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Chapter 143 : Training The Little Demon

Ever since Little Murong was born, the guest house has become cold and quiet.

Chu Xiyue and Feng Cheng were busy 'filling the ditch' and were not seen all day.

Fairy Yaoyue, who used to visit every day, was also nowhere to be found.

While the four people, South, East, North and West, spend their days carrying Little Murong on the streets looking for 'buyers'.


That day, the four of them were wandering on the streets again.

When they found a wealthy young woman, they immediately went up to her.

"This is our family's Lil Leader, called Chu Murong, just born less than a month ago.

He cries once a day.

Even though he cries once a day, he is very pleasing to the eye.

Do you want him I can sell it to you cheaply if you want." Their tone sounded like they were trying to sell cabbages.


With an expression of having met a madman, the young married woman politely declined and tried to walk away by making a detour around them.


South Guardian went after her.

"I'll give you a 10% discount."




"He's not sick.

He's just a bit of a crybaby.

I'll give you a 50% discount if you think the price is too high." West Guardian offered.


"Madman, get out of the way."


"Do you want us to pay you instead" North Guardian asked.


"Somebody! Help——"


In response, North, South, East and West immediately walked away as if nothing had happened.

They looked around while giggling and laughing as they strolled on the street in a leisurely manner.


"See No one likes you except the four of us.

When you grow up, you must be filial to us, got it" East Guardian said to Little Murong in his arms.


Little Murong's beautiful, clear eyes were wide open, staring numbly at the East Guardian, with confusion in his eyes.


"Old East, don't force him.

If you force him too hard, be careful that he brings an accusation against you before the Emperor." West Guardian said.


At these words, the corners of the East Guardian's mouth curled up into a smug smile.

"Hmph, he can't even escape my five fingers, and he still wants to accuse me before the Emperor"


When he had hardly finished speaking, East Guardian suddenly felt his hands a Little wet, hot and warm......he suddenly realised what it was.

His proud expression distorted instantly, so he handed Little Murong to South Guardian.


"Being upstaged again" South Guardian Little Murong and quietly asked.


Without replying, East Guardian turned around silently.

"Let's go back to the royal residence."


North Guardian smiled and pointed out, "Didn't he just escape from your five fingers"


"......only know how to urinate everywhere.

Truly without any character." East Guardian complained bitterly.


"Old East, don't accuse him wrongly.

He didn't urinate everywhere.

I can testify that he peed at the same place every time." West Guardian looked askance at the not-so-small wet spot on East Guardian's chest and said, "It's always there every time."


"......" East Guardian looked to the sky: this subordinate may look casual, but that still makes me feels uncomfortable! How much do you hate me, Lil Leader!






Seeing that Chu Murong was about to turn one month old, Father Chu and Mother Chu finally remembered his existence.

East Guardian sent the brat in with tears in his eyes and the feeling of retiring after winning some merit.

Anyone who dared to give him a child that was not a month old again would have their ancestors exterminated!


"He seems to have grown a lot." Murong Yunshu spoke with a smile as she hugged Little Murong.


Chu Changge also looked like a doting father, teasing Little Murong for a while before saying, "Well, today's visitation is over."


The nerves of South, East, North and West tensed after hearing his words.

What did he mean by the visitation was over Could it......it was unlikely that......it must not be......


"Take him away." Chu song added.


A sudden, thunder, from, the, clear, sky.


"Lea, Leader......" said East Guardian in a trembling voice.

"His surname is Chu." Not East or West, not even South or North.

He didn't even have the surname Zhao, Qian, Sun and Li, but Chu! How can you......have the heart to give your son to someone else to torment......no......raise......someone else to raise


"I know his surname is Chu." Chu Changge said.


"Then why don't you just take him"


Chu Changge frowned at Little Murong and threw out a word, "Troublesome."


"......but you created this troublesome person yourself!" As a man, one should be responsible for what one 'produced and gave birth to'.


"I didn't expect him to be so troublesome at that time." Chu Changge said, "You guys take him away quickly and bring him to us every day from now on for us to take a quick look at him."


Quick look every day......Leader, is this quick look is just a confirmation of whether your son is still alive South, East, North and West lamented in their hearts: This is not an act of one's birth father.

This action was much worse than a stepfather!


When Chu Changge saw that the four people did not show any sign of coming over to hold Little Murong, he urged, "Hurry up and carry him away."


South, East, North and West stared at Chu Changge for a moment, then, without a word, turned to leave the room. [ ]


Chu Changge was stunned.

When did the four of them become so bold How dare they turn a deaf ear to his orders!


At that moment, Murong Yunshu was holding and rocking Little Murong while feeling extremely good.


Chu Changge turned his head stiffly.

"Did you ask them to do this"


Murong Yunshu looked up with a smile.

"I didn't even say a word.

They left it to me because they thought Murong was troublesome."


Chu Changge was speechless.

His face even turned gloomy.


Murong Yunshu shook her head in amusement and questioned, "What exactly did he provoke you, for you to dislike him so much"


Chu Ge frowned at Little Murong and replied, "He will affect my normal life."


Murong Yunshu raised an eyebrow.

"When has your life ever been normal"


"It used to be normal, but it hasn't been normal since you were pregnant with him." Chu Changge answered sullenly.


Murong Yunshu was flabbergasted for a moment, then realised what he meant by 'normal life' and glared at him with shame and annoyance.

