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Chapter 178 : Yun The 'Killer'

"Murong Meizi, be generous.

It's against the morality of the jianghu for you to openly steal business from me like this."




"'Hmm' Do you think it's already settled after you said 'hmm' My Gossip House has been out of business for a month! If this continues, how can I live!"


Murong Yunshu thought for a moment and said lightly, "I'm not short of people here."


"......" Even if there were a shortage of people here, she wouldn't go! "Murong Meizi, how about we make a deal"


Murong Yunshu's eyes moved slightly, and she became silent for a moment, "What is it"


"You should operate it on a fee basis."


"I'm not short of money."


"But I do!" Yun Si Niang wanted to cry.

"You've opened an identical Jiugua House opposite my Gossip House, and you don't charge for it.

Are you not deliberately trying to force me to death" Who would go to her Bagua House when there was another place that offered free food and drinks [EX]


"Forcing you to death is incidental."


"......" That answer was straightforward.

Yun Si Niang couldn't figure out why she had appreciated this unearthly, broken child who did not even eat the food of ordinary mortals before.

"Just think of me being afraid of you.

As long as you make this nonsense Jiugua House close down for good, I'll give away all the information you want for free in the future.

If I go back on my word and take half a cent from you, I'll be struck by lightning and die in an unnatural death!" Yun Si Niang swore to the heavens.


Murong Yunshu remained silent for a while longer as if considering Yun Si Niang's proposal and then said, "I'm delighted being the Lady Boss."


Yun Si Niang was so overcome with regret in her heart that she wished she could slap herself in the face twice.

If she had known, when Murong Yunshu had come to her, asking for information about the Wuhua Valley, she should have just confessed that she didn't know.

Ah, she must have eaten her brains out that day.

She deliberately asked for a sky-high price to make Murong Yunshu think that she did know about the information of the Flowerless Valley but did not want to sell it.


As a result, she achieved her goal and saved her face.

In contrast, her drinking parlour was about to go bankrupt.


Hey, hey, hey, how could she have expected that this seemingly cold and unassuming woman would have such a temper In a fit of anger, Murong Yunshu opened the Jiugua House just to steal business from her When she saw the 'Free Food and Drink' sign at the entrance of Jiugua House, she wanted to die.


But fortunately, Murong Yunshu's requirements were even harsher than hers.

So more or less, some jianghu people who were not qualified to enter the Jiugua House reluctantly stayed in her Gossip House.


Yun Si Niang had been in the jianghu world for more than 20 years, and although she had not done anything earth-shattering, she was still a well-known figure in the jianghu world.

But now, she had been reduced to the situation of 'collecting leftovers'.


Since Heavens had no eyes, the villains were currently in power!


Yun Si Niang raised her eyes to look at the blue sea and beyond the blue sky.

Her heart was particularly bleak.


"If you want to know about the Wuhua Valley, just make an offer, and someone will bring the information to your door when the time comes." Yun Si Niang suggested.


"Thank you."


"Say, you've been in Shuzhong for more than ten days now.

How come I haven't seen Chu Changge It's impossible those rumours in the jianghu are true, is it"


"Ten thousand."


Yun Si Niang was stunned.

"What ten thousand"


"The price of this news."


"......" After a while, Yun Si Niang sighed and said, "If you don't want to talk about it, just say so.

Why open do you need to ask for money it hurts my feelings, you know."


Murong Yunshu put down the book in her hand, looked up at her and said indifferently, "Isn't this your usual style I thought you would like this."


"Uh......" She did like mentioning money to people, but she didn't like people doing it to her.


Murong Yunshu looked at her for a moment more, hung her head and continued reading.

While reading, she casually asked, "Is there anything else"


Yun Si Niang was slightly stunned.

"Not at the moment."


"Then, take care.

I won't be sending you off."


"......I didn't say I was leaving."


"You can go now."


"You haven't promised me......"


"Lu-er, see the guest off."


"Yes, Miss." Lu-er immediately made a 'please' gesture towards Yun Si Niang.


"Murong Meizi, do you remember eight years ago when you came to Shuzhong to look for Chu Changge I provided you with the secret passage into King Liang's residence, and you owed me a favour for that"


"It was so long ago.

Who would still remember" The sound of her voice was calm, as if that event never lingered in her memory.


Yun Si Niang immediately raised her eyebrows and was about to point out that her words couldn't be trusted when she raised her eyes and saw the calmness on Murong Yunshu's face.

It was like......what people called changes from seas into mulberry fields and from mulberry fields into seas.


After pondering for a moment, Yun Si Niang said stiffly, "Since you don't remember it, then just forget about it.

Anyway, I'm not stingy, so I'll treat that favour as a gift to you." After saying that, she swaggered off.

Her back view was not as graceful as when she came, tinged with a heavy colour.


"Miss......" Lu-er wanted to say something but stopped.


"Step down."


After a long hesitation, Lu-er replied, "Yes."


Ever since Guye disappeared, Miss had become even more tight-lipped.

Counting the days, it had been almost three years since they had left the palace in search of Guye.

In these three years, she had accompanied Miss to travel through most of the Daye Dynasty, but she still had not received any news related to Guye, not even a single word.


Guye, where the hell are you






Murong Yunshu also asked countless times in his mind. Chu Changge, where the hell are you Please send me some news, even if it's just a few twists and turns.

As long as it's related to you, it's already enough.


How could a person disappear so cleanly Not even a trace was left behind as if he had never been in this world.


Since Chu Changge's disappearance, the Mojiao Sect had also scattered in all directions.

However, occasionally, news about the people of the Mojiao Sect would still appear in the jianghu world.

Whenever Murong Yunshu heard information about them, Murong Yunshu felt a special affinity.

