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Chapter 150 : It's Not Right For Children To Laugh At Adults

Continued from the previous chapter → The soldier flung himself to the ground and said, "This subordinate does not dare to talk nonsense.

These are all words from the Liang army.

Please forgive me, Great General."


Wei Zhentian raised his eyebrows for a moment and instructed, "Stand down."




Wei Zhentian added, "Wait."


The soldier turned back immediately.

"Does the Great General have any command to this subordinate"


"Don't tell anyone about this."




After briefing the soldier, Wei Zhentian turned his head to look at Chu Changge's tent and walked back to his camp with a heavy face.


Inside Chu Changge's tent, Chu Changge and the others clearly heard the dialogue between Wei Zhentian and the soldier.

They all became silent, and the atmosphere became depressing.


"I'm going to kill him!" North Guardian said.


The Western Guardian gave him a blank look as he said, "Once Wei Zhentian dies, the Yan army will become a sheet of loose sand.

Even if King Sheng is rescued, the Yan army will not be able to survive."


"But he knows Leader's identity!" The North Guardian argued, "Once Wei Zhentian is dead, there will be another person replacing him.

There are many great generals in Yan's army.

Are you still afraid that there will be no one to lead the army Even if there none, it's not a big deal for me to do it!" He had known how to lead the troops into battle ever since he was ten years old.

If it weren't for God's will, he would now be like his father and grandfather, galloping into the battlefield, full of vim, in his way of becoming a great general with great vigour.


"I have no problem with that, but the Yan army will not obey you easily." South Guardian said.


"I know how to persuade the soldiers to obey me." He spoke calmly.

His eyes were deep and piercing like he was a veteran of the battlefield.


"That's enough," Chu Changge's voice and eyebrows showed signs of impatience.

"You all withdraw.

Don't let anyone come in and disturb me."


The three men from North, West and South looked at each other and exited one after another.


As soon as he left the camp, West Guardian couldn't help swearing, "Hua Yeli is so freaking despicable!"


North Guardian glanced at him faintly and said, "Old West, pay attention to your image."


"He doesn't even have any image, so how do you expect him to pay attention to it" South Guardian asked indifferently.


The corners of West Guardian's mouth twitched slightly as he countered, "It's better to have no image than pretend to be serious!"


North Custodian gave him another faint look.

"Old West, Old South is indeed a serious person.

He's not even pretending."


When West Guardian heard this, he jumped up angrily to his feet and questioned, "Who do you really want to be with"


"Uh......" North Guardian looked inexplicably flabbergasted while answering weakly, "A girl with long legs and a thin waist"


"You......" West Guardian was furious that his fingers trembled.

He even gritted his teeth while hating on iron for not becoming steel.

"Do you still think you can be a general with your idiot look"


North Guardian was silent.

Madam said not to quarrel with a man who flew into a rage out of humiliation.


"You will never be a general in your life, nor is your whole family!" West Guardian yelled out.


North Guardian glanced at him speechlessly before saying, "Old West, are you so mad that you've become confused My whole family had been a general except for me."


"......idiot!" West Guardian cursed and left with a flick of his sleeve.


North Guardian was dumbfounded and looked at South Guardian, "Old South, what was he so mad about"


South Guardian looked at West Guardian's back with a serious expression and calmly said, "In his view of life, anyone who doesn't share his intelligence is regarded as an idiot, so you don't need to pay attention to him."


Upon hearing this, North Guardian gave South Guardian an odd glance and said, "Old South, your view of life is the same as this, right People who talk more than you are regarded as not serious enough, right"


"Well, just like your outlook on life.

People who are not as idiot as you are, you regarded them as not normal." [T/N]








Inside the tent, Chu Changge sat in the general's chair, rubbing his brow in exhaustion with his heart inexpressibly distracted and his thoughts in turmoil.

The hustle and bustle of this mundane world were actually disgusting.

It was only at this moment that Chu Changge realised that he had long since had enough of the life of 'you killing me and me killing you'.

The reason for his delay in retiring was that he was used to living on a knife's edge and was always prepared to kill and be killed.


"Yunshu, when all of this is over, I will take you and Murong away from this dispute.

For sure." Chu Changge murmured, with his mind in a state of confusion.


Yunshu, if you were me, what would you do


Chu Changge tried to think in Murong Yunshu's way of thinking.

After a long time, he suddenly saw the light before his eyes and felt that the world was no longer grey. [ ]






The life of a plate of steamed buns and a bowl of water continued.

Now, Murong Yunshu even wanted to vomit at the sight of steamed buns.

However, Little Murong was quite happy with the situation, especially when the man in black brought the steamed buns, where he would always smile happily.


This day, the man in black brought another plate of white steamed buns.

As soon as he walked through the door, Little Murong giggled and danced.

Murong Yunshu scratched his nose in amusement and said, "Little Murong, everyone in our Murong family has been enjoying high positions and living in comfort, where we all have been pampered and spoiled since childhood.

But why are you so easy to raise"


At those words, little Murong looked at her with a dumbfounded expression, his eyes unblinking.


Murong Yunshu added, "Poor child, you must have inherited it from your father.

It's also true that eating steamed buns is so much better than eating salt.

You should be content."


The man in black was nervous as soon as he heard Murong Yunshu speak.

He set the steamed buns and water on the table, then retreated silently to one side.


"Do you have a wife and a child" Murong Yunshu asked as she broke the steamed bun into small pieces and put them on the plate.


The man in black twitched his mouth without speaking.


