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Chapter 174: Preventing Him From Doing Something Stupid

byきつね-November 21, 2021

When Li Wunai opened the secret room door and entered the dungeon, Fang Hongfei's four limbs were still chained to the iron shackles, and he was smiling ferociously.

His artificial right hand was stained with blood.

It was left behind when he grabbed Murong Yunshu's leg.

The difference was that the blood on it was much darker than the one on Murong Yunshu's leg.


Li Wunai sighed and asked, "It had already come to this point.

Why do you have to take all the trouble to kill others again"


Fang Hongfei snorted coldly and spat at him, then he said, "Don't pretend to be nice to me! Now that you've locked me in here, you can kill me or scrape me as much as you want.

If you want to avenge those old monks, your can just directly kill me with your sword."


While holding Murong Yunshu in his arms, Chu Changge coldly said to Fang Hongfei through the hole in the ground, "Hand over the antidote, and I will fulfil your request."


"Ha ha ha ha....." Fang Hongfei laughed wildly after hearing his words.

His laughter was unusually wanton.

"It is my bad luck that I've fallen to this extent right now.

But Heaven has given me an opening by sending you to me and let me finally beat you for once.

When I die, Murong Yunshu will be buried with me, while you will live alone.

Chu Changge, you should experience what it is like to have your every hope turn to dust.

This is your retribution, and you deserve it."


The word 'retribution' struck heavily on Chu Changge's heart, causing his mind to go blank for a moment.

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Seeing Chu Changge's expressionless face and vacant gaze, Murong Yunshu held his hand and comforted, "It's not your fault."


Chu Changge didn't utter a word, as if he was sucked in by something.


Fang Hongfei: "Murong Yunshu, stop fooling yourself.

Ever since you got involved with Chu Changge, you've constantly been hit by misfortunes.

It's all his fault.

He has committed too many sins, but Heaven makes you repay for them."


Murong Yunshu sneered at his remarks as she asked, "Then whose sins are you currently paying for"


Fang Hongfei was silent.

It was the first time that Li Wunai saw him so quiet.

After looking at him for a while, Li Wunai requested, "Hand over the antidote, and I'll happily let you die." Since the matter had come to this point, it was already impossible to save his life.


"Put away your hypocritical face!" Fang Hongfei scoffed at the olive branch thrown by Li Wunai.


Li Wunai's face changed slightly, "What reason do I have to be hypocritical to you!"


Fang Hongfei snorted coldly and did not answer.


At this time, only then did Chu Changge jump out of the spell of retribution daze and speak sharply, "I am not a patient person.

No matter what method you use, I want the antidote right now.

After I get the antidote, I will let you have a long chat with him!"


When Li Wunai heard what he said, he immediately stopped his idea of arguing with Fang Hongfei and went straight to the point, "Tell me where the antidote is.

Even if you don't tell me, I will still search for it on your body.

Don't waste each other's time."


"If you want to search for it, then search wherever you want." Fang Hongfei looked indifferent.


In response, Li Wunai's heart suddenly went cold.

For Fang Hongfei to be acting so fearless, it was apparent that the antidote was not on him, or......there was no antidote at all.


This knowledge made Li Wunai's heart at once sink to the lowest point.

He hesitated for a moment before asking, "What kind of poison is it"


"You can't find the antidote."


"What kind of poison is it!" Li Wunai strangled his neck in anger.


Fang Hongfei: "You can just kill me.

There will be Murong Yunshu buried along with me on my way to Yellow Springs Road.

So I can die in peace."


Fang Hongfei stared at him for a moment.

Li Wunai suddenly let go of his hand and stumbled back a few steps, tasting something more terrible than despair.


Fang Hongfei's eyes had explained everything.

He simply didn't want to live, and no amount of coercion and enticement would work on him.

This also meant that——he didn't have the antidote.


Li Wunai stood in situ while feeling despair, not knowing what else should he do.


"Why didn't you kill him in the first place" Chu Changge asked.


Everyone could hear that Chu Changge was already furious to the extreme.

Any answer that made him unsatisfied would make him break through his last line of reason and turn him into a man-eating beast.

Therefore, Li Wunai did not dare to hesitate or lie and told a secret unknown to anyone.

"He is my younger brother, my half-brother."


When Chu Changge heard his answer, he became silent, unable to speak, sort of accepting this explanation.

At the same time, Fang Hongfei was full of shock.



Li Wunai: "Mother had a son with someone before she married into Mingjian Mountain Villa.

Although I hate her for abandoning her husband and son for the sake of glory and wealth, after all, you are my younger brother, and I can't lay my hands on you."


"Impossible......impossible...ha...ha ha...ha ha ha ha…..." Fang Hongfei suddenly laughed.

His laughter was more sorrowful than crying.

"I can't believe I actually have an older brother, and he even locked me up in this dark dungeon, like a dog…...ha......ha ha......

retribution…...this is retribution…...this is my retribution........"


Looking at Fang Hongfei's near madness appearance, Li Wunai stretched out his hand to appease him but took his hand back in mid-air.

There should be a bottom line for one to be compassionate, and he had stepped out of the bottom line too much.


Suddenly, Chu Changge's instructed from above――"Kill him."


Terror suddenly seized Li Wunai's entire body as he looked up at Chu Changge.


Chu Changge: "Use his head in exchange for the lives of everyone in the Shaolin Temple."




"Kill him.

I don't want to repeat it for the second time."


Li Wunai turned his eyes towards Fang Hongfei with his hand clenching his staff.


Fang Hongfei looked calm.

"Come on, kill me and take revenge for the dead souls of Shaolin Temple.

