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Chapter 144 : Little Murong Lives As If He Is Drunk Or Dreaming


After a long time, Chu Changge finally burst out laughing.

"Well done! He's really the son of Chu Changge! "


"Little Murong unsealed his acupuncture points" Chu Xiyue asked with an incredulous look on her face.


"I'm afraid he did." Chu Changge was smiling.

It was the kind of smile that came from a father who was proud of his son.


In response, South, East, North and West's expressions instantly changed from shock to horror.

What adult, masculine men like them couldn't do was done by a baby who had just reached a full moon.

This......how could they still be in the jianghu in the future Even if no outsiders knew about this, they, themselves, could still feel that they were losing their face.


Everyone was shocked by Little Murong's impressive martial arts talent, except for Murong Yunshu, who frowned.

"Can you make him not cry first" She asked.


"Of course." Chu Changge immediately sealed Little Murong's mute acupuncture points.

Then he folded his hands on his chest and looked at Little Murong with a smile while saying, "This will only stop him temporarily.

After a while, he will break through the seal, and he would cry even more than what he did just now."


"......" said Murong Yunshu, rubbing her brows as her head started to get a headache.

"Is there no method that can get him not to cry once and for all"


Chu Changge: "There is.

But you would disagree."


"What kind of way" Murong Yunshu now had a headache and a heartache when she heard Little Murong's cry.

As long as he could stop crying and play quietly on his own, anything would do.


Chu Changge gave Murong Yunshu an odd look and said, "Poisoned him to be completely mute."


"......you might as well poison me to be completely deaf." Murong Yunshu said unhappily.


"I don't have the heart to do it."


"Then you have the heart to poison your son until he's mute"


"It's not like he can talk now anyway.

It makes no difference if I make him mute or not."




"When he's able to talk, I will give him the antidote."




Can't listen to any of this anymore! East, South, North and West looked at each other and reached a unanimous agreement.

Next, with lightning speed, they picked up Little Murong from his cradle.

"Leader, it's better if we bring him with us."


Chu Changge's dashing eyebrows slightly raised, with a bit of displeasure shown in his eyes.

"You want to steal my son"


East Guardian: "Don't you think he is troublesome As your guardians, we should handle all Leader's troubles."


"So......" Chu Changge lengthened his word and asked in a lazy, slow manner, "What are you going to do with him"


"Served him like our real father." North Guardian answered.


"Yunshu is his birth mother, and Murong is the father.

Where are you going to put me" Chu Changge asked.


North Guardian only felt a chill run down his spine, making him absolutely terrified.


West Guardian shook his head and glared at North Guardian, hating iron for not becoming steel before helping North Guardian out of his predicament.

"Leader, we will treat the Little Leader well."


"Much better than how I treated him"


"......it can't be compared with the Leader.

But we will do our best to make Little Leader can grow up 'normally'." West Guardian pronounced the word 'normally' a bit hard.


"I am very pleased that you have the heart to do this.

However, I think he would prefer to grow up by his father and mother's side." Chu Changge spoke calmly and entirely composed.


I don't think so at all! West Guardian deeply despised it in his heart.


Chu Changge curled her lips into a smile.


Give me back my son."


South, East, North and West took a step back and refused to return him.


"Are you sure you want to steal my son from me" Chu Changge's voice raised up a few notches, carrying an undeniable and very sorrowful threat.


South, East, North and West took another step back with hesitation started to show up on their faces.


Seeing this, Chu Changge's face sank, and he ordered in a stern voice, "Bring, him, over, here."


East, South, North and West trembled with fear.

East Guardian, who was holding Little Murong, returned him to Chu Changge with shaking hands.


After receiving Little Murong, Chu Changge's brows immediately raised in delight, with his eyes laughing as if he had turned into a different person.

"People who love to smile usually have better luck.

You were born as my son, so you can't do without luck.

Come on, give Dad a smile."




"Wow, Little Murong is laughing!" Chu Xiyue exclaimed in surprise.


Chu Changge smiled and put Little Murong back into his cradle while saying, "Don't get too excited.

He will laugh for a long time, so you can enjoy it slowly."


"......Ah Chang, you will really be condemned by God." After sealing your son's mute acupuncture points and activated his laughter acupuncture points, what do you take him for "Sister-in-law, aren't you concerned at all with Ah Chang brutalizing your son"


Murong Yunshu spread her eyebrows and pondered for a few seconds.

Then her feather-like eyelashes dropped slightly as she continued to paint.

She said, "That's between them, men.

It's not my place to interfere."


Chu Xiyue looked at the sky.

After a long time, she cursed bitterly, "Crazy people, a pair of crazy people!" After saying this, she strode out, just in time to bump into Feng Cheng, who had come looking for her.


"Who has been bothering you" Feng Cheng pulled Chu Xiyue back.


Chu Xiyue stomped her foot and said with extreme frustration, "No one bothered me."


Feng Cheng pulled a face as he urged, "Tell me the truth."


"Well......" Chu Xiyue stared at her toes in thought, then looked up at Feng Cheng seriously and asked, "If our child is particularly weepy in the future, what will you do"


At these words, Feng Cheng pondered for a moment, "What did those two freaks do that has offended Heaven and reason again"


Chu Xiyue was slightly surprised.

"How did you know"


Feng Cheng looked up at someone in the guest courtyard and indifferently said, "Now that he finally managed to have a son, how could he be content if he didn't wreak some havoc"


"Feng Cheng, you know Ah Chang too well."


