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Chapter 167 : 'Deeper Communication'


"What did you want to tell me just now" Murong Yunshu asked.


Only after being reminded by her did Chu Changge remember the purpose of his visit.

After brewing his emotions in his heart, he said with a particularly heavy heart, "The Cabinet has agreed that the Daye Dynasty has now entered a time of life and death and needs the harem to participate in politics."


"Did the Cabinet think so, or did you think so" Murong Yunshu asked without giving him any face.


"The Cabinet." Chu Changge had a frank and justified face.


Murong Yunshu thought for a moment and said, "I can donate money."


"......this husband of yours is not here to ask for money." Chu Changge's face was full of black lines.


"I know.

But I only have money." Murong Yunshu continued, "Please tell those stubborn people that pushing my husbands into the fire pit is the limit, and I don't want to lose myself.

This is a matter of principle."


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth intermittently twitched a few times, "Madam is so principled." One hundred per cent, she had spoken without really meaning it.


Murong Yunshu automatically filtered out the element of unspoken words and smiled, "One must have principles to live freely."


"Madam's principle is to be insensitive to all troublesome matters, including this husband, is that right" Chu Changge felt helpless.

Other people married virtuous wives, while he married an idle wife.

Just the difference in words, but the distinction was as far apart as clouds and mud.


"Not really." Murong Yunshu said, "It depends on what kind of trouble it is.

Some troubles, such as the kind you can't get rid of, like Murong, I'll just admit it as my own bad luck."


Being his name had been mentioned, Chu Murong once again spoke bitterly, "Mom, I'm still here."


"I know." Murong Yunshu responded in an extremely calm manner.


"......" Chu Murong felt that as someone had been completely ignored, keeping silent and reducing his sense of existence was the wisest choice.

So, he turned his head and continued to draw.

The painting shows himself ten years later, smiling harmlessly.


Chu Changge looked at Little Murong sympathetically, then asked Murong Yunshu, "Don't you even care about my troubles"


"Haven't I been in charge of it until now" Murong Yunshu asked rhetorically.


"Have you" She had clearly never set foot in the study.


Not to mention stepping into the study, she had never even been within a ten-metre radius of it.

Even when she occasionally passed by, she had to make a detour, as if there was a great God of Plague living there.


"I have." Murong Yunshu said.


When Chu Changge saw her face of certainty, he suddenly came to a realisation.

Could it be......that......she meant that he, himself, was the trouble


His self-confidence suffered a relentless blow.


"Let's get down to business." Chu Changge said.


Chu Changge's frustrated expression entertained Murong Yunshu so much.

Thereupon, she showed mercy to him and said, "I will dismiss the proposal for my participation in politics.

But if you have any difficulties, you can come to me."


"There is no difficulty." Chu Changge said, suddenly becoming unusually silent.


Murong Yunshu's face showed her surprise.

Seeing the look of exhaustion flowing between his eyebrows, she suddenly felt a pain in her heart.

She put away her joking attitude and asked seriously, "What do you need me to do" Since he had come up with a trick like 'harem participation in politics', he was bound to need her.

Although she shied away from annoyances, trivialities and matters of state, she would be by his side whenever he needed her, even if he was in the most complicated whirlpool in the world.


"You don't need to do anything." Chu Changge suddenly embraced her——he put his weight against her as he collapsed and whispered, "All you have to do is stay by my side."


This sentence plunged into Murong Yunshu's heart like a needle.

It hurt so much that it broke her heart.

"Sorry." She whispered.


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth slightly curled up as he said wickedly, "That's too insincere of you.

I won't accept it."


Murong Yunshu smiled back.

"Then what do you want"


Chu Changge thought for a moment, then suddenly his eyes narrowed, and he spat out these words in her ear, "Let's have a deeper communication." His husky voice, deliberately lowered, was irresistibly sensual, with unruly wickedness at its edge.


Suddenly, Murong Yunshu's face flushed to the roots of her ears, and her skin felt as if his words had set fire on it.


Sensing Murong Yunshu's changes, Chu Changge laughed out loud in triumph.


At this point, Chu Murong, who had been pretending to be air for a long time, gave a sideways glance at his father, who was smiling unusually wicked.

He turned his head back and silently traced the straightened lips of the man in the painting. He was cooler when he wasn't smiling. Chu Murong said this in his heart.


Murong Yunshu frowned and angrily hammered Chu Changge's back a few times, then followed suit and curled her eyes with a smile.

The apology in her heart was still there.

She thought that someone as powerful as he would be able to handle himself even without her help.

But she had forgotten that even the strongest person could not resist the desolation of fighting alone.


I'm sorry.

From now on, I will always be like your shadow following you.

No matter how many brambles and thorns I have to hack through or how great the waves sweeping away the sand is, I will always stand within your reach.

Even if I have to watch you from a distance, I will use my eyes to stand in the same storm-tossed boat as you. Murong Yunshu secretly swore in her heart.






The following day.

Chu Changge was sitting on his 'dragon chair', grading the Imperial documents.

Murong Yunshu was lying on the yellow bamboo strips recliner next to him, reading a book in idle.

Occasionally she would shift her eyes from the book to glance at him, staring at his concentrating side face for a short while and giggled.


"Haven't you seen enough after all these years" Chu Changge, who had buried his head in diligence, suddenly raised his head to ask her.


Murong Yunshu, who was looking at the side of Chu Changge's face, caught red-handed.

Her face was slightly embarrassed.

"I haven't seen it at this time." In an instant, her actions became calm and unhurried.


Chu Changge was flabbergasted.

"At which time"


"This time.

Right now." At different times, you look different in my eyes.


