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Chapter 147 : What's going on

Murong Yunshu stared blankly at the scene in front of her, and her mind went blank.

She could feel the sky spinning, and the earth went round, as her body lost its fulcrum.


A person appeared instantly, and the current situation became seemingly a generation apart.


A few minutes ago, the Fairy Yaoyue was nowhere to be found, and the Holy Maiden still held Murong Yunshu's life in her hand.

Now, the Fairy Yaoyue was on the ground, and so was the Holy Maiden.

Murong Yunshu was the only one, clearly, the leading role, watching both sides losing as if she was just a mere spectator.


"Miss!" Lu-er ran out of the room to help Murong Yunshu.

"Miss, what happened Fairy Yaoyue......Holy Maiden......how did they......"


"Fairy Yaoyue......Fairy Yaoyue......" Murong Yunshu murmured a few times.

She pushed Lu-er away and stumbled a few steps before rushing towards Fairy Yaoyue and knelt down.



"Still refusing to call me Mom" A pale-looking Fairy Yaoyue asked with a bitter smile.


Murong Yunshu held back her tears, her lips trembled, and only after a long time did she choke out a cry――"Mom." Before the words were out of her mouth, tears were pouring down her face.

If it were not for the timely appearance of the Fairy Yaoyue, she would have become a dead soul under Holy Maiden's sword.


Red Spider Lily

It is thought to be the only flower on the long road to the Yellow Springs, which greets and ushers newcomers to the river of forgetfulness.

It blooms in large numbers there, and from a distance, they look like a carpet made of blood.

Because of their redness, they were called ‘the path of fire'.

It is also known as the flower of death.

- Baike Baidu

Image Credit | Baike Baidu

"Good, good, really good......" A smile blossomed like a flower on the bloodless face of Fairy Yaoyue, which was tragically poignant, like the red spider lily along the road to Yellow Springs.

A solitary flower in love with its own fragrance.

"Little, Little Murong......"


Murong Yunshu hurriedly grabbed Fairy Yaoyue's hand.

"Little Murong is fine, very fine.

Lu-er, bring Little Murong here."


Lu-er hurriedly ran into the house and passed Little Murong to Murong YunShu.


"Murong, call grandma." Murong Yunshu put Little Murong next to Fairy Yaoyue.


Little Murong stared at the Fairy Yaoyue without saying a word.


Murong Yunshu coaxed softly, "Good boy Murong, call grandma quickly."


"Call grandma, Young Master." Lu-er also urged on the side.


Little Murong still looked bewildered.

His pretty eyes moved as his gaze shifted from Fairy Yaoyue to Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu: "It’s just calling someone out.

So call her grandma."


Little Murong blinked and called out in his milky voice, "Dad......dad......"


Fairy Yaoyue smiled after hearing his words.

"Finally, I've been allowed to win for once.

Little Murong called out to his father, who is my son, first."


Murong Yunshu also smiled.

Her smile was filled with endless sorrow.

Faced with the breathless and dying Fairy Yaoyue, she did not know what else to do except to smile along with her.


Little Murong also seems to be infected by Murong Yunshu's sadness.

There was a hint of sorrow in his clear, innocent eyes as he learned to be quiet afterwards.


"Tell Ah Chang that King Sheng is his brother, and he must......must......help......help...…."


Seeing that Fairy Yaoyue was on her last breath, Murong Yunshu nodded again and again.

"I know, we all know."


At this time, Chu Xiyue suddenly ran into the guest courtyard with a smile on her face and abruptly froze when she saw the scene inside.

"Mom......Mom......" She murmured a few times before throwing down the small shoes in her hands and ran over to hug Fairy Yaoyue.

"Mom, Mom, what's wrong with you"


"Xie-er." Fairy Yaoyue smiled sadly and clutched Chu Xiyue's hand, saying, "Feng Cheng must marry into the family......otherwise......I will not die in peace......"


"No, no, Mom will not die......you will not die......" Chu Xiyue, who had all her six vital organs failed to work properly, shook her head violently.

"Sister-in-law, you are so smart.

You must have a way to save Mom.

Hurry up, think of a way......"


Murong Yunshu lowered her head.

If Fairy Yaoyue could still be saved, she wouldn't have just stood there.


