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Chapter 157 : Little Murong Practising Qinggong

Since North Guardian left Jinling for the West Province, the lives of South, East and West have since lost their colour, leaving only black and white, monotonous and uninteresting to the extreme. [T/N]


On this day, the bored South, East and West gathered together in the back garden of Murong Mansion, each occupying a tree while enjoying the day by cooling themselves off.


Sitting on the fork of a willow tree by the lake, the West Guardian, with a willow twig in his mouth and one eye opened, one eye closed, looked at the sun that had just recently risen and said in a slurred voice, "Old East, why don't we go and achieve our goals too!"


At that moment, East Guardian was lying on a tree's trunk, resting his hands behind his head as his pillow.

He was squinting at the sun as if he was thinking about some significant issue with a particular concentration.

Hearing West Guardian's suggestion, he sighed, "Now that wicked people are in power, even if we want to worry about the country, we don't even have the chance!"


"But Lil North went." West Guardian countered sullenly.


East Guardian responded, "He's there to get himself a bride.

It's not the same." It isn't the same as reading this chapter at its original site, xinshou blogspot com.


West Guardian spat out his willow twig when he heard his words as he asked with his head tilted, "Who told you that"


"No one needs to tell me that.

He even brought his dowry.

What else could it be if he wasn't there to get himself a bride" East Guardian spoke with conviction.


West Guardian rolled his eyes and said, "That was a thank-you gift from Madam to Hua Yeli."


East Guardian was silent for a long time before he sighed.

"I know."


"Even when you already know that you still say he's going there to get a bride"


"If I don't think that way, how can I balance my mind" East Guardian continued, "The four of us have never been separated from each other.

So we should all go together on a mission like this.

But Madam only sent Lil North alone.

Will your mind be balanced"


"It won't.

But the idea of him getting a bride is a bit too far-fetched."


At this moment, South Guardian, who has been silent all the time, joined the conversation and solemnly said, "If he is going to get married, Madam would have sent the three of us to see him off.

I think Madam sent Lil North there to pay bribes.

Madam is ready to lose money just to do away with misfortune."


".......Old South, you are so thoughtful." West Guardian's head was full of black lines.

Couldn't they have any more normal thoughts Hey, ever since Lil North left, these two had become even more abnormal.

The deep one had become fickle, and the sultry one had become explicitly sultry.


The three of them were deep in their thoughts when a buzzing sound suddenly came from across the lake.

The three of them looked over and saw Chu Murong jumping up and down, followed by a swarm of wasps.


"How interesting." East Guardian said, "How bored does a man have to be for him to lead a group of wasps strolling around the garden Men surnamed Chu are indeed all oddballs!"


South Guardian nodded in agreement.

"For him to play with wasps with so much excitement and tears.

It's not easy."


Hearing the words of his two brothers, the West Guardian really wanted to bang his head against the wall.

"Old East, Little Leader wasn't strolling around the garden.

He was being chased by wasps! And Old South, there were indeed tears on Little Leader's face, but they weren't tears of joy, and he doesn't even look excited at all."


South Guardian took another close look at the little man at the opposite side of the lake before saying, "No wonder I find his smile today looks worse compared to the time he was crying."




"Are you sure he's not just strolling around the garden" East Guardian remained sceptical.


West Guardian's face was full of black lines.

Was it a few carts of silver that Lil North had taken away, or was it these two's brains


"Are you going to save him" South Guardian asked.


"Of course......." West Guardian was about to say, 'of course I'm going to save him', when he suddenly felt two pairs of eyes, burningly sharp like knives, glaring at him like a tiger eyeing its prey.

So he dropped his tone as he continued, "I'm not going to rescue him."


South Guardian was glad that the West Guardian was finally right on track again.

"I'll go and get the medicine." He said with gusto.


"Do you know what medicine to take" East Guardian asked as he focused his sight on the situation on the opposite side of the lake.


South Guardian: "I don't know."




The corners of the West Protector's mouth slightly trembled as he looked slyly at Chu Murong, who was fighting a thousand bees alone and muttered to himself: 'Little Leader, Little Leader, this is called a self-inflicted disaster.

Please don't blame me for not making any efforts to save your life from danger.

Blame it on your usual carelessness, which has offended these two sinister and cunning people.'


The swarm of wasps was getting closer and closer to Chu Murong, threatening to surround him.

In response, West Guardian was becoming even more intolerant, and his palms were already seeping with cold sweat.


After a while, he couldn't help but murmur, "I can't watch this anymore!" Then he flew across the lake, picked up Chu Murong from the flank, soared up and slashed his palm in the air.

The wasps then fell to the ground.


"Hu——hu——"Chu Murong bent over his thighs with both hands and gasped.

After a long time, he raised his eyes to look at West Guardian and said in a rather sophisticated manner for his age, "I will bear the mistakes I made.

After a while, when Dad comes to blame someone, I'm not going to help you."


"Ah" West Guardian was confused.

He had done an excellent service by saving the Leader's son's life.

Why would the Leader blame him for it


"Let's go.

Dad is still waiting for me." Chu Murong also did not explain.

His small, palm-sized face was extraordinarily grave and stern, just like a miniature version of Chu Changge.


West Guardian followed him silently.

He suddenly had an instinct of being calculated.

It was an illusion, wasn't it It must have been his illusion......






Men's instincts had proven to be accurate at times.

However, West Guardian was not pleased with his ability to know about it without consulting an oracle.

At this moment, for the first time in his life, he felt the urge to do the right thing for heaven.

This little child in front of him, whose dangerous and destructive power was soaring, was simply a demon king reincarnated and possessed by a demon!


