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Until the others built the house, Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge did not agree on anything.

But this did not affect their relationship.

On the contrary, the daily debate made their relationship even better.

Those who had nothing to do after the house was built joined in their discussion.


East Guardian: "I think the surname should be Murong."


South Guardian: "I think so too.

After all, the Leader is the one who is going to marry into Murong Mansion."


West Guardian: "I think the Lil Leader should not only take the surname Murong but also learn about business from Madam and inherit the family business of the Murong Mansion."


"Why" North Guardian disagreed.

"If the Lil Leader does not follow the Leader's surname, can he still be called Lil Leader"


"It's better if he isn't! Stupid." West Guardian gave North Guardian one big blank stare.


North Guardian suddenly realised that they wanted the Leader to have no successor! It would be terrible if Lil Leader were blue made out of indigo but became more vivid than indigo.



All four of you agree that the child's surname should be Murong, so do I.

What about the two of you" Lu-er looked at Wei Qian and the one-eyed pirate. [T/N]


"Will my opinion also be considered" The one-eyed pirate was pleasantly surprised.


Lu-er stared at him for a few seconds and threw out three words in an icy manner, "Not really." Then she looked at Wei Qian.


Wei Qian was at a loss for words and stammered, "I......have no opinion." How can he have an opinion on what someone else's child's surname was!


"With one vote ignored and one abstention, we have five votes here.

Plus one vote from Miss, that will be six votes.

Six votes to the Guye's one vote.

Murong Mansion wins!" Lu-er gleefully made her concluding remarks.


When Chu Changge heard the results of the discussion, he only said one thing――"I'm going to ignore them all!"


"Uh......" Lu-er looked to her Master. What do we do now


Murong Yunshu said, "Although we've won overwhelming votes, he has the veto power."


What a waste of time! Lu-er was dealt with a severe blow.


The four people who were eavesdropping from outside the door were hit even harder.

They originally thought that if they supported Madam's words, even if the Leader wanted to settle accounts with them in the future, she would have their back.

But now, the Leader had been offended, and Madam did not even feel grateful for it.

What a way to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.


"Why don't we compare the number of people" Murong Yunshu suggested, "We will take the surname of whichever family has more people." [T/N]


Chu Changge thought for a moment and said, "It's fine to count by numbers of people, but it has to be divided into male and female.

Whichever family has more males, the sons will have their surnames.

In the same way, whoever has more female family members, the daughters will take their surname." 


"Alright." Murong Yunshu immediately agreed.


Murong Yunshu's reply was so quick that it gave Chu Changge a feeling of being duped.

Looking at Lu-er's expression again, it was simply more delighted than seeing gold falling from the sky.

"Can I back out" Although Chu Changge had not yet figured out why both of them looked like they were determined to win, he had a feeling that he would lose this battle.


"No way." Murong Yunshu decisively refused.


Not being able to backtrack, Chu Changge had to put his head on the line.

"I am the only male in my family right now." And as far as he knew, there were no male children in the Murong family now, unless Master Murong had an illegitimate son.


"Your father isn't one" Murong Yunshu asked rhetorically.


"Can dead people be counted"


"Who says they cannot be counted"


"......" Chu Changge knew he had been duped, but he still said with wishful thinking, "Although the Chu family has been a single lineage for generations, it will be quite a number when we add up all the ancestors."


Murong Yunshu did not directly say how many people were in her family but only asked, "Do you want to take a look at the Murong Mansion's family tree"


"......" I know you have a lot of family members.


"Or go to the ancestral hall to count the tablets in place."


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth trembled slightly.

"Madam, you are cheating."


"All's fair in war."


"......we'll discuss this matter later." Chu Changge decided to go back and dig up his family tree hundreds and thousands of years ago.

He didn't believe he couldn't compete with the Murong Mansion!


At this point, Murong Yunshu took a leisurely sip of her tea.

Then, she put down the cup and said in a very understanding manner, "If you don't want to compare the number of people, we can also compare them differently."


"With what then"




"......" She wanted him to die from being too angry with her, didn't she Chu Changge helplessly said, "Madam, murdering your husband is against the law."


"Then we'd better not get married."


"......it is also illegal to kill someone who is not your husband."


"In fact, I think," Murong Yunshu continued after a pause, "If I really kill you, my name will go down in history, and I will earn a good name forever." After saying this, Murong Yunshu looked pensive, as if she was thinking about the feasibility of this matter. [ ]


Chu Changge's face was full of black lines.

"Madam, let's change the subject."






Life on the deserted island was leisurely and carefree.

Apart from the fact that they couldn't stop worrying about not having the next meal after the last, it was largely enjoyable.

This statement, of course, did not include the much oppressed one-eyed pirate.


On this day, he went to the seashore again, carrying a tree branch to stick fish for the others.

He was in the middle of doing so when he suddenly looked up and saw a large ship sailing far out at sea.

He immediately threw down his branch and waved desperately at the boat, shouting, "Here, here ......"


"What are you yelling about" Weiqian also walked to the beach carrying a tree branch.


"A ship......there's a ship......" said the one-eyed pirate, pointing excitedly to the southeast direction.


When Wei Qian looked in the direction he pointed, sure enough, he saw a large ship sailing on the sea.

On closer inspection, it was easy to see that the ship was approaching the island.

Wei Qian was overjoyed as he said, "It must be my big brother coming to pick us up! I'll watch from here.

You go and call the rest!"