Chu Changge pondered for a short while, understanding a little of what she meant, but not all of it.

But he understood the look in her eyes, the kind of look that was enough to warm his gloomy heart for a lifetime.


Having a wife like this, what more could a husband ask for Chu Changge looked at her and smiled, "Are you willing to stand up and walk a few steps now"


"Not willing."


"......can you take a few steps and sit on my lap" Chu Changge asked in a different way.


"Yes." Murong Yunshu put down her book, got up and walked over.


With a smile on his face, Chu Changge pulled her into her to sit on his lap.

He wrapped one arm around her waist while he continued to read the documents with the other.

No matter how serious the content was, the corners of his mouth were always turned upwards.


Murong Yunshu froze there for a long moment before asking, "No next instructions"


"What next instructions" Chu Changge did not understand. [ ]


The corner of Murong Yunshu's forehead jumped.

"You asked me to come over just so that I could add burden to your leg"


"......Madam, as a learned lady of the house, could you phrase it a little more literally"


"I can't."


"......" That was pretty straightforward. "Don't you think this is romantic"


When Murong Shu heard this, she put her tender arms around his neck and asked, "Aren't you afraid of being seen and scolded by Yang Lian for indulging excessively in debauchery with a woman"


"I'm not afraid." Chu Changge smiled with a proud face.

"I already have something on him.

He will not dare to scold me.



At that moment, a voice sounded like it had been chiselled with a knife came from the doorway, "Even if Your Majesty had sold this small official to the brothel, this small official would still scold Your Majesty this time!" Before the words left his mouth, Yang Lian, dressed in white, was already standing in front of Chu Changge, with five cabinet ministers behind him, including Nie Qing.


Sell into the brothel Murong Yunshu didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at Chu Changge. Is this your unexpected thrust with the mace move


Chu Changge responded with an awkward look. Yes, that's my unexpected thrust with the mace move.

It's a pity that Yang is now ready to risk everything just to scold me.


"Your Majesty." Yang Lian spoke with incomparable sorrow, "Wallowing in luxury and pleasure is a great taboo, Your Majesty.

As the ruler of a country, how can Your Majesty treat the court as a child's play and indulge in feminine charm......"


Chu Changge could not endure it anymore as he interrupted, "Are you still a man Have you never embraced your wife It's okay for you to embrace your wife, but it becomes unacceptable for Zhen to hold Zhen's own wife"


"This official hasn't married yet......" Suddenly, Yang Lian grabbed a keyword——wife!


At this point, Murong Yunshu very cooperatively turned her head to face the ministers and greeted them extraordinarily calmly, "Hello, everyone." She could almost hear the intermittent sound of broken jaws from different directions.

Was it that surprising Instead of hugging his wife, should a man hug an outside woman Or was it that in the eyes of these stubborn old men, wives weren't even someone their husbands should embrace......


"Your Majesty Empress is supposed to be the model for all women and should behave in a dignified manner." Yang Lian pointed his finger at Murong Yunshu.

The implication was: you are the Empress.

You should be reserved and not just sit on a man's lap, even if that man is your husband.

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Murong Yunshu knitted her brows lightly and smiled slightly as she responded, "Then I'm unsuitable to be the Empress."


Yang Lian: "Your Majesty Empress should call herself 'Bengong'."


"I'm unsuitable to be the Empress." Murong Yunshu's smile remained the same, but her gaze had deep meaning.


Yang Lian frowned.

"Your Majesty is still the Empress.

How can Your Majesty say that Your Majesty is unsuitable to be the Empress"


Murong Yunshu smiled but said nothing.


Yang Lian, however, felt an invisible pressure from her breezy gaze.


After a long standoff, Yang Lian suddenly realised that she was serious.

As soon as he said one more thing that made her unhappy, she would walk away and quit.

And according to Nie Qing's description of the couple——the wife sang, and the husband would follow.

When the Empress left, the Emperor was bound to go on strike too.


He had been an official for ten years and went through three ruling Emperors.

However, this was the first time he had met such a strange Empress!


Which Emperor or Empress didn't have this kind of suspicion for a long time, where they feared that someone would plan to take their positions on the Imperial Throne These two people somehow were even better.

They were afraid that no one would come to steal their roles instead.



They really are freaks! Yang Lian cursed a few times in his heart.

Then he tactfully retreated to one side.


Murong Yunshu said with great satisfaction, "Lord Yang has a very high awareness and will certainly have a great future."


At these words, the corners of Yang Lian's mouth twitched a few times.

It wasn't that he was acting noble and didn't want to be promoted.

It was rather that the words coming out of her mouth didn't sound like words of praise to his ears.


The first battle was a success.

This is a good sign.

Chu Changge curbed his smile and returned to the subject, posing as the Emperor and asked, "What is the reason for all my dear courtiers to come to see Zhen"


The people bowed their heads in silence.

They had come to oppose the harem's participation in politics.

But after watching the scene of the Empress' battle with Yang Lian, how could they dare to disobey That was Yang Lian.

The one who had an iron face, was selfless and was not afraid of Heaven or Earth.

However, he was easily defeated by a few words and a glance from the Empress.


The two sides were once more in an eerie stalemate, with their middleman still being silent.


After a long time, Nie Qing spoke, "This official has come today to discuss the matter of the plague with Your Majesty."


At these words, the crowd nodded and agreed, "Yes, yes, yes, the matter of the plague, the matter of the plague......"


However, Chu Changge raised his sword-shaped eyebrows and asked, "My dear courtier Nie is also here"


In an instant, the corners of Murong Yunshu and Nie Qing's mouths twitched simultaneously.

This 'my dear courtier Nie' was really on the level where one couldn't take it seriously.



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