After slandering Chu Murong in his heart, West Guardian immediately rectified his attitude and admitted his mistake, "Leader, I didn't mean to do it.

I truly didn't mean to." If he had known that the Leader used those wasps to test the Little Leader's qinggong, he would not have been so nosy!


"I know." Chu Changge raised his sword brows slightly and said, "But you killed the wasps I worked so hard to raise." After saying that, he also said to Chu Murong, "They are as big as you."


"Dad, you are so kind to me.

You started preparing things for me to practice as soon as I was born." Chu Murong said very obediently.


"......" The corners of the West Guardian's mouth fiercely twitched as he thought, 'Little Leader, you were born to be abused by your father.'


With a doting fatherly look on his face, Chu Changge said, "It's good that you understand Dad's pain."


Chu Murong nodded.

"I understand.

Dad is doing all this so that I can roam the jianghu and live a long life in the future."


West Guardian felt a crow cawing over his head.

It was understandable for Little Leader to run wild in the jianghu, but what was this about him living a long life by learning qinggong


Leader, Leader, can you please stop messing up the world Don't you get the illusion of self-abuse whenever you try to distort the Little Leader's values When I see him, I always have the urge to grit my teeth, wanting to beat him up as you did to me 20 years ago! [T/N]


As West Guardian was feeling bitter and hateful, he could hear an ethereal female voice sounded like a voice coming from the sky——


"Murong, don't listen to your Dad's nonsense.

Those wasps were bought by him from the market just yesterday."


Chu Changge's doting face immediately turned into the complaining face of a husband.

"Madam, the world is not yet at peace, the country is not yet unified, let's not fight in the nest, okay"


Murong Yunshu shook her head in amusement and did not respond.

She was intent on checking whether Little Murong was stung by any wasps.


"Leader, the height of your mind is already completely beyond the scope of this subordinate to look up to, so I will first take my leave." After finishing his speech, West Guardian intended to slip away.

Unexpectedly, before his body had fully turned around, he heard Chu Changge say with considerable composure, "I want to see the way you jumped to kill the wasps before."


West Guardian burst into tears.

He shuddered and turned back while answering weakly, "I overated this morning and couldn't jump anymore."


"Then don't eat at lunch."


"As you've ordered." Missing a meal wouldn't kill him.

He deserved to be treated this way for his mistake.


As soon as he emerged from the 'sea of flames', West Guardian saw South and East looking at him with smiles on their faces and hands on their chests. [ ]


"Being in the Mojiao Sect, it is very unacceptable to repay your grievances with virtue, Lil West." East Guardian advised earnestly.


West Guardian's face trembled as he looked to the South Protector: Say what you want to say.

I'll wait.


South Guardian patted his shoulder twice and said with a sullen expression, "Murong Mansion is now rampant with demons.

Brother, you should be more careful in the future."


West Guardian became speechless as he asked the sky, Lil North, how I wish you were here at this moment.

If you were still here, I would not be the one being made fun of right now.......


It was true that no matter what one did, one needed someone else to become the scapegoat for it.






At the same time, after checking Little Murong to make sure he was unharmed, Murong Yunshu only smiled and stroked his head, asking, "Why do you believe whatever your Dad says"


Chu Murong blinked.

"He's my dad."


A single sentence blocked Murong Yunshu from saying anything.

Yes, whatever his father said, how could he not listen When she was young and ignorant, she also obeyed her father.


Chu Changge said proudly to Chu Murong, "No more practice today.

You can leave by yourself.

Dad has something to say to your Mom."


"Oh." Chu Murong nodded obediently and ran out the door in a flash.


Murong Yunshu looked happily at Little Murong skipping away, and her heart jumped up with that little figure.


"Stop looking." Chu Changge tore Murong Yunshu's sight to face himself as he said sourly, "If I had known, I wouldn't have let you give birth to him in the first place."


"......" Murong Yunshu glared at him speechlessly and said, "If you keep amusing yourself like this, when he grows up, he won't need you to regret his birth.

He, himself, will regret having been born."


"He won't." Chu Changge responded confidently.


Murong Yunshu wanted to refute very much, but she had no confidence when she thought that Little Murong worshipped his father like that.

She wondered if someone had secretly drugged Little Murong.

There were many strange medicines in the jianghu.


Thinking of medicine, Murong Yunshu suddenly remembered something and hastily asked, "I heard that there's a letter coming from Feng Cheng"


When Feng Cheng was mentioned, Chu Changge immediately put away his joking attitude and nodded his head.

"I was planning to tell you about this.

Feng Cheng wrote to say that he would stop his search for Xi-er and return to Huo Tuo Mountain to live in seclusion."


Murong Yunshu nodded slightly and sighed.

"He's finally willing to accept reality."


"Hmm." Chu Changge also sighed.

Four years.

No matter who they mourned for, it was already enough.


"And what about you" Murong Yunshu suddenly looked at Chu Changge and asked, "Have you figured it out too"


At this question, Chu Changge slowly embraced her into his arms and dropped a kiss on her head before whispering after a while, "I figured it out a long time ago.

Huberg also said that the Soul Shifting Technique was originally a distortion of natural reincarnation.

After a long time, the soul would be like flying ashes and dissolving smoke.

Jin Yanzi is a good example.

She shifted her soul into the Princess of the Li clan's body after Xi-er, and her soul flew away a year later.

Counting the days, even if Jin Yanzi had not squeezed Xi-er's soul out by that time, Xi-er's life would still come to an end.

Either way, we must accept the fact that she has completely gone.

Forcing her to stay on living will only make her soul unrested."


Hearing Chu Changge's words, the big stone that had been in Murong Yunshu's heart also finally dropped.


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