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Chapter 176 : Bad News



Feng Cheng didn't know how to answer and stammered for a long time before he replied, "He was the one who solved it for you."


"How did he do it"


"By using his internal force to suck the toxin into his own body."



Murong Yunshu could only feel that heaven had fallen, and the earth cracked in her head as her body seemed to follow this devastating collapse of her mind into an unknown abyss.

She could not seem to see the sky, and her feet could not step on the ground.


"Mom, what's wrong with you" Chu Murong grabbed one of Murong Yunshu's arms and looked back anxiously at Feng Cheng.

"Uncle Feng, Mom's complexion looks so unsightly."


Feng Cheng did not say anything and looked at Murong Yunshu apologetically, waiting for the storm to come.

To his surprise, Murong Yunshu was very quiet, so quiet that he felt very uneasy.


After a long time, Murong Yunshu finally said, "I want to see him."


"But......he has already left without saying goodbye.

Even the Left Emissary Yang and Right Emissary Xiang don't know where he went."


Murong Yunshu thought for a moment and guessed, "How about Black Wind Mountain"


"The Left and Right Emissaries have gone back to Black Wind Mountain.

If he were there, they would have sent word.

But they didn't." In other words, Chu Changge was not there.


Murong Yunshu was silent for a moment before saying, "I want to be alone."


Feng Cheng nodded understandingly and motioned for Little Murong to follow him out.


The moment the door of the room closed, Murong Yunshu immediately collapsed.


She wanted to cry, but there were no tears in her eyes.

She covered her mouth and shook her head uncontrollably.

There was not a single tear on her face, yet it felt even sadder when tears ran down her face.

Even when she closed her eyes, she could not shut out the despair in her heart. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.


She wanted to scream, cry her heart out and be hysterical as she desperately wished she could see him.


God, was the first half of her life sailing with the favourable wind, which was why the second half was full of ups and downs If so, please let her relive her life where the first half was full of trouble, and from the moment she met him, the wind would drop, and the waves subsided for the second half of her life......






Looking at the calm person in front of him, Feng Cheng had to admit his defeat thoroughly.

He thought that no matter how strong a woman was, she would at least be low-spirited even if she didn't collapse when encountering such a matter.

But he was proven wrong.

Murong Yunshu was stronger than anyone he had ever met, or perhaps she was just stubborn.

Stubborn enough to force herself to remain calm. [ ]


Chu Changge was right.

Finding him was her belief to continue her life.

As long as he remained unheard of, she would always remain strong.


Feng Cheng suddenly thought of Chu Xiyue.

Was she like Chu Changge, who could not bear to let him know that she had passed away, so she did not say goodbye and never appeared in his dreams


Hehe, they were worthy of being dragon and phoenix twins.

When they said they would disappear, they would genuinely disappear—not even leaving a thread of a spider and trail of a horse for him to pursue.

Feng Cheng smiled and laughed, then suddenly burst into tears.


Real men did not easily cry, but he has not yet reached the point of grieving.


Four years ago, he lost the love of his life, and four years later, he lost his best friend.

Was his life as Feng Cheng destined to live in a constant state of loss


"Do you know about Wuhua Valley" Murong Yunshu suddenly asked.


Feng Cheng returned to his senses.


The head of the valley is Bai Yifeng.

What's the point of asking me this" Suddenly, without waiting for Murong Yunshu to answer, Feng Cheng realised, "Could it be that you're suspecting Chu Changge has gone to Wuhua Valley"


Murong Yunshu: "I can't think of any other place."


She remembered that Chu Changge said that Wuhua Valley specialised in taking in jianghu people chased by their enemies.

He had many enemies, and now that he was suffering from a severe poison, only four places could protect him——Mojiao Sect headquarter in Black Wind Mountain, Murong Mansion, Shaolin Temple and Wuhua Valley.

There was no news of him in the first two places, and the Shaolin Temple was where she was poisoned.

So there was no way he would go there.

That left them with Wuhua Valley.


But the problem was, although she had been to Wuhua Valley once, she had been there with Chu Changge.

She had thought that as long as she was with him, wherever they went, it would always be the same.

Thus, she hadn't paid any attention to how she got in or how she had left.

What was more, she didn't know which nook and cranny the Wuhua Valley was exactly.


"But the Wuhua Valley has always been mysterious.

No one knows where it is precisely.

And there are so many mechanisms outside Wuhua Valley that even if you know its location, you can't even get in." Feng Cheng said.


Murong Yunshu frowned.

"You don't know where it is either"


Feng Cheng: "Why are you asking me that" It wasn't strange that he didn't know where it was, right


Murong Yunshu: "The friendship between Bai Yifeng and Chu Changge isn't shallow."


Feng Cheng: "That I know.

But I've never met Bai Yifeng."


"He has not introduced himself to you" Murong Yunshu did not believe Feng Cheng's words.

As a close friend of Chu Changge, it was impossible for the two of them never meet each other.


"Bai Yifeng has never left the Wuhua Valley.

Apart from Chu Changge, all the people who have seen him are inside Wuhua Valley." Feng Cheng did not know that Chu Changge had taken Murong Yunshu there once.


"If he doesn't leave the valley, you can just enter it."


The corner of Feng Cheng's mouth twitched as he said, "Thank you for thinking highly of me.

However, once you get in that horrible place, you can't get out, and I don't want to gamble with the lower half of my body to test Bai Yifeng's martial arts skills."


That made sense.

Murong Yunshu smoothed out her eyebrows and thought again.

She then stated, "Since the jianghu people chased by their enemies can find Wuhua Valley, someone must know where it is.

