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Chu Changge was also flabbergasted for a moment, then smiled and said to himself, 'Chu Changge, you truly have gone crazy.'


Turn around and leave.


Murong Yunshu was stunned.

She was overwhelmed by Chu Changge's indifferent response when she felt the sky had fallen on her all this time.

It was when he took several steps to leave that she spoke stiffly, "I haven't turned to dust yet, and you already don't recognise me"


Chu Changge's body trembled violently at her words.

He let the firewood slip from his hand as he froze in place.

In an instant, a blast of ecstasy took over his entire mind, and there was only one thought in his head――to hold her and never let her go again.


He thought so and did so.


He held her tight by embracing her in his arms, confirming that this was not another one of Heavens' jokes on him.

She had actually come, come to him.

She was not an illusion.


The moment Chu Changge embraced her, Murong Yunshu could not stop sobbing.

Excitement, aggravation and joy all came together.


"I'm sorry." Chu Changge's voice was low and dry, carrying an endless amount of guilt and heartache.

"Next time, it will be my turn to search for you." He whispered as if taking an oath to soothe her tired body and mind.


Murong Yunshu shook her head sullenly.

Only after a long time did she push him away and frown.

"Do you plan to have another time"


Chu Changge was stunned for a moment before hurriedly said in fear and trepidation, "I don't dare.

I won't dare again."


Chu Changge's nervous appearance made Murong Yunshu laugh.

Her eyebrows arched as she stared at him, and when she saw the mud and holes on his clothes, she felt a twinge in her nose again.

"These days, it has been hard for you, hasn't it" She asked.


Chu Changge smiled and shook his head.

"Whenever I open my eyes and find that I am still alive, I don't feel hard at all." After going through nine deaths and still alive, what he feared the most was closing his eyes and being unable to open them anymore.






The one-eyed pirate noticed a bizarre phenomenon.

Ever since the island had become lively, everyone had changed their nature.

Chu Changge no longer spoke coldly and fiercely to him.

Chu Changge's wife often smiles lightly.

She was not as cold and unfeeling as she was on the ship before, and the four capable guardians had become much more amiable.


This anomaly gave the one-eyed pirate a great deal of unease, the kind of unease that came from not knowing exactly when your opponent was going to stab you in the back.


The one-eyed pirate was tempted to find someone just to ask when they were planning to bring him to trial.

But then he discovered that, apart from himself, everyone else was in pairs.

So there was no room for him to interrupt.

If he were to run over and ask suddenly, 'when are you going to kill me', he was afraid he wouldn't have the chance to hear their answer.

And those four guardians were busy trying to kill each other.

If he interfered, it would change the love to kill him mutually.

Even the little maid had made a pair with that extra little dirtbag, having a good time bickering with him.


Ai. The one-eyed pirate let out a long sigh and said to himself, 'don't mind it.

Don't mind it, okay It's just that, at times like this, being ignored is the greatest luck.

If they really pay attention to me, I'm afraid they’ll inevitably beat me up.'






After half a day's bantering with the deputy general, Lu-er suddenly realised she didn't know the other man's name and asked, "What's your surname"


The deputy general answered honestly, "Wei (defend)."


"Wei (defend) what"


The deputy general was stumped for a moment.

He racked his brain and said, "Maybe it's because my father's surname is Wei......"


Lu-er blinked.

"I know your father's name is Wei.

I'm asking what's your name, Wei what"


The deputy general was greatly embarrassed, and his comely face appeared a little flushed.

He answered awkwardly, "Wei Qian."


"My name is Lu-er." Lu-er smiled mischievously and pointed at Murong Yunshu and Chu Changge's backs which were not far away from them, and said, "That's my Miss and Guye." Finally, she pointed to the four people South, East, North and West who were fighting against each other, saying, "Those four are my Guye's attendants, and my Miss calls them straw bags."


The corners of Wei Qian's mouth slightly trembled as he looked at the four people and could not help but sigh loudly in his heart: They have such high martial arts skills, and yet, they are only attendants.

If I had such good martial arts skills, I would have become a great general like my brother.


"Was the general who was on the ship very powerful" Lu-er asked. [ ]


Wei Qian's face showed pride as he said, "He is the number one general under King Sheng and my eldest brother."


Lu Er: "Looking at your appearance, it seems that you admire him very much"


Wei Qian: "He is the person I admire the most."


Lu-er nodded when she realised something.

Then she smiled and said, "The person I admire most is my Miss."


Wei Qian looked sideways at the two people by the sea and asked, "What does your Guye do"


What does Guye do This question baffled her.

She only knew that he was in Mojiao Sect, but she didn't know what Mojiao Sect was! Lu-er thought about it for a while and finally said while feeling unsure, "Probably......getting mixed with the jianghu"


"Getting mixed with the jianghu" Wei Qian frowned at the thought and asked, "Does he make a living by performing art"


"......" Lu-er rolled her eyes.

"That's called wandering about in the jianghu."


"Er......" Wei Qian rubbed his nose in embarrassment and said in a small voice, "We only have wanderers of jianghu in Yanzhou, not those who are getting mixed with the jianghu." [T/N]


"Is that so" Lu-er blinked and decided to forgive him.

It was normal for someone from a deserted island to have no common sense.

Smiling, she said, "My Guye makes his living by robbing other people's homes and killing others for properties." She didn't know how many grades higher it was compared to making a living as a performer. [T/N]


Wei Qian was dumbstruck by what she said.

Robbing other people's homes......killing others for properties......is it necessary for her to speak with such pride Wait, regardless of whether her tone sounded proud or not, this is not the point.

The point is, isn't he a bandit by earning a living by robbing homes and killing people for properties


Wei Qian suddenly remembered the situation on the ship yesterday.

