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Chapter 142 : Problems Between Big And Small Men

When a baby's cry came from inside, Chu Changge immediately dragged Feng Cheng into the delivery room with a gust of wind.


Feng Cheng stumbled in his rush and continued to keep up with large strides as he grumbled, "You are the father.

Why do you have to drag me along!"


Without saying a word, Chu Changge dragged Feng Cheng to the bedside and said, "Check the patient."


"Check for what" Checking on the child would be more logical.

Feng Cheng looked puzzled.


Chu Changge growled, "Just check her when you're told to do so!"


"......everyone else is overjoyed to be a father, but you look like you've lost your own father and don't even take a look at your own son.

In my opinion, the one who needs to see a physician more is you." Feng Cheng gave him a blank look.


Chu Changge completely ignored Feng Cheng's ridicule and spat out words with suppressed anger, "Check her pulse."


Feng Cheng could no longer persuade him, so he had to check Murong Yunshu's pulse, who had just given birth.

After a long time, he withdrew his hand and curtly said, "Everything is normal.

She can't die."


Hearing Feng Cheng's diagnosis, Chu Changge looked up to heaven and heaved a sigh of relief.

Then he went to the bedside to wipe the sweat from Murong Yunshu's forehead and put her wet hair behind her ears.

"How do you feel Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere" Chu Changge asked softly. [T/N]


Murong Yunshu glanced at him with hidden bitterness.

"My heart is uncomfortable."


Chu Changge immediately tensed up at his words, "What's wrong" Without waiting for Murong Yunshu to answer, he roared at Feng Cheng as if he had changed into another person, "You quack! Didn't you say that everything was fine with her"


Feng Cheng was so stunned by Chu Changge's scolding that he wanted to retort but did not have the strength to do so.

Only after a moment did he remember to ask Murong Yunshu, "What exactly does it feel like Heart beating fast Can't catch your breath" It must not be palpitating heart disease, right


Murong Yunshu looked at him expressionlessly for a long time and said, "I'm not satisfied that only a woman can give birth to a child.

Can you solve this problem, Divine Physician"


The corners of Feng Cheng's mouth twitched.

"I can't." He was a mere divine physician, not a god......


"Quack physician." Chu Changge sullenly cursed again.


Feng Cheng felt that he was utterly unable to communicate with the couple who had just given birth to a son in front of him.

So he chose to remain silent while hypnotising himself over and over again in his mind: they are patients.

The physician has to be tolerant of the patients.

Really need to be tolerant......


"That......" Madam Wang walked up to the Chu couple with a loving look on her face while holding the newborn baby.

"Don't you want to see the baby He's a beautiful boy."


Murong Yunshu smiled gently at her words.

Her face was full of joy from being a first-time mother, and she was about to ask Madam Wang to carry the child to her side when she heard Chu Changge gloomily say, "Don't want to see it.

You tell him to get as far away as possible."


"Uh......" The smile on Madam Wang's face stiffened as she looked awkwardly at Murong Yunshu.


Murong Yunshu gave Chu Changge a funny look and said, "He will only cry and can not get far away for now.

When he can get away from you, later on, you can tell him those words again." After saying that, she smiled at Madam Wang and said, "Carry him over.

I want to see him."


Madam Wang hurriedly put the child into Murong Yunshu's arms.

With a look of fear of catching the plague, she retreated three metres away to wait.


"He looks a lot like you." Murong Yunshu said softly as she examined Little Murong.


Chu Changge looked down at the child faintly and said with a look of disgust.

"He's ugly."


Murong Yunshu, "......"


"Newborn children are usually ugly." Madam Wang said carefully from the sidelines.


"Can my son be compared to an average person" Chu Changge asked coldly.


Madam Wang immediately became silent.

She muttered in her heart, 'This person is really strange.

One moment he was extremely disgusted with his own son, and the next, his son suddenly becomes very precious to him.'


Chu Xiyue said, "Sister-in-law gave birth to your son, not an enemy.

Don't act like you have a deep hatred for him, okay"


"Don't you dare put in a good word for him." Chu Changge threatened her with extreme displeasure.


Chu Xiyue rolled her eyes and said, "Sister-in-law, look at Ah Chang's terrible attitude.

He doesn't even act like he is the father of his child's at all."


Murong Yunshu said, "These two father and son have had a grudge against each other for a long time.

It has not been easy for them to meet until today, so you should just let him vent it all out."


Chu Xiyue was speechless for a while.

"Sister-in-law, he was just born.

Can't you ask his father to compromise"


Murong Yunshu raised a dark eyebrow and stated, "That is a matter between men, and it is not appropriate for me to interfere."


The thing between men......men......Chu Xiyue was tempted to ask her a question, what is your definition of a man But as soon as her eyes came into contact with Murong Yunshu's breezy expression, she decided not to say anything.

The child's actual mother was not even worried.

Thus why she, the child's aunt, had to be like the man of Qi who feared that the sky might fall Besides, even tigers would not eat their own cubs.

No matter how gloomy Ah Chang was, he would not play with his own son's life.

If the child couldn't even die, what was there for her to worry about It was common to see people looking half-dead in a place with deep water and scorching fire like the Mojiao Sect. [ ]


Feng Cheng: "Xie-er, let's go.

They are now father and mother, which makes them have a communication barrier with us."


"They've always had a communication barrier with us!" Chu Xiyue looked at Feng Cheng with wide eyes, "You just realised it today"


"......I've just realised today that the ditch between them and us is so deep that it has become impassable." Feng Cheng said.