East Guardian, I'll leave this matter to you."


East Guardian: "Don't worry, Madam.

This subordinate will find out the location of the Wuhua Valley."






It had been three days since the four people East, South, North and West had left the palace, and there was still no news from them.

This situation made Murong Yunshu couldn't sit still.

The calmness she had always been most proud of had utterly turned upside down.

She couldn't sit still waiting for death any longer, not even for a second.


"Mom, what's wrong with you" Chu Murong walked through the door in his Dragon Robe and saw Murong Yunshu pacing around the room, looking agitated.


"Nothing." As soon as someone appeared, Murong Yunshu immediately reverted to her breezy appearance out of habit while suppressing the restlessness in her heart as she asked, "Done with your Imperial Court meeting"


"Mm." As soon as Chu Murong took off the golden crown from his head and threw it on the table, he complained, "Why hasn't Dad come back to take over my duty I'm exhausted."


"Don't think about it.

Your Dad had a hard time throwing the trouble out, so how can you expect him to pick it back again" Murong Yunshu smiled a little reluctantly.

She hadn't told Little Murong about Chu Changge yet.

She was afraid that he wouldn't be able to accept it.


Chu Murong frowned, looking remorseful.

"If I had known about this much earlier, I would not have become the Emperor in the first place."


Murong Yunshu: "Being an Emperor also has its benefits."


Chu Murong: "What are the benefits"


"Not having nothing to do." Murong Yunshu replied smoothly.


Chu Murong rolled his eyes.

"I have a lot of things to do even if I'm not the emperor."


"You used to be called a scourge everywhere, but now you are called a benefactor to the people.

It's different in nature."


Chu Murong slanted his head, thinking about it for a while, and said with a serious face, "I still prefer to be called a scourge."


"......an Emperor can sit in the Dragon Throne and sleep in the Dragon Bed." Murong Yunshu thought of a substantial benefit.


Chu Murong: "No more comfortable than chairs and beds at home."


That was undoubtedly true.

The furniture in Murong Mansion was custom made to the standards of the Empress Dowager class.

"When the Emperor makes a single call, hundreds will respond to it."


"Dad is not an Emperor, but don't hundreds of people still respond to his one call"


"......those who respond to his call are some jianghu boorish people.

Those who answer yours are cultural people.

It's not the same."


"But I think jianghu boorish people are more likeable." Chu Murong glanced faintly at his accompanying bodyguards and said, "They are more efficient and not as noisy as those cultural people."


Uh, well, she also preferred the jianghu boorish people.

Murong Yunshu felt like she was losing her grip when she suddenly glanced at the palace maid sweeping the floor at the entrance out of the corner of her eye.

In an instant, she had an excellent idea and said, "The Emperor can have a harem of three thousand beauties."


Chu Murong blinked.

"What is a harem of three thousand beauties"


"Er......it means that you can take many wives."


At these words, Chu Murong's little face scrunched up into a frown.

"Dad already loses his human dignity when he marries one wife.

If I marry many, won't I soon not even be a human being anymore I don't want to have a harem of three thousand beauties."


"......" This idea was a good one; a man should be devoted to one.

Nevertheless, there was one thing untrue——"Your father was born without human dignity.

It had nothing to do with the wife he married."


 "There is a connection." Chu Murong said,  "Dad is still majestic in front of others, and only in front of his wife will he become a yes-man.

It was his wife who turned him into a yes-man.



"......Murong, that 'wife' you speak of is sitting in front of you right now."


"I know."


"And you're still saying the worst things without blocking the things that are unpleasant for me to hear"


"I did it on purpose." He answered breezily.


"......" What a good son she had.

He sounded exactly like her.


Murong Yunshu suddenly found that bickering with Little Murong could make her forget her sorrow for a while.

It was probably because she could see Chu Changge's shadow in him.

With him by her side, her heart was much more at ease.


At that moment, an old eunuch suddenly entered with his back hunched and reported, "Your Majesty and the Empress Dowager, Lord Nie requests an audience."


Chu Murong: "Not going to meet him." He spoke like he was chopping the nail and slicing the iron.


"This......" The old eunuch looked at Murong Yunshu in embarrassment.


"Just let him in." Murong Yunshu said indifferently.




Not long after, Nie Qing was led in by the old eunuch.


"This small official call on Your Majesty and the Empress Dowager." Nie Qing bent down and saluted.


"You should withdraw first." Chu Murong waved his hand to indicate for the old eunuch to retreat.


"Yes." The old eunuch bowed out of the room to guard the door.


Chu Murong looked at Nie Qing helplessly and asked listlessly, "What's the matter"


Nie Qing reported, "The two from Yonghe Palace have fought again."


"Did it cause any death"


Nie Qing: "Not really.



Chu Murong waved his hand indifferently, "I won't care if no one died.

The whole point of having them live together is to make it easier for them to fight."


The corners of Nie Qing's mouth twitched slightly.

"Someone is going to die soon."


"What do you mean"


Nie Qing: "Your Majesty will know if Your Majesty goes to Yonghe Palace and takes a look."


Chu Murong frowned, "Just say it straight.

I can't communicate with the two of them anyway."


"Your Majesty only needs to see." Seeing Chu Murong's furrowed brows, Nie Qing had to explain very conservatively, "That kind of scene......words cannot describe it."


"Really" The corners of Chu Murong's mouth curled up, and he became interested, "Let's go and have a look." He just liked seeing things that words could not describe.


Murong Yunshu: "Won't you explain it to me first" Who are the two people in Yonghe Palace And what was the fight about


Chu Murong snickered.

"It's a long story.

Let's talk about it as we walk."



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