"Okay." The one-eyed pirate started to run towards the wooden house, frantically shouting as he did so, "The ship is coming, the ship is coming......"


At that time, Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge are in the middle of fighting a new round――on the qipan.

The chess pieces were grounded one by one from stones by the four men from South, East, North and West――there was always something to do to pass the days of boredom when there were no enemies to chase and kill.


"The ship is here!" The one-eyed pirate rushed into the wooden house.

Seeing that the two remained indifferent, he shouted again, "Stop playing chess.

The ship is here!"


It was then that Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge jumped out of the chess game.

"What did you say" Chu Changge asked.


The one-eyed pirate rolled his eyes and said word for word, "The, ship, is, coming!"


"Oh." Chu Changge responded indifferently and looked to Murong Yunshu, "Is this game still on"


Murong Yunshu raised an eyebrow and said, "I like to finish what I started."


"Just right, I like it that way, too."


The two people's attention then returned to the qipan.


The one-eyed pirate's jaw dropped.

Was he hallucinating, or was the hallucination appearing before his eyes


After standing in the same place for a long time, the one-eyed pirate, full of confusion, approached the four men who were clanking away outside the wooden house and calmly said, "The ship is here."


Hearing what had been said, the four men stopped what they were doing and looked at each other.

"So soon" East Guardian asked.


"......are you guys in love with desert island life" The corners of the one-eyed pirate's mouth twitched violently.


"That's not true." East Guardian explained, "We just want to finish making this table."


The one-eyed pirate looked speechlessly at the sky for a long time, then silently turned and left.


He was wrong.

He was really wrong.

He shouldn't have overestimated their normalcy and thought he could finally understand their behaviour.

These people were simply freaks, one more than the other.

And the unborn one, in all probability, was a freak too.


What did it mean by people who didn't belong together, didn't get to live together He finally experienced it today.


"Hey, One-Eyed, what are you doing here Didn't I ask you to fish I'm still waiting for you to start cooking fish soup for Miss." Lu-er asked with a strange look on her face as she held the firewood she had just collected.


The one-eyed pirate lifted his eyes to look at her and said listlessly, "The ship is here."


Lu-er blinked.

"Oh." Then, she walked happily toward the kitchen while holding the firewood.


"Even you that calm!" The one-eyed pirate growled as he eventually couldn't stand it.

It was so hard to wait for a ship to come, but each one of them was the least bit unresponsive.

What kind of people are these!


Lu-er couldn't understand why he got so angry.

She asked, "Has my Miss left"


"Not yet."


"Then what do I have to worry about." Lu-er shrugged.

"You should continue fishing.

If Miss can't eat it tonight, see if Guye doesn't chop you up and turn you into a stew!" [ ]


"......if you want to eat fish, go fish yourself!" He was not going to serve them anymore!


Lu-er stared back at the fading back of the one-eyed pirate for a moment, then put the firewood in the kitchen.

She walked over South, East, North and West who were making the table and asked, "What would you like to eat tonight"




"Got it." Lu-er was about to go inside when a question suddenly occurred to her.

So she asked another question, "Steamed or braised"




"Oh." As soon as Lu-er lifted her feet, she turned her head and asked, "What did you guys just say you wanted to eat"


The four men from South, East, North and West came back to their senses.

"What did you just ask us"


"I asked you guys what you wanted to eat tonight."




I sent Wei Qian to catch crabs." East Guardian said.


Lu-er nodded knowingly, "Boiled crabs.

I see."





"You guys just said to boil it!"


“Did we”


“You did.”


"All right, then.

No spices needed for braising anyway."


This scene happened to be witnessed by Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge, who had finished playing chess and were about to instruct the four men South, East, North and West to check out the situation on the beach.

The two of them could not help but look at each other with a smile.


"It's better to hurry back to the Central Plains for the sake of the future generations’ health." Murong Yunshu said.


Chu Changge nodded her head with immense approval, "M-hm.

For the sake of the future generations’ health." He did not want his son to be crippled at birth――brain-damaged was also considered crippled.


When Lu-er looked up, she noticed both of them with their unfathomable expressions and asked with a shock, "Ah, Miss and Guye, why have you come out"


"Come out to see if you've gotten a little smarter." Murong Yunshu replied.


Lu-er's eyes lit up at her words and asked with anticipation, "Am I getting smarter"


Murong Yunshu looked at her in silence for a moment and answered, "I have to be virtuous now that I am pregnant.

So, don't make it difficult for me."


"......Miss, you can just totally laugh it out without saying anything," Lu-er said with a grimace.


"It used to be possible.

But life on the island has made your head spin, and I'm afraid you can't understand me now."


"......" Who just said that she should be virtuous when she is pregnant


Those who had the same misfortune sympathise with each other.

The four men from East, South, North and West decided to rescue Lu-er.

"Leader, I heard that a boat has come." The East Guardian said.


Chu Changge said, "I heard about it.

You four go and check it out.

If you are familiar with them, invite them over.

If not, just tie them up."


"What about the half-baked ones" North Guardian asked.


The corners of Chu Changge's mouth slightly trembled as he answered with a black face, "Cook them properly and then invite them over."


"Oh." The four men departed after they received the order.


Looking at the backs of the four people, Chu Changge let out a deep sigh.

It was his miscalculation.

He shouldn't have indulged in pleasure, making him forget his home and duty.

He neglected that those four maldevelopment brains needed a foul wind and a rain of blood to promote their brain growth.


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