She rebuked, "Your son is still here.

Speak properly!"


"Look, his existence has already had an impact only after a short time." Chu Changge said resentfully, "I can't even say it, let alone do it."


"......you are a father now."


"But I am still a man." Chu Changge's face grew gloomier.


Murong Yunshu simply didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Don't do that.

You're going to scare him.

Give him a face and smile at him."


Chu Changge snorted and said coolly, "Why don't you ask him to smile at me first"


"......Chu Changge, do you have to make it difficult for a child that's only a month old" Murong Yunshu felt quite helpless.

Who once said to her that he wanted to have a son for him to have some fun with


Chu Changge and Little Murong stared at each other for a long time before Chu Changge suddenly said, "Fine, I'll let you live here.

If you dare to make trouble, I'll throw you into the sea and feed you to the sharks."


Little Murong seemed to understand his words.

His sharply contrasting eyes gazed at him motionlessly.

Afterwards, he opened his mouth and burst into tears.


This time, even Murong Yunshu's face could not help but reveal a look of disgust.


The four men, South, East, North and West, looked at each other and smiled outside the door.

Even the most demonic person would have another demon to clean up. Leader, your disaster has just begun.






A week later, when South, East, North and West returned to the guest courtyard, ready to enjoy Chu Changge's frantic appearance, they turned dumbfounded as soon as they entered through the door.


What's going on here


The Lil Leader surprisingly lay obediently in his cradle.

His eyes were unblinking as he gazed out at the blue sky and white clouds in the sky.


No way! Aren't you too young to know how to make a spiritual journey throughout the universe


Isn't the Lil Leader a crybaby Why has he suddenly become so quiet


"You guys are finally willing to show up." Chu Changge said with a smile and an expression as pleased as punch, the braggadocio of a victor. [ ]


South, East, North and West once again looked at Chu Murong, lying in the cradle, as they became lost in thought.

Could it be that......Lil Leader wasn't skilled enough after all and had fallen under Leader's clutches in defeat


At this moment, Chu Xiyue, who was learning to paint from Murong Yunshu, suddenly asked, "Sister-in-law, I heard that children all love to cry.

So why is Little Murong so quiet" Ever since she arrived, she had never heard him cry once.

Could it be that he had some kind of disease


"His father isn't dead, and his mother is still alive, so what's there for him to cry about" Murong Yunshu said with great righteousness.


Three black lines appeared on Chu Xiyue's forehead.

"Don't you think it's abnormal for children not to make noises"


The four people South, East, North and West, were nodding their heads vigorously on the sidelines.

It's absolutely not normal! When they thought of the time Lil Leader was hanging out with them, his cry was too shocking, even to the ghost and gods.


Murong Yunshu raised an eyebrow and said, "He's probably afraid of being thrown into the sea and fed to the sharks."


"......" Chu Xiyue put down her brush, walked over to the cradle, observed Chu Murong for a moment, and said with a frown, "Such a big dummy.

I have found the problem."




Chu Xiyue: "He didn't move a muscle.

He didn't even blink." This was obviously very abnormal! Why were they so calm


"Probably asleep." Murong Yunshu answered indifferently.


The corners of Chu Xiyue's mouth trembled slightly.

"His eyes are still open."


"Some people naturally like to sleep with their eyes open." Murong Yunshu's mood remained breezy.


"Is that so" Chu Xiyue scratched Chu Murong's ticklish part and said, "I think......he kind of looks like......his acupuncture points have been sealed......"


! South, East, North and West were instantly petrified.


Murong Yunshu sighed lightly and looked bitterly at Chu Changge.

"I've told you before when someone comes, you should let him sleep inside the den."


Chu Changge smiled faintly.

"How meaningless will it be if I just let him fall asleep.

I just like to see him unable to cry whenever he wants to, unable to move whenever he wants to."


"......" South, East, North and West suddenly felt that Leader was really too happy compared with the Lil Leader.


"Ah Chang." Chu Xiyue looked at Chu Changge with black lines on her face.

"Aren't you afraid that he will hate you"


Chu Changge raised his sword brows.

"There are already so many people who hate me.

Just adding one more doesn't make that much difference."


"Ah Chang, you're going to be struck by lightning." Chu Xiyue said feebly.


Chu Changge only raised his eyebrows with a look of indifference.


Murong Yunshu then raised her eyes to look at Chu Xiyue and said in a calm tone, "After you have heard his cries, you will know that being struck by lightning is nothing."


South, East, North and West nodded wildly.

This statement was not an exaggeration at all! Otherwise, they wouldn't risk Leader's revenge by throwing Lil Leader to his parents.

You know, the Leader's revenge was much more horrible than lightning strikes.

If one was inflicted with a natural disaster, one could continue living.

However, one couldn't even live in a man-made disaster!


They were thoroughly criticising the Chu couple behaviour in their hearts when suddenly, a deafening cry sounded——


In an instant, heaven and earth were silenced, and the only sound left in the long, white sky was the wailing of Chu Murong.


Everyone was dumbfounded, with a face of consternation. Isn't Little Murong acupuncture points being sealed Why is he crying



The Four Great Guardian's surname:

South - ZhaoEast - QianWest - SunNorth - Li (if I'm not mistaken, his real name had been mentioned once.

I just don't remember in which chapter it was)


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