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Chapter 137 : A Man Who Wanted X Was Dissatisfied

When they reached Sheng Wang Residence in Yanzhou, King Sheng arranged two rooms for Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge, two guest courtyards separated by a garden.

This condition made Chu Changge very unhappy.


"Is there no conjugal room in the royal residence" Chu Changge asked with a disgusted face.


King Sheng was reviewing documents when he saw a gloomy Chu Changge coming through the door to complain.

He put down the papers in his hands and looked at him.

He answered, "No.

I'm sorry for causing inconvenience to you two lovesick."


"......I haven't been staying in the men's guest courtyard."


"So, what other pertinent things do you want to tell me"


"You haven't justified our status to your people." Chu Changge pointed out sullenly.


"Just because I haven't justified both of your statuses, I still won't arrange for you two to live together." Of course, whether they slept in one room or two rooms was their internal matter.

That matter was out of his hands, and he didn't even want to care.


"If you won't arrange for the two of us to live together, we won't live in this Wang Residence."


After he heard what Chu Changge said, King Sheng frowned strangely and remained silent for a moment.

Then he asked in a matchless seriousness, "Have you in any way been kicked out by your wife"


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth slightly twitched as he stayed silent.


His silence was a symbol of acquiescence.

No wonder he hadn't said anything for the past four to five days but suddenly brought up this matter today.

So he had been kicked out by Murong Yunshu.

King Sheng concluded with a  smile.

His face showed a bit of taking joy in his calamity and delight in his disaster.

He bowed his head while reviewing the documents and suggested in a light-hearted manner, "Why don't you go and stay at an inn Try staying at an inn that is farther away from her."


"I will take her with me when I leave."


"You can take her, as long as you can really take her away with you."


"......" Since he failed to coerce King Sheng, Chu Changge decided to use inducements instead.

"You arrange for her and me to stay in one room, and I will give you silver."


"She has promised to support me financially." The implication was that I'm already close to the tycoon, so I don't need your little money.


Chu Changge was speechless.

If there were an afterlife, he would have first robbed a specific person's family fortune before marrying into her family.






As he walked out of King Sheng's study, Chu Changge's face became even more gloomy.

It was unknown what was on his mind that had made his eyes glaring and gnashed his teeth.

He could not even hear North Guardian called out to him.


Had the Leader taken the wrong medicine today When North Guardian saw he didn't respond to his shout, he rushed to Chu Changge's side and stopped him, asking, "Leader, what are you thinking about so intensely"


"You'd better not come out, or you'll see how I'm going to fix you up!" Chu Changge said hatefully.


North Guardian looked puzzled.

"Are you talking to me"


Chu Changge returned to his senses and asked with a frown, "What are you doing getting in my way"


"Ah Oh." North Guardian quickly retreated aside and followed Chu Changge, continuing asking, "Who did you say had better not come out"


"Who else could it be It's that evil little creature!" The mention of a particular fellow who had ruined his 'happy occasion' made Chu Changge's stomach burn with anger.


"Uh......which evil little creature" There were quite a few evil creatures here.

Madam counted as one, and so did the Leader, but an evil little creature......there didn't seem to be any child around them, right


Chu Changge grunted in displeasure and replied, "The one in Yunshu's belly." He had barely had the chance to make out with his wife when that evil little creature kicked up a row at a crucial moment, forcing him to call a halt in the middle of their 'happy session'.

Murong Yunshu even forbade him from going to her bed again, not even just for pure sleeping.


The more Chu Changge thought about it, the angrier he became.

That child was not even born yet, and he dared to spoil his 'happy session'.

Imagine what would happen when he grew up! Hmph, kid, if I don't turn you into an ape when you come out, I'll take your surname off!


Seeing Chu Changge's face show how his desire had not been satisfied, North Guardian could immediately feel a flock of crows flying overhead.

Lil Leader was about to be born in three months, and for the Leader to threaten him like this......in case he was too scared to come out, wouldn't the foetus died in the womb......bah bah bah, what nonsense! The Lil Leader had such a pair of strong parents, so of course, he would have a strong life too.


"What do you want from me" Chu Changge impatiently asked as he walked.


North Guardian suddenly remembered that he had a business that he forgot to mention and hurriedly said, "I was going to ask if I could cancel my marriage to Lu-er"


Chu Changge raised an eyebrow.

"You want to withdraw from the marriage"


"May I" North Guardian was full of anticipation. [ ]


Chu Changge thought for a moment, then suddenly corrected his expression as he asked, "Do you dislike Lu-er, or do you just dislike women as a whole"


"......just tell me if it's okay for me to do so." Explanations were for normal people.

For non-normal people like the Leader, it would be a waste of time to explain it.


"No." Chu Changge resolutely rejected it.




"I can't give her an excuse to reject you."


"......Leader, let's be honest.

Just because Madam refused you because of your excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures, you can't make fun of my lifelong event!"


"Can't I" Chu Changge asked indifferently.

A fierce light was flashing on his face that brooked no argument. Try saying the word 'no' if you dare!


North Guardian shook his head first but then changed it to a few nods.

"Yes, yes, yes.

I'll be happy if the Leader is 'sexually happy'.

You can make fun of my lifelong event all you want."


Chu Changge glared at him without saying anything and walked away.


