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Chapter 171 : Little Murong Goes To The Capital

byきつね-November 16, 2021

Continued from the previous chapter →


Feng Cheng raised his eyebrows lightly twice in disbelief.

A woman as cold as she was must also be cold when it came to intercourse.

"You should talk to me when you run into this kind of problem.

I'm a physician.

It's better to ask me first than using the medicine blindly." Feng Cheng said very understandingly to Chu Changge, but his tone was one of total gloating.


Chu Changge chuckled a few times as she said, "She truly has no problem.

I can testify."


I can testify......testify......Murong Yunshu, at this moment, really wanted to find a hole to drill herself into.


Feng Cheng frowned.

"If there is no problem, then why did you drug her"


Without waiting for Chu Changge to answer, Murong Yunshu rushed in to interrupt, "Your outdoor time is over.

Now it's time for you to go back to set up your stall." After saying that, she glared viciously at someone who was smiling sullenly with his head down.


Feng Cheng snorted arrogantly.

"This Gongzi will not do it!"


Murong Yunshu's phoenix eyes narrowed slightly.

"Then, are you going to pay off your debts with your bare hands or feet"


The corners of Feng Cheng's mouth vaguely twitched as he asked, "Do you want to exchange it with a life"


Murong Yunshu glanced at him up and down without any expression and spat out these two words indifferently, "Not enough."




"But your body would be worth a little money.

Disguising yourself as a woman and selling your body in the brothel should earn you a good price." Murong Yunshu added.


"......" Feng Cheng felt that if he stayed here any longer, he was bound to be in the situation of 'you die, I live' with her.


Chu Changge: "There's no need for him to dress up as a woman.

Some places take men now......"


Only halfway through his words, Chu Changge saw Feng Cheng rising very calmly and escaping silently without saying a word, leaving the Chu couple with a dashing view of his back.


Chu Changge raised his eyebrows and commented thoughtfully, "It's ill-bred for him to leave without saying anything."


Murong Yunshu gave him a blank look.

"Giving your wife an aphrodisiac makes you well-bred"



Chu Changge tried his best to hold back the smile he held in his chest and responded earnestly, "That was for my boudoir pleasure, unlike him."


Murong Yunshu hummed in no good humour, "It is indeed different." If she hadn't experienced it herself, she would never have believed that someone would give his wife an aphrodisiac so that he could be 'abused' by her.


Chu Changge devilishly smiled as he asked wickedly, "Doesn't Madam think it's unfair that only this husband of yours has to work hard on it"


"Even if you want to be the one underneath, you don't have to......" Murong Yunshu blushed.

She remembered how shameless she was that night as she ravaged him all night long.

Suddenly, she became angry from the embarrassment and angrily scolded him, "Beast!" Although it gave her a sense of achievement when she held him down, it was, after all, against tradition.

When it came to that sort of thing, she felt it was better to respect tradition after all.

Of course, it felt good to break the rules once in a while......


"Madam, you scolded me wrongly.

It is not yet dark.

So this husband of yours is still human right now." Chu Changge smiled ambiguously.


Instantly, Murong Yunshu's expression stiffened, with her eyes full of hopelessness.

"Can't you be more subtle" They were still in broad daylight.

She was embarrassed for him even when he didn't have any shame.


Chu Changge was still smiling.

"Will you show me how to be subtle"


Why does this sound so familiar...... [T/C]





After the plague, Jinling City soon moved from a cold winter into a warm spring, and the city began to flourish with flowers gradually.

With the end of the crisis in Jinling City, it was time for the ministers to return to the capital.


Nie Qing has long since returned to the capital, and Old General Liu has gone to the frontline.

Among the ministers who remained in Jinling, Yang Lian was the most outspoken.

Therefore, all the ministers followed his lead.


"Lord Yang, don't you think it's time to persuade the Emperor to return to the capital for the enthronement ceremony"


"Yes, it's time to go back to the capital.

The country cannot be without an Emperor for a day.

Although there won't be any major chaos in the capital for a while with Lord Nie sitting in charge, if this goes on for a long time, some mischief will inevitably arise."


"Now only you, Lord Yang, have some weight in speaking before the Emperor, so you must persuade him well and return to the capital with us at once."




Yang Lian listened to the ministers with cold detachment.

Only after a long time did he speak.

"The Emperor has his own decision in his mind about returning to the capital.

So there is no need for you to worry about it." After saying this, he left, leaving a group of ministers to look at each other in disbelief.






At the same time, Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge were discussing the matter of them going north.


"Needless to say, either we will leave together or stay together.

I will never leave you and Murong behind for the capital." Chu Changge decisively refused Murong Yunshu's suggestion that he should go to the capital first.


Murong Yunshu: "I can't leave for the time being without someone to look after the mansion."


Chu Changge: "Then, I won't go either."


Murong Yunshu: "Those stubborn old men won't agree."


Chu Changge smiled and said, "It's not a big deal.

Then I just won't be the Emperor anymore!" He didn't care about it anyway.


Murong Yunshu sighed.

"Even if you want to wash your hands of this, you still have to find someone to take it over first.

Moreover, your two elder brothers are not worry-free masters.

I'm not afraid they won't fight, but I'm afraid that the real winner or loser can't be distinguished yet until then.

If you immediately let go of your responsibility, they may toss the Daye Dynasty Imperial Court into a tizzy since they are evenly matched."


How could Chu Changge not understand her reasoning here However, it was impossible to ask him to leave her behind.

After pondering for a long time, Chu Changge suddenly had an excellent idea and suggested, "How about moving the capital to Jinling"


"......doing something as laborious as moving the capital at a time like this.

