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Chapter 152 : Who's Dressing Up As God While Playing The Devil

That night, while Murong Yunshu and her son were sleeping soundly, 'Chu Xiyue' kept her eyes open until midnight while yawning and fighting with her tired eyes.

Li Ling was supposed to be on duty for the first half of the night, but 'Chu Xiyue' did not feel at ease, so she refused to go to bed at that time either.


"You should go to bed," Li Ling urged.


'Chu Xiyue' consciousness perked up as she shook off her head and said, "I'm not going to sleep.

I'm going to watch her all night long."


"But you're affecting my consciousness by being like this." Li Ling complained, "I wasn't even sleepy, but I was so affected by your drowsy appearance that I became sleepy too."


"Then why don't you just go to bed It's not like anyone's forcing you to keep watch!" 'Chu Xiyue' replied irritably.


Li Ling argued, "I am a man."


"Self-righteous men!"


Li Ling's face changed slightly, and the corners of his mouth twitched before he finally said good-naturedly, "Don't worry, I will keep an eye on her.

If I truly let her escape, I will take full responsibility for it when explaining to His Highness."


Hearing his words, 'Chu Xiyue' looked at him with surprise, and then she stared at him suspiciously, for a long time, before conceding, "Okay, I'll give her to you, but don't be negligent."


Li Ling lifted his eyes, sort of a sign that he heard her.


The wind blew at night and went in through the creaks on the window.

Li Ling stared intently at Murong Yunshu and her son.

He didn't stand up and stretch his fists until the rooster crowed.

Unexpectedly, someone nudged the acupuncture points at his waist as soon as he stretched open his arms.

Li Ling suddenly became frightened and shouted, "Who is it!"


'Chu Xiyue' jumped up from the bed because of his shout and asked nervously, "What happened"


"Someone has nudged my acupuncture points." Li Ling said.


'Chu Xiyue' immediately checked the room.

She could not find any suspicious characters around, and none of the doors or windows showed signs of having been opened.

Then she looked at Murong Yunshu, who was breathing evenly and sleeping unconsciously.

"Are you sure someone has been here" 'Chu Xiyue' asked Li Ling with a suspicious look on her face.


When Li Ling saw that 'Chu Xiyue' doubted him, he immediately asked with a stern face, "Do you think I'm standing here motionless because I've sprained my back"


The corners of 'Chu Xiyue's' mouth twitched slightly.

Only after a few seconds did she unblock Li Ling's acupuncture points and inquired, "Have you seen the face of the person who nudged your acupuncture points"


Li Ling: "No.

He attacked me from behind."


When 'Chu Xiyue' heard this, she rechecked the doors and windows in the room and stated, "There is no sign of anyone coming in."


Li Ling didn't believe it.

He personally checked the room up and down.

Finally, he found that there was literally no sign of anyone breaking in before he wondered curiously, "Someone obviously nudged my acupuncture points......"


"It's must be your delusion." 'Chu Xiyue' said.


Li Ling's mouth trembled slightly as his face darkened.

"How can it be my delusion when my acupuncture points were nudged If you're that capable, show me how you can delude yourself like that!"


'Chu Xiyue' countered, "Maybe you've really sprained your back."


"......." Is this woman an idiot Li Ling skimmed his eyes at her and stopped wasting his words with 'Chu Xiyue'.


The following day.

While 'Chu Xiyue' and Li Ling were depressed, Murong Yunshu was glowing and full of energy.


"Did you two become thieves last night" Murong Yunshu asked with a smile.


'Chu Xiyue' snorted coldly and twisted her head without saying anything.

On the other hand, Li Ling observed Murong Yunshu's expression.

He could feel that there was a sense of her taking pleasure in their misfortune in her smile.


What happened last night was indeed her doing! What puzzled Li Ling was, she had been sleeping under his nose, so how could she have gotten behind him and nudged at his acupuncture points Even if she knew how to move with great speed, she could not have done it so quickly.

But last night, apart from Murong Yunshu, only her son Chu Murong was the other person in the room.


Thinking of this, Li Ling couldn't help but move his eyes to Chu Murong.

Could it be the work of this baby who was less than a year old In an instant, Li Ling's mind conjured up a palm-sized Chu Murong flying behind him like a little bee to nudge at his acupuncture points.......Li Ling felt himself going crazy.

People were prone to become nervous after being in a high state of tension for a long time.


Murong Yunshu, on the other hand, completely ignored Li Ling's probing eyes.

She laughingly teased Little Murong as if nothing was wrong.

Those who didn't know would have thought that 'Chu Xiyue' and Li Ling were her entourage.






Chu Changge was waiting.

Waiting for Hua Yeli to personally send King Sheng back to the Yan army camp and hand over the surrender letter.

But he had stood by for several days, and the Liang army side had not moved even a muscle.

This made him begin to wonder if he had miscalculated.

So he sought out Wei Zhentian to ask his opinion about it.


"According to your estimation, how long can the Liang army last with the existing food and provisions"


"The food should have been cut off long ago." Wei Zhentian added after a moment's thought, "Unless he found another way to get the rations."


Chu Changge said, "Impossible.

His granaries were all burned by me.

It is impossible to re-prepare the provisions so quickly."


Wei Zhentian nodded in agreement, thought for a moment, and gave his other opinion, "Perhaps he has a fifth granary that we don't know about."


With this one word, it had woken up the dreamer! Chu Changge immediately summoned South Guardian.

"Spy on Hua Yeli.

Once you discover the existence of the fifth granary, destroy it immediately."


"Yes." South Guardian instantaneously accepted the order. [ ]


"Wait." Wei Zhentian explained, "It doesn't have to be destroyed.

In times of war, the most valuable thing is food.