Looking at the back of a particularly evil person, North Guardian let out a long sigh and muttered to himself, "Leader, Leader, I have followed you for so many years in vain, why don't you understand Lu-er is a good girl, but I like a girl with long legs and a thin waist!"


"Just like Madam"


"Ye――" Before the word 'yeah' could be fully pronounced, North Guardian immediately stopped.

If the Leader knew that he liked that type of girl, wouldn't he beat him to death


"I didn't expect that you, Lil North, would dare to cast greedy eyes on Madam's beauty!"


"Don't talk nonsense, Old West!" North Guardian immediately covered West Guardian's mouth as he looked around nervously.

When he saw that there was no one around, he let go of his hand and said, "I don't cast greedy eyes on Madam's beauty.

Don't wrong me."


"Is that so" West Guardian smiled ambiguously.

"Didn't you just say that you like girls with long legs and thin waists"


"Even though Madam has long legs and a thin waist, I don't treat her as a young lady, okay!"


"How else do you treat her if not as a young lady"


"My living ancestor." He answered without even thinking.


West Guardian frowned and thought seriously.

He chastised, "Lil North, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you can't do things beyond illogical reasons.

No matter how lewd you are, you can't like your own ancestors!"


"......" The veins stood out on North Guardian's forehead.

He asked with a black face, "When did I say I liked my ancestors!”


"Just now."


"When was that"


"Just now."


"You......" North Guardian ran out of words to counter him.

He was about to use the jianghu method to solve the problem when he suddenly noticed the corners of West Guardian's tightly pursed mouth vaguely turned upwards.

His face twitched like it suffered a cramp, obviously from holding back his laughter.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you!" North Guardian questioned while gritting his teeth.


"Hahahaha......" There was no point in holding back when he had been discovered anyway.

West Guardian laughed so hard that he couldn't even straighten his back.

It took a while before he could stop laughing, and then he brotherly patted the North Guardian on the shoulder and gave him his advice, "Brother, take my advice.

Don't mess with women who are like your living ancestors.

Once you fall in, you will repeat the Leader's mistake in becoming a slave to your wife."


"Is it bad to be my wife's slave I see that the Leader is quite willing.

You don't know how much more amiable the Leader has become ever since he met Madam." Though the Leader was still a very, very evil person.


"That's not being amiable.

It's because he got Madam now that he doesn't have so much spare time to make fun of us!"


"That is true." Ever since the Leader was betrothed to Madam, he had stayed around Madam for the whole time.

As if he could not live without her. [T/N]






It was rare for the sky to clear up after a long period of gloom.


Murong Yunshu decided to take a walk in the street, so she went to find Chu Changge.


At that time, Chu Changge was fishing at the fish pond in Sheng Wang Residence.

After listening to Murong Yunshu's intention, he only answered with two words――"Not going."


"Really not going"


"Not going." She couldn't even let him get into her bed, and she wanted him to pay for shopping Not going.

He was determined not to go.

He had a backbone too.

Unless she lifted the ban on him, he would never compromise.


Chu Changge imagined in his mind a hundred ways of Murong Yunshu begging him for forgiveness when a fish suddenly got hooked.

He jerked back to his senses, pulled up the fishing rod, grabbed the fish sharply, turned around and joyfully said, "Tonight, we're going to eat......" The word 'fish' had not yet been uttered when Chu Changge threw down his fishing rod and darted out.


Along the way, with his long hair hiding his face and his white clothes fluttered around, he managed to intimidate countless passers-by.


"I, I, I...I just saw a ghost."


"Me too."


"Me too."






Thus, word spread that the Sheng Wang Residence was haunted in broad daylight.






While the Central Plains was full of smoke and war, fields littered with corpses and blood flowing like a river, Yanzhou was a vibrant place.

As if it were a paradise.

This was one of the reasons why Murong Yunshu decided to raise her baby in Yanzhou.

She did not want her child to suffer from the war before it was born. [ ]


The street was bustling with people, and it took Chu Changge a little while to find Murong Yunshu.

When he eventually saw her, he didn't say anything.

He just followed her as a matter of course, taking her gently in his arms and shielding her from the crowd, just like a model husband.


Murong Yunshu was looking at the soft clay dolls.

When she saw him appear, she looked at the dolls on the stall and asked with a leisurely smile, "Which one do you think our child will look more like"


"You're buying it for him"


Murong Yunshu nodded, "M-hm."


Chu Changge stared back and forth at the four rows of figures on the stall a few times before finally frowning and asking, "Shopkeeper, don't you have any apes here"


"......no, I only sell these dolls here."


"How about the gorilla"


"I only sell dolls here."




"The animal doll seller is just across the street."


"Anything that is inhuman or doesn't look like a human will do."


"Gongzi, just take whichever you like." The shopkeeper pleaded, trying to wipe away his sweat with his sleeves, as he kept sighing in his heart: I met another hedonistic fellow who came merely to muck up my place.

How could I be so miserable!


"They all look like my sons, and I don't like any of them."


The shopkeeper's jaw dropped.

Had he heard correctly


Murong Yunshu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She stuffed the shopkeeper with some broken silver and said very apologetically, "You have been frightened." Then, she pulled Chu Changge with her and hurriedly left.


Murong Yunshu sighed in her heart as she walked away: A man with unsatisfied desire has zero intelligence.


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