"Is it a daughter or a son"


The man in black had a surprised look in his eyes and was about to ask how she knew.

But then he remembered 'Chu Xiyue's' instructions.

He pursed his lips and held his tongue.


Murong Yunshu didn't care whether he reacted or not, as she continued, "How much did King Liang pay you to do his work for him"


When the man in black heard the remark, his face showed a fierce expression temporarily.

Then he turned back to being expressionless and answered coldly, "I work for His Highness, not for his money."


"Not for money, then I suppose it must be to repay kindness" Without waiting for the man in black to answer, Murong Yunshu then said with a smile, "Those who know how to repay kindness usually have an unbroken conscience."


The man in black was slightly stunned and lowered his eyes without speaking.


"Can I ask you a favour" Murong Yunshu asked.


"No." The man in black resolutely refused.


Murong Yunshu only pretended not to hear his refusal as she then requested, "Close the door."


The man in black was stunned and hesitated for a moment before getting up and closing the door behind him.


"You should be on the other side of the door." Murong Yunshu said as he looked at him.


The corners of the man in black's mouth twitched as he stated, "I won't let you out of my sight."


Murong Yunshu smiled slightly.

"If you say this sentence to your wife, she will be very touched."


"It's none of your business."


"Have you ever seen your wife breastfeeding your child" Murong Yunshu suddenly asked a question that was as unrelated as wind, horse and ox.


The man in black looked embarrassed and didn't say anything.


"It seems that you never did." Murong Yunshu added, "I guess your wife wouldn't blame you since you haven't seen other women breastfeeding their child either."


The man in black froze again.

Then he suddenly realised what her words meant and turned around in a hurry.

Did she have to talk in a big circle just to feed her child


"You'd better close the door.

Even if it's your back, your fierceness will make him lose his appetite." Murong Yunshu's tone was very understatement, but it made the man in black shiver fiercely.


Finally, the man in black went out in a depressed mood and closed the door from the outside.


It was unknown how long time had passed when 'Chu Xiyue' appeared as the man in black was still immersed in self-recrimination for his negligence towards his wife and child.


"Why are you standing here" 'Chu Xiyue' asked.


The man in black returned to his senses and replied, "She's in there......breastfeeding her child."


As soon as ‘Chu Xiyue’ heard his reply, she shouted, "She never gave her child even a mouthful of milk!" With that, she kicked the door open and rushed into the room.

The man in black also followed her in with a chagrined look on his face.


"Didn't your father ever teach you that knocking is the most basic courtesy" With a cup of tea in her hands, Murong Yunshu slowly raised her eyes to look at the visitor, looking incomparably graceful. [T/N]


"You......" 'Chu Xiyue' did not expect Murong Yunshu not to escape and was stunned for a long time before saying viciously, "I'm sorry that you are unable to escape!"


Murong Yunshu pursed her lips and turned them into a smile as she asked, "Why should I run away when I can eat and live well here"


'Chu Xiyue' went speechless and glared at Murong Yunshu without speaking.


At this point, Little Murong, who was sitting on the table eating a steamed bun, giggled abruptly.


Murong Yunshu looked at Little Murong lovingly and said, "It is wrong for children to laugh at adults."


Little Murong suddenly stopped laughing as if he had understood her words.


"So well behaved." Murong Yunshu smiled and stroked his head, adding, "Our Murong Mansion people are all educated.

Don't laugh at your enemies.

It's enough just to put disdain in your eyes."


Little Murong tilted his head in thought as if he understood and then lowered his head to eat his bun.


Murong Yunshu didn't expect much cooperation from him.

So she just smiled and stopped talking.

She lowered her head to drink his tea, with the intention of 'take care then, I won't bother myself to send you off'.


'Chu Xiyue' snorted coldly and said to the man in black, "Keep an eye on her.

She can't play any tricks now that we're still at sea, but once onshore, she might try some!"


The man in black did not answer.

He glared at Murong Yunshu with his eyes blazing like torches.

Although he did not know what she had done inside the room when he was outside, or perhaps she had done nothing at all, it seemed that he was no longer a match for her based on the trick she had used to trick him out. [ ]


Her unhurried tone of voice and breezy expression made it seem like the wind had dropped, and the waves had subsided.

But, somehow, there were smells of intrigue everywhere.

It was impossible to guard yourself against a woman like her.

Even from raising her hand and moving her foot, they were full of unfathomable insight into everything as she made unhurried control of the overall situation.


The man in black did not understand why he was the one in fear when she was held as a hostage.


He really didn't know whether he had failed too much or she was the one who succeeded too much.


"You're very clever." The man in black mumbled as he withdrew his gaze.


"Thank you for your compliment." Murong Yunshu continued to drink her tea while looking calm and steady as a mountain.


"You may not believe it, but I am looking forward to seeing you run away."


"I do believe it." Murong Yunshu smiled and looked at him leisurely, saying, "You are curious about how I will escape from right under your nose."


"That's right.

I want to know just how clever you are."


"Then I have to disappoint you.

I'm not going to run away."


The man in black was slightly surprised.



Murong Yunshu didn't answer him and only smiled at him.

She then got up and picked up Little Murong, who had finished eating his steamed bun, and put him on the bed.

Murong Yunshu smiled and urged, "Go to sleep.

Children should go to sleep after eating and eat again after sleeping."


The man in black's face was full of black lines when he heard her words.

To sleep after eating, and to eat once more after sleeping.

Was she raising a pig



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