eyebrow, sort of believing his words.


"If I remember you, are you willing to marry me again"


"Marry you again" Murong Yunshu wrinkled her eyebrows, "I've never married you before."


Yun's face showed surprise.

"But this letter of divorce......"


"You were the one who married me in the first place." Murong Yunshu said casually.


Yun instantly felt like he had bitten a stone.

His expression stiffened and twisted beyond human form.

"I married you"


"You don't believe it"


Yun did not make a sound.

His expression was still as it was before, in the state of him eating a stone without swallowing it.


Seeing this reaction of his, the corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth curled up slightly as she turned around to return to her study.

Leaving Yun alone in the wind while feeling a mess.






East, South, North and West were dumbfounded when they looked at the letter of divorce brought back by the Leader.


"Leader, you're so embarrassing! I can't believe Madam has divorced you!" North Guardian cried out.


Black lines instantly filled the faces of East, South and West as they asked in unison, "Can this matter be regarded as something embarrassing"


North Guardian had an innocent face on.

"Isn't it" Why did the three of them look like they had seen an idiot


"Of course not." West Guardian gave him a blank look and said unpleasantly, "If the Leader is divorced, being embarrassed is just a small matter, but losing a destined one is the biggest matter, do you understand"


North Guardian made a blank face and shook his head, still unable to understand.


The corners of West Guardian's mouth slightly trembled as he scolded him while wishing that iron could turn straight into steel, "You've grown your head that big for nothing!"


North Guardian had an aggrieved face, "Old West, you can just directly talk to me.

No need to attack my life."


"......" Now his brain has become smart, huh


North Guardian: "In fact, a divorce is just a divorce.

It's not a big deal for them to remarry.

Anyway, Leader is the best at being shameless."


East, South, West: "......"


"I'm also good at being shameless" Yun had a look on his face that he wished he could just drop dead.



You are not good at it." East Guardian shook his head.


"You're proficient in it." South Guardian was very cooperative and added the complete sentence to East Guardian's words.


West Guardian: "Especially in the matter of remarrying Madam.

So take that shamelessness of yours to good use in coaxing and pestering her to the extreme saturation."


The corners of Yun's mouth twitched slightly.

These words, how could they sound like they were not good words......


"You guys said that I have a good relationship with her.

If so, why did she divorce me" Yun asked the doubt he had in his mind.


Umm. The four people, South, East, North and West, looked at each other.


"It's probably because you forgot about her, which provoked her to be extremely angry at you." East Guardian said.


When Yun heard his answer, he furrowed his sword brows with little understanding.

He then glanced sideways at the next courtyard while his mind was somewhat baffled by his situation.






Meanwhile, Lu-er, who had been sitting on the sidelines, finally came to the rescue.

As soon as Li Wunai appeared, she ran up to him and muttered a lot about Murong Yunshu divorcing Chu Changge.

The more Li Wunai listened, the higher his brows knitted.

By the time Lu-er had finished informing him, both of his eyebrows had formed a line.


"Why did you do that" Li Wunai asked.


"I did what" Murong Yunshu asked instead of answering.


Li Wunai: "You just divorced him."


"He broke his promise to me." Murong Yunshu said.


Li Wunai: "What promise"


At that moment, the book in Murong Yunshu's hand happened to be on the last page.

She closed the book and casually threw it on the desk, then picked out another book from the pile of books stacked on the right side and indifferently said while flipping through it, "This has nothing to do with you."


"I caused Chu Changge to become what he is now.

Until he turns back into the original Chu Changge, everything about him has to do with me." Li Wunai's bottom line was his loyalty and conscience.


When Murong Yunshu heard his words, she sighed softly, then she closed the book somewhat wanly and rested it on the table.

She raised her eyes to look at him and said, "I'm not used to reporting my thoughts to others." This was one of the reasons why she didn't have many friends. [ ]


Li Wunai: "I didn't ask you to report on your thoughts.

I just want to know, why did you write a letter of divorce to him"


Upon hearing this, Murong Yunshu pondered for a moment before saying, "He only dared to forget me because of my unswerving devotion towards him.

By divorcing him, it will teach him to reflect on this himself."


Li Wunai was flabbergasted and then asked rhetorically, "What if he's not faking it"


"Whether it is faked or not, it is his fault for forgetting me." Murong Yunshu had a cold expression on her face. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.


