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Chapter 145 : 'Growing Up'

Chu Changge decided to go to the Central Plains to rescue King Sheng.


Hearing Chu Changge's decision, Murong Yunshu could only say four words, "Waiting for your return."


In fact, she was more willing to accompany him to the Central Plains than to wait at the royal residence.

However, she had to stay behind since there was still Little Murong clamouring for food at home.


Since Chu Changge left Yanzhou, Murong Yunshu never fed wine to Little Murong.

On the one hand, because wine has no more effect on Little Murong.

On the other hand, because Chu Changge was not around, she didn't even have the mood to harm the child.


"You didn't even take a glance at the sword when he was here, and now that he's gone, you're even sleeping with it.

You're deliberately going against him, aren't you" Murong Yunshu said to Little Murong, who was sitting on the table playing with the jade sword.


Little Murong seemed to understand her words.

He looked up at her with wide eyes without moving a muscle.


Murong Yunshu gently stroked his head.

A little light of sorrow flashed in her smiling eyes as she sighed, "Mom doesn't blame you.

Mom just misses your Dad too much."


Little Murong blinked and then continued to play with his sword.

He could still giggle while he was playing by himself.


Little children could always entertain themselves.

Murong Yunshu looked at him again and smiled, saying, "You shouldn't blame him.

He's just too anxious to prove that his son is blessed by heaven and stood out from the masses.

That's why he tried to play crazy with you in every way possible.

You don't know that the first time you broke through the acupuncture point sealed by him, he was so excited that he didn't sleep the whole night." Thinking of how Chu Changge jumped up and down at that time, Murong Yunshu could not help but want to laugh.


Perhaps in the eyes of others, Chu Changge was an incompetent father, but Murong Yunshu knew that he loved Little Murong more than his own life.


"If he knows that you are not drunk now, Mom doesn't know how happy he will be." Murong Yunshu knew that Little Murong couldn't understand her words, but she still wanted to speak.

"You must remember that the person who often makes things difficult for you loves you more than anyone else.

Even Mom......admit with regret that Mom is not as good as your Dad."


"Sister-in-law, you are playing the qin to a cow again!" Chu Xiyue happily smiled as she walked into the yard.



The cow arrived early today, and I haven't even prepared the qin to a cow again yet.

" Murong Yunshu said confidently.


"......this is strange.

How come you became a good wife and mother as soon as Ah Chang left" It wasn't like she didn't know how ruthless Ah Chang used to be when he was around.


"It's not like you don't know that man.

He always had a knack to lead someone astray.

When he does something bad, he always makes people want to help the tyrant Zhou."


"That's true." On this point, Chu Xiyue knew it very well.

"Before I met him, I had been a very gentle person." [T/N]


*The corners of Murong Yunshu's mouth slightly trembled, "You've known each other since you were in your mother's womb." [T/N]


"In another life."


"You remember what happened in your past life"


"Sister-in-law, can you cooperate with me once I'm helping you to testify."


"Giving a false testimony is punishable by jail time."


"......" Boring, really boring!


"You came to see me for something" Murong Yunshu asked.


"Oh, I almost forgot!" Chu Xiyue said, "I came here today to ask you why you said last time that my Mom had never given birth to a child"


Upon hearing this, Murong Yunshu's eyebrows slightly dropped as she asked indifferently, "Why do you suddenly think of asking me this question"


"I always remember.

It's just that Feng Cheng didn't allow me to approach your guesthouse before, saying that this place is ominous since there are many evil spirits here."


Murong Yunshu raised her eyebrows and questioned, "Since when did Feng Cheng change his profession to become a feng shui master"


"......let's get down to business!" It would honestly be asking for trouble to play going round the curves and skirting the corners with Big Murong since it would end up with pointing at the mulberry tree and cursing the locust tree result. [ ]


"What business"


"You said my Mom had never given birth to a child."


"When did I say that"


"Last time."


"Which time"


"When you gave birth to Little Murong."






"I don't remember."


"......just tell me the truth."


"What truth"


"Why did you say my Mom never gave birth to a child"


"When did I say that"


"Last time..." Chu Xiyue suddenly realised that the words had been circled back to her and hastily stopped.

She then said solemnly, "Don't try to move a thousand catties using four ounces with me.

I need to know the truth."


"Then you should go and ask Fairy Yaoyue." Murong Yunshu's expression was also grave, "Only she knows the truth."




"Lu-er, see the guest off."




Lu-er: "Miss Chu, please go back.

It's not like you don't know my Miss' temper."


Chu Xiyue sighed, "Alright.

I'll go ask my Mom."






After sending Chu Xiyue to the door, Lu-er turned back to the room.

"Miss, why didn't you tell her the truth"


"It's not a good thing to know too much." Murong Yunshu answered indifferently.


Lu-er was silent for a long time.

Then she asked under her breath, "That was why you didn't tell me about Wei Qian's death in the first place, did you"


At these words, Murong Yunshu sighed lightly and said, "Blame me if you want to.

Indeed, I didn't handle Wei Qian's matter well."


Lu-er shook her head sullenly.

"I don't blame Miss.

The one who killed Wei Qian was Fang Hongfei, and Guye has already taken revenge for him.

I'm just......very sad." The word 'very sad' carried a thick sobbing tone.


"I know." Murong Yunshu pulled her down and said, "You can cry if you want.