He realised that it was no wonder they wanted to rob the ship as soon as they got on it.

It turned out they were repeat offenders.


"Why aren't you talking" Lu-er mischievously smiled as she asked, "Feeling intimidated


"No, I'm not." Wei Qian pretended to be calm while his eyes glanced wildly on the ground.


"But you look like you're scared!" Lu-er pointed out.


Wei Qian looked up quickly and said, "I'm not afraid.

I'm just surprised that all you bandits of the Central Plains are very......refined."


"That's called a refined rascal!" A voice automatically joined their conversation.


When Lu-er looked back and saw that it was the one-eyed pirate, she immediately pulled a face and said, "Who gave you permission to speak!"


"No one forbids me from speaking!" The one-eyed pirate sat cross-legged next to Wei Qian and asked with a calm face, "What are you talking about Let me listen, too.



"Thick skin!" Lu-er turned her head the other way to ignore him.


Seeing that Lu-er paid no attention to the one-eyed pirate, the unknown Wei Qian followed suit by tilting his head to the side.


The one-eyed pirate touched his nose, laughed hollowly and walked away with a bitter smile.

He sat down alone on an upside-down tree trunk and stared out at sea.

If the young prince were still alive, he would be as old as they were.

He guessed that the young prince would also be a man who loved beauty rather than the country. [T/N]






"Afraid of water"


"I'm not afraid…wu..." Murong Yunshu shut her mouth and retched a few times.


"What's wrong Not feeling well" Chu Changge asked nervously.


Murong Yunshu shook her head.

"It's nothing.

I've just spent too much time at sea, and now I get nauseous whenever I see water."


"......after spending so much time on the ground, how come you don't get sick at the sight of dirt" Chu Changge teased.


"After being disgusted at it for more than ten years, it slowly stopped being disgusting." Murong Yunshu responded earnestly.


Chu Changge couldn't help laughing, took her hand and stood up.

He asked again, "Are you honestly not afraid of water"


"I'm not afraid." Murong Yunshu wondered what he was doing by asking her this question.


Chu Changge smiled gently and pulled her towards the sea.


The sea was freezing, but Murong Yunshu didn't feel cold at all.

Thus, she followed him slowly to the sea.

When the sea flooded her knees, the strength of the waves was even stronger.

As if it was trying to sweep her away.

She finally could not help but exclaim and hugged him tightly.

When her feet became unstable, her whole body almost hung on him.


Chu Chang-sing laughed heartily at sight, asking, "Didn't you say you're not afraid of water"


Murong Yunshu buried her head in his arms and feigned anger, "You did that on purpose, didn't you"


"Yes." Chu Changge confessed.


He answered so quickly and frankly, so how could she continue Murong Yunshu was so angry and amused that she wanted to use force to solve the problem.

However, when she let go one of her hands, she couldn't stabilise her body and immediately hugged him again.

Even tighter than before, for fear of being swept away by the sea.


Chu Changge rested his chin against her shoulder and smothered a laugh for a while before he whispered in her ear, "It does feel good to have a beauty throwing herself at you."


Murong Yunshu was stunned for a moment.

She suddenly realised that after knowing each other for so long, this was the first time she had taken the initiative to embrace him tightly, for fear of losing him the second time.


It turned out that what he truly wanted, after all his deliberate efforts, was for her to initiate a hug.


Inevitably, Murong Yunshu tightened her arms a few more times, her heart aching at the ease of his satisfaction.

However, she spoke with a teasing smile, "It's not easy to get a beautiful woman to hug you.

When the sun goes down, and you have enough silver to go to a brothel, you can be sure to get a hug."


Chu Changge tried to resist the smile coming from his chest and went along with her words, "Unfortunately, this is a desert island.

There is no brothel.

Otherwise, will Madam open one"


"Even if I wanted to open it, I don't have a girl to put up as a front." Murong Yunshu said regretfully. [ ]


Chu Changge smiled and said, "It's alright.

With you around, Madam, there's no fear for the shop's prestige to rise.

Even if you can't hold it up, you still have your husband here."


"You're going to dress up as a woman and can be counted on to show a smiling face and flirt for the shop"




Seeing that Chu Changge had no more words to answer, Murong Yunshu smothered a few waves of laughter with immense pleasure.

She then turned around and leaned against him, putting her hands on the large hands around her waist, looking at the place where the sea and the sky met and said, "The sunset glow is coming out."


"Hmm." Chu Changge also raised his eyes to look into the distance.

For the first time, he felt that seeing the sunset at sea was so beautiful.


For Murong Yunshu, her happiness was by leaning quietly close to Chu Changge, no matter when or where.


It was like a lifetime ago when she thought of her memories with him before today.

Until this moment, she could not believe that she was back in his arms.

The warmth from her back was so real, so nurturing, so enjoyable that she was even reluctant to leave.


As she looked up at the sky, Murong Yunshu's lips curled up stupidly, unable to resist the urge to laugh but not knowing exactly what she wanted to laugh at.


At this time, Chu Changge suddenly asked, "Don't you even miss me at all"


Murong Yunshu flinched for a moment, then replied with a straight face, "Hmm.


How did you find out"


"You have gained weight." Chu Changge said sadly.

Although it was good for her to grow meat, they had been separated for so long.

He even lost a lot of weight because of his lovesickness, but she has grown meat instead.

How.....how could he endure this


"Where have I gained weight" Murong Yunshu pinched his arm.

"No, I'm not."


"Here." Chu Changge put his hand on Murong Yunshu's lower abdomen.


Feeling his touch on her belly, Murong Yunshu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She was silent for a long time before calmly dropping a bomb, "That's not meat.

That's your son."


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