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Chapter 175 : Exchanging A Life For Another Life

byきつね-November 23, 2021

When Feng Cheng saw Murong Yunshu, she had been in a coma for three days and three nights.


Can she still be saved Everyone wanted to know the answer, but none of them dared to ask.


After the long diagnosis, Feng Cheng withdrew his hand, not daring to look into Chu Changge's eyes.


Chu Changge was very calm as he stayed by the bedside, asking, "Is there an antidote for this poison"


Feng Cheng lowered his head and apologetically said, "There is no antidote for it."


"You are lying." Chu Changge's tone was confident.


Feng Cheng was startled.

"I really can't cure this poison." He was somewhat lacking confidence in his own skill.


Chu Changge requested, "Feng Cheng, tell me." If there were no cure, he would not have diagnosed her for so long.


"No, there must be another way......"


"Feng Cheng!" Chu Changge interrupted him.

"There may be another way, but I can't wait.

Not even for a moment.

Tell me, what exactly is the treatment"


Left Emissary Yang and Right Emissary Xiang Right also looked at Feng Cheng, waiting for him to speak. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.


Feng Cheng had no choice but to tell him the truth.

"The Heavenly Extreme Cold Poison is not incurable, but the cure for it is not a medicine, but a person."


Chu Changge: "Just get to the point."


Feng Cheng pursed his lips and said, "The cure for the poison is to trade a life for another life.

But very few people are willing to sacrifice their own lives to cure other people's poison.

Hence the saying that there is no cure for the Heavenly Extreme Cold Poison." And the reason he didn't say anything at first was because he knew that Chu Changge would use his own life to cure the poison inside Murong Yunshu.

A life for another life.

That was not the outcome he wanted to see.


Sure enough.

After listening to Feng Cheng's narrative, Chu Changge immediately asked, "What should I do"


Feng Cheng: "She certainly doesn't want you to do this."


"I asked you what I should do" Chu Changge growled.


Feng Cheng shivered and tried to persuade him.

But then he heard the Right Emissary Xianh say, "The Leader cares more about Madam's life than his own.

You should understand this kind of feeling, Feng Gongzi."


Feng Cheng was stunned.

After a moment of silence, he said, "Even if you want to use your own life to cure her, you cannot do it immediately.

You still need to have black pearls and the magic fungus grass as they are the ingredients for the medicine.

Magic fungus grass is easy to find and can be bought for a price, but black pearls are hard to find and are not sold on the market."


"Where can I find the black pearl" Chu Changge asked.


Feng Cheng answered, "If you want to find the black pearls, you can only go and salvage mussels.

If you are lucky, you may come across them.

All the black pearls recorded in the book appear in the North Sea.

Therefore, sending someone to the North Sea to salvage them might have a ray of hope." Although it was like fishing for a needle in the ocean, it was better than nothing.


Left Emissary Yang: "I will immediately send someone out to the sea to salvage the black pearls!"


As if he hadn't heard him, Chu Changge asked Feng Cheng, "How much longer can people who are poisoned by the Heavenly Extreme Cold Poison live"


"Half a month." Feng Cheng's tone was heavy.


Chu Changge: "What is the likelihood of salvaging the black pearl in half a month"


Feng Cheng was speechless.

It was not even possible to find one in half a year, let alone half a month.


At this moment, a calm, sounded female voice could suddenly be heard coming from outside the door——"How many do you want"


Everyone looked towards the source of the sound, only to see Qiu Shuiyin, who had appeared at the door at some point.


Chu Changge suddenly remembered that she had lived on the island all year round, and a glimmer of hope rose in his heart.

"Do you have black pearls"


"How many do you want" Qiu Shuiyin asked instead of answering.


Chu Changge hurriedly looked at Feng Cheng, "How many do you want"


Feng Cheng: "Two."


When Qiu Shuiyin heard Feng Cheng's answer, she pulled out a hairpin from her head and handed it to Feng Cheng.


When Feng Cheng took it and looked at it, he was immediately shocked.

The hairpin was actually inlaid with two round black pearls.

"How did you get the black pearls" And they were even made into a hairpin.


Qiu Shuiyin, however, replied, "It's good if you can use them to save Murong Yunshu's life."


Feng Cheng raised his eyebrows.

Knowing that she would not answer his question, he did not pursue the matter any further.


Chu Changge was even less interested in the origin of the black pearl.

He only cared about one thing——to cure Murong Yunshu of the poison.






Feng Cheng ground the two black pearls together with magic fungus grass to make medicine and gave it to Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge.


"Use your inner force to suck the poison from her body into yours.

You should never ever resist the spread of the poison.

Once your body resists the toxin, it will flow backwards and move back into her body.

At that time, even if you want to trade your life with her life, it will be too late." Feng Cheng reminded him.


Chu Changge nodded.

As long as he could make her wake up, not to mention the poisonous qi attacking his heart, even if it were ten thousand arrows piercing his heart, he would not frown.

However, before he could cure the poison, he had one more thing he needed Feng Cheng to explain.


Chu Changge: "After sucking out the poison from her body, when will she be able to wake up"


Feng Cheng: "It depends on her fate.

It could be as quick as three or two days or as slow as ten days and a half months.

Because the poison has injured her body, she won't be able to wake up for a while."


Chu Changge: "Then what will happen to me"


Feng Cheng was silent for a few seconds and said, "It also depends on your own fate.

Your physique is invulnerable to all poisons.

Although this time you are introduced to the poison into your body by yourself, it will more or less play a role, and you should be in a better condition......than a normal person."


Chu Changge: "I want to hear the worst possible outcome."


