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Chapter 141 : The Demon Made An Abnormal Move

In the end, King Sheng chose to cooperate with Hua Yeli.

Murong Yunshu thus suspended her economic support to King Sheng's army.

The army provisions that King Sheng had hoarded on Xuanyue Island were only enough to last him half a year.

If he could not destroy Hua Lingtian's army and break with Hua Yeli within half a year, this three-legged pot confrontation would end with the fall of Yanzhou.


As soon as King Sheng's army left, Yanzhou City became depressed overnight.

Even the wind at the city's head seemed unbearably bleak.

However, for Murong Yunshu, staying at King Shen's residence to nurse her child was very comfortable.

It felt terrific to control the Son of Heaven to command the noble.

Now, for example, her mother-in-law had come back to seek revenge on her again――


"I heard from Ah Chang that you want my good grandson's surname to be Murong" Bewitching Fairy Yue asked as soon as she entered the door.


Murong Yunshu nodded, "M-hm."


"No, no, absolutely not! He is flesh and blood of our Chu family.

Why should his surname be Murong"


"He's in my belly.

Why shouldn't his surname be Murong"


"But he's also Ah Chang's flesh and blood!"


"Then, I will allow the child to call him father." Murong Yunshu smiled brightly.


"You can't try to take Ah Chang's share for yourself just because the baby is in your belly!"


At these words, Murong Yunshu raised her dark eyebrows.

With a smile at the corner of her mouth, she questioned her back as if she were talking about how pale the cloud was and how gentle the wind blew.

"Why not"


Bewitching Fairy Yue was speechless and glared angrily at Murong Yunshu for a long time.

Shen then glared at Chu Changge with the feeling of hating iron for not becoming steel.

She stated afterwards, "You will have the next child!"


"......" Chu Changge's handsome face twitched a few times as he countered very good-naturedly, "You can let Feng Cheng give birth to one first, and I will follow suit."


"That won't work." Bewitching Fairy Yue's beautiful eyes kept on glaring at him.

She declared, "If Feng Cheng conceives a child, won't the child be surnamed Feng in the future No, absolutely not."



don't worry.

No matter how high his medical skills are, he can't conceive a child." Chu Changge didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


Bewitching Fairy Yue wanted to say something else, but she heard Murong Yunshu say, "I'm tired."


The subtext of this statement is――idle people, please disappear automatically.

Consequently, Bewitching Fairy Yue very consciously drifted away in a gust of wind.


It wasn't that she had suddenly become reasonable.

But, the last time she had failed to leave in time, and she was later forcibly asked to leave, the consequence was, a bolt from the blue hit her a little bit, just behind her heel.

There was even a deep crater cleaved through the flat earth.

She didn't know if it was a warning or a coincidence.

She didn't want to experience it again.

It didn't matter if she died.

But if she was killed just because she was hit by lightning, how could she had any face to even play a ghost






As soon as she left Murong Yunshu's door, Bewitching Fairy Yue happened to meet Chu Xiyue, walking hand in hand with Feng Cheng.

She suddenly had a clever idea.

With a few turns of her calculating eyes, she spoke to Chu Xiyue, "Xi-er ah, your eldest sister-in-law is a talented person.

You must learn more from her.

Especially when it comes to the surname of a child.

You must learn from her."


The corners of Feng Cheng's mouth violently twitched as he said, "My child is my Feng family's flesh and blood.

Of course, our child should have the surname Feng."


"The child is in Xie-er's belly.

Why should the child take your surname" Bewitching Fairy Yue suddenly felt that Murong Yunshu's statement was really too self-righteous.


Feng Cheng was speechless.

He could only sigh helplessly and humbled himself as he gently responded, "Since ancient times, children have been following their father's surname.

So you cannot be unreasonable by going against this."


Bewitching Fairy Yue said, "Then, tell this kind of talk to my dear daughter-in-law.

If you can convince her, the child in Xie-er's belly will take your surname."


Feng Cheng looked up to heaven.

Asking him to persuade Murong Yunshu Did she not know that the word 'compromise' did not exist in Murong Yunshu's mind at all


Bewitching Fairy Yue, however, couldn't care less and drifted away with a smile on her face.

What a talent.

She was indeed very talented. [ ]






"Didn't you just tell me that our son would take my surname" Chu Changge only asked after Bewitching Fairy Yue had left.


"M-hm." Murong Yunshu smiled and lightly said, "I just particularly admired the way your mother looked when she stamped her feet."


"......she's your mother, too."


"Not yet."


"She will be soon."


"That's why I'm going to enjoy it a few more times while she's not.

Lest when we become a family later, we all can not live in harmony."


At those words, the corners of Chu Changge's mouth tremble a few times before he said, "Actually, I don't mind if you guys are at each other's throats."


Murong Yunshu gave him a blank look.

"I mind."


While talking to each other, they saw Feng Cheng storm in with a calm face and immediately threw out a question into their faces, "Chu Changge, are you still a man"


Chu Changge flinched for a moment, then smiled wickedly.

"If I'm not a man, can Yunshu's belly become so big"


Feng Cheng snorted coldly and said, "It's impossible to say.

There are so many kinds of diseases nowadays.

It's not surprising for strange people to get strange diseases in their bodies.

I can't say for certain.

It may not be even your son she's carrying in her belly, but a demon!"


"Don't talk nonsense, Feng Cheng." Chu Xiyue tugged at Feng Cheng as she continued to admonish him, "You can't just say such inauspicious words even if you're angry!"


"It doesn't matter." Murong Yunshu smiled very generously and spoke in an insipid way, "Even if he's a demon, I'll still give birth to him.

If he is not a demon, I will definitely train him to be one as well.

When it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, I hope Feng Gongzi won't give him the cold shoulder.

