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Continued from the previous chapter


In the end, all the pirates chose to look for Chu Changge, except for the one-eyed pirate.

He did not choose to look for Chu Changge was not because he did not want to, but Murong Yunshu did not give him this choice.


"Tie him to a log and throw it down." Murong Yunshu said.


North Guardian immediately did as he was told.

With every last of his hope turned to dust, the one-eyed pirate saved himself from even resisting.

He only hung his head and muttered, "Retribution, this is retribution......"


"It's a pity you've come to your senses too late!" With those words, North Guardian did not hesitate to throw the one-eyed pirate overboard, then turned back to the rest of the group and warned, "Whoever dares to play tricks on us again will be the next to be thrown overboard! There won't be a log tied to your body by then."


All the pirates nodded and said that they would never play tricks.


Murong Yunshu said, "You don't have to steer.

Let the boat sail freely with the wind.

Everyone dispersed to search for the sea.



"Aye." The four men from the South, East, North and West nodded neatly and forcefully before assigning the pirates to stand guard.






After searching the sea for three days, they found nothing, and even the one-eyed pirate was nowhere to be found.

This made Murong Yunshu feel very confused.

The reason she had tied the one-eyed pirate to a log and thrown him down in the first place was to observe the direction he was drifting to so that she could follow his track and find Chu Changge.


The log was large enough to keep the one-eyed pirate afloat.

But why was there no sign of him Although the boat wasn't travelling as fast as he was drifting, it also moved with the wind, and they should have met him.


What went wrong


Murong Yunshu looked out at the empty sea and vaguely smelled despair. Chu Changge, nothing must happen to you.






The one-eyed pirate drifted and drifted.

The sea was utterly consuming his senses.

He was hungry and cold as if he had seen himself in another life.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw the same sickeningly blue sea and sky but soon realised that he was not in the water, but——lying on the ground.


Land! The one-eyed pirate sat up with a jerk and looked around to find that he was really on land.

Here was the beach, with forest situated not far away.


"Aha ...

Ahahahaha ...

Ahahahaha ..." The one-eyed pirate grabbed the sand like crazy and threw it into the air.

He kept on jumping and jumping, tearing his throat and shouting at the sea, "I didn't die, I didn't die, I didn't die…...Ahaha…...Ahaha."


"But you're not far from death." A cold, icy voice came from behind him.


One-eyed pirate instantly felt like he had been cut into half by a knife-like thunder.

He stayed motionless for a long time as if he had been pestle in place.

Then, he stiffly turned around to face the other party.

"Chu, Chu Changge, you are still alive......" Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.

This was how he could explain their meeting.

The one-eyed pirate wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

He was wrong.

He was really wrong.

Had he known that there were tsunamis and Chu Changge in this world, he should never have been born as a human in this life......


Chu Changge had dishevelled hair and a dirty face, with a bristly unshaven chin, but his eyes were icy and murderous.

"How dare I die before you are dead" He said sorrowfully.


The one-eyed pirate laughed dryly and said, "Look, we are now considered to be the same people who have fallen to the ends of the earth.

If you kill me, you will be the only one left on this deserted island.

Why don't we shake hands and make peace with each other What do you think" After saying that, he extended a hand towards Chu Changge.


"You're right.

It won't do me any good to kill you now that it's just you and me on this island."


"Yeah, yeah.

Let's make up." The one-eyed pirate thrust his hand forward a few more times.


"There is no need to do something unnecessary like this since we have never been good in the first place." Chu Changge turned and walked towards the forest.

He said as he walked, "As long as you eat less and work more, I won't kill you until we leave this place."


The one-eyed pirate immediately nodded, particularly like a good minion.

"I'm very diligent."


After walking for about five minutes, Chu Changge stopped at a clearing surrounded by many tree stumps.

The one-eyed pirate followed suit and stopped.

Many trees were strewn across the clearing, and it looked like they had just been cut down.


"Have the raft ready by dawn tomorrow, or else you will go back to the sea and continue floating." After throwing out these words, Chu Changge immediately swaggered off. [ ]


Before dawn tomorrow It's already almost dark! The one-eyed pirate looked up at the blue sky, but his eyes were met with a thick layer of dark clouds.

He just jumped out of the frying pan and went straight into the fire.

He was unlucky, really unlucky.

He couldn't understand how he still had the courage to live.

Not only did he have the will to, but he had it in spades......



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Murong Yunshu was starting to have a pregnancy reaction.

The fishy smell of the sea air made her want to vomit even when she breathed.

All the medicinal herbs she had brought on board before setting out were swallowed up by the sea, leaving her with nothing left.


Lu-er was pacing up and down in a state of agitation.

She ran back and forth all over the boat, trying to find something to help Murong Yun relieve her discomfort.


The four men from South, East, North and West were also at a loss as they crouched in a circle in the corner and sighed.


North Guardian said urgently, "Do something, guys! If Madam continues to vomit like this, the Lil Sect Leader is going to be vomited out."


"Don't talk nonsense!" West Guardian gave him a blank look and said, "It's not like the Lil Sect Leader is in Madam's stomach, so how could he be vomited out When I call you brainless, you still refuse to admit it!"


East and South looked at each other and shook their heads with a sigh.

People said that those who stayed near vermilion would get stained red.

