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Chapter 156: Dad Says You Should Be A Man Of Principle

Since the news of the impending war between Hua Yeli and Hua Tiansheng spread, everyone in the Daye Dynasty found themselves in danger, and they were pretty terrified.

In particular, the nine concubines of the Murong Mansion, who felt disturbed and restless all day long.

Their fear was not that the war would affect the business of the Murong Mansion, but if the war involved the Murong Mansion, Murong Yunshu would probably hand over Chu Murong to them to raise.


"Alas, in case Yunshu leaves home again, How can we live from now on"



That little kid Murong is so naughty.

He's not something we can subdue."


"Why don't we go too"


"Where to"


"Back to our maiden's home."


"No way.

Master is already gone, and Yunshu is the kind of person who doesn't care about anything.

Once we leave, I'm afraid no one will even think of picking us up for eight to ten years."


"Then come back on your own."


"How humiliating that will be."


"Maybe I will be sent back by my parents as soon as I go back."


When the Third Wife spoke, the rest of the concubines were silent.

Their hearts became desolate.

Yes, they had been married for so many years, and although they had never given birth to Master's children, both the Master and Yunshu had treated them with kindness and righteousness.

Both of them allowed them to live here without worrying about food and clothing and took care of their maiden's family business in every way.

These acts were the reason why they preferred to be widowed rather than leave the Murong Mansion.

Not to mention whether they would be able to remarry after leaving Murong Mansion, they would not even be able to pass the pressure from their father and brother alone.

In the business world, there was no stronger backer than the Murong Mansion.

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"Yunshu has treated us with great kindness, so we'd better stay and help share her worries." The First Wife uttered with a sigh.



If it were anyone else, once the Master left back then, our good days would have come to an end.

Yunshu treated us......really beyond words."


At that moment, a childish voice came from the doorway——"I'm going to tell Mom."


The nine people looked at the door in unison, only to see a tiny head peeking out sideways from behind the door, with his other body part remained unseen.


"Mu, Murong, you're here.

Come in quickly.

Grandma was thinking of you." The First Wife smiled and went to hug Chu Murong.


Chu Murong stared at the First Wife with a solemn face for a few seconds and stated, "I won't go in.

I'm going to tell my Mom right now."


"......" What an honest child. The First Wife was in tears in her heart, but her face was still smiling.

"Good boy Murong, your Mom is too busy to care about such trivial matters."


Chu Murong responded, "Mom is very idle."


"......" Can you not be so honest


"Mom is worried that Grandmas are lonely.

So she asked me to come and see you." Chu Murong said.


"Is that so" The First Wife smiled with joy.

"Your Mom still remembers us"


Chu Murong nodded heavily.

"I even heard Mom say yesterday that she was going to find a good family for you."


At these words, everyone was instantly petrified and had mixed feelings in their hearts. Yunshu, do you think we are an eyesore, or are you just too understanding


Chu Murong didn't understand why everyone suddenly had sullen expressions.

Thus he stopped talking.

Then he pouted in bafflement and skipped away.







When Murong Yunshu heard Chu Murong's 'report', her reaction was rather bland.

Her response made Chu Murong very dissatisfied.


"Mom, Grandmas are going to run away from home!" Chu Murong repeated with a frown.


"Mhmm." Murong Yunshu still responded faintly and continued to read her book.


"Mom, aren't you worried that they will never come back"


"Are you worried" Murong Yunshu asked rhetorically while her eyes were still on the book.


Chu Murong tilted his head in thought and replied, "Not really.

If they are gone, there are still others that can play with me."


Murong Yunshu's heart shook at his words.

She raised her eyes to look at Chu Murong and rebuked him, "They are your Grandmas.

They are different from the others."


"But they are just like everyone else, with one nose and one mouth, two arms and two legs." Chu Murong replied childishly.


Murong Yunshu's willow leaf eyebrows slightly knitted as she asked in a deep voice, "Who taught you this"


Chu Murong blinked.