Fairy Yaoyue: "Xie-er, don't make things difficult for your sister-in-law.

Mom......Mom can't make it......"


"No! No! It's not going to happen! It won't!"


"Xie-er, listen to me." Fairy Yaoyue said, "Remember the chest I used to store your dowry"


Chu Xiyue nodded.

"Since I was a child, you have not allowed me to touch it, saying that if I touched that box, I would not be able to marry."


"Yes, it's that box.

There......is something there......that was left for Ah Chang......you......you help me pass it on to him......" The word 'him' barely escaped her lips when Fairy Yaoyue's hand loosened, and she could no longer open her mouth or close her eyes.


"Mom――" Chu Xiyue wailed hysterically while hugging Fairy Yaoyue as she cried her heart out.


Murong Yunshu silently pressed Little Murong's head into her arms and looked at the unclosed eyes of Fairy Yaoyue.

After a long time, she stood up without a word and handed Little Murong to Lu-er.

"Carry him into the house, and don't come out." She instructed and then walked expressionlessly step by step towards the dying Holy Maiden on the ground.

She spoke heavily, "Jianghu is originally a place where you kill me, and I kill you.

It was Chu Changge's fault for not killing you in the first place.

Now, I'll finish what he should have done a few months ago as a way to correct this mistake."


The Holy Maiden smiled and looked at Murong Yunshu.

Her answering tone was very confident, "You will not do it.

You are Murong Yunshu, the young mistress of the Murong Mansion.

You may be indifferent to people's lives, yet you will never let your hands be stained with blood."


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu picked up Fairy Yaoyue's weapon――a willow sword and dragged it slowly forwards.

The sharp tip of the sword drew a long deep mark on the ground, accompanied by an ear-piercing sound as if she was sharpening it, which also worked as the chime of death.

"It's not easy to meet someone you really wished you could get rid of in this life.

How can I bear to let you live with the stigma of humiliation for the rest of your life Only if I let you die in humiliation and unable to free yourself for generations can I release the hatred I have inside my heart and at the same time not disgracing my status as the Madam of the Mojiao Sect." Murong Yunshu uttered as she walked.


"I know you.

I can see through you.

It is because I can see through you that you have feared me." The Holy Maiden's expression remained very confident. [ ]


Murong Yunshu laughed coldly.

"If you could see through me, you wouldn't have said such foolish words.

I am afraid because I can see through you and notice something in you that is different from normal people.

And that something makes me feel disgusted."


The Holy Maiden was stunned.

"What do you mean by that"


"I've always wondered how you can coexist with two opposed scents, half man and half woman, at the same time.

Now, I think I know the reason." Murong Yunshu said, "Your soul, and your body, don't belong to the same person.

Or, you were born as a different kind.

A different kind whose body is a woman but whose soul is a man!"


"You surprisingly do understand me." The ghastly face of the Holy Maiden showed a few moments of delight.

"From the first moment I saw you, I knew that you would understand me.

Your eyes, so wise, like you have never eaten the food of common mortals.

It was as if you could see through everything, but you didn't even bother to look at them.

Later, when I duelled with Chu Changge, I realised that it wasn't that you didn't bother to look, but your eyes, your heart, were already fully occupied.

Apart from Chu Changge, who else can you see Who else do you even bother to look at"


"There are many people I would like to see, but you are not included in them." Murong Yunshu replied coldly, dragging the sword up from the ground and pointing it at the Holy Maiden's throat.



That includes me, that must include me......" Holy Maiden laughed like a madman, forgetting the sword was at her throat, forgetting that her life and death were at stake.

"After all, you can still see through me.

Even though you are so disgusted with what you see."


"You're wrong." Murong Yunshu said, "What I loathe is not you, but your behaviour.

A person who is used to being in control of everything is most disgusted by being at the mercy of others.

And I happen to belong to that kind of person.

What I fear, too, is not you, but your body and soul that are different from normal people."


"If I were a man, and if I met you before Chu Changge, would you look at me the way you look at him now" The Holy Maiden asked.


At these words, Murong Yunshu was silent for a long time.

Feeling discouraged, her hand started to loosen, and she threw the sword down.

Once it slipped from her hand, she turned around and coldly said, "Take your own life yourself."


