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Chapter 179 : Let Yun Kill Me

byきつね-November 30, 2021



When someone called her name in her sleep, Murong Yunshu opened her eyes.

"Chu Changge" She grabbed his hand in surprise and joy.

"You're finally back!"


"No, I just came to take a look at you.

It's still too early.



"What's too early"


"It's too early to meet you......too early......"


"No......Chu Changge......don't go......don't go......"


"Don't go!" As Murong Yunshu cried out, she suddenly sat up.

It turned out it was only a dream.


In the past three years, she had dreamed of him countless times, but this time, it was not as if she was dreaming.

She could still feel his temperature on her hands.


She grasped her empty hand as she recalled what Li Wunai told her during the day.

Then Murong Yunshu looked at the gloomy sky outside the window in a daze.






The next day, Murong Yunshu looked for Yun Si Niang and requested, "How about I give you money, and you get a hitman to kill me"


"What" Yun Si Niang went dumbfounded.

She thought she heard her wrong.


Murong Yunshu added, "Ordinary killers won't do.

I want 'Yun' to kill me."


Yun Si Niang blinked continuously.

"Murong Meizi, did you just eat something bad"


Li Wunai's whole face was filled with black lines.

Eating bad food had nothing to do with finding someone to kill her.


"Just do it." Murong Yunshu said indifferently.


Yun Si Niang thought about it and asked, "What's in it for me"


"Jiugua House will be given to you to manage."


Yun Si Niang was overjoyed when she heard of this offer.

"Deal!" She must bring down Jiu Gua House. Hump!


Murong Yunshu seemed to see through Yun Si Niang's mind.

She glanced at her coldly and stated, "Murong Mansion has plenty of money, and opening a drinking parlour to help the poor is nothing." The implication was that, no matter how much you try to ruin it, with Murong Mansion behind its back, Jiugua House will never collapse.


Help the poor.....the corner of Li Wunai's eyes twitched a few times ferociously. In that case, is there anyone who is not poor in her eyes


Yun Si Niang, on the other hand, felt highly discouraged.

Since she could not ruin the place till it collapsed, maybe she should try to make money from it.

No, no, no.

She would feel sorry for her Gossip House.

But, being unable to make the Jiugua House lose money and make money for herself, would it be too aggravating for her talent


This is difficult, really difficult! Yun Si Niang shook her head for a while and sighed long and hard.


"Is it that hard to hire a killer even with your connections" Murong Yunshu asked indifferently.


Yun Si Niang shook her head.

"That's not what I am having trouble with."


"Then what is it"


"It's......" Yun Si Niang just wanted to speak out the contradiction in her heart when she suddenly remembered her opponent was Murong Yunshu.

She hastily changed her words as she smilingly said, "I am worried that 'Yun' won't take the order."


Murong Yunshu frowned.

"Why Don't killers only focus on money"


"Yun is different from others." Li Wunai said, "He only kills those he wants to kill.

If he doesn't want to kill you, he won't take the deal.

If he wants to kill you, even if no one pays, he will still kill you."


"In that case, he is not a professional killer, but one who only kills in his spare time" Murong Yunshu asked.


The corners of Li Wunai's mouth twitched slightly.

Did she have to use such an easy word as 'killing during one's spare time' She made it like killing was a type of hobby.

"His identity has always been a mystery in the jianghu.

No one knows where he came from, and even fewer people know if he is truly a professional killer."


Murong Yunshu listened to him thoughtfully for a long time before asking, "Then who do you think will be his next target"


"You want to stand by a stump waiting for hares to bump into it"


Murong Yunshu's phoenix eyes flashed, declining to comment.


Li Wunai pondered for a while and said, "The last time I met him, he was chasing and killing the Four Demons of Jiangzhou.

I saw that his martial arts skills looked familiar, so I meddled with it.

So the Four Demons of Jiangzhou escape the disaster.

However, he won't just stop there."


"You mean he will continue to pursue and kill the Four Demons of Jiangzhou" Murong Yunshu asked.


"Mmm." Li Wunai nodded his head.


Murong Yunshu lost in her thought for a moment and finally stated, "The whereabouts of the four monsters in Jiangzhou are erratic.

By the time I find them, it may be too late.

To see Yun, the killer, we must find his next target before he does." She had met the Four Demons of Jiangzhou a few years ago.

It was a miracle that those four people could live till this day.


Li Wunai nodded thoughtfully, "That's made sense."


Murong Yunshu asked again, "Other than them, are there others who might become his targets"


"Other targets......" Li Wunai hung his head to think carefully.

He searched his mind for the great evil people in the jianghu.


At this time, Yun Si Niang said nonchalantly, "Do you guys still need to think Isn't there one right in front of you"


Murong Yunshu and Li Wunai looked at her at the same time. Who


Yun Si Niang's slender finger stretched out, pointing at Li Wunai's white and clean nose while winking flirtatiously and smilingly said, "Isn't it you, Great Master"


In a moment, Li Wunai's facial muscles jerked a few times fiercely.

"Female patron, please don't make fun of this humble monk."


Yun Si Niang rolled her eyes and waved her hand.

"All right, all right.

Now that there are no outsiders around, you can resume your secular life and be a normal person for a while.

You may not find it awkward speaking these words like patron, this humble monk.

But it sounded so to the listener like me.

It's too difficult for me even to bear."


