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Chapter 170 : I Don't Have That 'Problem'

byきつね-November 13, 2021

After a few days, Feng Cheng found a way to control the plague, supposedly thanks to Qiu Shuiyin.

But Qiu Shuiyin insisted that it was Feng Cheng's talent.


Murong Yunshu didn't care about the details, and as for Feng Cheng's long speech——the mental journey to find a way to control the plague——she didn't even listen to half of it.

"Prescribe the medicine to Chief Steward Qian, and dispense it to save the people." Murong Yunshu instructed indifferently.


Feng Cheng was stunned. That's all He had worked tirelessly for four to five days to come up with a solution, and she didn't even thank him, nor did she praise or worship him.

Since she was being unkind to him, she should not blame him for being unrighteous. Humph! He was not a permanent worker of Murong Mansion!


"You have to buy the prescription to get it." Feng Cheng stated.


This statement shocked everyone in the room.


Are you kidding


This must be a joke.


Feng Gongzi was so close to Guye.

How could he possibly be asking for money Even if he wanted to take any money, he had to look at our Young Mistress' mood first! The Murong household servants were secretly sweating for Feng Cheng: Only Miss has ever blackmailed others, but not others.

Feng Gongzi, you will need all the blessings in the world.


Murong Yunshu, on the other hand, slowly raised her eyebrows and spat out these words in a not-so-gentle manner, "How much do you want"


Feng Cheng only felt a bad chill run down his back.

"How much are you willing to pay" His voice sounded so unconfident.


Murong Yunshu: "I'll give you as much as you want."


There was definitely a conspiracy.

Feng Cheng's face turned wary as Murong Yunshu was being too nice towards him at that moment.

A bit oddly nice.

After thinking about it, Feng Cheng stretched out his hand in a 'five' shape.


"Deal." Murong Yunshu's brow didn't even frown.


Feng Cheng: "I haven't said how much five." There was definitely a conspiracy when she suddenly agreed straightforwardly.

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Murong Yunshu raised her dark eyebrows.

"Five thousand Fifty thousand Five hundred thousand Five million"


Feng Cheng received a huge blow.

Not because of how much she just offered, but because of her tone, which showed that she didn't pay attention to the amount of money.

This made him feel very frustrated.

She didn't even care about these few taels of silver.

So how could he derive the pleasure of blackmailing her


"It's not enough Five million taels of silver are enough to smash you to death a few hundred times." Murong Yunshu said indifferently.


The corners of Feng Cheng's mouth twitched slightly, "Fifty million." Hmph, he didn't believe that she wouldn't frown at $50 million.


"Deal." Murong Yunshu's face remained unchanged.


Feng Cheng was shocked.

He was suddenly curious to know just how much family money she had.


"Miss, fifty million is not a small amount." Lu-er, who was beside her, reminded her.


Murong Yunshu smiled faintly.

"It doesn't matter.

Compared to the names of the people of this city, this price is already cheap."


Lu-er immediately shut up.

If Miss said it was cheap, then it must be cheap.

Miss never did a losing business, never.


At this time, Murong Yunshu's thin lips slightly opened again as she said in a very light-hearted manner, "Chief Steward Qian, calculate the food and clothing expenses of Feng Gongzi these days, and use this 50 million to cover them up.

If it is not enough, make an agreement document for him to sign and pledge.

He can pay the money back later.

Before he finishes paying, set up a stall in the back garden so that anyone from my Murong Mansion can seek medical treatment from him."


Before the words left her mouth, the Murong Mansion servants were already cheering.


"That's great.

Now we can come and see the divine physician anytime."


"The most important thing is that it won't cost us anything."


"Miss, can I bring my mother to see the physician"


"Yes, my father has an old cold leg that is hard to be cured.

Miss, can I bring my family to see him"


For a moment, all the house servants present looked at their young mistress with an expectant look on their faces.


Upon seeing this situation, Murong Yunshu hesitated before saying, "Direct blood relatives within three generations are allowed."


Everyone froze.

What does it mean to be a direct blood relative within three generations "Miss, can you say it......in layman's terms We are not as educated as you are and not that quite understand."


"Ask him if you don't understand.

He is a divine physician.

He understands." Murong Yunshu said with a smile, pointing at Feng Cheng.


At this moment, Feng Cheng was in a very dazed state.

Feeling the gaze of the crowd, he raised his head with difficulty to look at Murong Yunshu with a look of disbelief.

"I'm borrowing this place for a few days, and you want to charge me for it"


Murong Yunshu's phoenix eyes slightly moved as she asked rhetorically, "Do you think that anyone can just live in Murong Mansion for free"


Feng Cheng: "How did you confiscate my money from me before" This person is absolutely malicious and vindictive.


Murong Yunshu pondered for a moment and said indifferently, "Chief Steward Qian, include the previous fees as well."


Feng Cheng stared speechless at her.

He had experienced the feeling of being struck by lightning today.

"Even if you want to charge, you shouldn't charge that much." God, 50 million. Did he sleep in a golden bed or sit in a silver chair The food wasn't made of jewels and jade either!


"I call the shots on the accommodation charges, just as you make the shots on the price of your prescriptions.

I haven't even bargained with you.

Do you still want to bargain with me" Murong Yunshu frowned with a 'you're not being generous' expression.


Hearing these words from Murong Yunshu, Feng Cheng finally came to his senses.