If they could still do evil, it meant that they were living well.


She heard that Feng Cheng had become active in the jianghu again, and his reputation surpassing Hua Tuo had once again risen to fame.

However, he only cured diseases that others could not and specialised in curing poisons that no one in the jianghu could cure. [T/C]


What surprised Murong Yunshu most was that Qiu Shuiyin had become a famous poison healer in the jianghu.

It was said that she was now competing with Feng Cheng for the number one Divine Physician position and was fighting hard.

Murong Yunshu didn't think Qiu Shuiyin would want to compete with Feng Cheng.

Eccentric people expressed themselves differently from ordinary people. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.


In a few days, Chu Murong would be eight years old.

He, the child Emperor, had governed the country well.

Although he had only calmly said, 'I will wait for my parents to return together' when she left, Murong Yunshu sensed that he was, in fact, clear about the reason for her departure and knew that a reunion would be hard to come by. [T/C]


For Chu Murong, Murong Yunshu had nothing but love and guilt.

As a mother, she was genuinely incompetent.

Fortunately, Little Murong had an old head on his young shoulders.

He could understand her feelings and forgive her for her selfishness. [T/N]


Murong Yunshu slowly raised her eyes to look at the stars in the night.

The darkness of the sky was so deep that she felt scared. Everyone is doing well.

I am doing well, but how about you Are you doing well






Thanks to the high threshold of the Jiugua House, the Gossip House was still lingering on.

Yun Si Niang was bored as she counted the small amount of income she made every day.

She was a great lover of gossip, and now that all the martial arts insiders had gone to the Jiugua House, all she had left here was some gossip about who had made in-laws with whom and who had fought with whom, which was absolutely boring.


"I'm done with this! Close the door."


"It's still early......"


"Early for what Not even a fly has flown in all morning.

What's the point of opening this store I'm not going to open it anymore!" Yun Si Niang waved her hand in a shrewish way as she announced, "From today onwards, the Gossip House is closed for good." After making her announcement, she walked towards the door of the opposite building in an overbearing manner.


"Lady Boss, don't be impulsive! Those two honourable gatekeepers of the Jiugua House are generally powerful."


"Who cares if they are generally powerful or twice as powerful It's not like I'm going to fight them."


"Er......then, what do you want to do there"


"To have lunch."




No matter how dumbfounded her store assistant was, Yun Si Niang continued to step into the Jiugua House with broad steps. [ ]


"No admittance for an unauthorised person." The two gatekeepers of the Jiugua House reached out to stop Yun Si Niang at the same time.


Yun Si Niang covered her mouth and giggled, acting like a shy little girl, but her eyes were not shy at all.

After twittering for a while, she said, "You two gentlemen honestly like to joke.

We just met yesterday.

Don't tell me you don't remember me already."


"Who remembers what happened so long ago as yesterday"


Scary! Yun Si Niang's eyes widened.

"Have you been infected by the one inside You're talking like monks from the Shaolin Temple."


At that moment, a calm voice came from behind her.

"What's wrong with being the monk from Shaolin Temple"


Yun Si Niang turned around at the source of the voice and immediately exclaimed, "Li Wunai, when did you resume your secular life"


The corners of Li Wunai's mouth trembled slightly.

"This humble monk's clerical name is Xin Ming.

This is my beard, not my hair."


"Uh......" Yun Si Niang was embarrassed.

"Do monks have beards too"


"The one without a beard is a eunuch." Li Wunai said with a dark face.


Yun Si Niang blinked, "Great Master, you don't sound like a monk."


"......" Li Wunai was also feeling helpless.

He couldn't help but reveal his original face once he met someone he knew.


"That's why you can't become a monk just because you shave your head.

Some people are born with the demeanour of a transcendent being, while others can't shed their vulgarity even after three years of being a monk." Murong Yunshu said as she walked over leisurely.


"......" He had to be forbearing.

He had to be firm in his forbearance.

Li Wunai endured the discontent that raised his blood pressure in his chest, squeezed out a refined 'Great Master's smile' and said, "After three years of not seeing you, the female patron is still as sharp-tongued as ever."


"Great Master is overpraising me." Murong Yunshu said indifferently.

She stood at the doorway as she had no intention of inviting him in.


"Can this humble monk ask for a cup of tea" Li Wunai asked.


Murong Yunshu: "No."



The 'Great Master's smile' on Li Wunai's face stiffened.


Yun Si Niang took joy in his calamity and delight in disaster on the sideline as she explained, "If you want to enter this door, you must have good information that she is looking for."


Li Wunai smiled faintly at her words and said, "There is information, but I don't know if the female patron will consider looking at it." Three years ago, he was still having trouble letting go of the incident that caused Chu Changge's whereabouts to be unknown due to his leniency for Fang Hongfei.

In these three years, he had also been inquiring about Chu Changge, and when Heaven pitied him, it finally allowed him to find a slight trace of him.


"Tell me about it." Murong Yunshu's tone was still as calm as ever.

But there was already a storm in her heart.

Other people might not know, but Li Wunai clearly knew that she would not be interested in anything other than Chu Changge.

So this information must have something to do with Chu Changge.


Li Wunai said, "I wonder if you have heard of a killer called 'Yun'."


Without waiting for Murong Yunshu to answer, Yun Si Niang snatched the opportunity to speak, "Although Yun had just made his debut two years ago, he is now already number one on the jianghu assassin list.

Who would not know about such a powerful figure"


Murong Yunshu nodded slightly, indicating that she agreed with Yun Si Niang's words.


"I just met with him a few days ago.

His martial arts skill....." Li Wunai said while looking at Murong Yunshu for a few seconds of silence, "is the same as Chu Changge."


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