If he does anything wrong to you, you must be more forgiving and not lower yourself to his level."


Feng Cheng's fair face was suddenly streaked with blue and black as he lost his temper.

"The demon should be strangled in his cradle.

To save him from coming out to harm other people later on!"


At those words, Murong Yunshu looked slyly at Chu Changge.

"Fortunately, you are not a childhood friend with him." It was hard to imagine Feng Cheng, who had only just learned to crawl, reaching out his demonic hand to Chu Changge, who had just emerged from his swaddling clothes......


As she was thinking of this, Murong Yunshu abruptly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen, and a cold sweat began to break out on her forehead.


Chu Changge's heart tightened, and he urgently inquired, "What's wrong"


Murong Yunshu's brow was furrowed from the pain, but there was a smile on her face.

"If I'm not wrong, it should be that......the demon is about to be born."


Chu Changge was stunned, then shouted in panic, "Isn't there still a month before the baby is supposed to be born Feng Cheng, you quack!"


Feng Cheng also panicked but did not forget to scold him back, "What it has to do with me if your demon grows so fast!"


"Oh my God, can you two just stop arguing Sister-in-law is about to give birth.

Do something!" Chu Xiyue shouted as all of her six vital organs failed to work properly.


Chu Changge nodded his head repeatedly and said, "Yes, yes, now is not the time to settle accounts with that quack doctor.

Xie-er, quickly go and call Mom to......"


Not waiting for Chu Changge to finish, Murong Yunshu pinched his arm and said, "Don't call Bewitching Fairy Yue.

I can't give birth when I see her......"




"When I see her, I can't help but want to go against her."




"Go and call the midwife."


"Ah, yes, midwife, midwife!" While carrying Murong Yunshu towards the bedroom, Chu Changge shouted towards the door, "You four, please bring me the best midwife in Yanzhou City immediately!"






Time passed, and they had yet to see South, East, North, and West returned with the midwife.

Chu Changge was burning with impatience.

While appeasing Murong Yunshu, he never stopped criticising Feng Cheng as a quack.


Feng Cheng returned a few words of criticism back at first.

Then, he gradually began to feel that he was indeed a quack and made up his mind to painstakingly study how to deliver a baby from now on.

So that Xie-er would not suffer when she gave birth in the future.


It was unknown how long it took, but South, East, North, and West finally returned.

But what they brought back was not the midwife but Bewitching Fairy Yue.


Chu Changge was furious.

"You don't want to live anymore, do you!"


East, South, North and West shivered at his rebuke.

East Guardian hurriedly explained, "This time, it's not a joke, it's really not.

We searched all over Yanzhou City and could only find one midwife who was so hungry.

She looked like she was half-starved.

She would only answer 'hungry' no matter what we said.

We had no choice but to call the Old Madam......"


After listening to the explanation, Chu Changge lost some of his anger.

Though, his face remained unpleasant, angry and anxious.


Chu Xiyue said, "Mom, there is no midwife right now, and sister-in-law is about to give birth.

You should come and deliver sister-in-law's baby."


"Ah I......I......" Bewitching Fairy Yue's face turned white with fear.


Chu Xiyue said, "You are the only one here who has experience in giving birth."


"I......" Bewitching Fairy Yue was so anxious that she had a belly full of words to say but didn't know where to start as she spoke incoherently, "I don't know.....I......not at all......"


Chu Xiyue was even more anxious than she was.

"Mom, stop talking so much.

Just hurry up and deliver sister-in-law's baby! Don't you want to have your grandchild"


Chu Changge held Murong Yunshu's hand and whispered, "Mom, please." There was a plea in his voice. [ ]




"You guys......

should not make things difficult for her." Murong Yunshu endured the severe pain and said, "She has never given birth to a child."


When this statement was made, everyone was shocked.

If Bewitching Fairy Yue had never given birth, how did Chu Changge and Chu Xiyue come to be


Bewitching Fairy Yue looked surprised.

"How did you know...…."


Murong Yunshu did not answer her question, for she was in too much pain to speak.


What to do......what to do......Chu Changge tried desperately to calm himself down.

Panic could not solve any problem.

The most urgent task is to find someone to deliver Yunshu's baby......to deliver the baby......deliver baby......


The more chaotic the situation, the more urgent he became.


All of a sudden, Chu Changge remembered a person and spoke ecstatically, "King Sheng's nanny! Quickly, go and fetch Madam Wang!"


At Chu Changge's command, South, East, North and West immediately set off.






When Madam Wang saw the four fierce men standing lined up in front of her, she fainted in fear again, mouthing the words, "I dare not say anything bad about her......never again......"


When she fainted, the other four almost followed suit as blood filled up their brain.


"What now" North Guardian frowned with a look of helplessness.


East Guardian looked at Madam Wang for a moment and pondered, "Splash cold water to wake her up and carry her away."


"Good idea! I'll get the cold water." North Guardian turned around and was about to get a bucket of water.

But he was stopped by the South Guardian, "It's better to carry her back first before waking her up.

Otherwise, she'll pass out again halfway through." He didn't know the old lady's heart could not stand the shock.


"Makes sense."


As soon as their minds made up, the four of them each took an arm and a leg as they carried Madam Wang to the guest courtyard in a great hurry.

While sighing in their hearts: Lil Leader, you have neither a loving mother nor a loving father.

So why are you in such a hurry to come out Do you know that your parents are such evil people that they can't even recognise any of their relatives




didn't Chu Changge tell them that he could be the missing prince  Oh, wait, unless they think that Noble Consort Yue is Fairy Yaoyue  Or Chu Changge didn't tell them that his Mother was Noble Consort Yue Or he didn't know that his real Mother is Noble Consort Yue


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