No wonder she was so quick to agree to $50 million just now, so she had already dug a trap for him to jump into! No matter how much he asked for, she would agree.

It was because she would inevitably double the accommodation fee he needed to pay on top of that.

It was impossible to take the money from her hands.


Heh, how did he even forget In this matter of blackmail, he and she were more than a few thousand years apart.

If he was a boy under Guanyin's seat, she was the Tathagata Buddha who could shut out the sky with just one hand…...


At this point, Chu Changge, who had been standing on the sidelines watching the fun, patted Feng Cheng's shoulder and said in a friendly manner, "Don't feel bad.

At least you are better than Huberg.

Not many people were willing to patronise him when he had to set up a fortune-telling stall in the mansion as he couldn't afford to pay for his room.

Now, when people hear that you are going to set up a stall, they say on the spot that they are willing to bring their families to take care of your business.

You should feel happy and smile."


Smile......if a smile could kill people, he would smile at a particular unscrupulous merchant until she died, even if he had to break his cheeks.

And this guy who took pleasure in other people's misfortune!






A few more days passed.

A bitter-faced Feng Cheng appeared in front of Murong Yunshu again.

His appearance was haggard, as if he had been chased by a corpse that had come to life.


Murong Yunshu frowned.

"How did you get yourself into this awful state"


Although Murong Yunshu only frowned for a moment, Feng Cheng could still see a look of disgust in her eyes.

This made him feel very dissatisfied.

He didn't even need to think about who had caused him to look like this.

How dare she give him the cold shoulder. [ ]


The traitorous merchants are indeed inhumane! A few hints of righteous indignation flashed on Feng Cheng's listless face.

"I want to close the stall."


Murong Yunshu took a shallow sip of her tea and asked lightly, "Did Chief Steward Qian say you had finished paying back all the silver you owed"


"There is a well where I set up my stall." Feng Cheng said.


At these words, Murong Yunshu put down the cup of tea in her hand and raised her eyes to look at him seriously, "If you can't live any longer, you can throw yourself into the well or the lake if you want to.

You don't have to tell me.

Your life is yours.

You don't need to go through my consent if you want to die." In the end, she added, "No matter how you want to die or where you want to die, I don't care.



"......" Feng Cheng's haggard face twitched a few times.

"I mean, if you don't allow me to close the stall, I'll throw poison into the well."


Murong Yunshu: "Oh, so you're not trying to kill yourself."


Had he misheard Why did he seem to hear the disappointment in her tone of voice


Murong Yunshu added, "I suggest you throw yourself into the well.

First, you have achieved the purpose of polluting the water source; Second, you are already dead, and it won't be too painful for you to be dismembered again."


"......" How could she speak such bloody words in such a light tone! Feng Cheng was frustrated, very much so.

For he realised that he could not win against her anyway.

As the saying went, one could be austere if he had no selfish desires, and if one were fearless, one would be strong.

This woman, she was simply fearless!


After a moment of silence, Fengcheng conceded defeat.

"What do you truly want" His tone was very helpless.


Murong Yunshu wondered, "What do I want"


Feng Cheng: "How miserable do you want me to be before you are satisfied."


Murong Yunshu frowned.

"Do you think I am deliberately messing with you"


"How dare you say it isn't!" Feng Cheng gritted his teeth.

He was already not looking like a person nor a ghost, and she still dared to show that she was innocent!


"No." Murong Yunshu spaced out for a moment before adding, "That was an instinctive reaction."




"Just like when you see a patient, your mind will immediately respond with a cure.

When I encounter unfriendly treatment, I will immediately fight back."


"......" She dared say it was his fault after all


"But there are times it would be for a different reason.

Sometimes even if I don't encounter unfriendly treatment, I will take the initiative to attack.



"When is that" Instinct told Feng Cheng that what happened to him would fall among those 'sometimes' she just said.


"When my mood become bad whenever I look at that person."


"......" It had to be said that this explanation was much easier for him to accept.

She was genuinely being vindictive.

He wondered why would she want him to set up a stall every day when it was just a little joke.

"I don't remember doing anything wrong to you."


"Then, you have an abysmal memory." Murong Yunshu glanced at him lightly.


This glance made Feng Cheng instantly feel creepy and began to recall in his mind the things he had done to her......suddenly, a fragment flashed in his mind......it couldn't be......it must have been......

Feng Cheng stared at her incredulously, "Just that little thing, you still remember it till now!"


"Putting aphrodisiacs in the hehuan wine is no trivial matter." Murong Yunshu's voice was still very light, but it was thick with gnashing teeth.

Primarily when she said the word 'aphrodisiac', the sound of her grinding her teeth could even clearly be heard.


Feng Cheng shivered and stammered, "I, I'm also thinking of you two sexual happiness......"


At that moment, a teasing voice came from the doorway, "I can make her very sexually happy without your medicine." Chu Changge approached with a smile and said to Murong Yunshu, "I thought you didn't know.

So, you had sensed it a long time ago."


"I didn't know that originally.

But then someone gave me the same medicine, so I went to check." Murong Yunshu looked towards that 'someone'.


"Uh." The smile on Chu Changge's face stiffened.


On the other hand, Feng Cheng exclaimed, "You gave your own woman an aphrodisiac!" After saying that, as if he thought of something, he looked oddly at Murong Yunshu, followed by a look of dawning realisation.


The corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth gently twitched as she stated with a darkened face, "I have no problem with that!"


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