But after following them for so long, how come these two people had not become wiser at all


"Old East, Old South, you two don't just sigh and shake your heads! Quickly think of something." North Guardian urged.


East Guardian said, "Madam cannot even smell the sea air right now.

Unless she does not breathe, there is no other way."


"What a stupid idea you have! If you don't breathe, then won't you be dead!" North Guardian shouted.


"Then, there's nothing I can do about it." East Guardian responded in frustration.


At this time, Lu-er ran bustling over, with her arms crossed, looking like an ugly shrew, as she said, "Miss hasn't eaten all day, and you're still here chatting!"


"You misunderstand, Miss Lu-er.

We are not chatting; we are trying to think of a solution." South Guardian kindly explained.


Lu-er asked, "So have you figured out a solution"


South Guardian replied, "Not yet."


Hearing that there was no solution, Lu-er became even more irritated.

She pointed at South Guardian’s nose and scolded, "If you can't even think of a solution, what’s the use of having you guys here!"


"Uh......" South Guardian was speechless.

When did Madam’s little personal maid become so sharp......


The three East, West and North also looked stunned.

If they remembered correctly, this maid should have been terribly scared of them before......


Could it be that she had taken the wrong medicine The four of them thought so in their minds.


Lu-er stomped her foot in exasperation and ran towards Murong Yunshu with a wailing cry.


Murong Yunshu's face was pale and weak as she lay on the edge of the bed.

Her stomach was no longer full of anything for her to throw up, yet the vomiting sensation continued to rise and fall.


Lu-er squatted by the bed, looking at her haggard Master.

Her eyes turned red, and she cried.


Murong Yunshu wiped the corner of her mouth with his handkerchief and smiled, "You should only cry when I die."


"Miss, how can you still smile!"


"You wish to see me cry"


"Of course not."


"Then, you shouldn't cry too, right" Murong Yunshu raised an eyebrow and added, "It's just a normal pregnancy reaction.

I won't die."


"I know.

But…...but you look so uncomfortable..."


Murong Yunshu smiled faintly and said, "My body is uncomfortable, but my heart is happy."


"Why" Lu-er wondered.


"Because I am carrying his flesh and blood in my belly." Murong Yunshu gently stroked her little belly, her face full of tenderness.


This was the first time she had seen Miss smile so gently and purely.

Inexplicably, she was suddenly a little envious, and a certain desire arose in her heart.


Shock! Lu-er's eyes snapped open.

Then, she shook her head desperately. What nonsense are you thinking Shame on you!


"You don't agree with me" Murong Yunshu asked curiously. [ ]


"Huh" Lu-er flinched.

She came back to her senses and hastily shook her head, "Agreed.

everything Miss said was right."


"Then, why did you shake your head"


Lu-er blushed.



Seeing the shy look on Lu-er's face, Murong Yunshu's eyes narrowed, and her lips hooked up in understanding as she inquired, "Is there someone you have taken a fancy to"


"No, no!" Lu-er blushed even more.


"In that case, you're thinking of getting married."


Miss had spoken out what was on her mind.

Lu-er had no idea what to do with her hands and feet.

She denied it less forcefully, "I didn't."


"When we find Chu Changge and return to the Central Plains, I'll find you a good family."


"No!" Lu-er cried out pleadingly, "I don't want to be separated from Miss, no." She didn't want to marry.

She didn't want to leave Miss and the Murong Mansion.


"Is that so" Murong Yunshu thought for a moment and said, "Then you will marry someone from the mansion."


Lu-er didn't utter a word.

Sort of accepting her Miss' arrangement.


"But there seems to be no one in the mansion who is worthy of you." Murong Yunshu said while searching for young talents in Murong Mansion in her mind.

After a long time, she asked, "What do you think of the four outside"



Bell made of copper or bronze or 銅鈴 (tóng líng)

Source | 廖揮芸 (Liao Hui Yun) via Fuyuandian


At these words, Lu-er's eyes went as wide as copper bells.

With a look of disbelief, she exclaimed strangely, "Miss, how can I marry four people!"


"......" Murong Yunshu held her forehead and said with a black face, "I want you to pick one."


Uh. Lu-er, greatly embarrassed, lowered her head and dawdled for a long time before saying, "But I'm just a maid......"


Without waiting for Lu-er to finish, Murong Yunshu interrupted, "The maids of Murong Mansion are no worse than the young ladies of other people's houses." Both outwardly and inwardly.




"You can rest assured that the dowry I prepared for you will not be worse than others."


Lu-er's eyes welled up at Murong Yunshu's words that she cried again, "Wuwu......" She thought that being fatherless and motherless, she would have no one to prepare a dowry for her, but to her surprise, Miss had not forgotten her.

"Miss, you are so kind to me."


"Ou——" Murong Yunshu spit a mouthful of acidic water into the spittoon again.


"Miss, here." Lu-er hurriedly handed her a clean handkerchief.


Murong Yunshu took the handkerchief and wiped her mouth clean while sighing, "It's only three months, and the pregnancy reaction is already so strong.

I'm afraid it will be even harder in the future."


Lu-er frowned.

"Then don't give birth."




"Hmm." Lu-er shut up.

She was worried too.


At that moment, North Guardian suddenly ran in with a gust of wind and shouted, "We found an island!"


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