"He taught you that" Murong Yunshu asked again, not believing that Chu Changge would teach Chu Murong this.

It was one thing to be cold-hearted.

It was another to be thin-skinned.


"Mhm." Chu Murong nodded and said, "Dad said that all people in this world who are not surnamed Chu are the same, one nose and one mouth, two arms and two legs.

No matter how much trouble they make, they only have the fate of being trampled under my feet."


At those words, the corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth began to twitch wildly.

She should have known that she couldn't let her son take his surname.......


"Dad also said that people should have principles.

Although I am powerful, I can't bully people casually.

Only when others try to bully me, or when I feel that person is not pleasing to the eye, then can I bully them."


".......your Dad is indeed a man of great principles." Murong Yunshu said.


"But…...." Chu Murong looked up at Murong Yunshu innocently with his eyes wide open.

"I don't find anyone pleasing to my eyes except for my parents."


"......." The corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth, which had just regained its calmness, twitched once more as she sighed.

"Murong, please be a tolerant person."


Chu Murong thought for a moment and nodded in a seemingly understanding demeanour, "Oh."


With a heart full of confusion, Chu Murong walked out of his mother's study and suddenly bumped into a wall of flesh.


The owner of that wall of flesh hurriedly knelt to check whether Chu Murong's organs were still intact.

"Little Leader, you're not hurt, are you"


"There's nothing serious." Chu Murong stared coldly at that person before asking, "Who are you"


That person tapped hard on his cheeks twice.

"You made my face look like this.

How can you not know who I am"


Chu Murong was astonished for a moment, then it dawned on him, "Uncle Bei, it's you!"


"Uh-huh!" North Guardian had a displeased look on his face.


Chu Murong cupped his chin and examined him for a moment before saying seriously, "Uncle Bei, you'd better change back to your original face.

This face of yours looks very unpleasant to me."


"......." The corners of North Guardian's mouth slightly twitched as he complained bitterly in his heart, 'I don't like everything about you.

You'd better go back and reincarnate.'


Chu Murong added, "But that original face of yours looked even worse to me."


"......." So you have changed my face to this face, haven't you


"No, no." Chu Murong shook his head repeatedly and said, "Mom told me to be a tolerant person.

So I want to be tolerant of you.

Forget it, whichever face you use, as long as you don't appear in front of me in the future, I won't find you unpleasant to my eyes."


"......." North Guardian turned into a petrified state as he watched Chu Murong leave. What kind of tolerance is this No, that was not the point.

The point was…….how did his face make this little brat find it to be unpleasant It was his parents who had given him this face.

He also wished that by just using his face, he was capable of causing the downfall of a city without the need for him to pay with his life.

But most of the time, life didn't go as one had planned! Devilishly beautiful men like the father and son, even with all the bad things they do, they could still walk around happily with their good faces and be popular everywhere they went.

How many people could be like them in this world….…


As North Guardian thought till here, he couldn't help feeling sad.

He remembered that once, he was also a handsome man sought after by everyone in the capital.

However, since he joined the Mojiao Sect, where beautiful men were as many as clouds, his handsomeness had been eclipsed.

Alas, since other people were much better looking than him, it made him genuinely irritated!


At that moment, a voice as lazy as it could be, came to his ears, "How long do you plan to lament the injustice of God out there"


North Guardian immediately returned to his senses and walked resentfully through the door.

"How does Madam know that I was lamenting the injustice of God"


Murong Yunshu put down the book and glanced at him as she asked him back in a very breezy manner, "Don't you think that the Chu father and son were born to provoke people's dissatisfaction with God"


North Guardian nodded heavily at her words with mixed feelings.

Madam could indeed draw blood with just one prick!


"Have you found the book I told you to look for" Murong Yunshu quickly changed the topic to the next one.