"You......" Li Wunai was about to argue, but he caught sight of the 'these words spoke what I have in my heart' expression on Murong Yunshu's face, causing his Great Master's face to turn dark.

Was it wrong to be a monk these days


After glancing at Li Wunai a few more times, Murong Yunshu asked Yun Si Niang, "Why would Yun want to kill him"


"He saw Yun's face, so of course Yun wouldn't let him go." Yun Si Niang honestly thought this was an idiotic question.

But between the fact that Murong Yunshu was so scheming and calculating and having a black belly as black as carbon, she had to hide the inner contempt she had towards her inside.


Yun Si Niang spoke off it breezily in a light-hearted manner, but Murong Yunshu, who listened to her words, had her face covered with shock.

"You've seen Yun's face" She asked Li Wunai.


"Mmm." Li Wunai nodded his head.


Mmm He has nothing else to say other than that Murong Yunshu casually stared at him, but in her heart, she was desperate to hear the rest.


Li Wunai originally did not want to mention this, but he was forced to elaborate since Yun Si Niang had brought it up.

"It's not Chu Changge.

But his figure and martial arts style are the same as Chu Changge's.

Even his movement habits are exactly the same.

If it weren't for that face and eyes that were frighteningly unfamiliar, I would have thought that it was indeed him at that time."


"What about his weapon" Murong Yunshu asked.


"He didn't use any weapon."


Murong Yunshu suddenly thought of Chu Changge.

Only when facing a formidable enemy, would he use a weapon——his Qinglong Sword.

If Yun was indeed Chu Changge, then Qinglong must be with him.

The late Great Master Abbot of Shaolin Temple once said that Qinglong was an ancient divine weapon that could recognise its owner.


As Murong Yunshu thought of this, she only felt that all the blood in her body had awakened once more.


God took pity on her after all and finally let her see a glimmer of hope.






Since Murong Yunshu knew that Li Wunai was one of Yun's targets, she forced him to stay by her side, not allowing him to leave her even for an inch.

She was just short of using a rope to tie him to her body.

In this regard, Li Wunai felt deeply helpless. [T/C]


"It's a good thing that Yun only kills during the day.

Otherwise, it would certainly be too troublesome." Li Wunai said.


At that time, Murong Yunshu was painting.

When she heard his words, she looked up and glanced at him strangely.

"What trouble can there be"


"If he kills people at night too, then I have to be in your sight at night too.

A lone man and a woman in the same room, won't that be too troublesome" Li Wunai explained. [ ]


"Even if it's troublesome, it will still be mine."


"I will also be in trouble, okay."


"I know you are very much a troublesome person."


"No, I mean......" Li Wunai still wanted to explain.

But when he saw Murong Yunshu already bowed her head and gone back painting, without giving him a chance to turn around the argument, he abandoned himself to despair and said somewhat self-loathingly.

"Women are unreasonable, so I choose to become a monk."


"If I give you a reasonable woman, you won't become a monk" Murong Yunshu rhetorically asked while painting.


"Uh......" Of course not.

Li Wunai touched his nose resentfully and changed the subject, "Say, why does Yun only kill people in the daytime Isn't this kind of thing like kill and burn best done on a dark and windy night"


"People like you who never kill people will never understand even if I explain." Murong Yunshu had a tone that she was too lazy to make any explanation.


Li Wunai's face was suddenly full of black lines.

"So, you're saying you've killed someone before"




"Then how do you know the reason Yun chose to only kill during the day"


"When did I say I knew"




After a while, Murong Yunshu answered Li Wunai's question seriously while calmly explaining her thought, "Maybe he just wanted to be different.

Some people just like to be different from others."


"This is quite similar to Chu Changge." Li Wunai said.


At these words, Murong Yunshu's painting hand shook a little, and a drop of ink dripped on the canvas.

Suddenly, she thought of the time when she first met Chu Changge, and her hand shook.

That one drop of ink almost ruined her painting.

Later she started with that drop of black ink, and as she painted, she actually drew a handsome man.

Now that she thought about it, she already had him deep in her heart at that time, right Otherwise, how could her hand draw such a lifelike person


Looking at the face on the canvas with only an outline, Murong Yunshu suddenly smiled.

What she needed now was Qinglong.

As long as he dared to appear in front of her, she would be able to recognise him.

Even with her eyes closed.

She believed in her own heart.






Murong Yunshu waited for more than a month, but Yun never patronised the Jiugua House.


Wasn't it true that anyone who had seen his face would die Why didn't he come after Li Wunai


"Probably he didn't know he was here." Yun Si Niang said, "Tomorrow, I will put out the news that Li Wunai is in the Jiugua House.

That way, our friends in the jianghu who have enmity with him take their revenge and avenge their grievances."


Li Wunai's forehead jumped up in a fury.

"Do you want me to die so much"


"No, I just want to see a Shaolin abbot being hunted down." Yun Si Niang answered.


"......" Li Wunai held his forehead, "Yun's martial arts skills are unfathomable.

I'm not his opponent at all.

Have you ever thought, in case he is not Chu Changge, won't I will be truly dead"


Yun Si Niang, "Don't worry.

The two gatekeepers of the Jiugua House are very powerful.

With them around, you can't die."


Speaking of the two gatekeepers——Soul Chaser and Sou Ming, Li Wunai suddenly remembered something.

"Where are Chu Changge's Four Great Guardians" He asked Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu slowly shook her head.

"I also want to know where they are."


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