"Not enough to understand him, though." Feng Cheng wondered, "I can't guess what method he used to make Little Murong laugh so mournfully."


"He activated Little Murong's laughter acupuncture point." Chu Xiyue answered sullenly.


"That's it" Feng Cheng was a little disappointed. [ ]


"You don't think that's problematic enough"


"It's too low level."


Chu Xiyue's face was full of black lines, and then her eyes snapped wide as she warned, "Feng Cheng, if you dare to touch my son in the future, I will destroy you!"


"......don't worry, unlike a certain Chu, I will not be so wicked." After saying that, he glanced at Chu Changge again, then swept Chu Xiyue away.






Inside the courtyard, Chu Changge watched the two walk away and sighed, "It's been a long time since I've seen Xie-er being so dominant."


East Guardian: "Right.

Young Mistress used to be so imposing."


"It may be after experiencing death and coming back to life, it changed her nature." South Guardian commented.


West Guardian nodded heavily.

"Some people deserve to die for once."


"Hey, why are you looking at me while saying that!" North Guardian asked irritably.


"Don't you wrong an innocent man.

I was looking behind you," answered West Guardian before abruptly shutting his mouth and trying to find a hole he could get inside in the ground.

It wasn't a tree behind Lil North.

There was a person.

A living, unmistakably calm woman.


"What's back there" Chu Changge asked with a smirk.


His smile looked unusually eerie in West Guardian's eyes, making his hair stand on end.

"That......I think......we can give Little Leader some wine.

It will help him to sleep peacefully and for him to practice his drinking at the same time.

Gain two things in just one move." Little Leader, you must not blame me for being cruel.

Blame your parents......no.

You can't blame them either.

You can only blame yourself for being born in the wrong place.






In the end, West Guardian's idea was adopted.

From then on, Chu Murong began 'living as if he was drunk or dreaming'.

The beautiful wine passed through his intestines, and sleep lingered in his mind.

Occasionally, when he woke up 'untimely' to appreciate the world's beauty, he would encounter 'domestic violence'.


Four months later, Chu Murong already knew how to entertain himself.

Now, for example, after breaking through the dumb acupuncture hole sealed by Father Chu, he would giggle.


"He used to cry whenever he opened his mouth.

Why did he suddenly turn it into a giggle" Chu Changge asked with a look of astonishment and disbelief.


Murong Yunshu also found it strange.

After thinking about it, she guessed, "He was probably happy to find out that he was strong enough to fight against his own father."


"...Madam, you sound like you're gloating." Chu Changge's face was full of accusations against her.


"I am feeling proud." Murong Yunshu asked, "Don't you feel proud that the colour blue, which was originally made out of indigo, is becoming more vivid than the actual indigo"


"Well, you have a point.

I've decided to teach him martial arts starting from tomorrow." Chu Changge said in all seriousness, with a weird smile shone in his dark, heavy eyes.


And so, on the second day, Chu Murong's cradle was piled high with various jade swords.


Murong Yunshu had asked Chu Changge why he only gave Little Murong a sword to play with.

Chu Changge's answer was――those who used swords were dashing. [ ]


"That's what happens when people reach a certain level of narcissism." Murong Yunshu explained to Madam Wang.


Murong Yunshu did not know how to bring up a child, so she often asked Madam Wang for advice.

Every time Madam Wang came, little Murong was 'sound asleep', and today was an exception.

It was because Chu Changge wanted to see how Little Murong, surrounded by swords, would react.

However, Little Murong ignored the jade swords and looked up at the sky as soon as his eyes opened as if he was unconcerned with the world.

This made Chu Changge quite frustrated.

How could Chu Changge's son ignore the swords


"Good boy Murong, take the sword.

Only when you have a sword in your hand will you not be bullied." Chu Changge held a small Liantian jade sword and waved it around and around in front of Little Murong's eyes.


Murong Yunshu shook her head in amusement and turned to ask Madam Wang, "When will he probably be able to speak"


"It's usually at seven or eight months.

You usually have to talk to your child more often or play the qin for him to hear so that he can speak early.

Otherwise, not only will he be speaking late, but he will most likely become uncommunicative when he grows up." Madam Wang suggested.


Murong Yunshu: "So if you give him swords to play with from a young age, will he become very murderous"


"This ..." Madam Wang looked at Chu Changge carefully and then said, "I'm not sure about this."


Chu Changge turned back and smiled at Murong Yunshu, "Don't worry, I gave him a jade sword to play with.

When he grows up, he will definitely be as warm as jade."



as warm as you are" Murong Yunshu asked in a strange tone.


"So, in Madam's eyes, I am also as warm as jade!" Chu Changge automatically blocked out the unfavourable elements of Murong Yunshu's tone against him and said with infinite relief, "I really did not love you for nothing."




At that moment, Lu-er boldly ventured in from outside and shouted, "Not good, Miss.

I heard that King Sheng has been captured!"


Murong Yunshu's heart sank at her words.

Counting the days, it had been more than five months since King Sheng had gone out to the Central Plains.

She expected that there would be news coming back soon, but what she was waiting for was the report of King Sheng asking for help.

She didn't expect that he would be captured......


Chu Changge also put away his playful smile, and his eyes were cold.



I have made a mistake in the previous chapter.

North's surname wasn't Li, but Gu.

(I don't know why the author came up with that four surnames, but it was still my mistake for assuming that those surnames were theirs.) He was the last descendant of the Gu family, as stated in Chapter 39.

Sorry for that


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