Li Wunai froze again.

"You're brutally unreasonable."


Murong Yunshu: "What I said to him was never reasonable."


"Not being reason......" The other part of the word 'reasonable' was not even out of Li Wunai's mouth when he had already realised it.

Between these two, they didn't speak of reason but love.

Murong Yunshu was not a reasonable person, and neither was Chu Changge.

Between the two of them, there was only the word 'love' from the beginning to the end.

In the depths of the word love, where would there be room for the word reason......


"What have you found out" Murong Yunshu asked.


What did he find out about Li Wunai was stunned for two moments before he could follow her thoughts and hastily replied, "As I said, Chu Changge is not pretending to have amnesia."


Murong Yunshu: "I know."


Li Wunai was slightly surprised, "How did you know"


"It doesn't matter."


"......" There's that attitude again. Li Wunai suddenly felt frustrated.

Mentally, he regarded her as a confidant in his heart, and she actually treated him with the same attitude as a passerby......oh, that was not right.

He was treated even worse than a passerby.

She was at least polite when she faced the passerby.

However, when it came to him, not only did she not have the most basic courtesy, but she also hit his few remaining self-confidence now and then and spoke in a way that was nothing but damaging.


The more Li Wunai thought about it, the more unbalanced he became, and he was determined to confront her.

"If you don't tell me why, I won't tell you the rest of the information."


Murong Yunshu: "Then you don't need to say anything.

Take care, and I won't see you off."


"......" The corners of Li Wunai's mouth slightly twitched as he stared at her hesitantly for a moment.

When he reached the end of his rope, he lifted his leg to leave.

Hmph, he also had a backbone!


Li Wunai had just taken a few steps when he heard Murong Yunshu speak leisurely from behind him, "Lu-er, pass these words down.

From now on, all properties under the Murong Mansion should turn away all bald monks asking for alms.

Any merchant who dares to give alms to the monks will be denied any access to the properties."


What does it mean by bullying What does it mean by insidious and cunning What does it mean by being despicable and shameless......


She is just a villain! A villain of the highest order!


After a burst of slander in his heart, Li Wunai stiffened his neck and craned his head.

"If you are a gentleman, don't try the same trick on me again!"


Murong Yunshu countered, "This is something you should say to a gentleman.

A nasty person like me won't absorb these words from you."


"......" You still know that you are a nasty person! Li Wunai's heart was indignant, "As the young mistress of a generation of a treacherous merchant family, it won't kill you to accumulate some yin virtue!"


Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows slightly. Does this person get confused because of his anger


Lu-er was full of black lines and weakly reminded, "Great Master, it's a rich merchant, not a treacherous merchant."


"Uh." Li Wunai was embarrassed. Is it too late to change it


Obviously, it was too late. Murong Yunshu looked at him expressionlessly, "Tell me, what have you found out."


It was better to follow her orders at a time like this.

Li Wunai replied reluctantly, "Chu Changge didn't pretend to lose his memory, but the cold poison three years ago caused him to go off the rails and split his personality.

He is one person during the day and another person at night."


Murong Yunshu smiled and suddenly realised that it was no wonder she always dreamed of Chu Changge appearing beside her at night, all looking normal.

While the Yun she saw during the day was a different person.

She had guessed that there must be some reason for this, but she never thought that the truth would be so unbelievable.


Li Wunai continued, "At night he is the Chu Changge we know, but during the day he is Yun, who does not remember anything or anyone.

Yun's memory only lasts for six hours.

Once the six hours have passed, he will change back into Chu Changge.

And when he wakes up again, his memory is blank again."


Murong Yunshu: "Then why did he start to kill"


"To suppress the demon in his heart." Li Wunai explained, "There was a powerful demonic nature within Yun that had to be temporarily subdued by killing some people."


Split personality......memory loss......mind demon haunting......the more Murong Yunshu thought about it, the more heartbreaking it was.

Compared to what happened to Chu Changge, her suffering over the past three years could not be called suffering at all......


What made her heart ache even more was that he chose to bear it all alone.


Could it be that because he had extra personality, he forgot about the promise they had made to go forward and retreat together


He was so confident that she would not abandon him no matter what, and that was why he dared to suffer everything alone behind her back.


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