It's a pity just to burn it."


South Guardian stopped, feeling that Wei Zhentian's argument had merit.

He looked to Chu Changge, waiting for the Leader to make up his mind.


Chu Changge pondered for a long time before saying, "It's a bit more troublesome.

But between being burned or stolen, the latter should be more likely to drive Hua Yeli mad.

Old South, as soon as you discover the location of the fifth granary, gather your men and take it down in one fell swoop."




As soon as he left Chu Changge's tent, South Guardian met with West Guardian and North Guardian, who had come to report the news they had gathered.


"Old South, what makes you so happy" North Guardian asked curiously.


The corner of South Guardian curled up pleasantly as he replied, "The Leader sent me to rob."


".......isn't it just robbery It's not like we haven't done it before.

Do you have to look so happy that you cannot close your mouth" North Guardian was unimpressed.


South Guardian laughed without saying a word and sauntered away in a very pleased manner.


North Guardian looked puzzled.

"Has Old South taken the wrong medicine" He asked West Guardian.


West Guardian stared solemnly at South Guardian's back for a few moments.

He later said with a hefty voice, "It should be that he has taken too much medicine."


".......I think you are the one who has taken too much medicine."


"Boring!" West Guardian gave him a blank look.

He put away his pretended deep expression and said thoughtfully, "Think about it.

Since our Leader betrothed to Madam, he has become a virtuous man and seldom does things like killing people.

Even if he occasionally kills someone, it only is because he was forced to do so, or that person certainly deserves to be killed, such as Fang Hongfei.

Now, he suddenly asked Old South to commit a robbery, which was like a prostitute taking on clients again after being a virtuous woman.

So how could this not make people excited He has been a brother to Old South for so long, and you don't know Old South's sulky nature.

Don't look at him like he's usually so serious, but in fact, his heart is more agitated than anyone else.

After being sullen for so long, he finally caught the chance to be flirty.

Can he not be happy"


"Old West, you've seen through the Old South thoroughly!" North Guardian regretted that he was not as good as West Guardian.


West Custodian snorted his nose to the sky and said, "I've seen through you thoroughly, too."


When North Guardian heard this, he was intrigued and quickly asked, "Then tell me, what is my character"


West Guardian looked at him faintly for three seconds before spitting out the words, "A stupid person."


".......a dog can't spit out ivory!"


West Guardian's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Did you just call me a dog"


North Guardian, following his example of snorting his nose to the sky, said, "You can be the ivory if you want."




North and West were bickering when they heard a very familiar voice come from inside the tent——"Either come in or get the hell away."


The two men were suddenly tense, and at the same time, exclaimed in their hearts: Oh no, how could we have forgotten that this was outside the Leader's tent


The two men exchanged glances and walked into Chu Changge's tent with their tails tucked between their legs. [ ]


Seeing Chu Changge's gloomy face, North Guardian laughed dryly with a frightened heart and tried to fawn on him.

"Leader, your ears are becoming even more perceptive."


Chu Changge: "When have my ears ever been less perceptive"


"Er.......I didn't mean it like that." North Guardian was incredibly embarrassed.

It seemed like he had been flattering the horse's rear end.


Chu Changge grunted and asked, "Have you gotten any results on the matter you were asked to investigate"


"Yes, yes." North Guardian rushed to answer, "We found out that Soul Chaser and Su Ming are in Shaping Town and have not left yet."


"Mister Shi Er has already left.

What are they still doing there" Chu Changge wondered.


"I don't know.

But two days ago, some brothers in the sect suddenly received orders from them——to spy on Li Wunai."


At these words, Chu Changge couldn't help but frown.

Were they still investigating the Shaolin Temple case But from what he knew about them, they always did such things personally and never resorted to the power of others.

Unless......they had more important things to do. [T/N]


What made them use the identity of the Killing Demons to get others to spy on Li Wunai just to get away [T/N]






Li Ling was going crazy.


He had been struck by an inexplicable, painless attack every night.

If he couldn't find the culprit, he certainly would have thought he was schizophrenic and hallucinating.


"Where did your beard go" Upon waking up, 'Chu Xiyue' found that Li Ling's beard had disappeared.


"Cut it."


"What's the point of cutting your beard for no good reason"


"What does it have to do with you!" Li Ling growled.


'Chu Xiyue' was stunned for a moment, then yelled back at him, "You're riding on my head when I'm treating you nicely!"


Li Ling turned his head away and grunted coldly, not making any more sound.


"I'm asking you again, where's your beard"


Li Ling still didn't answer.


At this time, Murong Yunshu just finished freshening herself up.

She then glanced at Li Ling through the shiny bronze mirror, opened her pursed lips to compliment, "I suddenly realised that you are quite handsome."


Li Ling's face suddenly twitched a few times ferociously.


As soon as Murong Yunshu spoke, 'Chu Xiyue' suddenly came to a realisation.

"Did you do this" She asked Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows and stated, "If I were to trim him, I would have trimmed his eyebrows."


The next day.

Li Ling's eyebrows were actually trimmed.

No, they were shaved.

The two white strips of 'eyebrows' on his wheat-coloured face were particularly eye-catching.


"Yesterday, you cut your beard, and today you drew your eyebrows.

Such a pervert!" 'Chu Xiyue' said with a disgusted face.


Li Ling clenched his fingers into a fist.

He genuinely wanted to punch 'Chu Xiyue' in the face.


Murong Yunshu was in a happy mood as she slowly and methodically dressed Little Murong.

Afterwards, she walked past Li Ling with Little Murong in her arms in an incomparably amiable manner.

She then glanced at him and praised, "The drawing is very realistic."


In an instant, the two white 'eyebrows' moved frantically as if they had been injected with chicken blood.


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