Anyway, now that I have lost all my martial arts skills, there is no point in living any longer."


Li Wunai's hand was trembling.

He knew that he could not save Fang Hongfei's life anyway, and he could ease his pain by doing it himself.

However, letting him kill his own brother with his own hands, he could not do it, he could not......


"Kill! Kill me and take revenge for the whole world!" Fang Hongfei suddenly shouted.


Li Wunai couldn't bear to look at him, and his hand was vaguely trembling.


"It was your kind-heartedness that had harmed Murong Yunshu.

Do you want to continue to hurt others" Fang Hongfei continues to provoke him.

Instead of living in humiliation, it would be better to die in pain.

Death was a relief for him.


Li Wunai had already gripped his staff till he could leave his fingerprints on it.

After long contemplation, he suddenly shouted and raised his staff to strike Fang Hongfei across his neck.

He had gathered all his grief and power in this blow.


Fang Hongfei closed his eyes and waited for death to come.

But after waiting for a long time, he heard a loud sound of the staff hitting the ground.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Li Wunai sitting on the floor as if he had just collapsed.


What happened


Fang Hongfei looked upward and just collided with Chu Changge's cold, icy gaze. [ ]


Chu Changge: "This multitude of punishment is enough for him.

And you, right now, do not deserve to die."


Fang Hongfei was horrified at his words, "What are you going to do"


"To give you a taste of what it's like to have your every hope turn to dust." After saying that, Chu Changge shouted, "Someone!"


In an instant, two middle-aged men, one black and one white, appeared in front of Chu Changge, "Leader." They were the Left and Right Emissaries of the Mojiao Sect.


Chu Changge: "Bring Master and Madam Fang in front of him——and scrape them alive."


"No!" Fang Hongfei and Li Wunai spoke in unison.


Chu Changge's face was expressionless as he coldly said, "Do you think you are qualified to beg for my mercy"


Li Wunai was speechless.

He was indeed not qualified.

Now Murong Yunshu's life was hanging by a thread, and it was all right for Chu Changge to do this kind of cruel thing to them.


Fang Hongfei: "What exactly do you want"


Chu Changge ignored him and said to his Left and Right Emissaries, "Do it now."


"Yes." Left and Right Emissaries immediately dragged Fang Hongfei up from the bottom of the hole.


"What do you want What the hell do you want" Fang Hongfei was barking like a mad dog.


Chu Changge ignored him as he picked Murong Yunshu up and coldly walked out of the Buddhist Temple.

Murong Yunshu was already unconscious by now.


Fang Hongfei was still barking madly behind him.


"Don't......don't hurt my parents......"


"If you want to take your revenge, just come directly at me......"


"Chu Changge, don't go.

I'll give you the antidote.

I'll give you the antidote!"


When Chu Changge heard this, he stopped in his tracks.


Fang Hongfei was overjoyed and floundered a few times before saying, "I don't have the antidote, but I can tell you what the poison is, as long as you promise me not to hurt my parents."


"Say it." Chu Changge's voice did not carry a trace of temperature.


"You first promise not to hurt my parents."


Chu Changge was silent for a few seconds, "Left and Right Emissaries, do it."


Left and Right: "Yes, Leader!"


Fang Hongfei hurriedly shouted, "Okay! I'll say it! I'll say it!" Seeing that the two people who were holding his arms did not move again, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's Heavenly Extreme Cold Poison."


The Heavenly Extreme Cold Poison, the top of all poisons, was made from the combination of thirteen poisonous herbs.

After being poisoned, one would first fall into a coma, then one's blood became cold until one's whole person was frozen from the inside out, and finally, one would stop breathing.

So far, no one had survived after being poisoned by the Heavenly Extreme Cold.

Because this poison was strong and there was no remedy for it, the person who invented it later destroyed all the records related to the Heavenly Cold Poison and committed suicide by taking the poison himself.

Since then, there had been no Heavenly Cold Poison in the jianghu.


"Leader....." Left and Right Emissaries looked at Chu Changge with concern.

His tall figure was noticeably shaking, crumbling and could collapse at any time.


Chu Changge was silent for a few more seconds and said, "Let him go." After saying that, he raised his head and swaggered off.


The Left and Right Emissaries looked at each other. Let him go Is the Leader too stimulated that he finally has a mental disorder


Although there were doubts in their mind, the Left and Right Emissaries still followed Chu Changge's instructions and released Fang Hongfei.

Then they chased after Chu Changge's footsteps.


Just after two steps, suddenly, there was a piercing scream came from behind them——"ah"——it only lasted for less than half a second and then abruptly stopped.


The two exchanged a look and looked back.

They saw that Fang Hongfei had disappeared, and where they had left him, there were a mixed-up of blood, flesh and bone within 10 metres radius.

His head had fallen on the edge of the roof with blood dripping from the top down.


The Sect Leader was finally normal for a while.

The Left and Right Emissaries turned his head and left with a cold face.

Li Wunai was left alone to look at the ground full of bones as he fell to his knees.


Looking at Chu Changge's back like he had lost his soul, Left Emissary Yang sighed deeply and said, "Feng Cheng only left Shaping Town two days ago.

He should not have gone far yet.

I will go after him."


Right Emissary Xiang nodded.


Whether he has the antidote or not, we should at least try it.

You should go and return quickly.

I'll follow the Leader, lest he does anything stupid."


Left Emissary Yang: "I'll leave now.

I entrust the Leader to you.

The Leader has a deep love for his wife.

If anything happens to her, I am afraid he will take it too hard.



"Okay, I will." Right Emissary Xiang said as he looked ahead with a heavy expression.


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