"I knew it.

You couldn't even lay a hand on me." There was something smug and emotional in the Holy Maiden's voice.


Murong Yunshu didn't answer her question.

That's right, she honestly couldn't do it.


"Answer me." The Holy Maiden insisted, "If I were a man, and if I met you before Chu Changge, would you look at me as you look at him now"


Murong Yunshu rebuked, "Don't compare yourself with him.

You don't deserve it."


"Sure enough, your heart still only has room for him......" Suddenly, the Holy Maiden's eyes snapped wide open, and she leapt up to pounce on Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu was about to push her away, but she was hugged and spun around by the Holy Maiden.

When she raised her eyes, what she saw was a scene that made her gasp――


Behind the Holy Maiden's back was a sword, and at the other end stood Chu Xiyue, who was as cold as ice and frost.


Before Murong Yunshu could calm herself down, she heard the Holy Maiden whisper in her ear, "I never wanted to kill you, never......" She then stopped breathing, a sign that she finally died.


Murong Yunshu watched as the Holy Maiden slipped from her and looked at Chu Xiyue in a daze.

"Who are you" If the Holy Maiden had not taken the sword for her just now, the person on the ground would have been her.


"You sure can keep your cool no matter what kind of situation it is." 'Chu Xiyue' commented coldly, with a strong murderous aura in her eyes.


"Who the hell are you" Murong Yunshu asked again.


"You will soon find out." 'Chu Xiyue' raised her hand and quickly nudged Murong Yunshu's acupuncture points, then said in a loud voice, "If you don't want Murong Yunshu to die, immediately hand over Chu Murong!"


Murong Yunshu watched coldly, without uttering a word, as 'Chu Xiyue' threatened Lu-er, who was inside the house.

For she knew that no matter what she said, there would only be one outcome――Lu-er couldn't escape, and neither could Little Murong.


Inside the house, however, Lu-er was in a war between nature and humanity.

On one side was the heaven-like Miss, and on the other was the Young Master, Miss' most precious person.

If she handed the Young Master over, she wouldn't have to live anymore.

But Miss......she couldn't let anything happen to Miss......


"Little Master, say, what should I do" Lu-er, who was hiding in the closet, asked in a low voice. [ ]


Little Murong blinked woodenly with a bewildered look.


At that moment, a cold voice suddenly came from outside, "Want me to tear down this closet"


Lu-er's nerves tensed.

This voice, so close, so close as if it was......in front of her!




The closet door was opened wide.


Lu-er tucked Little Murong into her arms and looked up with trepidation.

Nevertheless, when she saw that the visitor was Chu Xiyue, she smiled like a flower and breathed a huge sigh of relief, "Miss Chu――"


"Chu Murong." 'Chu Xiyue' coldly said.


Lu-er's voice came to a screeching halt.

She floundered for a long time before asking, "Miss Chu, why are you......like a different person"


Chu Xiyue snorted coldly, snatched Chu Murong from Lu-er's hands and said, "Go tell Chu Changge that his wife and child are in the hands of King Liang Jr.

If he doesn't want his wife and son to die, he should be well-behaved and don't spoil His Highness' business!"


Completely confused, Lu-er stumbled for a moment before chasing after Chu Xiyue.

But the courtyard was empty except for the corpses of the Fairy Yaoyue and the Holy Maiden of Five Poisons Sect.


What's going on


The first time Fairy Yaoyue appeared, Miss told her to hide inside.

By the time she came out, both Fairy Yaoyue and Holy Maiden of the Five Poison Sect suffered losses.


The second time, Miss told her to hide inside once more, and when she came out again, Miss Chu was no longer Miss Chu and Miss......was nowhere to be found.


Miss disappeared, and the Young Master was taken away.

What should she do


Suddenly, she remembered Chu Xiyue's words before she left.


Guye! Yes, go find Guye! Guye was so powerful.

He must be able to save Miss and the Young Master!





I know it! She's not Chu Xiyue! She has been acting really weird.

It's weird that no one noticed, especially Chu Changge, Feng Cheng and the late Fairy Yaoyue.

And...now I need to fix some previous chapters.

I'm using my veto to change the word 'Mother' to 'Mom'.


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