Chu Xiyue: "But he's Ah Chang.

I can't abandon him."


"Well, that's why we're leaving." Feng Cheng paused and continued, "Let's fill in this ditch."


Chu Xiyue blinked with a puzzled expression, "How do we fill it"


Feng Cheng looked silently at her for a few moments before saying, "Let's have a child."


Chu Xiyue blushed at his words and squirmed.

"But I'm not pregnant yet."


"You will be soon."


As soon as Feng Cheng and Chu Xiyue left, Madam Wang also retired quietly――with Little Murong, whose mother didn't dote on him and a father who didn't even love him, in her arms.


Once out of the delivery room, Madam Wang looked at the baby in her arms and let out a long sigh while shaking her head and muttering to herself, 'Young people nowadays! They are getting worse and worse.

It's just as well to have a baby out of wedlock, but they don't even care about him when he is born.

What a sin, what a sin!'


"What nonsense are you talking about"


Madam Wang was startled by the sudden sound.

When she looked up, she found a man standing in front of her.

Suddenly, she had the illusion of seeing a ghost in broad daylight.

Her hand shivered, and the child fell to the ground, making a muffled sound.



Not expecting Madam Wang to suddenly let go of the child, North Guardian could only watch as Little Murong fell solidly to the ground.

In the wake of the muffled thud sound, he finally came back to his senses.


"You're freaking out of your mind!" West Guardian hastily picked up Little Murong and nervously checked him up and down before saying with immense gratitude, "He is still breathing." Lucky.

Truly lucky.


The three people, East, North and South, all breathed a sigh of relief at his words. It's good that he is still breathing......


A short while later, North Guardian suddenly realised a problem.

"Why isn't the Lil Leader crying Could it be that......the fall has damaged his brain"


That's a good question. South, East and West look at each other with grim faces. What do we do now


After a long time, East Guardian, with matchless calmness, let out a few coughs before giving out his idea, "Since he breaks his brain when he fell just now, if anyone asks, just say he was born like that."


Good idea! Both North and West cast an adoring look at East Guardian.


East Guardian smiled very modestly.

"It's just a small skill that is not even worth mentioning."


"Yes, yes.

If people ask about it in the future, I'll say it was you who came up with it." North Guardian said with a smile.


East Guardian's face was instantly filled with black lines as he squeezed words out of his teeth, "Don't you dare!" If word of this reached the ears of the Leader and his wife, would he still have a chance to live Not to mention how Lil Leader would retaliate when he grew up......


"Uh......" North Guardian shut up resentfully.

He just wanted to show off that he had a talented brother, nothing more.

He had no other meaning.



South Guardian thought for a moment and said, "Then, it's settled.

The Leader has done all kinds of evil and still managed to live free and easy.

So the retribution must have to bear by the Lil Leader.

It's normal for him to be born brain-damaged."


"It is a blessing from Heaven that he still has all four limbs intact." West Guardian voiced his agreement while checking Lil Murong once more to ensure that his arms and legs were still intact.

"Fortunately, Lil Leader is hard-boned and can withstand that fall."


"Fortunately, Madam Wang is not that tall." North Guardian said weakly.








The three men were speechless, and then they suddenly remembered that Madam Wang was still there.

When a woman reached her age, she loved to gossip.

Especially someone like Madam Wang, who had nothing better to do all day.


Thinking about this, East Guardian immediately warned Madam Wang, "I don't want to do anything to a woman.

So you'd better not tell anyone about what happened just now."


South Guardian added, "Don't doubt his words.

He's best at being merciless when destroying flowers." The tone of his voice was unusually serious.


The corners of East Guardian's eyes throbbed a few times. Brother, even if this brother is hungry and thirsty, he will not 'ravage' an old woman who is over half a hundred years old.

Don't make your words sounded so ambiguous.


"And he is particularly violent.

If a woman falls into his hands, she will definitely regret coming to this world." West Guardian deliberately carried on with South Guardian's words.


East Guardian's face began to twitch.  He could only blame himself for making friends carelessly at the time he was still young and ignorant…...


"Actually, when a woman reaches her age, she shouldn't mind whether he is gentle or violent with her, right She should be lucky to have someone to ruin......" North Guardian's tone was still cautious and solemn. [ ]



Twitched once more.

Continuously twitching.

East Guardian could no longer control the twitching of his facial muscles. I, can't, endure, it, no, more! East Guardian gave out a sudden and violent cry, "If you dare to say one more word, do you believe that I will not ruin you first!"


"......" South and West duo decided to convince themselves that this was a mere hallucination.

It must be......


North Guardian hesitated for a long time before speaking, "Old East, I am a man."


"......I can't believe I've put up with your brainlessness for so long!" East Guardian shouted.


No need to make a personal attack on him.

North Guardian had an innocent look on his face. [T/N]


With a sad face, South Guardian walked past the East Guardian and patted him on the shoulder.

"Old East, it has been hard for you."




"Lil North was born with the same brain damage as the Lil Leader, so don't mind him." West Guardian stopped beside East Guardian with Little Murong in his arms, then walked away.


Soon, East Guardian heard bursts of laughter.

Then he noticed that Madam Wang was looking at him with a peculiar expression. [T/N]


"I, I won't tell." Madam Wang's voice trembled.


East Guardian immediately clenched his fists.

His murderous aura leaked out as he coldly spat out a word, "Scram――"


If only the brothels take men......if brothels really do take men......


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