When it came to business, North Guardian's self-confidence, which was about to be shattered, instantly and automatically pieced itself back together, articulating without a single seam, as strong as if it had never been wrecked.

"I dug up the entire Daye Dynasty from top to bottom, inside and out, knotted up and turned it upside down, and in the end——I still couldn't find it." North Guardian smilingly said. [ ]


Murong Yunshu's hand shook, "If that's the case, what are you doing back here"


"Er…....it's already a loss if the book is not found.

But if we lose another person again, wouldn't that be the same as giving our enemy a wife and losing our soldiers to the enemy as well" North Guardian laughed dryly.


Murong Yunshu raised her hand very helplessly as it went to rub her eyebrows.

Only after a long time did she say, "It's when you come back that you give your enemy a wife and lose your soldiers to the enemy as well."


North Guardian's expression turned stiff instantly.

"Madam means that if I don't go back, I can offset the loss of not finding the book"


"Since you know this truth, you shouldn't have come back."


".......I just know about it now."


"It's not too late for you to know." Murong Yunshu said indifferently.


".......is Madam kicking me out" North Guardian asked with a hurt look on his face.


Murong Yunshu lightly sighed as she said, "This kind of thing, it's fine if we keep it to ourselves.

Making it too clear will make me look heartless."


North Guardian was tempted to say, your ruthlessness never needs to manifest itself.

It is all too natural for you.


Murong Yunshu added, "You have been by Chu Changge's side for a long time, so you should understand the principle of either succeed or die.

Although the Murong Mansion is not a Mojiao Sect, it has the same style of handling things as a Mojiao Sect and will not stop until it has achieved its goal.

You really shouldn't have come back without finding «All Nations Come To Pay Tribute»."


North Guardian snapped to his consciousness.

That was right.

How could he have forgotten that the words 'give up halfway' never existed in the minds of those in the Mojiao Sect "Thank you, Madam, for reminding me of my mistake." He had almost let the stubbornness in him that refused to say no get lost in the desolation of time.


"It can't all be blamed on you." Murong Yunshu stood up and walked to the door, looking at the endless clear sky and sighed.

"Dullness is the easiest thing to sap one's fighting spirit.

Life is too dull for you now."


North Guardian was startled, not understanding why Murong Yunshu would suddenly let out such an exclamation.

Then he heard her say, "There are only two reasons for a person to settle for mediocrity: to be worn out by reality or to see that mediocrity is the real truth.

Chu Changge and I belong to the latter category, and you belong to neither of them."


"I had set my mind to serve the Leader to the death.

Protecting the Leader is the goal of my life." North Guardian swore.


Murong Yunshu smiled and shook her head, "You are from a family of generals, where your whole body and strong character have been embedded with the need to perform meritorious service.

What's the point of staying by his side"


North Guardian's eyes instantly welled up, and he was too excited to speak, "Madam......."



I have prepared some things.

Take them with you when you meet with Hua Yeli.

He will place you in an important position."


"But Hua Yeli is the Leader's sworn enemy!" North Guardian exclaimed with great alarm.


Murong Yunshu did not explain but only said, "He also knows about this."


What happened in the dungeon four years ago didn't need too many people to know.

Since Hua Yeli did not tell Hua Tiansheng about their relationship, it would be more unlikely for him to admit his relationship with Chu Changge.


The only reason she asked the North Guardian to go forward and help Hua Yeli was that she and Chu Changge owed Hua Yeli a favour.


On the night four years ago, if it wasn't for Hua Yeli's besieging Wei to rescue Zhao act of attacking Yan army camp overnight, forcing Hua Tiansheng, who led his army to block their way, to withdraw his troops, the three of them wouldn't have the opportunity to live peacefully in Jinling….…


After sending North Guardian away, Murong Yunshu stared into the distance with a dazed look on her face.

Her heart was heavy.

The friend of the day before yesterday was the enemy of yesterday.

Today they were friends, but what would they become tomorrow


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