It's already enough for you to endure it for so long."


She should have known that Lu-er had a one-track mind as she was.

Once she had fallen in love, even if it were only for a moment, she would go all the way from there.

She knew there was no road up ahead, but she kept going.


This may be fate.

Everyone would fall for another person at some point in time.

For those who were lucky, the moment of them falling in love would lead to them spending a lifetime together.

The unfortunate ones, on the other hand, spent a lifetime of loneliness to pay tribute to that moment of them falling in love.

The majority of people were in between the fortunate and the unfortunate while living an ordinary life.


Perhaps Lu-er would meet another Wei Qian in the future, but the feeling at that time could never be compared to the first time she fell in love.


That was why Murong Yunshu could not say anything comforting, not even a word.






Murong Yunshu bought a lot of jade swords, and every day since Chu Changge left, she would put a jade sword in Little Murong's cradle.

Now, the jade sword had become turtledove occupying the magpie nest and unlawfully occupied the whole cradle.

Fortunately, Little Murong had stopped sleeping in the cradle. [ ]


On this day, Murong Yunshu was staring at Little Murong with her hands on her cheeks when a child-like voice penetrated through her mind.

Suddenly, she sat up straight and looked at Little Murong and asked, "What did you just say"


Little Murong stared at her with a puzzled expression for a moment, then slurred his words and called out, "Dad......dad......"


Murong Yunshu was ecstatic and said excitedly, "Call Mom, call Mom quickly!"


"Dad......dad......" Little Murong spoke the words 'dad' twice, and then he giggled.


Murong Yunshu was angry and happy at the same time as she picked him up and complained, "You deserve to be abused by him.

He mistreated you, yet you're still thinking of him first!"


Little Murong giggled and danced with the sword in his hand, "Dad......dad......"


"Yes, yes, yes, that sword was bought for you by your Dad." Murong Yunshu said grumpily, her tone a little sour.

"I bought you so many swords, and you didn't touch a single one, only hugging the ones he bought all day long.

Do you think that just because your surname is Chu, you have to be on his side"


Lu-er, who came in with the dinner, saw this scene, and her face was immediately full of black lines.

"Miss, be normal." Ever since the young master was born, Miss had become more and more abnormal.

She always said some inexplicable childish things.


Murong Yunshu simply ignored Lu-er and continued to speak with Little Murong, "Since you have grown up, we will go to see your Dad tomorrow."


"Clang――" the plate shattered on the floor.


Murong Yunshu looked at Lu-er.

"Did you have a cramp in your hands"


"......" The way Murong Yunshu put her previous words made Lu-er's hands shake some more.

"Miss, the little young master is only seven months old."


"I know."


"It's still a long way for you to say that he has grown up."


"He has been calling out for his dad."


"But he is still only seven months old."


"He misses his dad."


"......it's you who misses his dad, isn't it" Lu-er questioned.


The corner of Murong Yunshu's mouth twitched without her retorting.

Then the conversation turned to, "Pack your bags.

We'll leave tomorrow."


"I'm going too"


"Who else will change his diaper"


"......" So that was what she was for.






At the same time, Chu Changge, who was far away in western province, also missed Murong Yunshu and his son.


Little Murong was such a crybaby.

Without him, Yunshu would have gone crazy, right She was a person who liked quiet surroundings.

How could she stand the little one's earth-shaking ghostly wail and wolf-like howls!


He heard Madam Wang say that Little Murong would speak at seven or eight months.

Counting the days, it was almost seven months now.

He didn't know whether he would call out to his dad or his mom first.


"Leader, General Wei says there is an urgent military matter and would like to invite you over to discuss it with him." East Guardian said as he walked into the tent.


"I see." Chu Changge gathered his thoughts and followed East Guardian to Wei Zhentian's tent.


As soon as Chu Changge arrived, the atmosphere within the tent suddenly became tense.

He was already not surprised by this phenomenon and directly sat down on Wei Zhentian's principal general's chair and asked, "I heard there is an urgent military situation"


The generals present, including Wei Zhentian, were accustomed to Chu Changge's arrogant behaviour and, fearing his superior martial arts skills, had to approve of his behaviour tacitly.


"King Liang Jr offered to reconcile." Wei Zhentian said.


Chu Changge's dashing brows furrowed at his words as he asked, "You believe in his words"


Wei Zhentian exclaimed, "I don't believe it.

But he has His Highness in his hand, so we must come up with countermeasures as soon as possible.

If you don't give a reply, I am afraid that King Liang Jr will make the situation unfavourable for His Highness."


"He won't." Chu Changge said, "The reason why Hua Yeli and Hua Lingtian are now able to coexist peacefully is because of their common enemy, King Sheng.

If Hua Yeli wanted to harm King Sheng, he would have done it a long time ago.

He wouldn't have waited until now.

Likewise, if he wanted to release King Sheng, he would not have joined hands with Hua Lingtian in secret while outwardly allied with the Yan Army."


"Then why is he pretending to propose a reconciliation right now"


Chu Changge said, "What terms did he offer"


"I don't know yet.

The messenger said the conditions were in Hua Yeli's letter.

He will only hand over the letter if he sees you in person.



A letter for him Chu Changge pondered for a moment and said, "Invite the envoy from the Liang army in."




Soon, the incoming Liang envoy was brought into the camp.


When Chu Changge saw the appearance of the messenger, he was stunned.


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