Feng Cheng: "The worst outcome is death.

As for when and how you will die, I don't know."


It seemed that his action had to be quicker.

Chu Changge pondered for a moment and said, "Don't tell her about me relieving her of the poison."


"Even if I don't say anything, with her wisdom, she will still be able to guess." Feng Cheng sighed again.

"Even if she is not smart, when the person who has been around her all day long has suddenly disappeared, she will surely notice."


Chu Changge said: "Yes, my sudden disappearance will absolutely make her suspicious.

But as long as you don't give her an affirmative answer, she will keep searching.

She won't give up until she can't find me."


"Can you bear to let her spend her life looking for a......dead man"



But I can't bear to see her die.

It's better to spend a lifetime chasing a dead person than being the dead person.

I want her to be alive, to live her life well." When he said the last sentence, Chu Changge looked solemnly at Feng Cheng.


Feng Cheng averted his eyes and said, "Don't entrust her to me on your deathbed.

The only person who can make her live well is you.

The most I can do is to ensure that she is alive.

As to whether she will live well, only she knows."


"She will live a good life.

She has always been leading a perfect life.

She will continuously have a very, very good life......" Chu Changge murmured over and over again while wondering whether he was trying to convince Feng Cheng or himself. [ ]






She didn't know how long she slept as if she had had a very long dream.

In it, a person was whispering 'I love you' repeatedly in her ear.

She knew who that person was and wanted to respond to him, to tell him that she loved him too, but she couldn't make a sound.

No matter how hard she shouted, she could never make a sound.

Later, that person suddenly disappeared from the dream, without any sound.

She felt she had lost something significant.

She wanted to shout, wanted to reach out to grab, but could not call out to him, nor could she move.


Finally, she opened her eyes.


"Mom! Mom! Mom! You're finally awake! Uncle Feng, Mom has opened her eyes!"


Murong Yunshu, who had not yet understood the situation, heard little Murong's surprised scream and immediately understood.

No wonder it was so golden in front of her eyes, it turned out that she had arrived at her son's place.


"How do you feel Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere" Feng Cheng asked while taking her pulse.


"My stomach doesn't feel comfortable." Murong Yunshu said.


Feng Cheng smiled and asked, "Did the cold hurt your stomach" After asking that, he concentrated and rechecked her pulse.

"Her pulse is normal." He muttered to himself incomprehensibly as his hand was still on Murong Yunshu's wrist, continuing to diagnose.

"Why are you feeling uncomfortable What exactly does it feel like"


Murong Yunshu thought about it and said, "I think it should be the feeling of being hungry."


Feng Cheng: "......"


Chu Murong: "Someone! Prepare the meal.

Chicken, duck, goose meat, bird's nest and shark's fin, in short, all should be the best!"


In response, Murong Yunshu did not know whether to laugh or to cry, "Murong, although our Murong Mansion is not a scholarly family, our ancestors had also become a xiucai once.

Thus, they can be regarded as scholars too.

Therefore, the way you speak should be more polite.

Don't make yourself look like a nouveau riche."


Chu Murong flattened his mouth depressingly as he said, "Prime Minister Nie said that as a king, you have to be bold in your speech.

I'm practising my boldness."


Murong Yunshu rolled her eyes.

It was already unrefined that Little Murong had to deal with silver all day long and then the need for him to practice his burgeoning temperament, which was much even worse.

"The next time Nie Qing speaks to you about having to be bold, you tell him that it is innate.

You were born with the aura of an Emperor.

Since he can not smell it, then it is because his nose is not good enough."


Chu Murong: "Mom, Prime Minister Nie is my auxiliary minister.

I can't insinuate that he is a dog."


Murong Yunshu: "Son, you are now an Emperor.

You have to be more subtle in your usage of words."


Feng Cheng looked at the mother and son duo as they spoke with great interest, completely ignoring him as 'Prime Minister Nie's' brother-in-law.

The corner of his mouth couldn't help twitching as he said, "Since you're still able to be sarcastic, it seems that you're not seriously injured.

In that case, I'll leave first.

I'll come back tomorrow morning for follow-up."


Murong Yunshu nodded slightly.

"Sorry to bother you."


Feng Cheng raised his eyebrows.

"Why have you suddenly become so polite" In the past, when she looked for him to check her pulse, she consistently racked her brain to tease him a few times.

Why did she suddenly change her mind today


The corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth trembled slightly.

Some people had been so used to being verbally abused.

This treatment had caused him to be unable to get used to having people being polite to him.


"My family's ancestors had once produced a xiucai." Chu Murong explained quietly for his mother.


"......" Feng Cheng decided it was better not to bother with such trivial matters.

The first order of business was to slip away.

Otherwise, he would have to face an even bigger problem when she got her strength back.


Feng Cheng just lifted one foot, only to hear Murong Yunshu suddenly ask, "Where is your Dad" In an instant, Feng Cheng's body shook a few times.


Chu Murong: "I don't know.

I heard Uncle Feng say that Dad had other things to do.

So he couldn't come along to the capital."


Murong Yunshu frowned at his words.

She immediately sat up and looked at Feng Cheng, "What's going on"


Feng Cheng's eyes wandered, not daring to meet her eyes.

"He didn't say anything before he left."


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu's brow furrowed tighter.

Her intuition told her that Feng Cheng was hiding something from her.

"Then did he leave any words for me"


You should live well.

Feng Cheng said this in his heart, but his mouth let out, "No."


"Did he say when he would return"




"Feng Cheng." Murong Yunshu suddenly turned cold as she asked, "How did you get rid of my poison"


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