Aren't you afraid of being drowned in the common people's complaints"


Chu Changge was still indifferent.

"Whether they call me muddled headed or someone who is without principles, I'm going to let them scold me.

Anyway, I won't ever leave you and Little Murong just to become the Emperor in the capital!"


At that moment, just as Chu Murong walked past with a cunning expression of a thief on his face, Chu Changge instantly lit up and said, "I should pass the throne to Little Murong!"


Chu Murong jumped at this shout from his father and nearly lost his soul.


Murong Yunshu, on the other hand, was speechless.

"He won't turn five for another six months." A four-and-a-half-year-old child becoming Emperor, wasn't that a joke Although Little Murong was gifted, mentally mature and extremely intelligent, the problem was that——he couldn't even show his head or reach the table while sitting on the Dragon Throne! [T/C]


"Five years old is already very big!" Chu Changge stated, "I was already in charge of the Mojiao Sect when I was five years old."



that's fake, isn't it" When she was five years old, she was still pouncing at butterflies in the yard while holding a broom. [T/C]



At that time, the jianghu world was still simple, where the fights between the noble sects and the Mojiao Sect were not yet fierce.

All I had to do every day was to hear about which people should be killed, and then it was enough to send a random person to go and kill that person."


Just by pointing your finger...... Mojiao was indeed not a good one to mess up with.

Even the maid who served tea would also refuse to deliver them any drink. [ ]


"Dad, Mom." Chu Murong, who had been ignored, couldn't help but ask, "Why won't you ask for my opinion"


"You have a problem with that"


"How dare you have a problem with that"


Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge spoke in unison.


Chu Murong was silent for three seconds and then spoke under tremendous pressure.

"I have an opinion."


Murong Yunshu was about to ask him what his opinion was when he heard Chu Changge say very decisively, "Hold it back." His tone showed that the matter was absolutely beyond question.


Chu Murong looked at his mother with an aggrieved face, "Mom, someone is bullying your son."


Murong Yunshu furrowed her brow in thought.

"Do you want me to take revenge for you and bully his son as well"


"......" Chu Murong found that he had only been suffering defeat ever since his father and mother had become of one mind.


Finally, after a negotiation between the three family members, Chu Murong went to the capital with the ministers as the heir and officially assumed the throne.

The ministers, in turn, were responsible for accepting their family decision and escorting Chu Murong to the capital.


"How can you trust your four-and-a-half-year-old son to be so far away from home alone" Before leaving, Yang Lian had bitterly accused the Chu couple of being inhumane.

He had seen what the prince was capable of, and at four and a half years old, he wasn't any worse than a fourteen-year-old, but he was still just a child in the end.

As parents, how could they be so selfish


Faced with Yang Lian's accusation, Murong Yunshu only smiled and asked him back, "Who said he was alone"


Yang Lian was puzzled.

"Aren't you both going to stay in Jinling"


Murong Yunshu, smiling without saying a word, did not intend to answer Yang Lian's question.


She sent Lu-er, and Chu Changge sent Soul Chaser and Sou Ming.

The former looked after Little Murong's daily life, and the latter looked after his life.

With the three of them around, it was safer than having their parents around.

God knew how many unsuspecting forces were hiding around them.

The only reason those forces had been holding back was that too many prominent Imperial Court officials lived in Murong Mansion.

In matters of the jianghu, they must avoid the Imperial Court from being involved.

This was an unwritten rule.






The night before Chu Murong left, Murong Yunshu did not sleep a wink.

The night after he left, her eyes were open until dawn.


"Don't worry.

He's safe with Soul Catcher and Sou Ming protecting him." If Murong Yunshu did not sleep, Chu Changge could not sleep either.


"I'm not worried about his safety." Although young, Little Murong was a superb martial artist.

At four and a half years old, he was already one of the top masters in the jianghu.

Even without Soul Catcher and Sou Ming secretly protecting him, no one could easily hurt him.

"When I think of him being so young and having to leave his home, I can't help but feel heartbroken." Murong Yunshu looked out of the window at the bright moon as her heart became extraordinarily sad.


Chu Changge sighed lightly and took her into his arms without speaking.

He did not know what to say.

He would prefer to split up with his son than be separated from his wife.

And this made him feel guilty.

Especially when his mind recalled the words that Little Murong had whispered in his ear before he left——


"Dad, I'm willing to endure the hardships for you."


At that moment, he honestly wanted to split himself into two.

Half would go to the capital, and the other to Jinling.






After Little Murong left, Murong House was suddenly cold and quiet.

This situation made the people in the house, who were used to seeing the mansion with chickens flying and dogs jumping around atmosphere, unable to adapt thoroughly.

This also included the four people of South, East, North and West.

Although Chu Murong often made them want to go against the prohibition against taking life, their whole body started to itch all over once the little devil left.

This was called the nature of being servants.


Northern Protector: "Leader, why don't you let us go to the capital with the Lil Leader"


Chu Changge cast a glance at him and asked indifferently, "Are you addicted to eating poison"


In an instant, the corners of the North Guardian's eyes twitched a few times violently.

Why did the Leader have to bring up such bitter things when he was missing the Lil Leader If he hadn't brought it up again, he would have forgotten the day of his return from Western Shu, where his mouth had been stuffed with all kinds of poisons as soon as he met the Lil Leader.

He had spent the next few days on how to deal with the toxins.

Now, he was invulnerable to all poisons.

It was said that the day before he returned, the Lil Leader had worked out a way to make people resistant to all kinds of toxins, but there was no one for him to try it on.

So as soon as he returned, the Leader showed him the way of no return...... [T/N]


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